Simonton Impressions Inovo vs 5500 Inovo Patio Door

If you’re looking for the differences between the Simonton Impressions Inovo vs 5500 Inovo patio doors you may have some questions. Luckily we have answers.

First, these two Simonton patio doors are the same.

They’re the exact same. The Simonton Impressions Inovo and Simonton 5500 Inovo doors are identical. You can find our full review on the Simonton Inovo patio door here.

This offers you a great opportunity to see if your salesperson is being honest with you.

Typically the Simonton Impressions 9800 window line is sold at a higher price than the lower cost Simonton 5500 windows. That means the salesperson selling the more expensive windows may also want to charge you more for the door.

To find out if your Simonton salesman is being honest, ask them for a quote for the other door.

If he already quoted you the impressions door ask for a quote on the 5500 model. If he tells you the two doors are identical then he’s being honest with you and you can probably trust his other answers as well.

However, if the salesman raises or lowers the quote on the other Inovo patio door then you can be confident they’re trying to manipulate you and you can cross them off of your list.

Ultimately Simonton only makes one Inovo patio door and if the salesman tells you anything else he’s trying to trick you.

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about this?

Post a comment below and let me know. You’ll see many folks do that all over this site every day so feel free to join in. It’s always our goal to be accurate so if we’re actually wrong about anything we’ll update it and if you’re wrong we’ll let you know. It’s fun.

How can I find a great window company?

That part is easy. Check this section for recommendations of local window companies (including my company) all over the country. This will be the best place to get started.

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Simonton Reflections 5500 Inovo Patio Door Reviews

If you’re looking for a new patio door you may have come across the 5500 Inovo patio door from Simonton. You’ll also likely find that the salesman will tell you it’s the greatest door since sliced bread. Is this really a door you should spend your hard earned money on? Let’s find out.

First, the door is made by Simonton which is generally a good sign. As one of the larger vinyl window and door manufacturers Simonton will typically be able to offer more stability and support than you’ll get from smaller manufacturers.

What about the features of the 5500 Inovo Patio Door?

These doors will come with several features that are pretty nice and many that are pretty typical.

For example, the screen on this door is “top hung” which means it slides on a track that is on the top of the door frame rather than on the bottom. The advantage there is that you can’t get rocks and dirt into the track which should mean that it opens smoothly and works well for a very long time.

Simonton 5500 Inovo patio door screen.
Here you can see the top hung screen on the 5500 Inovo patio door.

You can see the top hung screen in the picture above and that is a nice feature.

Another great feature of this sliding patio door is the shootbolt at the top of the door that adds a little extra security. You can see this feature in the picture below. Many doors will be available with a foot lock at the base of the door, but this model is available with additional locks at both the top and the bottom of the door. I’d say this is a nice option.

Shootbolt on the Simonton 5500 Inovo patio door
Here you can see the additional lock that is available on this model.

In the picture above you can see the shootbolt and that’s about the end of the unique features on this door model.

What are the other features this door offers?

There are a range of other features touted in the brochure like the multi-point locking system, foot lock, elevated monorail track, etc. Those are all pretty standard among most newer doors so they’re not anything to get excited about.

Does Simonton offer blinds in the 5500 Inovo patio door?

Yes. Interior blinds are available as an option on this door. The same downsides exist with the blinds on this door as you’ll find on all other doors. If you’re considering this option be aware that the warranty on the blinds is more limited than you might expect and repairs can be EXPENSIVE.

Blinds in Simonton Patio Doors
Here you can see the blinds available in the Simonton patio doors.

In our company we find that many more people ask about blinds in a door than actually order them. This is a feature that can sound great, but doesn’t always work as well as you’d hope.

How energy efficient are the 5500 Inovo patio doors?

In terms of efficiency these doors will be about as good as anything else. They’re available with the popular ProSolar glass packages from Simonton. These packages are perfectly good, but not unique and not really any better than what you’d see from any other manufacturer.

They offer argon or krypton gas fills, different types of low-e coatings, super spacer or stainless intercept spacers, etc. These are perfectly great options, just be aware that you can get these features from just about any manufacturer so they’re not unique to Simonton.

What’s the bottom line?

The Simonton 5500 Inovo patio door is a perfectly nice option. It offers the backing of a larger manufacturer and some good quality features. As with any window or door project it’s important to find a good dealer or installation company before falling in love with a product.

If you do have a great installer lined up and this door is on your list I’d say it’s probably something that you’d be happy with.

If you’re still looking for a great installer or if you’d like recommendations for local window companies you can check this section to find the best options in any city.

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