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179 thoughts on “Find The Best Replacement Window Company in Your Town”

  1. John Kinports says:

    need good replacement windows for original anderson

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Any replacement windows can replace old Andersen windows. I’d suggest talking to a few local companies to see what they recommend.

  2. Zoe Murillo says:

    we are replacing the 28 year old aluminum window that we have. the front bay window has been fogging, and this could be the start. we just moved to this house 2 years ago. got quotes from 3 company installers…2 companies are offering Millgard windows and priced almost the same. one is offering Mezzo or fairfield windows. mezzo was priced $3000 more. what do you think? Is Mezzo worth paying more?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Which Milgard windows are you looking at and did anything stand out about one product or company vs another?

      1. Zoe Murillo says:

        oh…i guess Millgard Stylite. One manufacturer recommends Mezzo, which somehow cost more, and Fairfield which has the same quote as Millgard. Alside Mezzo windows looks better given its brass wheel at bottom of windows, and easy cleaning, bottom lip has flap closure.
        is it worth more? 12,000 vs 15,000?

        1. Zoe Murillo says:

          i have around 19 windows…including skylite…
          btw, we have a skywall too, and is being recommended to just replace the glass, and retain the frame? is that ok?

        2. thewindowdog says:

          I do think the Mezzo is a nicer window, but only you can decide if it’s worth $3k. I don’t think the wholesale cost difference is that much so you might talk to the company to see if they can find a way to make a better deal.

  3. k.a. kaplan says:

    where can I find good reviews on Andersen replacement windows? I found the top 58 negative. I have a quote shy of $30k for 17 windows. That is with the discounts totaling > $15k.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      …that might tell you something. It depends which models you’re looking for.

    2. Jeffbooth says:

      I would go with another window company and you can get better if not the same quality window going vinyl. I have worked in the replacement window field for over 30 years and the Anderson window is a good window it’s not worth over a thousand dollars a window . Did they say they were going to need to do a bunch of wood work that would drive the price per window up shop a good local company you will get a better price and just as good a window

      1. Ann Smith says:

        Hi , We are planning on installing our own replacement windows. In our last house we used Jeld wen …

        I see now that the reviews are not good, and I am looking for a recommendation for a good vinyl windows. This is our own new construction project..

    3. most of the cost of Anderson window goes to pay for TV ads and direct mail, not into a better quality product.

  4. can you tell me anything about vinyl kraft windows?

    the window guy will do all 16 windows double hung plus two picture windows for $6,000

    or another window guy will install alside TVA 28 for $8,100

    can you please tell me which would you choose? and why?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Alside TVA 28? That’s a strange one. It must be a private label version of another Alside window. Did they tell you the model number? It’s impossible to know what that product is without some more info as that’s not one of their models.

      Did the person selling the TV 28 windows tell you what made them $2k better?

  5. Window Dog — We have a bid for 30 triple pane windows and one sliding door and a large picture window that has to be double pane glass due to it’s shape and size. What would you consider to be a reasonable cost?

    1. I hope i am not too late on your post! I install windows, but not looking for business (plus I only install in the local area). What caught my attention is “triple pane”. The increase in energy efficiency and other factors typically do not make triple pane worth the additional cost. I would recommend triple pane only in areas such as south/west facing large windows where solar heat gain (heat from the setting sun) is an issue. So typically out of 30 windows, perhaps 6 would be triple pane. Here are three scenarios for pricing (assuming all windows are generally standard, so 36″ wide by 60″ tall, oversized windows, picture windows can be significantly more, labor cost also are more for second story, over-sized, etc):

      1 – Local installer that wholesales windows and sells his labor, while also rated on Angies list/google, etc (This is me and not too common)

      Windows – 30 x $225= $6750
      Picture Window – $500
      Slider – $500 (can be from $300 – $2000 depending on manufacturer)
      Install materials – 30 x 25=$750
      Labor – 15x$125 + 15x$150+$175+$300= $4600(half upstairs half downstairs 1 picture window 1 door)

      Total cost – $13,100

      2. General Contractor with an office, BBB presence and local advertising:

      Windows – 30 x $225= $6750
      Picture Window – $500
      Slider – $500 (can be from $300 – $2000 depending on manufacturer)
      Install materials – 30 x 25=$750
      Labor – 15x$75+ 15x$100+$100+$200= $2925(half upstairs half downstairs 1 picture window 1 door)

      Sub total cost – $11,425
      Total after 35% profit & overhead – $17,576

      3. A Regional or national window installer with TV, radio, and intense advertising (e.g. Renewal by Anderson) This is with an intense sales demonstration, and typically selling a monthly payment as much as the window:

      32 Units
      Total cost: ($32,000 – $64,000) This is depending on how good the salesman is.

      I am estimating price for a Simonton window (my favorite, and a Consumer Reports best buy, but there are many others to choose from in a similar price range. Many do not like Simonton because the frame is thick, especially if they have small windows. In the end, you choose. If you get composite, wood, casements, the cost per window can go up to $1000 or more) I installed 19 windows for a customer, charged about $9,000. After done I was shown an estimate from a big company for $43,576. I hope you have not gone that way!

      1. Any good window pros you know in the Houston Tx area? I am in the southwest side of down, almost to Sugar Land

        1. I have no idea (meaning no contacts down there). But many of my customers find me through window distributors. Essentially they provide wholesale windows to new builders, and remodelers. On occasion a homeowner wanders in to inquire about windows. Because they are more interested in large sales, they refer them to installers that they trust (me).

          There is a “West End” Roofing Siding and Windows in Missouri City, I would recommend that you visit, they may have a showroom, (or not) or at least sample windows. Ask them who their best installers are. Bottom line, they want to sell windows. Ask for the installers numbers and call. The process is typical for contractors… meet them, see if you like them, ask for references, inspect some of their previous work. I think this is your best bet for getting windows for the lowest price.

