Replacement Window Reviews

best replacement window reviews

Here you’ll find in-depth window reviews including replacement windows and new construction windows.  We cover a range of manufacturers and sales companies.  Our focus is on concrete quantitative information rather than more qualitative fluff you’ll find on most sites.

We’ll also provide feedback on marketing and sales strategies used by some of these companies where we think it will be useful information.

best replacement windows of 2015

The best replacement window reviews:

Provia replacement windows
This is a beautiful bow window with fantastic window ratings

Many of these manufacturers offer several models so we’ll try to get to as many of them as we can.  We hope you’ll find this info to be useful and please do let us know if there are any other models you’d like to see reviewed.

If you think we missed anything or didn’t give a particular product a fair shake just post a comment, be sure to mention the specific window reviews you’re concerned with and we’ll respond asap.

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How can I find a great window company to work with?

As you’re sorting through all of this it’s also important to remember that selecting great windows is only half the battle.  Finding a reputable installation company is just as important to the overall success of the project.  Luckily, we can help with that too!  Check this section for recommendations for the best window companies all over the country.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend staring by finding a great local window company in your area before you fall in love with a window product.  Picking a window first is a mistake we see readers make all the time.  Don’t do it.  The best way to start is to find a great window company and we have a list of them right here.

Update: We now have more recommend LOCAL window companies than ever before.   Click here to see who we recommend in your town.  It's 100% free.  You'll thank me.  There is no better resource; you're going to love it.  See for yourself right here.  

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484 thoughts on “Replacement Window Reviews”

  1. Good website! I truly love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I might be notified when a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your RSS which must do the trick! Have a great day!

    1. Have you heard of Don Young Windows? They are a manufacturer of thermally broken aluminum and vinyl replacement windows in Dallas. They primarily serve the Texas market.

      1. I bought a home in mobile, al. It has Don young windows .60 u factor, bad condensation. Heavy, cheap locks, i would not recommend thrm. Clear glass and no low e. Windows purchased 2007. Homeowner shared receipt and paid for mid grade window price range for these.

        1. All windows leak if installed wrong. Modern, hight-tech replacement windows are NOT a DIY product. Anderson, like ANY other similar mid-grade commodity window will leak if your not a practiced professional at installation.

          1. I don’t know if the install is the major cause for a window seal failure, but it’s definitely true that there’s no reason to think Andersen windows would have a lower seal failure rate than other models. I would think if they had that data they’d be showing it to everyone who would listen.

      1. I would highly recommend not going with home depot or lowes. I found their prices were high for the low quality of the windows. You want a company that has a quality product so you don’t have to buy windows for a long time. I found that this company had great staff which was knowledgeable and the windows seem very well made. I’ve had them for about a year and they are very durable.

          1. Recently purchased and had seven Joyce windows installed. They looked great for the first month but now I’m starting to notice the vinyl is changing colors. I was able to wipe off some of the black discoloration but not completely. The double hung pane windows were really affordable with all the bells and whistles (tinted glass, noise reduction etc., I’ve contacted my installer and am really hoping this issue can be resolved. My installer is and was great so I blame this on the manufacturer. I hope this helps someone prior to purchasing from this brand.

  2. Would love to read a review on the Eco Smart windows manufactured by Great Lakes Windows. My wife and I are trying to make a decision between this brand and Soft lite’s Element’s.

    1. We think both companies make fine products, but as with all manufacturers it’s important to make sure you’re clear on exactly what the local dealer is proposing. There are MANY options and you DO NOT need to be an expert to compare them. Just look at the ratings. I’d suggest comparing the NFRC ratings for U-Facotr, SHGC, VT and Air Infiltration. We offer explanations of what these window ratings mean here.

      Once you’re clear on the difference in ratings, then I’d say look for any aesthetic differences that you like or don’t like. Once you’re clear on those, take a look at the cost difference and decide if the one you like best is worth the difference in cost. It may be less expensive or about the same price which makes your decision easy.

      Remember that the one with the absolute best ratings (probably the Elements in this case) might not be worth the price difference. For example, would I suggest paying $1000 more for a 0.02 difference in air infiltration? Absolutely not.

      We see folks get all stuck in the weeds on these decisions all the time. Don’t be that person. Just look at the easily quantifiable differences (the ratings) then look at the less quantifiable differences (the look) then look at the price. Remember, things that contribute to efficiency like foam filled frames or “special” glass options don’t matter one bit if they don’t affect the ratings. If you focus on quantifiable, non-quantifiable and price you’ll be all set. It can be easy if you let it be easy!

        1. Hi Brian, there are so many small installers out there that it’ll take us quite a while to cover them all. I tend to recommend working with larger manufacturers as they’re more likely to be around for the long haul. What did you like or not like about the options you saw?

          1. Looking to replace 20 windows and I am trying to determine the best double hung two pane window to go with. It is between the Mezzo ClimaTech Elite and the Vytex Fortis 5200 Series.

            Any insights would be helpful.

          2. I’d probably pick the Mezzo as I like working with larger manufacturers. The Climatech Elite might make sense based on your location, but it might be overkill. I see companies offering suggestions about efficiency like that which don’t make sense a lot of the time. Have you picked a winner yet?

      1. Ant advice on Ellison replacement windows?? We found a reputable installer but can’t find any reviews on these windows??

      2. I am interested in a review of Fiberframe Comfort Line fiberglass Casement windows out of Ohio.

        Very few reviews. They are also recommended by some of the replacement window firms you recommend.

        I would appreciate any information you could provide.

        1. Same technology as Marvin Integrity/Infinity/Essance windows. Fiberglass is COLD. Cold = mold. But Comfortline offers lots of options and is less maintenence thsn Clad wood. I would choose them over Marvin. (I have sold & serviced both).

          1. Cold = Mold? I love a rhyme. More likely the worse the condensation resistance rating the more likely you might be to get mold. Make it quantitive and it’s easy to compare options.

    2. Hi there! Did you end up purchasing Ecosmart windows? My husband and I are trying to decide if it’s worth the cost and finding reviews specific to this window is difficult!any feedback would be much appreciated!


    3. I. Live in Bradenton, Florida and looking for hurricane impact & energy efficient windows to replace old windows total of 10 windows.

      I have had two companies one said Simonton 300ul, hurricane impact resistant to, double pane insulated glass argon gas & low E. All windows energy star. He said I. Could have PGT same price.

      The other company said CWS-class A impact glass, solar max, DBL pane argon gas.
      I wasn’t given model name & not sure if CWS is a manufacturer since not in your list.

      Please can you help me I have no one else to ask so greatly appreciated.

    1. We don’t install Harvey windows, but I used to compete with them back when I worked for a window manufacturer. They’re generally regarded as a pretty solid product and they have a great reputation in New England.

        1. I wasn’t too impressed with them back when I worked in Boston, but they do sell a lot of windows.

  3. I am about to put my house on the market and need to replace a double window and 3 singles. They are all single hung double pane vinyl. Unfortunately my house was built during the 2002 boom and the windows are pretty substandard. While I don’t want to spend a great deal of money I would like to get a decent product but am a loss as to which line to choose. Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Well, you can read through the reviews to get an idea of the options, but you might not care all that much. We work with folks who are selling their house all the time and we find they’re typically most concerned with getting a good price and a hassle-free experience.

      I’d suggest signing up for Angie’s List (you can do a 1 month subscription for only a couple bucks). On the site you can see local companies and in the reviews you’ll see the prices that the customers paid. That should give you a real idea of what companies are charging and how they handle the projects.

      I’d say you could probably find nice options in the $300 per window range including installation and all other costs, but it will depend on what you pick. If you’re interested you can get discounts on Angie’s List here. I can guarantee you that you’ll save more on the project than the cost of the membership and you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

    2. I’m looking to get 15 gentek signature elite 6000 series double hung Windows installed. what are your thoughts on theses or can you recommend something better around the same price. thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Mike, I like that model. It’s one we’re starting to carry through our company too. What’s your zip code? I might be able to help out with an option or two.

  4. This is a very helpful site, as wading through the replacement window maze can be disconcerting to say the least. I want a real wood or high grade vinyl laminate to match my interior trim. By any chance do you have an opinion on the following window manufacturers/product lines?
    Provia (Aeris WX-1000 vs. VT800)
    Polaris ( UltraWeld vs. Thermalweld)
    Vinylmax (Sherwood)

  5. This is a great website. We are replacing 14 double hung windows and 2 sliders. We have 3 comparison that are greatly differnt in price. Energy View Windows offering Alside Mezzo energy plus at $12,700, Lane House Construction offering Heritage Ultra 6000 series $9,971 and NuView offering Vinylmax Hallmark at $7,591. We believe they all are 2015 compliance. This industry really makes it hard to compare. any help is appreciated.

    1. We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the site. Unfortunately I may not be much help with your specific question. It’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in the window business in St Louis. You might check for past complaints on the BBB. One of those companies has a decent number of complaints in the past 3 years. I think Heritage Ultra 6000 is a private label product. If they’ll tell you what the manufacturer and model number is you can get a better idea of what you’re looking at.

      Beyond that, VinylMax doesn’t have the greatest reputation in the world. You might be well served by getting a few more quotes. Maybe check Angie’s List for some recommendations on local companies. This can get you going in the right direction. I know it costs a couple bucks, but you’re talking about a $10k purchase. Spending $20 to have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into will likely be money well spent.

      Be sure to let us know how it goes.

  6. Hi have you heard of Energex windows by affinity, a deceuninck product? They have an Advantage and Elite model. The sales rep said they come with a lifetime warranty on breakage and labor.

  7. Your website is a great resource.
    We are considering Zen Windows but I don’t see any reviews for them. Do you have any input on their windows/service?

      1. Wow. Fast reply 🙂
        I inquired and they sent me an email with an attachment which looks like a 17 page brochure but I can’t attach that here so these are the highlights:
        They offer 3 types of windows :
        Lotus (a triple pane) ratings:air-0.06 cfm @ 25 mph, R40 /48 mph-8″ rain per hour & DP40
        Nirvana (double pane) air-0.07 cfm @ 25 mph, R45 /51 mph-8″ rain per hour & DP40
        Karma (double pane) air-0.07 @25mph, R35/45 moh-8″ rain & DP 35
        All have a comprehensive transferrable warranty, Low E & argon gas.
        On Groupon they have a “deal” with each window $465 but it doesn’t say which type etc.
        Thanks for any input.

        1. Sounds like a private label brochure. Nothing at all remarkable about those ratings and the R number doesn’t make any sense. I would start by asking them who makes the windows and what the real model names are. Zen Windows is not a manufacturer. It would be a warning sign if they won’t tell you, but from what we’ve seen they tend to have a reputation for being pretty straightforward.

      2. I also received a quote from Zen Windows. Here is a link to the brochure:
        Have you received any more information on the windows they offer?

        1. The posting on Zen windows, thought Id let you know that the
          Zen window dealer in Denver is using Softlite windows for his quotes.

          1. That’s interesting. Last we heard they were using Thermal Industries windows, but that was a while back. Thanks for the feedback!

          2. Hi Brian,

            Jumping in on this now since I just saw the post. I’m the owner of Zen Windows in Central PA and Pittsburgh and yes, we do private label Soft-Lite windows at all of our locations.


  8. Have you had a chance to review any of the Vista windows? I have a quote for the Vista Panorama at about $285 each.

        1. Hi Janet, do you mean Atrium windows? If so, I’d probably look for another option. Atrium isn’t my favorite option.

  9. I am looking to replace 5 sliding windows in a few bedrooms. We are ok with vinyl, we are just looking for a good deal on five that are going to be energy efficient, look nice, and durable. I’ve gotten quotes from Pella and Marvin but I’m not thrilled with either (and I hear their vinyl windows are “meh” at best). Any thoughts? I’d say we’d like to keep it at $500-$600 or less installed per window. Help me please! 🙂 I’m in Wisconsin. Brand and line suggestions?

