What is the Doorknob Close?

Here’s a great example of one of the closing strategies that are used by home improvement salespeople all over the country.  When you’re inviting a salesperson into your home this is the kind of thing you may get.

Notice when you’re watching this video how many people are in the audience taking this stuff in.  I would bet you lunch that there are thousands of people across the country tonight pulling this move.

If someone does this to me does it mean he’s trying to rip me off?

Nope, but it does mean that he has the advantage in the interaction and it’s probably best if you get his best price and spend a couple days thinking it over.

If you want to place the order in a week he’ll take your business and if you decide it wasn’t the deal it was cracked up to be you may have saved a small fortune.

Have fun watching this one!

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2 thoughts on “What is the Doorknob Close?”

  1. I have never seen this video but I’ve had the tactic used on me once or twice before. Thankfully I am a heartless uncaring automaton and I could care less what he “felt” (also I strongly suspected it was a play act). So I have no problem simple repeating what I had already repeated several times earlier in the conversation. “We don’t make financial decisions of that magnitude without careful thought and time spent researching.” Period. End of line. No Exceptions. Have a nice day.

    None of those businesses have ever gotten my business. The best salesmen were the ones who showed up, told me about the product, showed me an example, answered my questions, and left when I said I had sufficient information to evaluate my options. The absolute BEST of the BEST salesmen were the ones who also answered my followup questions promptly and without further sales pitching.

    Thank you for posting this. I will be sharing with friends and family because this video is a fantastic example of what to look out for if you’ve never seen it before.

    p.s. If some sales guy ever said “I’ve spent more time here with you than with my family” he wouldn’t be allowed to finish speaking. Leave now. Get out. lol.

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