        2. Kevin,
          I too live in SW Houston and have been doing some rigorous research on brands of windows, Have you located anythings yet?
          i went to home advisor and had three different companies plus anderson come and present. Im about to replace to bay windows and others for a total of 15 windows.
          comp 1- total of 6500.00 wanted to use simonton profinish or wincore5400 lifetime warranty
          comp2-9400.00 before discount. discount would come with my positive reviews online down to 8400.00 wanted to use Pro Via or Vista (i could not find much info on this brand)
          both of these companies had positive reviews but the products they were giving me appeared to be lower end. I dont need high end but i tend to go with mid range unless a budget product has great reviews. I really want the most bang for my buck. lifetime warranty
          comp #3- didnt not have the most positive review regarding their installation but their products im now possibly considering …Ply gem2000= 6800.00 warranty lifetime
          anderson- 24000. Truth fully i loved their windows but Im not trying to buy a new car. Their warranty was 25yr
          What has been your experience?
          Im researching simonton prism 5500, sunrise, and ply gem. I just added a company out of Marvin.

          Windowdog any information you could provide on brand and maybe the ones i listed would make this a little easier. Thank you for this website.

      2. How can we get in touch?

      3. laura almache sanchez says:

        Where can I find you services?

      4. Theresa R. says:

        I’m interested in replacing 2 French doors, 1 entry door, and 2 or 3 double hung windows. I live in the Gallatin, TN area. Can you direct me to a local installer as that seems to be the best value based on your examples. He do I find your listing. . . on Angie’s website?

      5. Are you in San Diego? Looking to replace all our windows and 8 ft and 6 ft sliders. 2 story house.

        1. No, I am in Texas (I used to live in that area many years ago). I should be clear, this site has great information on finding a quality window installer. If you go outside of The Window Dogs recommendations, you are taking more risks.

          I really do appreciate this site as there is so much knowledge, particularly with the window reviews. My comment above was an example for the area that I live in. I think that what I appreciate the most about this site is exposing the Sales techniques that are used to make homeowners pay exorbitant prices. If you review this site I think you will be well on your way to making a good window decision!

      6. Cheri Walker says:

        are you in San diego?

      7. Tom Tacheny says:

        Richard, your post has been, BY FAR, has given the most important guidance in selecting a replacement window company, vendor, etc.
        Thank you for breaking it down into simple terms.
        I have been on website after website and, as a homeowner with a dozen windows to replace, I’ve gotten more heartburn than actionable information.

        1. Richard M says:

          Well, it has been a while since checking in, but thank you for the feedback!

      8. William Friend Haines Jr says:

        Home advisor gave me a company that hit most of the boxes for a bad company. I had them out for an estimate. High pressure sales, today price, $16k for 6 replacement impact windows, 50% down, spouse needs to be there. Buyer beware comes highly rated.

      9. Thank you for your post. I have a quote for 29 Milgard insert dlb pane and 2 French doors. 1 is a being a picture window,
        and 7 of these windows have stc33 noise reduction for $43,000.
        Is that high?

      10. Any in Jacksonville, Fl area that you recommend?

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Hi Amanda, unfortunately I don’t know a great window company in Jacksonville FL. If you find one let us know. I’m sure there are plenty of other readers looking for a great suggestion. We are about to post about a new option in Orlando, but for now I’m not much help in Jacksonville.

  6. Any thoughts on the companies Horizon Exteriors (Wincore) and The Window Store (Arctic Guard). I have quotes from both. I did not see Arctic Guard window review in your list of windows…


    1. thewindowdog says:

      Are you sure they were called Arctic Guard? I’ve never heard of them and it looks like Google hasn’t either. If that is what they called them then it’s probably a private label version of another product. You’d need to figure out what it actually is before we can help.

  7. How do you feel about Amerimax Masters Grande windows vs. Vista windows and Alside 6100 series patio doors vs. Sunrise patio doors? Also, are you familiar with a window company called Zen Windows? They’re a franchise and they get fantastic reviews on Angie’s List. They sell Soft-lite windows (Classic) and Soft-lite Kingsroyal patio doors. We’re interested in getting wood-grain finish vinyl on our patio door. Does it hold up well, or are scratches really obvious on it? Thanks for your help!

  8. Awesome site. I would like to replace the original windows in my mid 80’s home. I’d like to find they best type of window for my area of the country. I live in central Texas and it’s HOT most of the year.
    My house is covered with shade trees, I have lots of insulation in the attic and my utility bills are pretty good…even in mid-August when its 100+ degrees outside. While I don’t get any direct sun into my windows it does get hot. What sort of numbers/ratings am I looking for when selecting replacement windows? I’d like to slowly replace the windows that won’t open anymore (for the few days a year we get a cool breeze) or have damaged frames. I’ve had the “model home” sales guys come by to try and sell me triple pane, life changing, energy/money saving windows. If they could truly lower my energy bill by upto 40% my summer bill would be about $60 and in the winter the utility company would owe me money 😉
    Energy savings, drafts etc are not a primary concern, keeping the heat of the summer on the outside is. Any thoughts?

  9. Jullian k says:

    What’s your opinion on Alside Windows mezzo or elite versus Berkshire elite series Windows? Have you heard k fox pant forest interiors and Metroplex Windows? Just looking tony stall standard sliding Windows with bronze exteriors and white interior.

  10. I would like your information on Atrium verses Alside double hung replacement windows. From the low end to high end. Break it down anyway you choose. I’m not interested is sales tactics from either side. I want to know bare facts in a comparison. Thanks Mr Window dog!

  11. In one of your comments listed above you mentioned “look for a local install that wholesales windows and sells his labor” . You also mentioned somewhere else on this site that your sister lives in Colorado. I live in Denver. Do you have any recommendations you could share with me. I wrote an earlier email today asking about Pella v/s Sunrise and also mentioned the one of the sliding doors would need to be a breakdown. I’m hoping to keep my costs down but do not want to skimp on noise reduction and quality. If there is another kind of window and sliding doors I need to check out please let me know. Thanks

    1. thewindowdog says:

      My sister does live out there. In fact I was there last summer for her wedding at Red Rocks. It’s absolutely beautiful out there. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in the window business out there. I would love to have a company to recommend. If any Denver based window companies are reading these, contact us here.