    1. I was more curious about the Preservation Reserve. For the Vista, if the number doesn’t come up it’s not correct. I just checked too and had no luck. Strange.

  10. Does anyone have experience or opinions on Alin windows, specifically their Monte Verde series. The specs and performance data looks good. We trying to decide between the Monte Verde and Alside’s Fairfield 80 series. There is about an $800 differential in Alside’s favor.

  11. Just following up on part of my earlier post above. My brother-in-law does contracting in Richmond, VA (I’m in Raleigh, NC) and he uses Alside Ultramaxx. One way he knows a vinyl window is of higher quality is by its weight. he told me to go to Home Depot and pick up one of their replacement windows–they aren’t very heavy. By contrast, he can barely pick up the Ultramaxx himself, leading him to believe it’s a more substantial product. Any truth to this?

    1. Well, that might tell you something, but it’s a pretty poor indicator or quality. Andersen could take those cheap American Craftsman windows that they sell at Home Depot and dump a handful of lead pellets in the frames. That would make them heavier, but not any better.

      Before you can figure out what product is better you need to define what better means to you.

      With all of that said, Ultramaxx windows really are heavy.

  12. I think for me it’s that the window is structurally sound and remains square so it looks good and the sash operates properly. Moving from wood windows to vinyl means that a material will a high flexural modulus (wood, at about 1-2 million psi) is being replaced with PVC that has a flexural modulus of less than 500,000 psi). Using material that is less stiff means you have to use more material to compensate. This is one reason it sounds like the frame will be thicker. There are inserts used (like fiberglass) in certain parts of the frame for added strength and I think that’s a good thing and the pans of glass can be thicker adding more impact and structural strength. But there’s a limit on how much I want to spend on windows for a $150K townhouse.

    1. That’s a great example. You never need to take anyone’s word for it or try to take a guess. To look at structural integrity look at DP rating. This will tell you how well the product will stand up to high winds. Typically a DP 50 is pretty high and DP 30 or less is a little on the low side. I’m a numbers person and prefer to quantify rather than use a kick the tires type approach.

  13. Just wondering if you have had any experience in dealing with replacement windows made by West Window Corp. from Martinsville, VA? And if so, are they decent windows?
    Thanks for your informative site as I sort through so many options of replacement windows for my home.

  14. lots of quotes for putting in bay window; average price 8×4 window opening? also, best supported top or bottom?

    1. There are so many variables for bay windows that an average price would be useless. Somewhere between $2,000-$5,000. Best way to go is to find a few reputable companies (maybe try Angie’s List) and see how they compare.

      Supporting it either way is fine as long as it’s done well. Usually depends on the house. For instance if you have soffit right above the bay it’s easy to support from above. I would let the installation company handle that decision. If you’re getting the vibe that they’re not sure then you should find a different company.

  15. SoftLite Elements, Sunrise, Revere, Simonton = which is truly the best for bay windows w/casements on the sides????

    1. If there was one “best” everyone would pick it and they’d be the dominant company. Those are all fine choices.

      1. Hi Window dog! Thank you for your service. I am in a paranoid hold afraid of making a bad decision, and I don’t like giving my info to Angie because I don’t want to go through a barrage of phone calls as health is not good. I need Hurricane impact in Florida, do not like vinyl and want thin modern black frames in fiberglass or aluminum. Could you please give me your suggestions? It appears I am in an area Vero Beach where there are not good installer suggestions. I am grateful for any help as I am so ready to do this for peace of mind.

  16. I am replacing a 91″ x 57″ bow window with an 8″ seat. I’ve gotten a quote for an Alside Cimatech double pane with low-E and argon gas for 3300. The company is reputable, but is the window any good…and is that a ridiculous price ? I also got a ‘buy it today’ price of 2800…lol

    1. They make a few models and that price range isn’t outright ridiculous, but there are many options with bow windows so it’s hard to say for sure. We don’t like any company that offers buy it today type prices. If you go with them NEVER go back to the $3,300. If they’ll do it today for $2,800, they’ll do it next week too.

      1. This price was for a 4-pane vinyl bow. The 2 center windows are stationary and the 2 ends are casement that swing out when fully opened both sides can be cleaned from the inside.

    1. Honestly we’re not too familiar with them. Sears was the big/main account for a long time and they have a reputation for high prices and pushy sales.

  17. We’re in the process of purchasing windows for our entire home. The sellers presented us options with the following manufacturers:
    1. Simonton
    2. Vytex (Fortis Series)
    3. Champion
    4. Mezzo
    5. Okna
    Which one do you recommend? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. There must be more than one company proposing these window options. Its often best to find a great local installation company before you pick a manufacturer. Great windows aren’t great if they’re installed wrong.

  18. Do you know anything about Envirogreen windows and doors based in Duarte, CA? They have about 3 reviews on Angie’s list – all good, but I don’t see them on your list. I’m researching replacing all my windows in a tri-level town home in Los Angeles County.

  19. I have a local installer I really like – he did a great job on our vinyl siding who wants to give me a quote on Midway windows, manufactured in Chicago. We live near Chicago so I guess this is supposed to be a selling point. I can’t find much information about or reviews of Midway products anywhere online, though. What do you know about their products?

  20. I have been offered Simonton Platinum Double Hung windows as replacements for my original construction windows. Is it a good name brand and is the quality above average.

  21. Thank you for some great information on what to look for in replacement windows. We are looking to replace over 30 windows with double hung vinyl, and were about to go with Pella, but I felt really uncomfortable when I read the warrantee. While it was lifetime, it had so many disclaimers and labor fees, that I decided to do more research. I still have no idea of which brand to use, it will take me a while to read through all your reviews, but I did notice that a brand offered at a local window store was not on your list. Have you ever heard of Deceuninck windows? I’m from the northeast and it can get both very hot/humid as well as very cold. We also have very noisy neighbors, and would love less noise.

    1. What can you tell me about American Window and Glass and its products ,,I.e “Silver” ( moderate level vinyl) as opposed to Sunrise windows?

  22. Great information! I’m not in the weeds. I’m lost in the woods past the weeds. We have 27 year old wood Anderson windows that don’t tilt in to clean. I would like to replace all of them with windows that are at least as good as what I already have. I live in western PA. Your reviews on Alside Mezzo windows have made me wonder if they would match what I need. How would they compare with windows sold by Vista? Thank you for any comments you may be able to share! I really appreciate the information you have already posted!

  23. You have Slocomb listed, but no comments yet. Have one estimate for them but hard to find any info/reviews. Have any opinions? I like that they are a slimmer vinyl window and seem to have a decent warranty.

  24. Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!

  25. I just want to say I’m very new to blogs and actually enjoyed you’re web site. Likely I’m want to bookmark your website . You really have incredible articles. Thanks a lot for sharing your webpage.

  26. Any thoughts on Energex windows? A family owned company called Gild-N-Son in Northern NJ installs them. I am considering this. Also, if a company says both Husband & wife must be present, does that mean the windows are bad — or just that they will pressure you into buying? Window World actually did that to me.

    1. Requiring the husband and wife to be present doesn’t say anything at all about the windows. It does tell you that the company is probably not going to treat you like a grown up. Do you want to do business with a company like that?

      1. Thanks for your response. I agree that I don’t want to do business w/them. I’ve moved on. But I noticed your review of Window World was relatively positive, so I was surprised they would do that. I guess it’d be different if you definitely know you are buying from them. Then I guess it doesn’t matter. But I didn’t like that.

        1. Well, different franchises will all operate differently. In our experience they don’t have very tight controls on how each store operates. It’s important to evaluate your local store, not just the national brand.

      2. Struggling, as it seems EVERY company wants all owners present to get a quote. It’s really getting !@#$% frustrating. Particularly, as the property owner (mother) lives out-of-state, I actually have power of attorney for the property, but do not usually mention that.

        Most recent company (Renewal by Anderson of Central PA) seems to have in fact blocked my number after I stated that the owner could not be present. They ceased replying to my texts, and when I tried to call the number I received a “this number is no longer in service” even though we had been texting five minutes prior.

        Is this the norm for Anderson or the Window industry as a whole?

        1. Hi Jason, if a company treats you like that you can just work with someone else. What’s your zip code? I may know someone to recommend.

    2. Energex windows tend to be relatively well regarded, particularly their Elite model. I have to say we’re not experts in these windows as they’re a relatively small manufacturer. If it were my house I would probably work with a more widely distributed brand.

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  28. Have you ever rated the windows produced by the Kansas City based Coronet Window Company?
    1823 Jasper Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116
    (816) 472-1788

  29. Hi, after perusing this site, I start to worry about what windows to go with. We have 34 double hungs (in Raleigh) that we are replacing. A very highly rated local installer uses Preservation Reserve vinyl replacement windows. They seem decent but the Alside company reviews worry me. Is this one of Alside’s premium products? The little bit I see on here seem to make it sound like these are ok, but not anything amazing. We were looking at Anderson 400 full frame series, but the more I read, the less I like the idea of wood windows. The quote for the Preservation windows was a bit over 500 each installed. Any thoughts? If Warren reads this, I would be curious what he went with since he was looking at the same windows here in Raleigh.

  30. OK, a follow up question. I have 12 double hung windows to have replaced, varying sizes. I can have the Okna 400 series for $7000. The sunrise for 6500. Or can have the Alside Mezzo for 4500. What do you think?

    1. We’re not familiar with them, but we’d be interested to hear your thoughts. If you have any specific questions we’d be glad to try to help.

  31. need some advise.. I live in Phoenix
    considering replacing 14 windows
    looking at Simonton Daylight Max 7300 as well as Weather Shield visions 2500 Series and Anderson 100
    plan to be in the home forever 🙂 which would be the best choice
    thank you

  32. Hi,

    Do you have any suggestions for vinylkraft windows in Ohio?

    I am looking for vinyl kraft Legacy 9400 series.

    Thank you

  33. Thank you for sharing this information on replacement windows. My sliding glass door recently cracked from who knows what and I need to get it replaced as soon as possible! If anyone even touches the glass, it might completely shatter. I have wanted to get a different kind of door for a while because that sliding glass door never worked very well. I hope to find a manufacterer with many models to choose from like you said. Thanks again.

  34. Thanks for all of the helpful info. It’s not uncommon that my company will send potential customers to your site to find helpful info on different manufacturers of windows. It might be helpful to divide these windows into the regions where they’re offered.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Christian, thanks for taking the time to write. It’s funny because I just read an email from a window company in Ohio telling me how horrible we are and that we’re wrong about everything, and on and on. It was a nice change of pace to see your comment.

      Sometimes it feels like we have a million ideas as to content to provide, but very limited time to do it. Your suggestion is a good one. Which manufactures were you thinking of when you wrote it?

  35. Your house is the biggest investment most people will make. Picking out the perfect windows for it is important. There’s a huge selection of brands and types of windows, most people only have the time and/or patience to check out a handful. Thanks for taking the time to put all of these reviews together!

  36. We just got an estimate for 7 Sunrise replacement casement windows and a sliding patio door with blinds between the panes for the door. The estimate was over $20,000, but they will give a discount to bring the cost just under $20,000. We thought this was awfully high for a door and 7 windows. Any thoughts?

    1. Well, there could be more involved than we know, but that does seems pretty high. Probably a good idea to get another quote or two.

      Even if they were $1000 per window that would still be a $13,000 door…

  37. Great site, excellent info! Regarding the cost per window, I’ve read a few time that $300-$600 installed is a fair price, does that apply to some “standard size” window (and, if so, what is that size)? Also, what would be a fair price for 82″ x 53″ good quality sliding window including installation (2-lite or 3-lite, double pane, argon, lowE)? Thanks in advance!

  38. Do you have any thoughts on the 3-paned windows from Woodbridge Exteriors with Transferrable Lifetime Warranty? Their demo is convincing that 3-paned is better than 2-paned. Is it worth the cost?

