The Best Window Company in Minneapolis – Zen Windows!

If you live in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities you know that good energy efficient windows are critical to your family’s comfort.  You don’t need a good window company, you need the best window company in Minneapolis.

The area is absolutely beautiful, and the climate can be a little harsh.  I grew up in Chicago, I know a harsh winter and you guys have them every single year.

best window company in Minneapolis
Here’s my friend Steve, the owner of Zen Windows in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.

If you’re not familiar with Zen Windows they’re probably the easiest window company in Minneapolis, St Paul and the surrounding area. They can get you a window quote in 5 minutes, they won’t send a salesperson to your house and they know what it takes to make sure you have a fantastic experience.

How did he get into the window business?

Steve has a very long history in the replacement window business.  He started in the industry in the ’90s selling and installing roofing.  From there he expanded into windows and siding.  After that he added decks porches and additions.  Steve has personally installed thousands of windows just like yours.

From there he expanded into a design / build company in the early 2000s offering kitchen, baths, finished basements and whole house remodels.  He even had a 4000 sqft showroom to support the business.

Steve opened Zen Windows in the Twin Cities several years back because he loved the idea of making the window business easier without sending pushy salespeople into customer’s homes.

When you reach out to him it will be easy to see why he’s the best window company in Minneapolis.

What areas do they service?

They offer great windows in all of the Twin Cities area.  To find out if they cover your area just send them an email, the address is below and they’re very friendly.  I promise.

How can I reach them?

You can find their website here and when you’re ready to get in touch there are 3 easy ways.

  1. You can give him a ring at 763-286-6871
  2. You can send him an email at
  3. You can fill out the form below and your info will go straight to them.  We do NOT share this info with anyone.

The Best Window Company in Des Moines – Zen Windows!

For years I’ve been getting emails from folks in Iowa looking for the best window company to work with.  I’m happy to recommend my friends and contributor to the site Matt and Alix the owners of Zen Windows in Iowa.

best window company in Des Moines
Alix is a customer service specialist who knows how to take great care of her fantastic customers!

Zen Windows Des Moines is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Matt and Alix Wenninger. Both Matt and Alix have been in the home-improvement industry since they were kids. Matt got his start building barns and pole sheds with his uncles at age 13 and worked for a custom home builder throughout high school and college. Matt also worked for a large national home-improvement company for 10 years. Alix began by helping her dad build homes when she was just 14.

Matt and Alix’s friendly, easygoing personalities make them a natural fit for the Zen Windows low-key selling philosophy. Simply put, they’re two of the nicest people in the window industry—people who place true value on honesty, respect, and kindness.

The Zen Experience

Zen Windows Des Moines doesn’t just sell superior replacement windows… they wrap the entire project experience in a pleasant, no-stress package.

That starts with Zen’s famous 5-Minute Online Quote. You reach out to Zen by phone or email and tell them what you want. Zen collects a little bit of information from you, and then follows up with an accurate, ironclad quote via email or phone.

It’s really that simple. There is no in-home appointment. There is no high-pressure salesperson.

There are no bogus pricing games. A great price on great replacement windows is what you get—period.

But Zen Windows Des Moines hasn’t just flipped the script on high-hassle quotes; they have also innovated a number of other outdated industry standards. This includes…

  • Providing a no-strings, no-fine-print lifetime warranty on both labor AND materials.
  • Requiring no money down to get started on the project.
  • Utilizing an installation crew that consists ONLY of lead-certified veteran craftsmen.
  • Having the owners (Matt and Alix) be your primary point of contact (there are no gatekeepers at Zen!).

The homeowner response to Zen Windows Des Moines has been tremendous. People simply love how easy and pleasant the entire process is.

If you’re looking for low-stress, high-quality window replacement in Iowa, get in touch with Matt and Alix of Zen Windows Des Moines. They would LOVE to hear from you and help you find the perfect solution for your window project.

You can reach Zen Windows Des Moines three different ways:

  1. Visit the official Zen Windows Des Moines website.
  2. Call them at (515) 207-8789.
  3. Fill out the form below. Your info will go directly to Matt and Alix. (We do NOT share your info with anyone.)

Be sure to let them know you found their info on and we’re sure you’ll love the experience.  


The Best Window Company in Denver – Zen Windows!

The weather in Denver can be beautiful and it can sometimes get a little extreme.  If you live in this part of the world you’ll certainly want to find the best window company in Denver and I’m happy to recommend my friend Kyle. He owns Zen Windows in Denver and they do great work all over town.

Zen Windows works a lot like my company does which is why it’s easy for me to recommend them.  They make the process of buying new windows absolutely as easy as it can be.  There are no pushy salespeople.  In fact, there are no salespeople at all.

The goal is to help make shopping for windows easy for everyone.  It’ll be easy to see why Zen Windows is the best window company in Denver.

How did he get into the window business?

Kyle is a proud Colorado small business owner who knows the struggles you are going through when it comes to having a stress free purchasing experience. He got his start as a laborer for a remodeling company that specialized in high-end flooring installations. He quickly realized that contractors left much to be desired when it came to making the purchase of a product or service as simple as it should be.

Once he realized he could add a lot of value by simplifying the purchasing process he got to work finding industries that could benefit most from this discovery, which eventually led him window sales and installation. He was inspired to own and operate a window business because he wanted to help homeowners avoid the same painful processes that he had once been a part of and had experienced himself as a homeowner.

Kyle has successfully operated multiple businesses over the years, but his window installation business eventually became his sole focus. He realized by narrowing his services to windows he could provide a better overall experience to his customers. That is when Kyle found his “Zen” with Zen Windows™.

What areas do they service?

They offer great windows throughout the Front Range. Projects have ranged from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.  To find out if they cover your area just send Zen Windows an email, the address is below and they’re very friendly.  I promise.

How can I reach them?

You can find their website here and when you’re ready to get in touch there are 3 easy ways.

  1. You can give them a ring at 303-658-9990
  2. You can fill out the form below and your info will go straight to them.  We do NOT share this info with anyone.