      I would suggest starting with Angie’s List to find a few reputable local companies. You can find a special promo code for our readers here.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        I knew some of their people long ago when I did more home and garden shows. We were at many shows together so I’d end up talking with some of their reps. The vibe I got was that they were more of a marketing and sales type of company. I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about the windows they were offering, other than maybe the fancy prices.

        To be fair that was a few years ago. What have you seen that you liked or didn’t like about what they were offering?

        I may also be able to help with an alternative so you have something to compare. Let me know your zip code and I’ll see if I know anyone who can help with another opinion.

  12. Donna Green says:

    Our house was built in ’83 and the Pellas have failed on the south side of the house (condensation, peeling cracking paint) I am initially just replacing 12 windows and have bids from Pellas architect series $24,600, renewal by Andersen fibrex $28,300, and am expecting a bid from Marvin Integrity ultrex fiberglass, not sure why he hasn’t got back to me by now. The Pellas and Andersen are full replacement, but the Marvin rep thought they could replace, preserving the trim (maybe he has found out that is not possible and is repricing) . The Pellas rep was low key, the Andersen rep was rather hard sell and continually bashes Marvin fibrex. Any thoughts? Also, I expect to sell this home within 3 years.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I always suggest avoiding a company that spends their time bashing a competitor. If they had something good to say about their products they should say it and not worry about the other guy. You may want to compare a vinyl option as it will be substantially less expensive and many will come with better warranties. You may not want to pay the premium for the windows you’ve been considering if you’re selling so soon.

  13. Donna Green says:

    One problem is that I’m trying to match the look and quality of the house, and although the aluminum clad Pella’s probably look a lot like vinyl on the outside, they are beautifully trimmed on the inside. I am super worried about reducing the value of the house.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Well that’s true, the windows you mentioned are all very nice looking. We’ve had good experience with the Marvin products, strange that it’s taking the company so long to get back to you with a quote.

  14. I’m looking to replace 4 Windows in my home. Yesterday I had a company called Budget Exteriors in Minneapolis at my house measured and quoted us 4 Softlite Windows for $9,000. That seems rather high. Is it??

    1. thewindowdog says:

      That feels a little steep, but I don’t know what’s involved in the project. You could try this program in Minneapolis. I would expect you’ll see a pretty solid savings.

    2. I had 10 replaced with Softlite windows from Minneapolis Budget Exteriors in Oct, 2015 for a little more than $10,000. That was not my first quote from them. After I cancelled the first bid because of the high cost, they did reduce their bid by $2700 and I accepted, we also agreed to dispose of the old lead windows. However, after the installation, I came across a private contractor in the area that would have done the job for $7,000. Sorry, I don’t remember the name. We are very happy with the windows and the installers were great, but we could have saved thousands if we had looked a little harder for a different contractor.

      1. You mentioned that the installers were great and I’d assume that you are happy with the windows as well, so I wouldn’t lament the price too much. It is not out of the normal range for what will be found for a good product and install by a reputable company, particularly if there were a few added options and/or installation complications, such as the lead safe removal as you mentioned. Home Improvement is one of the most complained about industries, so with a good product, install, and reasonable price, I’d say you did well 🙂

  15. Replacing 17 double hung, 2 doorwalls and 3 arhchitectural octogon windows. Renewal by Andersen quoted $27,400. Marvin Infinity $30,000. Getting a “Wallside” vinyl quote this week. Hoping it’s about half the other estimates. Any thoughts on Wallside? They are based here in Michigan and have good reviews on Angie’s List and with the BBB. After all I’ve read I’m not sure I want vinyl. Just want my house to be warm during these Michigan winters.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Way back when I worked for a window manufacturer I went to a distribution center in Milwaukee and heard the term doorwall for the very first time. Who knows how I grew up so close (Chicago) and had never heard that before. I’ll send you an email right now with contact info for a company I know in your area. I bet they’ll be able to help out.

      1. Regina Beck says:

        I, too, live in Michigan (southwest corner area). Could you please send me that information also? Thank you.

      2. I live in Michigan too, could you please send me the info as well.

      3. I am in Michigan. Could you send along this information to me as well? Grand Rapids area to be exact. I noticed your program reaches Detroit, but we are about 2 plus hours from there.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Unfortunately I don’t have a great company to recommend in Grand Rapids. I’d love to find one so if you come across a great local company please let me know!

  16. We live in Coppell, TX (Dallas County), and have our choices narrowed down to Mezzo by Allside, and Style Line by Milgard. Our home is not an expensive one, nor is the neighborhood, but all is well kept with mic curb appeal. Replacement of 12 windows is expected a d ANYTHING is an upgrade and cost savings from what we have today. Both options single hung, no frills… Mezzo looks nicer including the screens, Style Line looks just ok and well the screens look cheap. Expecting Milgard Style Line quote Monday, but Mezzo Allside is $5,100. I expect the Milgard Style Line to come in less. To me it looks Contractor Grade which again is probably ok, but not knowing I thought I would ask is there a reason to avoid one, or the other, or at our price point does it even matter?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’ll send you an email, I might be able to help.

  17. Susan Jennings says:

    Have you heard of Sterling Windows in Knoxville, TN. They manufacturer vinyl windows locally. Family owned and has been in business for a long time. I saw them at the recent Home and Garden Show.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I have not heard of them. There are many of these smaller manufacturers around. What stood out to you when you saw the products and spoke with them?

  18. Looking to replace 9 Windows in my slump block constructed home. Have received quotes ranging from $5,000 to $27,000 frames vinyl, composite and fiberglass. Any recommendations in the Phoenix area?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Unfortunately I don’t know any great companies in Phoenix yet. When you find one let us know!