    I have a quote for (7) Double Hung Windows (most are 36″ x 60″; two are 50″ x 50″; the smallest is 30″ x 50″) for a total of $6000. Cost per window is $857. Is this a good value?

    1. Well, how did they explain why triple pane is better than double pane? For example our company charges $99 to upgrade from double pane windows to triple pane windows. Did they tell you what brand the windows are?

      1. According to them, triple-paned does a better job of keeping out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. They told me they manufacture their own windows.

        I spoke to another windows dealer this morning; they offered a better price for triple-paned windows from NT Windows (which included an Angie’s List discount I wouldn’t have gotten without your recommendation – thanks for that). They said NT Windows is the same company that produces the windows for Woodbridge; said it was a little known secret. So, I’m not sure who to believe.

        Do you have any insight?

        1. I just looked at their website and it didn’t seem to say that they make their own windows. If you owned a window manufacturer you would probably say that on your site. I would guess they’re private labeling another product. Based on their site it sounds like the other company is telling you the truth.

          If you’d like to be sure you can ask them for the CPD# and I can show you how to look it up.

          Glad you found Angie’s List to be helpful!

  39. what is the better buy? Window world $833. or. Vista windows for $930. One small kitchen over the sink, and one average size in a bedroom. Both seem to be similar in quality

        1. That makes for a good example. When comparing options it’s important to compare the benefits, not the features. For example, what do you care if there is 1″ or 5″ between the panes of glass? It doesn’t matter at all. What you care about is the efficiency. Is one more efficient than another? That’s important and you can see it in the U-Factor so you don’t need to take anyones word for it.

          We see companies do that all the time. They’ll say one window is better because it has foam in the frames. They neglect to mention that the 2 windows have the same efficiency ratings. That foam isn’t doing you any good, but the salesperson won’t stop talking about it.

          In this case the 2 models are relatively similar. If you think the companies will do the same kind of work then I don’t see a reason to pay $100 more for one over another. Good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes!

          1. Ok we signed with Goddard, says it’ll be 3 weeks or less. And he came down $30 on the price. Felt they would do a good job

  40. Have you any information on Joyce Factory Direct window products or installers out of Berea, Ohio.

    There is a JFD outlet in St.Louis and I am trying to find out reviews on them. Please advise.

    Marty Adams

  41. Any comment on Gilkey Windows quality and their installation reputation? double glass vs. three panes-is it worth the price difference?
    Thanks for help. Each 3’x5′ window is coming out at about $1000 each. Talk about a big expense!

    1. I don’t know anything about your project, but that feels a little on the high side. I’d get another quote or two.

  42. Hi there,

    Can you tell me some windows that are comparable to Simonton 5500 series? Just wanting to compare some similar windows.

    Thank you!!!


  43. Help!!
    I am not sure what replacement to use.. We have a turn of the century house near Denver and I am going crazy trying to choose a replacement window. We have conisdered Marvin, Sherwood, Anderson and Pella.

    Our Realtor and Architect friend are suggesting wood windows for this will look nicer and retain the value of the home and not look like we went cheap with vinyl windows… Further, we don’t want to lose too much glass with a fat window and we want good insulation value
    Cost is a factor but retaining the historic feel of the home is important too.

    Any suggestions??
    Thank you!!

    1. I don’t necessarily agree with the suggestion that vinyl windows are cheap or have thick frames. There are many great options, but you’re absolutely right that in some houses wood windows just look really great.

      I think the best way to start is to find a few local companies who do that kind of work and see what they recommend. There are many great options, having a great installer is a key factor.

  44. We just got the neighborhood sales tactic with being the promo home for Apex. They want about $615 per window (17 windows). I did think the window was nice and a definite step up from the Window World window. We put Window World windows in our last home and I was mostly pleased with them (we had them for almost 5 years). I am sticker shocked with the Insignia window…over $10k for 17 windows!!! I am not going to go with Apex (unless they come WAY down on their price). I am just wondering what would be a good average price to pay for a triple pane window the is comparable to the Insignia? From reading the above comments I understand that you think the Insignia is a good product, just not worth ~$600 per window. Is there another window you would recommend? TIA

  45. Have you heard of HR 40 windows . Double pane vinyl window with krypton gas and a heat shield film between the glass panes? Very high pressure sales. Only reviews I can find are about the sales tactics and nothing on the windows themselves

    1. Well that should tell you something! It’s probably a private label product, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of HR40. I know Kensington makes a Heat Mirror product like that in my area. Remember, focus on the ratings. It doesn’t matter how great the story is, if the U-Factor is 0.18 then it’s the same efficiency as another window with a 0.18 U-Factor. The fancy story is designed to distract you from that.

    1. I have narrowed down my search to two reputable installers. One is quoting the Alside Mezzo with ClimaTech Elite glass and the other the Soft lite Pro with Low E glass. The quotes from both installers are essentially the same and the specs seem similar as well. Any thoughts on which is the better option? Thanks.

      1. As you’ve seen they’re pretty similar. One really isn’t much different than the other. Good luck with your project!

  46. Hi, I am looking to replace windows, I have received quotes for a Energy One Venetian windows, does anyone what these windows really are and what I should expect to pay (roughly) in the Round Rock Texas area? I have been quoted $800 per window for being a model house.

  47. Hello, we are looking at replacing 24 Windows in our home in PA. Do you recommend Harvey or BF Rich?
    Can you also tell me which window style is the best?
    Thank you

    1. I’ve heard good things about Harvey, but I’m not familiar with BF Rich. We generally recommend vinyl windows.

      As far as window style, do you mean double hung or casement etc? The most common style, by far, is a double hung window. Easy to clean, very versatile and looks great.

      If you need anything else, let us know!

      1. Hi Andrew
        Thank you!
        We were looking at door hung, vinyl.
        Do you know anything about the quality of ‘Classic’.?
        Thank you

        1. You’re most welcome Janene.

          We hadn’t heard of “Classic” so I looked them up. I see they’ve been in business since the early 1990’s which is decent that they’ve weathered a couple economic downturns.

          We tend to steer people to manufacturers that have been around even longer. Reason being: if a manufacturer goes out of business changes are any warranty issues you may have will be difficult to rectify.

          If you’re looking for vinyl double hung windows, you may want to look at some of the comments on these two pages:

  48. Window Dog,

    Have you heard anything about american window and glass out of Evansville Indiana?

    I am getting a bid on their Ultra Teton windows, double hung and or casement.

    Any opinions would be welcome.

  49. We are just starting the process of meeting with contractors and I am learning as I go. Saw Polaris today and it seemed to be a better quality level Than the Ultra Teton. We saw Therma Weld and Ultra Weld today. My wife seems to think that the Ultra Teton had better screens / easier to remove.

  50. HI, thank you for the site. Also, happy boating this summer! Now down to business…..i have read and understand your position that there is no secret answer to which window is the best, and that make sense to me. Here is my question for you….i am looking to replace a 60″ white vinyl sliding patio door, I am looking for a middle of the road door. I am not looking to break the bank, but i dont mind spending a little money to get a good door i will be happy with. I keep looking and looking and cant find anything to help me decide which manufacture/product line would best suit me. I will be installing the door myself. My grandpa did a lot of window work when i was younger, about 20 years ago, and he loved a company called Anpaul(i think that is the spelling), they were a small company in Washington Missouri and they are gone. My dad has installed several Silverline doors and he said he liked them. So anyway, i am interested in a recommendation from you for a new vinyl patio door. Thank you for your time!

  51. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement window or sah pack with simulated divided lites? I see that Marvin has something like this, but your review seemed so-so. I am replacing vinyl windows with grilles between the glass and want something that is more authentic looking. I don’t care if it is vinyl, fiberglass or wood construction as long as it is a quality window–hopefully for a reasonable price (which seemed to be one of the issues with your review of Marvin). In the past, I have taken out the entire window unit, but the house I have now doesn’t warrant that level of remodeling work (in other words, it’s in good shape). Thanks much.

    1. In general I’m not a huge fan of sash packs from any manufacturer. We install them sometimes in historic projects and I’m often not thrilled with the results. Many vinyl windows offer SDLs so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding some good options. They do add to the price so your goals of a great window with SDLs and a great price may be in conflict. Just get a couple quotes and you’ll have a better idea of the options in your area.

  52. First, thanks for the great site! I was curious if anyone has had any experience with Ideal windows? We’ve had a few contractors come out to give us quotes on vinyl replacement windows, and the one we like best (and has awesome reviews on angie’s list) is recommending Ideal Majestic. The quote seems reasonable, and the window sample looks fine, but lack of reviews online has us a little worried.

    Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

  53. Hello,
    Have you ever heard of Heartland windows? If so, what’s your opinion of them? Good? Bad? So-so? I’m considering their Ultra Series.

    1. The last time I played with them was a long time ago, but they weren’t too remarkable then. What did you like or not like about them?

      1. I don’t know much about them yet other than they were recommended by a contractor who provided us an estimate. The warranty and price are appealing, but I’m not sure about the quality. He didn’t have a model/sample on-hand, so I’m worried they might be junky. I can’t find much online about them (reviews).

  54. This is not a comment but a question:
    Can you tell me about the Alside revelation vinyl windows and the acceptable price to pay for it? I was approached by Lei Home Enhancements in the Raleigh-Durham area and signed a contract on Friday 04/08. I still am not sure about my decision and have until tomorrow to cancel the contract. Please tell me about the quality, pricing and reliability of the company as soon as you can. Thank you.

    1. To be fair my company does compete with LEI from time to time. From looking at their website it appears that they’re offering the Alside Ultramaxx under a private label called Revelation. I’ve been told they’re using the same manufacturer’s installation service that we use through this program.

      The pricing will depend on what styles and options you’ve picked. We would typically recommend another model that would get you much tighter air infiltration ratings, but we do offer the Ultramaxx as well. I’d be happy to get you an exact quote if you’d like. I’ll send you an email as it sounds like you’re in a bit of a hurry.

  55. Can you give your opinion on the Okna Insul-Tec SunSeal Glass , the BFRich Chateau with Greenshield option, and the Vytex Potomac-HP Series windows. They all seem fairly similar and comparably priced. Are there any particular advantages or disadvantages to any of them?

    1. Is there a particular reason that you are interested in sun seal type glass? It has a very low solar gain which is typically most suitable for hot sunny regions. The Okna and Vytex are both good products, I’m not very familiar with the BF rich. Compare U values and air leakage ratings to get a good read on quality.

  56. I’m building a new custom home in the charlotte nc area and wanted your suggestions on a mid grade and a higher end single hung vinyl window. Most will be 6′ tall. A few of them will be arched on top. We rarely even open our windows so that factor isnt important. We are wanting a dark bronze and heard that could be problematic with seals blowing etc. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. since we are custom, our options are wide open. We plan on being there at least 15 years.

  57. I’m looking to replace 18 single pane double hung Windows in my house. I want to get the best window at a good price. I’ve read hundreds of reviews and had numerous companies come out and tell me why their windows are best. But I’m still lost, just looking for some guidance. I would settle for a window in the middle of the pack.


    1. There are many find middle of the pack type windows. I’d suggest finding a company that seems trustworthy, has a good reputation and reasonable prices and go with what they recommend. If they seem too pushy or if they’re giving you half price if you buy today then look for someone else.

      1. The only company I was impressed with was a local installer, that offered only Alside products but I’ve read a lot of negative things about them. I was just looking for a brand you would suggest..

  58. I am between two window models the Softlite Imerial and Crystal 200 series. Softlite is clearly a prime product but my quote is literally double. I am having a hard time finding the ratings on the Crystal vinyl double hung windows, as they are not published. They only state they meet the maximum requirement for example air infiltration of 0.3 cfm.

    Have you done any reviews on Crystal Double Hung Vinyl 200 Series windows?

