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west shore home windows reviews lawsuit

Here we have West Shore Home windows reviews along with other customer feedback about this company. We’ll look at their class action lawsuit, sales tactics, the products that they offer and the prices that they charge for their windows. Is this the best company for you to work with? Let’s find out.

As we get started it’s important to note that my company competes with West Shore Home in some markets. We operate with completely different business models, but we’re offering similar products so feel free to take that for what it’s worth.

West Shore Home Sales Tactics

It’s important to mention that I’ve never received an in-home quote from West Shore Home myself. If you have it’ll be very helpful if you can post a comment below explaining your experience. That’ll be the best way for everyone to know how this company operates.

I do have experience with some of the reps from West Shore back when I would talk with them at home and garden shows. They talked about how they generate leads from canvassing or knocking on doors around neighborhoods. That’s usually one of the worst ways to find a window company, in my humble opinion, but customers don’t always know that.

West Shore Home Lawsuit

Just recently it looks like West Shore Home settled a class action lawsuit regarding their marketing efforts. It seems the company collected phone numbers from potential customers and then repeatedly called them even if they were on the do not call registry.

If you’ve ever received a call about your car’s extended warranty you’re familiar with this type of call. It’s always been strange to me that companies think they can get more business by pestering people, but they do it so it probably does work for them sometimes.

Here’s a clip from a legal site about this case:

West Shore Home Lawsuit, reviews, prices and more.

Paying $1.3 million is certainly not ideal, but it’s actually a relatively small amount for a class action lawsuit. I just recently wrote about a similar suit involving Power Home Remodeling that was much more expensive.

For more info on the suit check this page. I did see that they did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the settlement so there’s that. If you have any more info to share about this case or anything else post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

West Shore Home Window Prices

If you’ve recently received a quote from West Shore for a window project we’d love to hear from you. Transparency makes the process of buying new windows easier for everyone and you can help. Post a comment below to let me know you have a recent quote. I’ll follow up by email and we’ll go from there. You really can help to shed some light on this industry.

How can you get a second opinion quote?

That’s easy. If you’ve recently signed a contract with West Shore, or anyone else, and you’re not sure if it’s a good deal we can help. In most states you have three business days to cancel an in-home order so you need to act fast.

You can receive an itemized quote by email from my company here. One of our window experts will send you an email with all sorts of info. You can then talk it over, make unlimited revisions and we can answer any questions.

At least with that info you’ll know if you really did get the fantastic deal that you were promised.

If my company does not offer service in your area you can find other recommend companies here.

Do you think I’m wrong about something?

If you think I’m wrong about something I would absolutely love to hear from you. It’s always our goal to provide the facts as I know them to be true and my opinions. It is possible that I make a mistake, it’s happened before, and I always want to fix it.

Just post a comment below and I’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

How can you find a great window company?

That part is easy.  Check this section for recommendations of window companies all over the country. There’s no better way to get new windows. You can find my company here and you can find recommendations of other companies in other parts of the country here.

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