  19. Deb Tettenborn says:

    Replacing 17 Windows. Quotes from Pella, Marvin, Anderson, Renewal by Anderson, Bristol, and Great Lakes eco smart . We live in Omaha, NE. Ranging from $25,000 to $41,000. Any suggestions! Very confused!

  20. Charlotte Miller says:

    I am replacing six double hung windows in my home in Mt. Laurel, NJ and have been considering Okna 500 Series, Soft Lite, and Simonton brand Windows. Which of these, if any, would you recommend based on price and quality?

  21. @Charlotte, which model of Softlite and Simonton? The upper end Softlites as well as the Okna will outperform the Simonton, however the Simonton is not bad either. Keep in mind that finding a quality and trustworthy contractor is very important as well and can easily swing the pendulum in a situation like this. Price will vary by dealer, none of those will necessarily be more or less than another if comparing similar models and option content.

  22. Margot Swann says:

    We’re looking to replace just 5 windows ( later a patio door) in a small Atlanta ranch. The Apex Energy Solutions salesperson with his special labor-only promotion dropped his snazzy brochure and talked triple panes. The Consumer Report high rated windows have all been slammed by reviewers and I want to make sure we get a quality window. What’s the best vinyl window for our climate?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      If you’re in Atlanta you should talk to my pal Don. You’ll likely get better prices and less sales pitch. Labor only? Don will help, here’s his info.

  23. Dan Niezurawski says:

    After reading your reviews on Alside Mezzo, I am planning to install 4 large sliding units. 2 @ 72″W x 60″ H and 2 @ 103″ x 60″ H. These will be the Box Frame. I have the experience and know how to accomplish this project and was a licensed builder many years ago doing a variety of remodeling jobs. I would like to buy these units wholesale from the local Alside distributor. Any reason that the distributor might not sell them to me?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Yes, Alside only sells to their dealers. You’ll need to find a local Alside dealer to order the products.

  24. Gina Stevens says:

    You mentioned that you have information for a company in southeast Michigan. Could you send it to me? I need replacement windows and live in Rochester Hills.

  25. We are looking to replace our cheap builder grade windows in a 4 year old home. We have lots of wind on one side of our home and it caused one window to be covered in a sheet of ice. (We are just outside of St.louis, MO) we have had Pella, 13k Champion21k window World6k, HD (never actually gave a quote), come out and 21-6k in quotes. 9 double pain, 1 slider and 1 6′ patio door. We are looking for standard windows with the gas inside. WW seemed to be upfront but after looking at reviews we keep seeing that they do not stand behind the warranty as they claim and the installation isn’t quality for our area. I am trying to figure out how a window that looks the same (same materials and features) can cost double or triple the price. Each company says the other is overpriced or bad quality so I don’t understand how to truly compare.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      We offer windows in St Louis. Could help through this program if you’re interested.

      1. What about in SW Missouri? I have a quote coming from RBA but need other companies. Last one I contacted through home adviser didn’t even show up for the appointment.

  26. I too have the Apex / Insignia (made by Alside?) triple pane quote for my 16, some large, casement windows coming in at ~25k. Most are south facing in my Northern Colorado climate. Hard to find any good consumer reviews online and not reviewed on consumer reports. What, if any is the verdict on these or close/other options for replacing my 40 year old windows?

  27. Looking to replace 7 double hung windows in a 27 year old 2 story home in southwest Michigan. If you have any great contacts in this area, I would appreciate it! Thanks.

  28. Deepal P. says:

    I’m replacing 23 windows and a sliding door. I have received several estimates for different brands. The recommended brands and models are Anderson 400, Simonton 5500, and Wincore 5400. The prices which include installation and replacement of the interior trim range between $18,000 and $24,000. Which brand is best? Do the prices seem reasonable?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Where are you located? I may be able to help.

      1. Deepal P. says:

        Sorry, I forgot to mention where I live. I’m in Voorhees, NJ which is about 20 miles east of Philadelphia.

  29. L. Fischer says:

    Looking to replace 4 lg Windows (5’x6′)- considering Crystal 200 series vinyl or Sheffield (Alside) vinyl – noise is a factor- have been told I need to go with triple pane I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania can you recommend one of these windows and give me an opinion ?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Laminated glass will be a better option if noise is the concern. I know that’s available in the Sheffield not sure about the Crystal. For our projects in Pittsburgh we typically use a window with a tighter air infiltration rating. You may want to look at another option to get a better seal.

  30. 10 double slide windows – Vista medium quality price quote 10,000!! Good price????

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Doesn’t sound like it, but it’s possible there’s something unusual about your project. Have you checked Angie’s List for a great contractor near you? We special discounts for our readers here. Just use promo code WINDOWDOG40 to get 40% off. You’ll probably save a whole lot more than that based on the pricing you’ve seen.

      1. they are rated high on Angie’s List – nothing unusual – small two bedrm brick home – average windows – picture window in living room – and a smaller pic window in kitchen

  31. we live near Erie PA – they are vista select windows cost 10,940

  32. We have heard from LEI Home Enhancements and America’s Window and Champion is coming tomorrow. We are looking at Triple Pain, only Argon gas between, a great U factor, etc.

    Can you please tell us, between these companies your opinion and why? We are installing 15 windows, most non-standard, 1 garden window included. Prices range from $10 – $13, 500.

    Just need to know which route to go and what the advantage might be of going with an Anderson or a Millgard over what I stated previously. Thank you in advance!

  33. Hi, I live in Los Angeles, CA. I’m looking for a window and a sliding glass door with as high an STC rating as possible. While I’ve seen some pretty good windows (Milgard Quiet Line and Atrium 7000 series), I’ve only seen sliding glass doors up to STC 35. What do you recommend?

    Thanks, Window Dog!

