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10 thoughts on “Thompson Creek Windows Reviews”

  1. I read through many review and is very helpful, thank you! Can you provide your top 3 windows in terms of quality? I am in Northern Virginia and have one side of the home south facing getting heat in the summer and north side gets very cold drafts in the winter. The windows are about 15 years old and low grade builder quality in my eyes; half open, some locks are cracked and very draft right through he glass.
    Thank you!

  2. I am in the same area of Daniel, and would be like to be included on the information provided…many thanks windowdog

  3. I live in Northern VA and got quotes from a few different companies. We ended up going with the Champion 365 windows with lifetime warranty for around $600/window. The sales pitch was extensive and the price started out around $850/window, but after discussing for a while and mentioning other companies and quotes, the price eventually came down to what we were comfortable with. I do think that the Champion 365 windows are better quality than others in this price range. The salesman (Jeff) was very knowledgeable, polite, and professional. We actually kind of enjoyed the free education on windows, and even though we discussed other window companies, he did not say anything negative about them, just compared the products and warranties.

  4. When do you think your review of the Thompson Creek windows will be available?
    I am in the same area as Daniel and Dedrick, and I too would like to be included on the information provided… Thanks Windowdog !!!

  5. I too am wondering what you have to say about Thompson Creek windows. A Thompson Creek sales solicited me at home recently making some impressive claims about their windows. I would relly like to know what an industry expert such as yourself has to say about these windows.

      1. I had a TC salesmen come to my house. They had a pretty fare price compared to other window with Marvin Inifinity being the most expensive. I think their quote might have been right on par with Pella 250’s. I can’t remember any of the ratings on the window though. I wasn’t as educated about windows when I looked at TC. One thing that has stood out so far compared to other companies is the warranty. From what the salesman told me, their warranty covers anything, like rock through a window anything. I mean, it seemed like a real quality product. Wish I could remember the ratings though. The salesman was pushy which was the most annoying part of it all, but people in my area (Howard County MD) give TC high reviews all the time.

        1. As far as I’m aware there isn’t anything too special about the windows. They do use the nicer block and tackle balances. If you’re asking about ratings ask them for the air infiltration rating and anything to document it. Most newer designs will be pretty low, around 0.05 or lower. The Marvin product is pretty high which is one of the drawbacks.

          1. I’m in Richmond, VA. The salesman who came by my house today told me that the air leakage factor is .0004, and the U factor is .28. Hope that’s helpful.

          2. Ha, I belive he lied to you. Air infiltration ratings are not measured to 4 decimal places. Did you already buy from him? I’d be leery of someone throwing out numbers like that.

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