  59. I put some value information on this site to really HELP homeowners, and see that it was erased. Was curious as to why?? Is this site filtered so that people only see what the site owner wants them to see?

    1. We get over 1000 spam comments per day so there is a pretty aggressive spam filter. We also remove comments that are factually inaccurate, repetitive, or not helpful to the readers. You can read the editorial policy at the bottom of every page. What helpful info did you share?

  60. Hi! do you have any feedback on Anlin monte verde windows. They appear to be a quality products and considerably better priced than simonton. We saw and tested the products, and liked Anlin, but the lack of reviews has me worried. Thanks for any help!

  61. What parent company makes a window called “Santana 500”? I have a quote from a local window/siding business selling these windows, but have not been able to fine any more information on these custom built windows (made for this company they say) anywhere online besides their webpage/facebook. I have seen labels for Alside on some of their materials…but I have found nothing specifically linking Alside to the Santana 500 windows. Is this one of those custom windows under the Alside 8000 series?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. It could be. They make private labels for all of their window lines so no way to know. Just as them what the model number is. It’ll be on the stickers when the windows arrive so there is no point in them lying to you about it. With that I can probably tell you what model it is.

      1. Here is the model #: 3002 2-Lite Slider and 3001 Double Hung

        The 3002 with CPD# ASO-A-90-17384-00001, U-Factor of 0.22 and SHCG of 0.19.

        The 3001 with CPD# ASO-A-89-03740-00001, U-Factor of 0.23 and SHGC of 0.19.

  62. Do you have any advice on the 7200 series double hung and casement windows from Window Mart based in Arkansas? We are replacing large windows – 4 double hung (48″x83″) 4 double hung (35″x83″) and 4 casement (27″x70″). A local installer, we are located in Dallas, quoted us $7000 using Window Mart’s product. Champion quoted $12,100 for the same job. Our heads are swimming from all the info.

    1. Hi Julie! We are looking at Window Mart for our windows in Kansas. Did you go with them by chance? What has been your experience? Thanks!

  63. Do you have any information on window nation and long fence windows? My contractor offered simonton and from what I read so far I don’t like them. I am curious about window nation though.

  64. Great website, thanks for the info provided. The fact that we need a site like this tells be there are too many options to chose from and many are polished turds with great sales pitches

    Why does buy anything have to be such an ordeal? I’m in the market to replace 7 double hung windows, plus a picture window flanked by 2 double hung windows. I will do the work myself, I have done replacement windows in my downstairs before. I got the cheap windows from HD and have to say they have been in for 10 years and no issues. But, I want better quality upstairs where I spend most of my time and put air conditioners in the windows. I want something more sturdy.

    Read about OKNA, sounds like a good product, on here the small company issue has been brought up. It’s valid, something to consider. Also considering Soft-lite and sunrise. Again read on here that some of their (sunrise) sales tactics are questionable. Don’t want to support a business like that.

    I don’t want Anderson 400 since they are wood. I specifically want vinyl. So they are out. I didn’t like the 200 series or the A-series. Looked at Marvin at a local showroom. The guy didn’t know much, so I didn’t get much information about the products. Harvey has a showroom down the rood from me, but haven’t heard great things about them.

    I would like a clear cut list of “all around good” window companies that are readily available in the Northeast that I can look into detail.

    1. The challenge you’ll have is in finding a nicer window that you can buy to install yourself. Many brands only sell through dealers who will likely not want to sell you the product without installation. I you’re in an area we serve I could help you through this program.

      1. Thanks. I found a dealer that will sell me the Okna windows. Seemed like a decent place. They are coming this week to measure and give final pricing. But from what I saw, the pricing was reasonable. We will see!

        1. Got a price quote for 10 Okan 500 windows $3000 delivered. Includes one picture window. I’d say that is reasonable. I’m wondering if I should be going with the 500 triple pane super deluxe or the basic? The quote is for basic. Need to get a price difference…Any concerns with going deluxe for a few windows (bedroom where it is usually colder than the rest of the house) but double pane for the others?

          1. I don’t think it’s a problem to mix glass styles. In may cases that can be the best way to get the most efficiency.

  65. We would like some feedback on Precision Siding and Construction windows, which are triple paned. We are in the Dallas, Texas area.

  66. Do you all know of a good quality vinyl window with enclosed blinds? I am working on a house with around 80 windows which were Pella wood windows with aluminum cladding and they are rotting out from the inside.
    I am looking for a vinyl window with a wood looking interior with blinds inside the glass. The old pellas were nice in the sense the blinds were not inside the double pane, but were inside a non-sealed pane of glass clipped inside the frame.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of windows with blinds in them. It sounds like a neat feature, but be sure to read the warranty closely. If they fail you could be in for a big repair bill.

  67. Hi,

    I am looking to purchase about 17 windows and a sliding glass door in the central new jersey area. We recieved a quote from home depot for the siminton 6100 series for about $9000. We also with renewal by anderson which was $30,000. I am looking for. Good quality window without having to pay $30k. I see some people are skeptical of the home depot installers and warranty. What do you reccomend?

  68. Know anything about Heartland windows out of Iowa? We are in the Kansas City area and one of the contractors we had come bid the work recommended them.

    1. I don’t know much about them. I know of Heartland Siding, but I don’t think they’re the same company. Perhaps someone else will chime in.

      1. Well for what it’s worth a double hung with two panes of glass three coats of low-e/argon gas has a u factor of .27, shgc of .20, and a VT of .47.

        1. There are MANY options. Those ratings are one option. You can find double pane double hung windows with a wide variety of ratings for a wide variety of applications.

  69. My installer will replace vinyl windows that have 2.5″ thick frames with OKNA’s that are 3.25″ thick. When these seat up against the interior sill and trim, they will protrude beyond the exterior siding by 3/4″. He will build up around the exterior using 1×3 strips and cap all around with flashing. Will I loose efficiency? Is this an accepted approach? Should I consider cutting back the interior sill and trim so that the new window is flush with the exterior siding?

    1. Typically it’s not a great practice to make the windows stick out of the house. You’re leaving the door open for a leak one day. All replacement windows are 3.25″ thick. Typically they’ll come into the house about an inch farther than the old aluminum windows would have. That’s the common way to do it.

  70. We live in Southern Colorado. We are trying to decide between Milgard Tuscany and the Ply Gem 9000. We could really use your advice. This is a big investment and there are so many choices. Our biggest concerns are the heat getting in from beating on the glass all day. It is the problem we are having now.

    1. Unfortunately those are 2 window models that I’m not too familiar with. I’ve been in touch with Ply Gem recently and we may be adding more content from them soon. What did you see as the main differences?

  71. I received a bid from renewal by Anderson. $17,000. For 7 windows installed. I think this is really high am I wrong?? Please advise.

  72. I live in MEtro Phoenix area. 18 years ago all 8 windows (small house) replaced w/ Aegis vinyl double hungs. Half windows face west, half east. No shade at all on west side. ALL failed within 10 years, worst on the west side… looping sagging seals (Swiggle seals I found out later). Aegis & install company no longer around. What kind of construction should I consider to avoid a repeat failure scenario (easily hit 115 in summer) Thx

    1. Swiggle seals all failed, it wasn’t just yours. They get that sort of Loch Ness Monster look at the bottoms. Newer windows should be much better. You’ll find intercept spacers are common and Super Spacer can be a good option as well. We don’t do any work in Phoenix, but I bet the companies out there will have some recommendations.

      1. Ha-ha…Loch Ness monster look…very accurate description.
        Thanks for the reply….I will ask around for recommendations.
        BTW your website is a great resource…all those reviews are very helpful.

  73. Question.
    Is there a noticeable difference looking from inside to outside with 3E glass versus 2E glass? I think I read that 3E is noticeably darker. One contractor has quoted 3E and the other 2E. The 3E guy says 3E is better for lower transmittance and hardly any visual difference. Your thoughts?

    1. You could tell the difference if they were side by side. Ask them for the VT rates and you’ll get an idea as to how much light gets through.

  74. Hi, I am looking at a few window brands and would appreciate your insight. I am in a condo and only need to replace 5 windows. I’m not looking for top of the line, just the best bang for my buck.

    I’m from the Philadelphia area so what I’ve narrowed down my options to are:
    Viwinco – Edgemont
    Thermal – 3000
    NorthEast Windows USA – DH900 (not on your list anywhere?)
    Northeast Building Products – Trustguard


    Thank you!!

  75. Do you know anything about the ideal platinum 3000 series? Ratings all look good but I’m not finding many reviews on this particular window as it looks like it’s a newish model.

    1. Hi Lauren. One of my reps recently ran into a customer who had been given some dubious claims from a contractor selling Ideal windows. I don’t know a whole lot about them. I’m typically skeptical of smaller manufacturers and companies that seem to come out of nowhere. I’ll try to track down a little more info.

      What about them did you like and have you made a decision yet?

    2. I’m in the same boat — did you find any info on them? Our contractor is recommending them as well.

  76. Hello We are in the Minneapolis St Paul area. We recently received quotes from Renewal by Andersen and Pella for 7 pretty standard double hung windows Renewal is quoting in the ballpark of 10-11K (including their current discounts) and Pella is quoting in the range of 12-15k (depending on different combos of 350 and Impervia lines). Are these prices in a good range or should we be shopping out there for a better deal?

  77. I’m just wondering how Sierra Pacific windows rate.
    I understand they used to be Hurd.
    I didn’t see either listed above

  78. Thank you for your time and effort here, great info! I was wondering why you’ve not mentioned YKK Windows? I noticed a comment/question about YKK in eastern NC without a reply and you didn’t add them to the long list of “reviews”. Any thoughts on the YKK Window line? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel, thans for reaching out. I’m not too familiar with their products and I haven’t gotten to them in terms of reviews so I just don’t have too much info to share. What did you like or not like about them?

  79. I understand! Our builder recommended them (new construction). I think we will take your advice and lean on the sticker info… easy to measure when all things are constant. Thanks, again!!

  80. I recently received a quote for 15 casement windows from Thermo-Twin based out of Oakdale, PA. The sales pitch was classic but ended up at 10,800 installed. This is the product info: Welded casement Vinly Window S700/731 with U value 0.27 SHGC 0.31 VT 0.43 CR 64. Seemed like a decent product but a bit on the expensive side.

    After reading reviewing your site and doing some research I found an Alside casement window with a local contractor who quoted 9,378. I have to say I was not so impressed with the quality of the Alside floor-model vs the model of the Thermo-Twin. Alside seemed cheaper in quality vs Thermo-Twin, but the U value 0.27 SHGC 0.28 VT 0.50 CR 61 makes me want to choose Alside over Thermo-Twin simply based on the numbers (both price and efficiency).

    In the end, I get to choose the window that works best for me, but would be good to get your insight on pricing in the Pittsburgh area (I have submitted a request for quote through Window Universe and hope to receive something by today). I was thinking I would pay no more than 500/window installed. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Scott, did you ever get a reply to your question? I am also considering Alside Mezzo, vs Simonton 6500, vs Thermotwin. I would love to know what you went with in the end and if you are happy with your decision now. Thanks for anything you can share.
      Dave H

  81. A local – and reputable – contractor has suggested Windsor windows. I don’t see them included on your extensive list. Would welcome any/all insights. Thank you!

  82. I’m replacing my vinyl double hung windows. I’m looking at the restorations by sunrise and the premium ply gem windows. What are your thoughts?

  83. Interesting website, I see that you are really trying to help people out when they are shopping around for windows and doors. Thank you for putting this list together. Not sure how you take recommendations, here is one for you. We found this company – All American Windows and Doors – I think they are the type of company that you are trying to add to your website. They have lots of experience and information about a really important home improvement – your windows. Thanks for the help.