  34. Blair Dawson says:

    Hello Window Dog, stumbled across your site and love reading all the articles and comments.
    We have a house approximately 25 years old that was built with peach tree windows and doors, supposedly they have a lifetime warranty however we cannot find a peach tree representative to contact in order to have some windows fixed, items like balancers cables broken etc. do you know of any companies that provide warranty service for peach tree windows?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      From what I’ve heard you may not have much luck with the warranty. I don’t believe you’ll be able to get anything done under warranty, but if you do please let us know. I’m sure there are other readers in the same situation.

      1. says:

        Striking out everywhere I look. I was able to find replacement parts online so I may try that route before replacements.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Good luck! I always think it’s fun to try to fix something, sometimes it’s easier than others.

  35. Need to replace about 7 horizontal double slide Windows. In previous remodels, replaced with Milgard Tuscany series sliders & double hung (recommended & done by contractor new construction). Now looking for retrofit. From my reading, it appears Milgard seems to be only so-so. Is this true? What manufacturer would you recommend for retrofit, sun protection, etc. for South Orange County, CA? Want a cohesive look with my current sculptured grid & frames, if I am using a different manufacturer. Also need a reliable installer. The one I was leaning towards carries only Milgard as their top of line, so I need a referral if you are recommending other than Milgard. Thanks!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Milgard is big out your way. If you’re happy with the windows you already have and you’re happy with the company you know I’d say go with them. If you’d like to compare some options check with Angie’s List to see who the other great window companies in your area are. From there you can see what they have to offer and how the cost compares. You can join for just a few bucks on this page with promo code WINDOWDOG40.

  36. Phil Kamm says:

    Windowdog: Not everyone lives in a big city! Angie’s List is essentially useless in Kearney, NE. Can’t you come up with a “[state] outside of major urban areas” category?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Ha, I know and I love the country too. When I find someone great I’m happy to recommend them. Unfortunately I don’t know anybody in Kearney, NE either so I’m not much help on specific recommendations. I could ship windows to Rapid City, Kansas City, Wichita or Denver for you to pickup. I’ll admit I had to google Kearney and it looks like all of those would be a bit of a drive for you.

      Sign up to get the e-book, form at the top of each comments section. It will give you some tips on finding a great company in any area.

      Hope that helps.

  37. Dear Window Dog
    I need 20 windows replaced in my 1968 era home. I’ve had Home Depot, Lowes, Renewal by Anderson, a couple general contractors, and a couple local window companies out for estimates. All bids are fairly consistant 11,000-16,000. One thing I need for sure is a dark exterior color and white interior. Also, the narrowest amount of vinyl the better. I simply CANNOT make a decision! Can you please advise me?? Thank you. Sandy

  38. Lynn Ravens says:

    Hello. We need to replace 12 windows and three sliding doors. We live in Tampa, FL. Got a quote for $42,000 for impact windows, and $27,000 for non-impact with shutters. When we said we would get back after speaking with other companies the gentleman became rude and pushy, told us we wasted his time. We have a few other companies lined up, but wondering if you have any recommendations on best brand options for the area. The salesman basically told us all windows, except his, are no good and won’t provide manufacturers warranties or hold up in the heat. We don’t believe all he said, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I also plan to check Angies List tomorrow.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      We just started offering windows in Tampa. You can reach us through this page if you’re interested in a quote.

  39. Cyndi August says:

    Hi ‘windowdog’,
    I am a female homeowner living in Buffalo, NY and need to replace two front casement picture windows that have smaller side windows on each side. After much research, so I have all my facts and can compare “apples to apples”, I have decided on double pain (w Argon) soft coat glass and have started scheduling estimates. What would be the general cost of replacement non-pocket vs pocket windows. Is it better to go with one type over the other? I have heard positive and negative both ways. Also, can you suggest a reputable company or name brand to look for more than others?

    I would appreciate any advice you may have.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Cyndi, I don’t know anyone specifically to recommend in Buffalo, so I’d suggest starting with Angie’s List. At least then you’ll be able to be sure you’re talking with companies that do good work and take customer feedback seriously.

      If you’re not a member you can join with this link and it’ll be absolutely free.

      Good luck!

      1. FYI — You have a typo in your link.

  40. Cindy O'Neil says:

    I’m currently comparing the Verde window (a nice feature is the fold in for cleaning on the slider window) and Castle (they make their own). Both seem similar, except Verde has the fold in feature and offers a double lifetime warranty. Which one do you like?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I don’t believe Castle makes their own windows. Last I heard they were buying from a manufacturer in the Northeast. Which did you pick?

      1. Cindy O'Neil says:

        I didn’t pick….yet. Still deciding. I am leaning towards the Verde only because of the fold in feature. Which one would you choose?

  41. $9/year to join Anglie’s list? try $30/year, per list or $3.25 per month. your numbers are 4 or 5 years old.

  42. Hi Window Dog, new construction, and contractor uses local Amazing Window/Windsor brand. Our house style will be Garden District/uptown New Orleans, and the windows they have quoted are alum clad Windsor Pinnacle Clad for the facade, with Windsor New Dimension vinyl for the rest of the house. $31K. Not loving the look of either of these – mainly the facade windows are not recessed enough for a historical/wood window look. Can you comment on the brand? Waiting on Integrity quote, and also have a quote for Sierra Pacific clad for the facade. Kolbe quote was very expensive.

  43. Who do you recommend for window replacement in Metro Detroit? I recently received a Pella wood-clad full frame window replacement for $63k, consisting of about 37 windows, one sliding patio door, and one french door to the deck. Anyone else I should look at for wood-clad full frame replacements? $63k is a lot of money!

