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best replacement windows of 2015

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    1. I bought 55 Gorell double hung replacement windows several years ago and need 6 pains of glass replaced. As far as I know they went out of business in 2012. How did you get them replaced under warranty?

    1. I used American Builders for my mother-in-law’s windows for her house in Suffolk. Great windows for the price. Installation was quick and flawless – and they cleaned up afterwards.

  2. I live near two highways and the noise from the trucks between 2-7 am is absolutely horrible. I feel like I am sleeping right on the highway as the trucks pass me by. We have Certainteed windows but it does not block any sound. It is an old house (85 yrs old) but the windows are relatively new (installed by previous owner). This noise waked me and my kids up daily. We live in Maryland. Can you please make suggestions for window soundproofing or replacement windows that will block the noise? Thanks so much!

      1. I have a sound issue next to a plant within 150 feet with trucks starting at 4 am. I need replacement sound proof Windows. I live in Austin Tx. What brand and style would you recommend or installer.? The rest of my house has Eagle wood/ aluminum clad Windows and doors. Thank you,

        1. You should compare your options looking at the STC ratings to see how well they’ll block sound. Many manufacturers offer laminated glass which will help quite a bit. Some companies do make products that go beyond typical residential windows. Depending on how loud the trucks are you may want to look for a commercial type product.

          Remember, you’re getting sound through your walls and your ceiling too. Windows are only part of the equation.

    1. Your 85 year old home probably does not have good wall insulation nor Insulated Siding. Replacing windows did not help your walls. Sorry. Need to upgrade siding.

  3. I am in San Antonio tx and getting replacement windows is a nightmare so far. I want to have windows installed by a carpenter, but dont know where I can get good windows. Please advise. thanks in advance.

  4. I live in Indian Harbour Bch. fl. and I am trying to come up with a reasonable priced window… I here horror story’s on a lot of them, need help to find a window that I can trust without all the hype that every window is the Best.

  5. Please recommend a quality window replacement company in the Bryan, Ohio (43506) area. It is 1/2 way between the towns of Toledo, Ohio and Ft. Wayne, In. Thanks !

  6. I live in Detroit suburbs looking for a quality Garden Window? Pella and Anderson don’t sell them. Who sells a quality Garden Window?

  7. Getting ready to replace 10 windows in our house. Three years ago we replaced two because of a storm that damaged them. We replaced them with Viwinco. They seem to be doing the job but I have heard some not very nice things about these windows. Our house faces mostly north and south and we get no sun at all in the front but a lot in the back especially during the winter. We live in St.Charles, MO. What window would you suggest? We are getting ready to call the contractor. Thanks much. Marv

  8. We’re in Salem OR…what is your recommendation for replacement vinyl windows in our area? We just got a quote for Simonton 6500 Vantage Pointe.

  9. Zen Windows in Milwaukee has gotten a few good reviews on angieslist. The windows are from low to high:
    Heard anything about the company and the quality of Windows/work?

  10. I live in Galveston, TX, and am starting to compare replacement windows for my garage apartment. Any recommendations from anyone out there?

    1. Are you talking Jeld-Wen vinyl windows? If so I don’t deal with them too often so I’m not an expert on those models. In my experience the Jeld-Wen vinyl windows leave a lot to be desired. We use their wood windows in our store, but never the vinyl. I’ll be able to get you a quote on a much nicer option.

  11. Let me start out by saying that nothing is more important than architectural integrity. I have 10 windows that are double hung under a (currently perfect) half circle transom. A home up the street from me with similar windows replaced them and the half circle transom turned into a tiny crescent that, in my mind, destroyed the architectural integrity of the home.
    I selected a couple of window brands from your site and contractors from Angie’s List. No problems there and I have been working more closely with one of the contractors. I challenged the contractor and he brought out to show me a full install unit with the double hung and transom above. Of course, it looked much like the one up the street and I immediately said “that is not going is this house.” So, here is the question to you – can I retain the basic architectural appearance of the home with replacement windows? Got any suggestions? Where should I go next? Is my only option new construction windows? Please give me some help.

    1. I’d say it depends on the house, the current windows and the type of new windows you’re looking at. We replace half circle windows all the time and we put in new half circle windows. Not sure why they would be changing the shape.

      It is possible if you have thin metal frames currently that new vinyl windows will be a little thicker. They could reduce the glass area, but shouldn’t change the shape.

      Did they tell you why it was doing that?

  12. I had Home Depot replace a couple windows in our 1989 home. It was an Anderson window and I was very pleased. vinyl . Now I’m needing rest of house done and trying to decide between Home Depot using Anderson vinyl, window world, or independent company, in Nashville, Tn. I really like the Anderson vinyl that is white on inside and outside is taupe that matches all my trim.

  13. Hi- I recently sat thru a sales pitch for The Power Company for windows. I thought the presentation was very interesting but the “sell” was so hard it was difficult to trust. I live in a 1948 home and have double pained windows now but you can put a can of soda on the window Sil and it will still be cold the next day. Any thoughts on their windows? I heard they wer a version of the Northeast Products window. Thank you – Long Island NY

    1. Any company that pushes too hard to get the deal is telling you that they know the deal is no good. A company that has a good deal doesn’t need to push so hard. Unfortunately I don’t know any great companies on Long Island, but I would love to find one to recommend. If you find a winner let us know!

  14. What distinguishes the three,wood, Jeld-Wen double hung window lines from one another ? W-2500, W-4500 and Siteline. Are each a relic of a defunct company since acquired by Jeld Wen ? Numer of options offered for each line ? Etc…Do the price differentials reflect the respective quality of the lines.

    1. W-2500 is the cheapest. It’s a decent option if you want simple windows for a simple house. Siteline is nicer and has more options. The custom line is the top of the line. When we do high profile projects for celebrities and government type buildings we always use the Custom line. They’re expensive and take a while to arrive, but they’re nice windows.

  15. I’m in the process of replacing over 20 windows of my 50 year old home in the Southern Tennessee area. Is there an “Independent Rating” website that can help me evaluate all the quotes and products I have been offered? Thanks.

    1. Not really. We’re about the most independent site out there and I do own a window company myself. We now operate almost nationwide and we started the company 10 years ago. Let me know if I can help out.

      1. looking for the most cost efficient windows for a house we are building in Pensacola Fl. are you in this market? Thanks

        1. Hi Barbara, I know I already emailed you the info, but wanted to write back for everyone to see. My company is not in Pensacola, but we can arrange for the windows to ship to Birmingham for pickup. It’s a bit of a drive, but might be worth it for a great deal!

  16. Hello: How can my contractor purchase Okna 500 Windows for new construction in Florida? It doesn’t look like they have any dealers in this state?

    1. Just pick something else. It’s a mistake to fall in love with a product and then work with a bad dealer. If your contractor is not a dealer then he can’t buy them from anywhere. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  17. Greetings WindowDog,

    What are your thoughts on WeatherShield Signature Series Casement Windows?

    Thank you for your knowledge!

    1. Also wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the best window installers in the South Jersey area or more specifically Cherry Hill, NJ

      Thanks Again!

  18. Can you provide a list of companies that make fiberglass windows. I like the Marvin Integrity but there brick mold option is bad and they don’t offer half round options. I am doing complete tear outs and they way my framing is I need a back set to the brick. When you go to the aluminum clad the pricing go’s way up. Looking for options.

  19. Trying to find decent-quality vinyl replacement windows and a reliable installer on the Eastern Shore, about 10 minutes from Ocean City. Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Sure, that’s a little far from our office in Baltimore and I don’t know anyone out there to recommend. Maybe someone else will chime in with a recommendation.

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