  84. Hi! Thanks for all the great info! I’m looking for a comparison between Simonton’s VantagePointe 6100 series, the Pella 250’s, and the Anderson 100’s. I have a quote from Home Depot for $3200 for 5 of the VantagePointes, and from Lowes for $2800 for the Pellas. I had others out, too, who used the more traditional, high-pressure sales to try to get me to buy Anderson 100’s at a much-inflated price (over $1000/window). I’ve also toyed with the idea of finding a local installer (near Doylestown, PA) to put in Anderson 100’s.

    My concern with going with a local installer is that if there are issues, I don’t want Anderson pointing the finger at the installer, and vice-versa, with me stuck in the middle waiting for my windows to be fixed. And I had friends who were burned when Window Wizards when out of business, plus my parents had horrible, locally-made windows, so I’m leery of using a local manufacturer.

    I kind of like the idea that Home Depot will stand behind the Simontons themselves, which gives them a leg up over even Lowes, but I’m also afraid that I could get a better window for the same price.

    OK…enough rambling…any assistance/pointers are appreciated!!

  85. Thanks for the website. It has been very helpful. I am in the Dallas, Texas area and received a quote for Traditions E series single hung vinyl windows from a manufacturer called NT Windows. I am looking for reviews and construction details on this window but could not find any. Are you familiar with these windows and can you provide insight. A contractor quoted an installed price of $12,225 for 17 windows with lifetime warranty. One window is a 3′ radius half round and two others are about 2′ radius half rounds.

  86. We have two quotes for windows in our “THREE SEASON”room. I bold three season because it is freezing in the winter and way, way to hot in the summer. One company recommeded the vinwinco Cambridge double hung high performance glass. The other is the Soft-Lite Pro. Do you have any feed backfor us?

    Thank you!

      1. Yes, we had to decide before you commented. We picked Vinwinco. Why did you pick soft-like over Vinwinco?

  87. Hi! We were recently quoted a price for windows from Thermal Shield, a local company in Lexington, Kentucky. They quoted us the Insulator series from Joyce Manufacturing. Do you know anything about these windows? We’ve had quotes from several different companies, and so far they are they stand out to us, but we aren’t experts!

    1. I can’t say I’m familiar with them. It’s hard to keep up with all of the smaller manufacturers. Maybe someone else will chime in.

      What did you like or not like about them?

  88. I’ve been reading your reviews for the last few years while planning for a new home build and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into your site. THANK YOU!!!

    Recently, I started collecting quotes for windows to be used in my new construction and a brands I was not previously familiar with have come up a few times. They are Intus and REHAU windows. I was able to find quite a few posts about Intus windows on various forums but have not been able to find much at all on REHAU.

    Are you familiar with REHAU and do you plan to do a review of their products in the near future?

    Thanks again for all you work; keep it up!!!

    1. Glad you’ve enjoyed the site. It’s hard enough for me to keep up with the domestic manufacturers let alone international companies. I can’t say I’m very familiar with Rehau windows. What did you like about them?

  89. Looking at replacing 28 Windsor casement windows that are vintage 1984 when the house was built. I have recently gotten two bids.

    Bid 1 is using Simonton 5500 windows with Low E366 gas. The glass is by cardinal glass. The local company has all good reviews on Angie’ list and the price is about $16,500 for the 28 windows. Some are double opening casements but it seems that the industry counts them as 2 windows.

    The other company is Zen Windows. Amazing how many great reviews this company has. Their window is made by Heartland and is a model #810 HWM-M-003 vinyl window.
    They also use Cardinal Glass
    Double glazed Low-E366 Argon gas
    U-factor .30, heat gain .18, Transmittance.41
    Installed price about $12,500

    I do have a 3rd bidder coming out from Beechwood seller which is a Hardie board company. But their window is fiberglass and I don’t know if it will be worth the price upgrade.

    We have lived in the house for almost 30 year and will probably move within the next 5 years.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of the Simonton 5500 series as it’s a very old design with less than stellar ratings. I’m less familiar with the newer options from Heartland, but I know many of the folks at Zen and know that their reputation is typically well earned.

      Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

  90. How do you feel about Crestline sliding patio doors?is there something else you would suggest if that isn’t a very good door? I’m looking for something mid-grade for a walkout basement.


  91. Thank you WindowDog for all the information here. We hired Taylor Rae Construction based on your recommendation here, and we were not disappointed. Here’s the review I left on Angie’s List:

    We hired Taylor Rae to replace all of windows in our home last summer, 2016. We know that it turned out to be a more complex job than they or we anticipated due to existing conditions that were discovered when the original windows were removed
    The quality of the work they did was excellent, and that’s coming from my husband, a former carpenter. The crew was good-humored, hard-working, and thoroughly professional. Since having the windows installed we have experienced dramatic improvement in heating and cooling efficiency as well as significant reduction in outdoor sound transmission. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them and we wish everyone on the crew and Jeff (the owner) much success.

  92. Thank you for the website. I just had Renewal by Andersen rep leave. I got a quote for 22k for 7 windows and 3 panel patio door. That is after the standard discount(20%) and on the spot discount(5% buy today). The original price was over 26k. The quote for just the door was 8.7k, that’s almost 2k per window. I almost busted laughing.

    I’m in Northern NJ.

    1. That’s funny. Someone just wrote another comment saying that they bought Renewal by Andersen windows and we’re thrilled with the pricing being lower than vinyl windows. Doesn’t seem likely that he was a real customer based on your comment here. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  93. I’m curious what you know about Bristol Windows made by Winchester company. Rescom out of Auburn, MA quoted me $9,263 for 6 windows. The salesman was in my house for 4 hours (I should have asked him to leave after the promised 90 minutes), and never quoted me for the 2 windows that I need immediately. I asked the company to return my deposit, and let the next guy talk me into $2971 for the 2 windows (including work & clean-up). They need to be custom fit, and part of the frame needs to be removed/replaced. There are some good reviews of the windows online, and also some complaints about their sales tactics. The windows appear to be excellent. The warranty is 50 years, is transferrable to future owners, and is not limited. I just bought the house, and I’m on my own. I just have this nagging feeling someone stamped “sucker” on my forehead.

    1. I tend to think that if they genuinely had a great offering the company wouldn’t need to use sales tactics like that. It seems to be that they know they’re lacking in something so they try to overcompensate by being pushy. I would move on.

  94. Have you heard of the ecoshield windows.
    The installer has 23 A ratings on Angies list. But I can’t find window reviews.

    1. I think ecoShield windows is one of the models from Great Lakes. I was looking at their CustomShield.

  95. Not finding much chat about Apex Insignia e2 windows. I’m curious as we just a quote form them but how do they compare to Alside Mezzo or Revere Berkshire Elite?

    1. From the Alside technical info I have that model will let in almost twice as much air as a Mezzo or Berkshire Elite window and it will block more light. It uses the same type of upgraded balances that you get with the Berkshire Elite window which are nicer than the cheaper type you get with the Mezzo window.

      I’d say the Berkshire Elite is a nicer option that gets better ratings and uses the same hardware while the Mezzo window uses cheaper hardware but still blocks more air and allows more light. It is was substantially cheaper than the other 2 it’s probably a fine option, but I would pay a few bucks more for the Berkshire Elite if it were my house.

  96. I need an opinion of which is best between Window World 4000 series (ANI manufacturer) or Simonton 5300 series. Thank you.

    1. I think the AMI option is a nicer window. The installation will depend on the local window world franchise. Some seem to have a better reputation than others.

  97. Hi there!

    Your site is so helpful, but after reading many many reviews I am left confused and undecided (not your fault, it’s mine ha ha). I have a quote from Window World to replace 6 windows in my house (2,500 approx). The salesman said they use Alside windows but the quote says it’s the 4000 series double hung window so I really don’t know which Alside model it is? The quote almost looks like they are pretending the make their windows because it doesn’t say Alside anywhere on brochure.

    I have another quote from a smaller local company for about (2,400 approx.). They used the Alside Fusion window. We are comfortable with this price range, but I wonder if I can find a better quality window for the same price or slightly more? Do you recommend another window manufacturer that is comparable in price but higher quality? Thank you!

  98. I think one of your questions for me was the manufacturer of the windows for Window World. It is Associated Materials Inc. Thank you for your feedback.

  99. Casement Window Recommendations.
    I am replacing some old Pella Pro-Line casements and looking for some recommendations. So far I have received estimates for Soft-Lite, Great Lakes, Alside and Window World 4000. Seems like most of the info and comments here pertain to Double Hung windows just wondering if you have any info or recommendations on the above Casement windows?


  100. Hi. I love your website. I have literally just had my wood weathershield windows disintegrate after 32 years. They have been junk for 14 years…i have had to have plastic over them all year round for the last 7 years. Here are my challenges. I live in Denver, Colorado. I live in a house that faces south and west, so the windows get beaten by the sun all day long. My windows are double hung and 60-65inches tall and 45 inches wide…so HUGE!!! My house is close to the freeway, so I get freeway noise all the time. I hope new windows will keep out the freeway noise and dirt and be able to take the beating of the sun, as well as keeping out the hot Colorado sun and the cold winter air. No, I am not asking much :-). Seems like I am asking for a magic window. I am not sure if I go with vinyl, wood or fiberglass. I looked at the Milgard Quiet Line and then WeatherShield. I looked at your recommended window company here in Denver , zen windows, but they only offer the Soft Lite windows. Given what I have read, not thrilled with such a small window company and risking the whole warranty thing. The question is, how do I find a reputable installation company that can guide me in windows that will meet my goals. I looked at Gravina’s Windows and Siding and they sell both Weathershiels and Milgard. Given the quality of my windows will be completely dependent on the installation, how do I make sure I get a reputable installer? And do you have a preference regarding weathershield or milgard. I read a lot of the reviews of milgard on your site, and the reviews are not great, but you don’t have any corresponding reviews for weathershield.

    Any recommendations to help me get started? This is completely overwhelming and can send someone like me into analysis paralysis.

    1. Thank you in advance for your help…and Thank God I found your site. Otherwise, I am not sure what I would do.

      1. Glad you enjoyed the site! I don’t know of another company to recommend in the area. Have you found a winner yet?

        1. No. Still looking. Given my challenges..I don’t know which material is I haven’t chosen anything yet. I need more information..but I can’t find any more accurate information sources. And salesmen stink because the lie.

          Do you know which material is best for Colorado and facing south and west?

    2. Hello Shannon,
      It’s 2020 now and I just read your post. I am in the same predicament. My 1983 Weathershield sliding patio doors are pretty much done. So are my windows, but after getting quotes for doors, I can only have doors this year. I was wondering if you found a window manufacturer and are happy with the installation? I live in Lakewood, CO.

  101. I just received a quote from WindowWorld to replace windows. The estimate is for 18 double hung 4000 series and 3 2 lite sliders. They’ll also have grids in between glass.

    The window prices are : $6309. However, by the time they add grids, interior stops, solarzone i.e. with argon, full screens – and 30 sq ft with tempered glass – My total quote is $11,200. Basically $533 per window.

    I did have WW do 5 windows earlier in year just under $4k. 3 double hung and 2 very large picture windows that center is stationery and slider on each side.

    I did use them in HOU TX area 3 years ago and found pricing to be significantly less $337 per window with exact same add-ons as I was quoted herexin northeast.

    I do not believe I need tempered glass because it’s not windows near doors or 18″ or peer to the floor. One window that is a bathroom window over sink – he tried to tell me that needed to be tempered. Don’t think so. The other windows he tried to say needed to be tempered were in an area of stairs but again not 18″ or lower from floor.

    Also I’ve been under impression, until reading your blog here, that Ww manufacturers their own windows. Guess that’s not true. Ugh!

    I’m now waiting on a quote for Harvey classic windows with energy star rating.

    Thoughts on which would be a better product with best warranty?


  102. I came across your website in researching reviews of window manufacturers- it has been very helpful, thank you!
    I live in the suburbs of Chicago, so winters and summers are brutal for heat and cold. Our home has original windows and we were hoping to replace this fall with vinyl. Alside was a quote we received and I noticed you had a review listed. One of the other vinyl reviews we had recieved was using a window from a company called “Climate Solutions” with their 8000 series. I did not see a review on this product. Do you have any information you can offer? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks!