  44. I am in Ft. Myers, FL and need help! I am in the process of getting bids to replace 25 year old windows with impact resistance glass. There will be 4 double-hungs, 2 small casements, 4 horizontal sliders, 3 sliding glass doors and one 3 lite slider. My bid using Simonton Storm Breaker Plus came in at $20,400. My bid from Eastern Architectural Glass (formerly Earthwise) came in at $16, 600 for their Bertha line. Then I had a third company come in at $24,400 for the exact same Eastern package! Additionally, that same company quoted $32,000 for Shoreline which they immediately dropped to $22,000 when I informed them that they were 50% higher on Eastern Architectural. I guess at this point I have 2 questions: How would you compare Eastern to Simonton to Shoreline products? I’m leaning toward the Simonton but am hoping to get their price negotiated down a bit. What is your opinion on the cost differences between the 3 lines? ANY help would be appreciated. THANKS!! (PS – This is for my son’s house – which I own – it’s a starter house and I don’t expect them to be there for more than another 5-7 years.)

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’m much more familiar with the Simonton than the others. In fact I was just playing with a Simonton Storm Breaker window yesterday in North Carolina. I think that’s a decent option. If you didn’t see a huge reason to pick one over the other I’d probably stay with the bigger manufacturer, Simonton.

  45. Window Dog, are you able to help me in the New Orleans area? So many window dealers here act as if air infiltration is not important for our area. It is my number one priority (after making sure Ufactor and SHGC are low). Am I wrong? I am getting a quote on Alside Mezzo with Climatech Therm D TG2 Elite to get ufactor .21 shgc .19, but even with Mezzo we have to avoid some sizes of the Double Hung bc the AI is above 0.14. Can you advise if there are other brands in my area I should check out? Thank you!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Rhonda, unfortunately I can’t help with a window order in New Orleans. I certainly would if I could. I’d love to have an excuse for a business trip! If you pick the composite reinforcement instead of the steal almost all sizes will have an air infiltration of 0.04.

      It’s possible the steal is required in your area due to windstorm potential, I’m not too familiar with that market, but if it’s not you’ll get a tighter window without it.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I can get some numbers on the Sunrise and Vanguard products as I offer both and the Mezzo

  46. Brian Bennett says:

    Need help! Looking at replacing all windows in our house. Originals are Lincoln. We don’t want those. Recommendations for the Chattanooga, TN area?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in Chattanooga to recommend. If you find a great company feel free to let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only person in the area looking.

    2. Nancy Roberson says:

      Hi Brian. I’m new to Chattanooga and we need to replace our windows from 1975. Who did you go with? Happy with outcome? Thanks, Nancy

  47. Debating Simonton Prism Platinum v. Norandex Extreme 8000. Pro’s and Con’s on both. Frankly lost and confused. Any knowledge of Norandex Extreme 8000 and how it compares to the Simonton Prism Platinum?

    Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’m not a huge fan of the Simonton and not too familiar with the Norandex product. Where are you? I may know someone who can help out.

      1. Dennis Garrard says:

        Norandex is atrium with norandex printed on the locks. Like alside and comfort world

  48. Olivia Nelson says:

    I agree that you would want to look into the reviews when finding a window replacement company. I would imagine that finding someone who is well liked by past customers would be great. My husband and I are looking for someone to repair our windows so we’ll be sure to check reviews before we hire anyone.

  49. A Lippian says:

    Does Auralast pine stand up like Jeld Wen states? I want more historically correct wooden windows in our new construction for esthetics and function but still am afraid of the pine options these days. I am looking at Jeld Wen Siteline Wood Double hung with Phantom Screens. What it the sturdiness of these and ours will be painted not stained. This is vs Marvin and Zola. I love Zola they are just about impossible though given we have nobody near us in far NE TX that has them to see and of course they are imported so problems may be difficult to troubleshoot. Thanks for any comments!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      We’ve been installing them since 2010 and haven’t had a single failure. I know that’s only 6-7 years, but it’s all the first hand evidence I have.

      They did recently increase the warranty from 20 years to lifetime because they hadn’t had a problem with failures. That’s probably a pretty good sign.

  50. I’m looking to replace 20 windows with a high quality window. I know having a great installer is just as important as the windows itself. Can you recommend any installers in the 51250 area? I belong to Angies List but they don’t have anyone listed that has enough reviews. I was thinking sunrise windows.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Tina, I don’t know anybody in your area to recommend. I just drove through there on I-90 a couple weeks ago, beautiful country!

  51. Michael Parisi says:

    Hi I am interested in finding out about getting 9 windows altogether. One of the windows is a Bow or Bay. I live on Long Island NY and I belong to Angie’s List. My problem is that living where I do there’s tons of window companies. Most of them are A on Angie’s List so how can I find out which the best company to use. Thanks in advance Mike Parisi

  52. Looking to replace a bow window with casements in Palmer Mass. what is your recommendations for best window in our area

  53. I live in PHX, home built with aluminum windows in 95. Looking to replace as they are damaged from heat and not very good at keeping heat out.

    Just got a quote from RBA, 36K after 10K off for 14 windows and a sliding door. For 6 windows and a door, it’s 19,240 after 6K off.

    Seems really steep. Plan to sell house in abt 10 years or less depending on market.

    Only other options I see are Millgard and Marvin
    Some sizes to give your u an idea
    71×81 for the door

    Know a guy in AZ yet?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Unfortunately I don’t know a guy in AZ yet, but I’d love to find a good one to recommend. I could help with a window order in Phoenix, but I don’t know anyone to put them in.

  54. John Eversole says:

    Whos the best and most honest impact window installers from West Palm Bch. to Port St, Lucie, FL

  55. Mustan Attaar says:

    Hi – I am in Redondo Beach California – a suburb of Los Angeles. Looking to replace the originally installed 5 windows and a patio door in my condominium built in 1978. Windows are 34″ high and vary in width (46″, 69″ and 94″). The patio door is 81″ high and 70 ” wide. I got 3 quotes that vary in price – from Andersen replacement($17,700) from Brothers Home Improvement ($5700) and from window world ($4200). They all sell different window types and construction material etc. I like some advise on what to watch out for – such a wide price range. I understand different construction material is wood, fiber, vinyl, aluminum or fiberex, different glass, and styles etc, but I am not sure who I should trust? Do you have some recommended window vendors in this area?
    I am looking for reasonably priced, moderate quality, practical windows – not interested in paying premium for options that one can live comfortably without…….thanks

  56. Do you have a preference between ply gem 2000 series and window World Windows? Window World seems to have better salespeople, but I have heard less than great things about their quality of work on installation. Thoughts?

