Window Nation Windows Reviews

window nation windows reviews

Find Window Nation Windows Reviews here. We’ll look at the windows, the prices, a lawsuit and more. Window Nation was also sold recently and we’ll look at that as well. There’s no better source of replacement window info on the entire internet.

As we get started it’s important to note that my company competes with Window Nation in some markets. We operate with completely different business models, but we’re offering similar products so feel free to take that for what it’s worth.

Window Nation Sales Tactics

Window Nation has always been one of the pushier sales companies based on the feedback I’ve heard from customers.

One interesting thing I heard a while back was that the individual salesperson must close the deal on the first visit to your house. If they don’t, they get no commission at all from your order.

So, if you got a quote today, resisted the encouragement to buy right now and called back tomorrow to place an order the salesperson who spent hours with you would make $0. Nothing at all. That’s one reason they’re so pushy at the initial visit.

Now, that info was several years old so I would be interested in hearing about your more recent sales experiences with Window Nation. Post a comment below to let us know how things went. I’m sure other readers will appreciate the info.

What windows does Window Nation carry?

Over the years we’ve heard of them offering windows from Alside, Soft-Lite and Vytex. I did hear a rumor, but have not independently verified, that they stopped carrying Soft-Lite. That would leave them with Alside or Vytex.

Both of those options can be perfectly decent choices. If you’ve recently recieved a quote for any other windows from Window Nation post a comment below to let us know.

What about the Window Nation lawsuit?

For a relatively large company Window Nation seems to have relatively few lawsuits which is a positive sign. We did see a case from back in 2020 where it was alleged that Window Nation caused a problem with a customers house.

That customer sued saying they didn’t provide insurance info and didn’t disclose that they were using subcontractor installers among other things.

Window Nation lawsuit involving the use of subcontractors.
Here you can see Window Nation arguing that they have no responsibility to identify that a subcontractor is involved in their work.

It does make clear that Window Nation does, at least sometimes, use subcontractor installers and doesn’t necessarily disclose that info. I wouldn’t think that’s a big deal at all. It’s very common in this industry and not anything to worry about if you ask me.

If the salesperson were to tell you that they NEVER used subcontractor installers that might be a red flag because, based on this lawsuit, it would seem that’s not true. So, if the salesperson is lying to you that’s a bigger deal than the tax status of the installers.

Window Nation was recently sold, is that a problem?

Not necessarily. It looks like sometime around the middle of 2021 Window Nation was sold to a private equity company called AEA. That can be common as small businesses get larger.

To the best of our knowledge the founders are still involved in running the business. They likely just sold a portion of the business to realize a nice profit.

As they expand to new markets it could mean that they provide less personal service, but really they’ve been having manufacturers install windows for them for years so the personal-ness of the service isn’t necessarily a factor.

What about Window Nation window prices?

In my experience Window Nation has always charged higher prices than other companies. Interestingly the pricing in the quote we have shown below is more reasonable pricing than I would have expected.

They appear to spend a decent amount on marketing which is usually an indication that they’ll be a higher priced company.

Below is a quote one of our readers sent in from Window Nation. It’s from back in 2020 so the prices are a little old. If you have a more recent quote post a comment to let us know. I’ll send you an email and it’ll help everyone.

This shows how much Window Nation charged for windows in 2020.

And, here’s the summary of what is included.

Window nation window prices, action contract prices and more.

When you’re comparing window prices it’s important to remember that remodeling projects can present unique challenges and the scope of work can be significantly different from one order to the next. It’s also true that retail pricing for custom made windows can vary quite a bit from one project to the next based on the features and options that a customer picks.

In this quote they had included 32 windows including a few picture windows and some with laminated glass and a door. At a total cost of $25k that’s pretty decent, but it’s important to remember that this quote was from 2020, before covid. Prices will be higher now.

Send us your more recent quotes and we’ll be happy to post them for everyone to see. Transparency will help everyone.

What about the Terms & Conditions?

Interestingly, the terms and conditions in this Window Nation contract are more interesting than the pricing as far as I’m concerned.

The contract has 15 pages and 3 full pages are terms and conditions. For example:

Window nation window contract terms and conditions.

If the customer misses an appointment they’re charging them $75 or $350 and saying that must be paid before you have any warranty. As an owner of a window company I completely understand how difficult it is when a customer misses an appointment.

I’ve just never seen terms that harsh in a window contract. What would happen if the installers get a flat tire and miss their installation appointment, are they paying the customer $350? Seems unlikely, but that is not spelled out in these terms.

How can you get a second opinion quote?

If you recently signed a contract with Window Nation for new windows and you’re not sure if it’s a great deal, we can help. In most states you have three business days to cancel an in-home purchase so you should act fast. You can get an online quote by email from my company here. It doesn’t hurt to see what the alternative would be.

One of our reps will send you an email with an itemized price list and additional product info. From there they can answer any questions and make unlimited revisions until you have the order just the way you want it.

It’s the easiest way to get new windows and the best way to make sure you’re paying a fair price for your project. If my company doesn’t offer windows in your area you can find other recommendations here.

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about something?

That’s easy, just post a comment below and let us know. It’s always my objective to share facts as I know them to be true and my opinions. If you think I’ve missed the mark on anything I would LOVE to hear from you. Please post a comment and I may follow up by email too. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the site!

How can you find a great window company?

That part is easy.  Check this section for recommendations of window companies all over the country. There’s no better way to get new windows. You can find my company here and you can find recommendations of other companies in other parts of the country here.

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6 thoughts on “Window Nation Windows Reviews”

  1. Well I want to tell you they all (window companies)have that if you sign today it at this price. We even had Renewal by Anderson do the same thing.

    1. It’s true that a lot of them do, but are absolutely some that will treat you like an adult. Where are you located? We might be able to make a recommendation if you’re still looking for a window company.

  2. Window nation did a terrible install at my residence that you saw Zaza remove the old windows when all I needed to do was removed for screws and cut the caulk joint on the inside I have plenty of pictures they cut the vapor barrier each means there’s raw wood behind the J channel and behind the window the spray foam that they installed in between the jam and the window is very poorly done. They did it before the trim and caulking was done on the interior so they sprayed a lot of foam inside the house I’ve got plenty of pictures. I got a price from the siding contractor around three grand and do all the repairs because the siding color cannot be purchased anymore. They’re trying to buy me out for two grand..

    1. Hi Mark, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with Window Nation. If your other contractor says the repairs will cost $3k and Window Nation is offering $2k it sounds like you’re pretty close. Hopefully it all works out. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Had a horrible experience with these people.. The wrong size window came in 3 times before they got that right. VERY rude customer service and i even spoke to a manager there when the 3rd window came in wrong and i just felt like i was bothering him Do not recommend these people….

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