    1. Hi Patricia, I don’t know much about Climate Solutions, but I didn’t see anything too remarkable on their website. What did you like or not like about them?

      1. Thank you for getting back to me. I liked their price point- around $500 installed per window. I appreciated the foam spacer that the 8000 series offers. We received an Alside quote (ultra maxx line) and I was a little off put by their spacer being metal and exposed screws, drilled from the frame, point side within the panes. Made me question their quality. Still in comparison mode but was hoping to make a decision before Chicago’s cold snap!

        1. You can get the Ultramaxx windows with the foam spacer, you just need to ask for it.

          Good luck with the project!

  103. Have you or anyone ever dealt with Lindsay windows? We are not particularly concerned with Brand name and it seems many of the windows have similar components (cardinal glass for example) and not sure if the brand names (Anderson, Marvin & Pella) are worth the extra money.
    We have 21 windows and 2 sliding glass doors. One dealer quoted us $45,000 for Marvin Infinity Double Hung!!! A friend of ours used another dealer who quoted us Lindsday Pinnacle using Entech Pro with Low e366 (we live in the Chicago area and not sure that is really necessary.
    Anyway, I liked the firm quoting Lindsay but have only found a couple of review.

    Thank you!!!

  104. Lots of great info on windows! However I am confused by one part where you talk about red flag discount pricing..and another part in asking the seller for his best price for the best deal. The dealer may bring up limited time promotions or coupons..but aren’t these the types red flag items to be met with skepticism?

    1. Yes they are, but some companies still don’t use consistent pricing. It doesn’t hurt to ask someone if this is the best price. The worst they can say is yes. My company has never negotiated on pricing, but I think we’re still in the minority. Some companies always try to raise their prices when they’re on the fancy side of town and lower them when they’re not. I don’t think that’s a good strategy, but it does happen every single day.

      I think it’s a sign of integrity when a company offers their best price up front and sticks with it. People ask us for discounts every day. We just explain that we gave you the very best pricing right up front. Some customers love negotiating and will pay more to buy from someone else because they got a discount even if the final price is still higher. They just like to feel special. It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

  105. I have narrowed my search to two choices and would like your thoughts on my choices. From what I can tell it is coming down to price and personal preference. Here is where I am:

    1. Zen Nirvana – Double Hung – $7600 Installer (Brad) recommended by AngiesList/The Window Dog.
    2. Alside Mezzo – Double Hung – $6000 Installer recommended by AngiesList.

    In your opinion is one window more efficient/better built than the other? Is there anything specific I should investigate about each installer?

    Thanks for your help.

  106. Hi Thanks for your site, it’s been very helpful. I had 7 windows replaced a couple years ago by Renewal by Andersen. They were tall thin single paned window with the crank at the bottom, they also replaced a picture window which was custom, on the second floor, quite large, 4×7 feet. the cost was about 10,000 for everything. I didn’t get a weird, but maybe a little over friendly, sales pitch and the installation was flawless. I have to have 12 more windows replaced this fall and they are coming to give another estimate. I’ll be selling the house in May (that’s the plan). I guess my question is are Renewal by Andersen good windows? I just assumed they were as the originals were Andersen wood windows and lasted 40 years. I know the composite is different. Just wondering even with all the hype and competition from all sales people if the end product is above average?

    1. I think the windows are fine. Most of the complaints we hear about Renewal have to do with the sales process they use and the pricing. You don’t see too many complaints about the products themselves. That’s why I think they make a mistake using a sales process from 1970, but they sell a lot of windows so they must think it’s the best option.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with this comment. I recently got a quote from Andersen, and I expected it to be high because they make a good product. But the sales tactics, from setting up the appointment, to the close, to the follow-up, so turned me off that I wouldn’t buy their windows at half the price. There are plenty of other national and local reputable window manufacturers out there.

  107. Ok window dog…
    We are so overwhelmed now! We just got a quote for $45,000 for Simonton 6500 VantagePointe installed by Home Depot. Really? Everything have read on this window is that it is same as Reflections 5500. So is this an outdated product or just a resurrection of a successful one? Energy efficiency ratings all seem in line. But the price, holy cow! Getting Champion quote tomorrow. Any opinion on either of these?

    1. Unless you have 90 windows I’d say that may be a little steep. If you’re still looking drop me a line. I may be able to help.

  108. Just curious if you were ever able to review Ply Gem. We are looking at a major investment replacing all the casement windows in our home (17 openings), and Ply Gem Premium is what one installer is recommending. We have one west facing upstairs bedroom that absolutely COOKS during the summer, and in turn heats the entire upstairs. I want to make sure we’re opting for the right u & r factors/values to address that issue, and that Ply Gem, is a good product.

    1. I haven’t gotten through all of the reviews, but I think the nicer Ply-Gem options are fine products. Almost everything is quantifiable so you can compare the ratings easily enough. Look at the U-Factor and the SHGC to see how well they’ll keep the house cool in the summer.

      1. We bit the bullet and replaced 19 (!!!) openings with Ply-Gem Great Lakes double hung…lots of other things I’m forgetting (double pane, Low-E, Argon filled?) windows. They replaced the 25 year old casement windows original to the house. I am SO happy with our decision, with not only the windows, but the installer. We have seen significant reduction in electricity usage (the energy company dashboard said 20% decrease during the 1st month). One of the old windows (that took full afternoon and evening midwest heat) when shot with a heat gun showed 103*, the same opening with the new windows showed a heat reading of 73*, the same temperature as what the upstairs a/c should be at. Our upstairs a/c unit also no longer runs for 5+ hours during the afternoon/evening during the summer. It runs for 20 MINUTES to reach the desired 2 degree temperature drop.
        I would absolutely recommend these windows!

  109. Any comments on Target Windows I can’t find any reviews of them. The company is located in Missouri and claims to be around since 1978. The specifications on the windows seem reasonable.

    1. I would guess that’s the 8000 series window from Alside. A lot of companies will use their own brochure and act like it’s a thing that only they offer. Did you end up picking that option or looking at something else?

    2. I bought them for my mom’s whole house (13 windows and one sliding glass door). They were awesome. I liked them so much I replaced all 16 windows in my house with the Elite 4000 LowE 366/ I89 Dual Glazed argon. No longer do I have super hot south facing windows in the summer and cold air drops in the winter. All my windows are double hung. The only thing I don’t like is if you have a problem you have to go to your installer for assistance. They are usually very busy and don’t get back to you in a timely fashion. The only issue I had was one of the double pane windows was condensing. Replacement is free which is nice.

  110. I am planning on replacing 9 windows in my house, one being a 10 ft picture window. I’ve been trying to compare vinyl vs fiberglass and also different brands available. It seems that all companies seem to have significant amounts of complaints and issues. I am looking for windows that will weather well and last in eastern Washington State. Recommendations?

    1. You’re right that you can find a customer unhappy with any product. It’s important to remember that most larger manufacturers make thousands of windows every single day for many many people. The VAST majority never go online to write anything. They just get their windows installed, pay the bill and move on with their day.

      Typically the people who write online about windows that are already installed are people with a complaint that may or may not be accurate and reasonable or they’re super thrilled or they’re salespeople pushing on thing or another.

      In my mind the advantage to fiberglass vs vinyl windows is the look. Fiberglass windows look more like wood windows and if that is worth the additional cost to you then it’s an option. The claims you sometimes hear about expansion and strength aren’t too relevant as they can never back them up with actual facts. In my mind if you can’t prove your claim then it’s just salesperson junk.

      Check out this page for recommendations of local companies.

  111. I have received quotes to replace 14 windows from Power HRG for SL2700 windows, Home Depot 6100 and 6500 series windows and will be getting a quote from Champion Windows tomorrow. Out of the 3 which is the best?

    1. Did Power HRG tell you who made the windows? When they use their own brands like that it can be hard to tell what you’re actually going to get. Let us know if you picked on yet.

  112. Hello from Charlotte NC. We need to replace 30 double hungs of varying sizes, 3 picture windows, and 1 half circle. I have taken quotes from 10 and have narrowed down to 4 . But it is still not comparing apples to apples. All have good installers/installation, offer at least a double lifetime warranty on almost every aspect of the job and product and all of them tout their window as being the best. So what am I to do? Please advise.
    – Zen Nirvana – $21,643 ($636/window)
    – Zen Lotus – $ 26,743 ($786/window)
    – Softlite Pro – $ 25, 075 ($737/window)
    – Armorvue with ‘Cardinal’ glass (which is manufactured by Sunrise and is in between its Verde & Vanguard lines to the best of my research) – $ 28,073 ($825/window)
    – We also received an offer for Alside Mezzo for $15,420 (453/window) with a possibility of changing 3 windows above the kitchen sink to casement windows and an area of double hung to a sliding patio door for an additional $1800. I am not too keen on this option but my husband loves the price.
    – I have one more quote on Okna 600 series pending, but I don’t think it will help me too much.
    My personal favorite has been the Armorvue window with regards to design and look as well as the efficiency numbers. But is the cost justified?
    Looking forward to the response.
    BTW – Your site has been quite useful in my research. Thanks!!

  113. I’ve narrowed my choice for 10 windows-9 double hung and 1 picture to the following

    1) Simonton 5500 for $5800 installed
    2) Vinyl Kraft legacy for $6100 installed

    I live in northern Indiana. Winters are pretty rough. Since the price is close which would you recommend?
    I can’t seem to find much info on the Vinyl Kraft windows. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. I’m not a huge Simonton fan, but unless you saw something great about the other option I’d probably pick the Simonton. There’s an advantage to working with a larger company. I’ve been responding to a lot of people lately who had bought windows from small manufacturers that are now out of business. It happens more than people think. Did you pick one yet?

  114. I ordered Pella 250 series double hung Low-E windows (their Sun-Defense line).

    An error in the order resulted in them being Air-filled instead of Argon Gas. This resulted in a small U-factor difference, but the SHGC stays exactly the same at 0.21.

    Argon: 0.29
    Air-filled: 0.32

    Pella is offering me $1,000 back to keep the way they are, or I can send them all back and get argon gas filled. I live in Florida: Will the small U-factor difference be noticeable? Also, are there any other concerns with going Air over Argon, such as sound isolation issues.

    My main concern is if I enter my bedroom, will I noticeable feel difference if I select air-filled and will there be a noticeable noise isolation difference. The cash back rebate is enticing, I just want to know if I should take it or push back for Argon.

    1. The argon gas is more effective in cold weather so in FL it’s not the end of the world. I would probably get the better windows as they’ll be in the house for a very long time so you pay for it once and benefit from it for many years. If you’re moving soon I’d probably take the cash.

  115. Get Cheap UPVC Aluminium Windows in London at a reasonable price. Supreme Windows London provide you a complete range of
    Double Glazing, Bi-Folding Doors, Sliding Doors to Windows Installation in London, Croydon, Surrey. Reshape your Home by Supreme Windows London.

  116. Hi! Thank you so much for all of the helpful information on your website. I have a quote from a very reputable company in the Atlanta area for a mix of 25 Slocomb 177 and 143 windows (the mix is due to a need for some taller windows, hence the 177, but also save on cost, so 143 windows for the rest of the house). I have a quote from another big exterior company for WeatherLok3201 Series with ultra low-e added to meet energy star recommendation for the south. The second quote is about $800 higher. The scope of work includes widening a few windows, which several companies I talked to don’t do, so i’m hoping to go with one of the 2 quotes that can. I haven’t been able to find much feedback on these window manufacturers, good or bad. Any recommendation?

    1. I tend to recommend sticking with larger manufacturers and they tend to be more stable over the long run. My friend Don owns Window Universe in Atlanta and he’d be a great resource if you want a second opinion. You can find him at

      Good luck!