  57. Hi, you know an installer in San Diego? I’m going with the Simonton DaylightMax and have a quote from a reputable chain for product and need a reputable installer. I just met with someone recommended by the retailer and have concerns.

  58. Thanks for so much good information! Like everyone else, we’re looking into windows.

    We have these basic quotes so far in Middle TN (a more rural area, though) for six double hungs, one transom, and one awning:
    WindowBarr, $3378
    Andersen 400 (in canvas), $7488
    Sunrise (I’m not sure which line), $7297

    I don’t know anything about WindowBarr, although I’ve read up on Sunrise and Andersen a lot over the years. Aside from price, is one of these an obvious choice? There are also local people who do windows (less big-time) that I can look into.

    Thanks for any feedback!

    1. Just to make it clear: these all include installation (the cost on WindowBarr and Andersen included $1500 for installation; I don’t know how it breaks out with Sunrise).

  59. Do you have any recommendations in Florida? We need to replace everything, and I just need a place to start. In North Florida, Fruit Cove area (near St. Augustine and Jacksonville so either of those areas are fine). Thanks!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Unfortunately we don’t. If you find a great window company in North Florida let us know. We get inquiries from customers in FL all the time and I wish I did know someone to recommend. Good luck with the project!

    2. Jenn,
      We are in Jax and are about to have windows, siding, etc. all replaced. What company and windows did you settle on, and how are they holding up?

      1. Jenn Stolder says:

        We didn’t…we put it off and now we have to deal with the crazy prices and supply issues. Hoping ours will last till next year and things will come down a little.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Hi Jenn, you’re right that prices are a little higher now than a year or two ago, but I wouldn’t suggest waiting. Priceses will likely be higher still next year. It’s likely we’ll see lead-times improve so orders might be a week or two faster next year but I’d hate for you to wait until next year only to pay more.

  60. Do you know if there is a difference between the Pella windows offered by Lowes and the Pella windows offered by Pella Window and Door Showroom? Sometimes other products have a different quality offered at big box stores.

    Thank you,

    1. thewindowdog says:

      To my knowledge they offer several models of Pella windows in the Pella stores. They tend to offer the cheapest possible windows in the box stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Often times window companies will repackage one window model and call it another. It wouldn’t surprise me if Pella did that too, but I don’t know the model conversions off the top of my head. Someone might chime in with info on that.

      I bought a couple Pella windows from a box store to make some YouTube videos and they were not the nicest windows I had ever seen, that’s for sure.

  61. Do you know anything about MI windows?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Yes, I know lots of things about Mi Windows. What did you have in mind?

  62. Larry Anderson says:

    Home Advisor wants too much information. If they have four reputable window people then they can list them and their phone numbers. They do not need (in addition to my name and address) my email and phone number.

    I am looking for high VT rated windows for a fire rebuild. The typical manufactures offer ratings in the high .4s to mid .5s. I would like something at least .70. Are there specialized companies that deal in higher VT with coatings that would comply with California’s Title 24 regulations?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’m not aware of a replacement window that will be Energy Star rated with VT ratings that high. Remember the VT rating takes into account the frame too so it’s not just the glass. A window with a slimmer frame will have a higher rating. What’s the best one you’ve found?

  63. Daryl Alons says:

    Morning I’m curious about Fusion brand brand windows for a house in Osceola IA Thank you

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Alside makes a window called Fusion. Is that the one you’re thinking of? If so, I’d look for something nicer. That’s one of the cheapest models they make and it’s not the nicest windows you’ve ever seen.

  64. Gary Miller says:

    I’m in Stuart/Jupiter area in Fl. I’m looking to replace builder windows with hurricane impact windows. Can you recommend the best manufacturer for that kind of window. Thank you

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Gary, my company doesn’t deal with hurricane or impact windows too often these days so I may not be to helpful. I am about to put an order in for some, but it’s not the most popular option we offer since we don’t currently have locations in Florida or Houston.

      I know PGT is big down there. Have you tried them?

  65. JOE GUZMAN says:

    Good afternoon, just received a quote for 17 replacement windows and 1 door from Transform which is associated with Sears. Quote is $21,544 for the windows plus $3431 for a back door. The windows are Wincore 7700S. The price is for the following windows: 22W x 58H double hung x 2; 58W x 56H Slider; 58W x 40H Slider; 34W x 58H Double Hung x 4; 58W x 58H Slider x 2; 45W x 22H Slider Obscure; 58W x 79H Patio Door Custom; 58W x 47H Trapezoid; 58W x 46H Slider x 2; 58W x 58H Double Hung Twin; 36W x 36H Full Circle. Door is 32W x 80 H SSD Full Lite. The original price was $27K plus but with discount and same day purchase it came out to $21,544. I have until Monday to cancel. Any thoughts on whether this is a good price? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Joe, in my experience Sears ins’t the best value around. The regular Sears stores filled bankruptcy, but I guess the Sears Home services is still around. I don’t know that I would spend $20k with that company. If you’d like a recommendation, let me know your zip code and I’ll see if we can help.

  66. Windowdog,
    I live in San Jose, CA and wanted to look into OKNA vinyl in my area, but they don’t distribute out here. It seems every other store out in these parts sell Milgard.

    Can you recommend a top-of-the-line vinyl mfgr./model line (highest level of E, Argon) in my neck of the woods that isn’t Milgard that is BETTER than Milgard?

    ……Also the same question goes for fiberglass (best value/performance quotient).

