What’s a Window Dog?

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You’ve found the best replacement window reviews and information on the entire internet.

My trusty hound dog and I decided to start this site to provide a little real world info to folks considering replacement windows for their home.

I’ve spent years working in the window business everywhere from distribution centers in Maryland, Massachusetts and Kansas to a 400,000 square foot replacement window manufacturing facility in North Carolina, to a corporate headquarters in Ohio, to a $10,000,000+ wholesale window distribution center in Virginia and I’m the founder of a multimillion dollar company offering replacement windows and installation services across the country.

Hopefully I can use all of that experience to help people make sense of this business.

Why bother spending time writing about the best replacement window companies?

For starters, I just got back from the home show in Indianapolis (if you live nearby I highly recommend this show) where I repeatedly heard folks say that they just can’t make sense of the different products out there.  They don’t know who to believe and they struggle to find worthwhile, unbiased information online.  Every company says their products are “the best”, but that doesn’t seem possible.

Over the years I’ve seen folks make bad decisions based on inaccurate or misleading info they came across online.  While most salespeople in our business are good people trying to make a living they don’t always have all of their facts straight and there is simply no good place for the consumer to get the real information.

There was no good place to go to find unbiased ratings and reviews of the best replacement windows available.  There is now.

That’s why we’re here.  As we get started we’ll be posting in five general categories:

The goal is to provide real concrete information to help folks figure all of this out.

I’m sure folks will have questions on other topics and we might even find other window pros who disagree on some points.  That’ll be fun.  Post a comment on anything or request more info and I’ll do  my best to write back as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

So why The Window Dog?  Because this is a big purchase and it’s important that you get the real info, but it’s just windows.  We’re not going to war or building the space shuttle.  Remember to have fun in life and avoid taking things too seriously.  Here’s the window dog all dressed up for the Fourth of July last year.

The best replacement windows site on the entire internet.

He’s not much of a water skier, but he sure does love a good boat ride in the summertime!

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245 responses to “What’s a Window Dog?”

  1. Tom kohorst Avatar
    Tom kohorst

    Great web site a lot of info just wondering which company in your Opinion makes the best fiberglass window

  2. Traci Buxton Avatar
    Traci Buxton

    how do I know if my windows need to be replaced. they work fine, original in 1996 and only have condensation on the inside of window during winter. They are double hung Andersons – Thanks

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      If they work fine then they probably don’t NEED to be replaced. People do still replace windows that work fine because the new windows will probably be more efficient and look better. I’m replacing windows in our new house because we’re doing other remodeling and I want everything to look nice and fresh. People generally replace windows for efficiency, functionality or to improve the look.

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