  117. Hi. Love the info. I am looking at replacing 28 windows in my home. The two companies so far have recommended Simonton and a smaller company called MasterWindowSystems. I can find info on Simonton but nothing on MasterWindow. Have you heard of them and what do you think? Thank you so much. This is all very overwhelming. I live in Kennesaw, outside of Atlanta.

    1. I’ve never heard of MasterWindow, but it’s risky working with a small manufacturer no matter who they are. I do know a great company in Atlanta. Find them here. My old pal Don would be happy to help out and the windows will be nicer than anything from Simonton. Good luck!

  118. what do you know about Feldco windows? How do they compare to Windows of Wisconsin or Window World? I live in Wisconsin so need a rather heavy duty windo

  119. I got a quote from green world windows. I was told one of the bigger California construction companies likes to use it and they I was told they were the first company offers low e 4 windows. Do you know about this brand? My friends and relative use theirs and work great for them so far but I don’t see it in your list so I am a bit hesitant.

    1. The odds are pretty good they don’t make their own glass. Pretty much every window company out there buys glass from the same group of manufacturers. You could ask them if the glass is from PPG, Cardinal or Guardian and that would give you a better idea of what kind it is. I doubt they were the first company to offer anything, but they may be the kind of company that adopts new options faster than other companies.

      From their website it looks like their window models are named after Las Vegas Casinos. That might make me more nervous than anything else…

      1. I got their windows installed for few weeks now. So far so good. It is not the best but it is decent enough for its price. You are correct, they ordered the glasses from somewhere else and the installation is quite good provided by the same company. 4 and half hours for installing 16 various size of windows. Nice installation as I watched them the entire process. I guess what I like about them is the price point. Thanks for getting back to me! I appreciate it.

  120. Do you know anything about Woodbridge windows? I am trying to decide between alside messo and Woodbridge. I also have an estimate from Rolox in two days. I would like to read your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    1. I don’t believe Woodbridge makes windows. They’re using a private label from another manufacturer as far as I’m aware. Did they tell you who makes the windows? If not it’ll be impossible to tell much about it which is why some companies do that.

      Rolox also does not make windows so you’d want to look at what products they’re offering. Are you in the Kansas City area? If so you just might find a better option in our listing of the best window companies around the country.

  121. Live in south central Pa. and are looking to replace 13 wood double hung windows, these original windows are 37 years old and well past their prime. We are looking for a good mid-grade window and looking for suggestions.
    Thank you

  122. We recently built a new home and our builder highly recommended Simonton Windows, but we have found them to be the worst vinyl windows ever! I have never seen so much cold air coming through vinyl windows. There’s so much cold air coming through that ice forms on the inside of the windows.
    Their windows need to be more energy efficient and not let so much cold air in.

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. A friend of mine has Simonton new construction windows in his house too. When I stayed in the guest room on a freezing cold day you could certainly feel the air. The problem is that builders push the prices down so much and manufacturers have to make cheap windows to get the business. It’s certainly not great for their reputations to put out products that don’t hold up overtime, but that’s what they do.

  123. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to put this site together. I just bought a house that needs a few windows. If you were to replace your windows tomorrow, which brand would you go with?

  124. We are looking at installing Sunrise windows in Wisconsin (approximately 60 windows including a picture window [12 feet wide], a 4-window bay, a bow, an awning, and the rest casements [32 and 36 inch widths about 5 feet tall). We have two dealers. One is a Restorations dealers and quoted $87,000. The other does Vanguard but we don’t have the number yet. We were “told” by the Restoration dealer to expect about $65,000. The warranties for product and labor are essentially the same. We are trying to determine why the difference.

    We are getting different messages as to the value of triple pane versus double pane. Some of the windows (i.e., the picture and 36 inch casements) will need to be double pane due to weight issues. Thoughts on double versus triple pane.

    The other firm in the mix distributes Richlin. These windows seem to be very close. Any thoughts on Sunrise stainless steel spacers versus the Richlin Duralite spacer? The Duralite seems better initially but any expectations on what it will be like in 25 years as we expect to be in this house for the remainder of our lives.

    Finally, why doesn’t anyone have cut-aways of a casement? All they want to show are double hungs.

  125. Replacing two slidding windows
    42 X43 in the basement. Two brands I’m down to are Provia Endure and Softlite Imperial LS. Same price for both. One downside on the softlite is the frame is thicker but is it the better overall window? Warrantys both seem the same. Which one wins in your book?

    Thank you


    1. Hi John, I don’t know if there is a norm. Our company has different policies in different markets with many $0 deposit options. What have you been seeing in your area?

  126. I’ve gotten bids from Zen Windows using Joyce windows and Pella for their 250 series. Thoughts/yays/nays on either? Many thanks!

  127. Does anyone have any info on Joyce Windows? I am being quoted the Joyce insulator series by a local contract here in MN. He says they are similar to soft-lite, but a little cheaper. I can’t find much info at all besides their own website.

    For reference, I am doing full frame replacements and have been quoted 21k for 17 windows (all casement or fixed)

    Any one here worked with Joyce windows that can speak to their quality? I am also looking at the Marvin Integrity fiberglass, so any comparison would be helpful.


  128. Nice site, by the way. I admire your diligence.
    I live in NE Iowa, and the only window installers I could find so far carry Pella and Lindsay; both of which you haven’t reviewed yet.
    I’m learning a lot about windows in general from you and the other readers, though.
    Both brands have been rough quoted at $500 a window. That doesn’t include labor, although one company gives a price break with so many windows ordered. I haven’t gotten any quotes in writing yet, as we are just speculating on a old farmhouse. It has 32 windows, and they are all single pane. We will keep one single pane, though, so the kids can find out who Jack Frost really is..
    Have you written reviews on any of them yet? Maybe some rough drafts? We are trying to pencil it out and so far the window estimates are shocking..

  129. I’m down to 3 companies: Comfort (Window World), Target (local KC company) and Atrium 8300 (local KC home improvement company) Target is most expensive by 4k. Comfort from WW is 1k more. Atrium 8300 is the cheapest. I’m replacing 23 total windows. Looking for some advice on these 3 brands. Thank you.

  130. Received 2 quotes including installation for 40 windows…..Okna $29k and Provia $26k (includes 4 additional basement windows). Both windows seem identical. Any recommendations?

  131. Anyone here of Window Nation? I heard radio as today closest one to me is Cherry Hill NJ… I’m in Western north central NJ.
    So far have had renewal Anderson, Pella, Lowe’s, home Depot for quotes…Window World out tomorrow. Looking at 13 windows. Anderson was crazy… Most are quoting 9-13k depending on double or triple pain. I’d like to go with the Pella 350 but wife likes the 250 exterior look and easier to operate (not as heavy)…. Is there much difference in 250 and 350 in quality? WW 6000 series similar in form/function to Pella 250
    But I’d like all said to spend $400-600 per window.
    Once I get WW quote I’ll hit them with the range.
    So many hard sells with Lowe’s worst.

    1. Hi Tony, have you picked an option yet? If not my company can probably get you a quote from our office in Philadelphia. Let me know if we can help.

  132. Hi.
    I’ve spent months getting estimates and and more confused and nervous about making the wrong choice – so I was ecstatic about finding your site. Any input on the bids below would be greatly appreciated. I live in Tidewater(Hampton Roads) Virginia and have 30 windows to replace. Vinyl white inside and out double hung with grids – all with Low E and Argon with the UV filtering. Cost is a major concern but willing to pay a little extra for a better window

    Window World 4000 series – $13,493
    Lowes Reliabilt 3900 -approx 18,600 but depending on promos could be 15,893
    Pella 250 series – Approx. $22,000
    Vinyl Kraft Legacy – $12,400
    Sunrise Ultra U Plus s $16,485
    Andersen S2 (single hung) $29,026

    I had wanted to get a bid on the okna 500 but the distributor in this area has a really bad reputation so I didn’t bother. Also if there is another window in the brand you’d recommend I’d like to know.

    Thanks so much in advance for any/all guidance and info.

  133. Hi Window Dog,

    We are considering replacing 7-8 windows on the 3rd floor. We currently have wood windows, and the new windows must (per the HOA) match the style of the wood windows. We have gotten 4 quotes, and we would appreciate any advice or suggestions you have regarding the specific windows that the different companies recommended. Any other advice also much appreciated!

    #1 – Milgard Ultra – $11k – Installation Masters Certified Installers
    #2 – Marvin Infinity – $15k – Installation Masters Certified Installers
    #3 – Starmark Evo (= Okna 7500) – $11k – Not Certified by AWDI nor Installation Masters
    #4 – VistaMark (Vinyl Windows w/Exterior Grid) – $6k – AWDI Certified Dealer


  134. Hello . . . thanks for your service!!! Can you provide the good, the bad and the ugly on the Energex Elite window? I believe they used to be made by Affinity but are now manufactured by the Energex Window Alliance.

    1. I’m not familiar with them specifically, but it looks like Energex Windows is a brand name that is manufacturers by different small fabricators around the country. Is that the impression you got? If so I’d probably look elsewhere. That approach just feels risky to me. How would you get service or replacement parts in 15 years if that small manufacturer closed their doors or started making something else?

      Was there anything that seemed attractive about it?

  135. Absolutely wonderful site. It is worth the read from top to bottom with your answers. You are careful not to disparage products unnecessarily or with personal prejudice. I have a question which relates to installation. 13 years ago my wife and I replaced every window in our home with Anderson double-hung and casement windows and an absolutely three gorgeous colonial style windows with side windows and a lovely Springline like arch above.

    My concern is than 8 of the 20 double-hung’s cannot be closed as the bottom window “key” just doesn’t reach the upper window lock, or the key has broken due to excess pressure as I slide it into the locking slot – so in the cold of winter I have to sort of put a sock in the joint. I have purchased Anderson to have the best, however the same contractor that remodeled our home installed the windows and I believe he may not have installed them correctly. UGH.

    So, to my point, I am purchasing another home and want to select Anderson Colonial styled windows as we re-model the new home. I am looking for your advice: use the remodeling GC or go to an Anderson Installer?

    I love Angie’s List, but like a lot of referral companies, their referrals are not always thoroughly vetted – some just seem to slip through.

    1. I don’t think Andersen has installers, they do have some franchises like the Renewal by Andersen, but ten you’re still dealing with a franchisee not with the actual company. In my experience they’re pretty good about warranties. Sounds like you might be done with the first house but for the second, I think any capable installer can do the job.

  136. I’m sure most all window products have pluses and minuses, but the Pella Pro Line series has to be one of the worst examples of window engineering and design that was ever built. Metal cladding over raw, un-primed pine wood, or similar is such a disaster waiting to happen, and it did. It was a nightmare to discover all of these expensive windows (bronze metal-clad, natural wood interior casements) were rotting at the bottom after only 15 years.
    And then the first class-action lawsuit was brought by an unscrupulous attorney, who was eventually disbarred I think, which made it seem like a bogus problem, but the massive design flaws and wood rot are real. Even if they have fixed it now, I could not in good conscience buy anything from this company.
    We sold that house in May, and guess what, the new house has the same type of windows on 3 very expensive bay windows, and one will need re-framing as well due to some years of water penetration and an elderly owner who did not notice it probably. I am just going to try and screw the metal cladding back to the frame by putting new wood behind it and seal it with silicone, because $5-7K is the estimate to replace and re-frame. Pella has not stood behind their prodect, and dealing with new lawsuit has also been a nightmare. Last June I submitted 30 pages of support docs on the last house, and 13 months later received a notice that my claim was denied due to lack of documentation.
    No, I don’t like Pella very much.