    1. Any luck finding quality windows that are not Milgard or Andersen?

      We are in Cupertino, CA (Silicon Valley / Northern CA). Hard to find any around the Bay Area, let me know if you found any!

      1. What did you end up purchasing?

    2. Who did you end up going with? I would love to hear more about your experience

  67. Any recommendations for La Jolla/San Diego? We want to replace one sliding glass door and 7 windows (2 are very small bathroom windows and 1 is twice the size of the other windows). Only 1 window gets direct sunlight and the sliding door and 3 windows have lots of road noise. We had two large sliding glass doors to a courtyard replaced by Andersen and they are nice, but they were expensive. I was thinking of getting quotes from Pelican, JWG, and Andersen (for comparison). We’re 3/4 mile from the ocean, so I’m not sure what type of window would hold up best to the sun, humidity, and salt.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi there, sadly I don’t know a great window company in recommend in San Diego or the surrounding area. I’d love to find one so I could have a great excuse to travel to that area more often. Let us know if you find a great company!

    2. D M Martel says:

      Hi L Keats,

      I, too, am in San Diego. I have the original 42 year old single pane windows in my home. 20 windows in multiple sizes. Did you find anyone to recommend?


      D Martel

      1. Hello! We had 40+ year old single-pane windows as well. We got quotes from Pelican and JWG windows. The quotes were fairly similar for two different brands but I liked the whole look/feel of the JWG windows a bit better (seemed a bit more solid – Monte Verde/Anlin vinyl windows). We’ve only had them for 2 weeks but the reductions in road noise and heat from the sun are life changing. I didn’t realize just how loud it had been until our house was dead quiet! The installation was super fast (in at 8am, out by 3pm) and the guys were super professional. Our contact was Mason. Real nice, knowledgeable guy – didn’t try to push any extras.
        We’ll see how the windows hold up to SD sun and sea air. Good luck!

  68. Hi there, looking at 12 windows (3 sliders, 5 doublehung, 1 small picture, 1 small hopper, 1 small slider, and 1 smaller double hung) of Pella 250, quoted at 9400. Andersen quoted 15k for only 8 windows, so sure seems like a deal but then everything does up against them, eh? Not sure how hard I should work to get more quotes or if that’s reasonable. Your thoughts?

    This is in Pueblo, CO but have access to companies in CO Springs if you know anyone operating there.

    Thank you in advance! Your site is extremely helpful 🙂

  69. Hi,
    Looking at your impressive site, I was struck that you don’t have any recommendations for Los Angeles. This is one of the biggest metro’s in the US?! I don’t understand, please let me know how that is possible.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Sadly I don’t know anyone to recommend in the LA area. If you know any great companies just let me know.

    2. If you found someone great, please share

  70. I just bought a 1952 FIxer Upper with Massive windows in the front of my house because it has a view. There are about 15 windows that are original to the house and I am on a budget, but the heat in summer is in the 90-105 degrees and winters are well below freezing. I am in Oroville WA and there doesn’t seem to be anyone around here that does windows. I may have to buy and install myself, but the bottom line is, what windows are best for keeping my house energy efficient? There is more window than wall on the front of this house and already I feel the heat poring in and I am sure the winter temps will keep my power bill high. Please suggest a great window that I can consider that will help but not bankrupt me. Renewal by Anderson came in at almost $100,000 for my entire house which is almost as much as I paid for the house alone. It did make me realize that I need a good window but that price is ridiculous.

  71. Tom Davis says:

    Looking for 2 replacement wood or vinyl double pane windows with triple panes to cut down on noise in the master bedroom. Can you provide any help?
    The windows I have now are pella replacement windows but don’t provide the sound dampening needed.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Tom, what’s your zip code? We might be able to help out.

  72. Tom Davis says:

    Sorry have double pane looking for triple pane windows

  73. Which window companies comply with the Miami/Dade Co hurricane standards for Monroe County?
    Which of those companies have well built products?
    Which companies have the poorest manufacturing records and service records?

  74. Spryson K. says:

    We were just provided a ridiculous quote for 18 softlite Barcelona windows at 43k. I am impressed they state the windows are fully vinyl not recycled and easy to clean. I sent them packing but they have reached out again wanting to offer “discounts”. What are pricing recommendations in Jacksonville, FL and aren’t discounts red flags?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      You’d have a very hard time finding any window that uses recycled vinyl. That’s just a sales story. We wrote about it here. I’d say the fact that they gave you one price one day and a super special discount the next day is a red flag in and of itself. I’d probably look elsewhere.

  75. Does the addition of titanium dioxide in vinyl windows prevent yellowing?I live in south Florida and am looking for hurricane impact windows. Will vinyl look noticeably yellow after years of sun exposure?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Carol, all modern vinyl windows will stand up to the sun just fine. There was an issue with older vinyl windows, think 20 years ago, but that’s been solved for some time now. I would say there’s no concern about yellowing with modern products. You do still sometimes hear commission based salespeople trying to scare folks, but it’s not an issue.

  76. Andrew Parker says:

    From what I’ve read here, I’ve concluded that we got taken for a ride by the high-pressure Erie Home window salesman.

    They want to charge us just shy of $28k for 14 windows. They wanted a $6k deposit and proof of funds, too. Not sure if that’s SOP.

    We’re taking advantage of the FTC 3 business day cool-off right and cancelling our contract, partly on the basis of what we learned here.

    Thank you for this resource, and I hope sharing our experience ends up helping someone else.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Andrew, there can be a lot that goes into pricing, but $2k per window does seem a little steep. Proof of funds is something I’ve never heard of when it comes to a window purchase. It might be a good idea to consider your other options.

      Where are you located? I might be able to make a suggestion.

      1. Andrew Parker says:

        Thank you for your reply.

        We are located in Wichita, Kansas.

  77. Fo you recommend quality installing companies in Amarillo. Texas?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Kathy, I don’t know of a great company to recommend in Amarillo. When you find one let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only person looking.

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