  137. I would like to do a reasonableness check on replacement quote for Provia Endure EN600 Series Windows. The rep was very professional, time spent was all measuring and building quote, no shifty sales tactics, straight price. Price includes exterior vinyl wrap around windows.
    1-70×38 slider, single strength
    1-48×58 slider, double strength
    1-94×58 picture, triple strength tempered
    5-70×58 picture, triple strength
    2-58×58 picture, triple strength
    1-28×38 slider, double strength
    1-70×35 circle top, 3/4 inch default strength
    3-70×46 picture, double strength
    1-32×20 slider, double strength
    Labor and install for 16 windows = 31k (avg $1,938 per window) which is much higher then $475avg I see in other reviews. However, we have many large windows, so not sure if reasonable when size is considered. House is also two story, if makes a difference.
    Thanks-and really appreciate this site and all the great information and feedback.

  138. I am in the process of looking to replace 18 windows. 7 sliders and 11 double hung. I received a quote from Renewal by Anderson and one for the Alside Mezzo. The quote from RBA is $26793.00 and the one for the Mezzo is $10,400.00.. As you can see, that’s a really big difference. My concern is am I just paying for a “name” if I go with RBA? I’ve seen the Mezzo and they look really nice and seem durable. I’ve read every review out there and I really can’t see a big difference in the windows itself other than the price. Any suggestions would be great.

  139. Our 2001 built KC, Missouri cookie cutter split ranch needs 10 double hung windows replaced and would like to stay under $250.00 ea., any suggestions?

    1. Are you installing them yourself? Not going to be easy to get a professional to do it for under $250 per window including the cost of the window.

  140. I like how you said that finding a good window is only half the battle and you have to find a good installation company as well. It wouldn’t make sense to get a brand new window and then just not install it. Trying to do it yourself might not end with the results you want, so I suggest getting a professional.

  141. Hey Windowdog, Landed on your site after a frustrating time looking for some honest reviews on Double hung windows… Got a new construction home going up in Louisville KY area in the spring and want to start quoting windows and doors for a 3000 sq ft home. Looking for a solid middle of the line window that is of good quality/efficient but cost effective. I know… you get what you pay for right! But any suggestions for Lower cost / Better Quality in that area. Heard good things on Ply Gem, but no real direction on using any particular company. Also have a builder for install, so just looking to purchase.
    thx Steve

  142. Would you by chance have a cheat sheet for say the 10 best windows in varying price points and what you should reasonably expect to pay (a range of decent prices)?

    1. People ask for that kind of thing all of the time, but it’s not as easy as you’d think. With everything being custom made there are so many options that you can’t really rank one model over another. For example, a model we frequently offer is available with over 100 efficiency options. If you order one of the nicer options it’s in the top tier of vinyl windows available and if you order cheaper options is’s a little less nice.

      It’s just not that easy to put replacement windows into buckets like that due to the customization. A reputable company offering windows in your area can likely make a few suggestions and that would be a way to start narrowing it down.

  143. I could not find Alside, Revere, or Windows Universe Express on the list of NFRC certified windows on the NFRC website. Are any of these three brands NFRC certified?

    1. Yes the are and they’re all AMMA Gold rated too. You can find them listed under the parent company, Associated Materials. What else can we do to help out?

      1. Thanks so much for your response and for clarifiying by providing their parent company. Your website has been extremely helpful!

  144. Hello,

    Love the site. I have been in contact with Zen windows after seeing your review for their service in Ohio. Do you have any opinion in the difference in quality between their low and mid level tier, Karma and Nirvana? Thank you in advance.

  145. We recently had some Okna windows installed in Texas. The installers did a great job, but it appears that, despite having ordered SunSeal windows, HeatSeal windows were sent and installed. We are being offered to get SunSeal sashes free of charge to swap out, but since we now have HeatSeal windows in place, I wanted to get this forum’s input regarding whether it makes sense to swap out for SunSeal sashes (as per the original order), or whether there is some reason that we should keep the HeatSeal windows.

    We live in Texas, in a major city where the climate is predominantly hot and humid, with a mild winter.

    Most of the windows face east/west (a few facing north).

    With our SDLs, we are talking about U-factor 0.25, SHGC 0.26, VT 0.47 for the currently installed (HeatSeal) windows, and U-factor 0.25, SHGC 0.19, VT 0.37 for the SunSeal sashes. At least per the labels I saw on the windows before they were installed, the current HeatSeal windows would not be Energy Star rated in our state.

    Thank you so much!

    1. The SunSeal package with the lower SHGC is the more common option to use in the south. As you can see there’s a difference in the VT rating which means the new sashes would be a little darker. With the U-Factor being the same the only real difference is that the new sashes will be a little darker and will block the heat from the sun a little better. No real difference other than that.

  146. Just got a quote from Pella for a full replacement of 6 double hung and 1 awning window in their Lifestyle product (aluminum clad wood) for $11,357.53. That comes out to almost $1,700 per window! Sounds crazy expensive to me. I’m in the Chicago area. Do you have an idea what these should run installed in my area? I asked for a quote for vinyl and he said it would only be less than $100 difference per window. I’m open to suggestions. We’re replacing 25 year old wood double hung single-pane with storm windows that all have rotted sills (most likely due to aluminum cladding). Starting to think vinyl may be the way to go, but like the clean lines and look of the wood.

    1. Wood windows do cost a fair bit more than vinyl and depending on your existing windows a full frame replacement would also be adding to the cost. $1700 per window doesn’t sound out of line to me for a project like that.

      You might check with a replacement window company for an alternative. You absolutely can find better pricing with a different window product and/or installation, just depends what you want to buy.

    1. In my experience they’re generally lower end windows that come at a lower end price. Could be a good solution for a rental or flip house, but certainly not the nicest on the block.

  147. Hello,
    I am shopping for windows in the NOVA area for my 1996 built house which has Aluminum windows. Existing windows have lot of air draft and rooms boil in summer and are cold in winter. So far I got quotes from 6 different companies. I want to make better decision for the money that I am going to invest. I am going to stay in this house for many more years. Moved into this house in 2018.
    I did quite a bit of research about windows and finally decided the following – double pane, argon gas, lowE, double hung (single hung is fine too), foam filled window frame, non-metallic glass spacer, quiet window movement.
    1) Pella – Series 250 Windows. Quote of $32500.
    2) Paul Henry Windows – Thermal Windows. Quote of $24000 + they will also do for free the main door storm door.
    3) Home Depot – Simonton 5500 – Quote of $29000
    4) Window Universe – Revere Berkshire Elite. Additional Radiant barrier on windows for a Quote of $16400.
    5) Window World – Series 4000. Quote of $15038.
    6) Thompson Creek – DO NOT KNOW. Retail quote of $45400. But after 2½ hours of talk, he said there is a promotional discount of 10%, plus additional 25%. Then immediately said he has the capacity to give a 40% discount. So, the final quote came to ~$26600.

    Can someone shed some light on which company and window are best from above?


    1. Hi there, you may know I’d recommend the Window Universe option. When looking at the choices, what stood out as valuable features from one company or another? Or, to put it another way, if you looked at the top 3 most expensive in that list, did you see any reason to pay the premium for their offering?

      The wholesale cost of most of those windows is probably within $50 per window so a whole lot of the price difference is going to sales and marketing efforts. Some aren’t sold wholesale, but I imagine the complicated pricing is a turnoff from some companies.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, I too was considering Window Universe. I am in talks to see if they can match Window World quote.
        The expensive ones – I asked them the same question as to why theirs is so pricey, all started saying they will be wary of warranty the companies with lower price offer and also they believe I am not ‘comparing apples to apples’. But the fact is all window manufacturing is same with the glass, except for the frame and its design. As you said it, its all marketing and sales pitch. They also start to degrade other companies saying they are not genuine with any installation issues.

        I know this site gives me the option to go with Window Universe, but, who exactly is the installer of the windows? In my case will there be any third party contractor personnel or are they employees of Window Universe or are they installers from Berkshire Elite.

        As always thank you so much for your insights on windows.

          1. Great. I don’t see your email in the system so I wonder if you were in touch with an another company. There are a few with similar names. I’ll send you an email now and we’ll be happy to help out.

  148. I have been looking to replace 15 windows . Four of the windows have a radius top. I have received the following quotes so far.
    Atrium 8900 ( Big box store) = $8800
    Atrium 8700 DP 50 option = $9600
    Atrium 8700 DP 50 option (Big box store) = $ 8300
    Atrium 8300 = $ 6700
    Atrium 8700 = $7700
    Window World 4000 = $10000
    Joyce Heritage Series = $7600
    Joyce Insulator series = $ 6700
    Viwintech 1000= $6900

    Can someone shed light on the best choice from these quotes? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Brian, I’m not a huge Atrium fan and they seem to be dominating your quotes. Was there something about them that you liked? Or, what’s your zip code? We may be able to help out?

      1. Atrium dominated the quotes because three of the five installers were recommending them. After I researched the recommended windows, i liked them for a couple reason. The first was the frame width was reasonable (approx 3 distance from brick to glass). Also, all the test specifications data was provided (such as dp, vt and air filtration). Since it is an older brick home with poor lighting , the light transmitted is a consideration. My zip code is 36693. I look forward to your recommendations.

  149. It is a wonderful reply to the question that has been asked for a longer time. I appreciate your work and want you to write more.

  150. I have been trying to decide between Lindsay windows and Soft Lite windows. You don’t have a review on Lindsay so I wanted your opinion on their Pinnacle windows please.

  151. Any familiarity with Lincoln windows? They seem to be middle of the road, but am having a hard time finding what I think are unbiased reviews. Thanks.

    1. I dealt with Lincoln wood windows a while back. Is that what you’re looking at? We didn’t have the best experience working with them, but it was more because of the ordering and distribution. Not an issue with the quality of the products.

  152. Looking at replacing the windows on my house and we had a company installing Unishield window (Universal Windows) come through. Do you have any thoughts regarding this model /manufacturer ?

    1. They’re generally not my favorite option. What’s your zip code? We may be able to help out with a recommendation.

  153. We’re a retired couple in Colorado. We’re having some stucco work done and are looking to replace 8 windows prior to beginning work (7 double hung and one small picture). Our house was built in 2002 and the Colorado sun, wind and hail have taken their tool on our builder grade windows. We’ve received four quotes from four reputable dealers for double-pane and would like your opinion.

    Vinylmax Edison – with Intelliglass ($3108)
    Alside Ultramax – with Low E ($4867)
    Window World – 4000 series with SolarZone Plus Elite ($4470)
    Champion Windows ($10,340)

    We’ve eliminated Both Window World as they’re scheduling 5-6 months out and Champion because of cost. We’re looking for the best mid-range value. Would we be better off with Allside Mezzo?

    I understand most of the pros and cons of triple-pane glass but what about super-spacers and insulated frames? At what cost do they make sense?

    Love your website! Appreciate any feedback.

  154. If you’re installing replacement, standard double hungs in your home… what manufacturer and series would you install? 4 season environment.

        1. I don’t really know anyone in Flagstaff to recommend. If you do find a great local company be sure to let us know!

          1. Not looking for a company. Just looking for what window manufacturer/series you would install in your house. We have ABC Supply that carries a wide range…

            Alside, Pro Build, etc.

            So pretty much I have access to a wide range of products. Just curious to what you believe to be the best window for a four season environment? Thanks

          2. Does ABC offer Alside windows in your area? I believe Alside usually has their own distribution centers so they’re a competitor of ABC. Of the companies you can get at a distributor like that I’d think Simonton is a decent choice. It’s not my favorite product line in the world, but gets the job done.

            My company might be able to help with a window only order without installation if you’d like an upgraded option. Just let me know your zip code and I’ll see if we can help out.

  155. Any comments or reviews on Weather Shield windows? As a contractor they seem very similar in quality to Marvin signature series windows. However I’ve read some negative reviews which I’m not sure to follow since all manufacturers have negative reviews. There is a significant price difference as well, which is why I would like to know. Also I am interested in being apart of the “best window company in town” sponsorship.

    1. Hi Pat, we’ve installed WeatherShield windows in the past with good success. The challenge with a lot of wood window manufacturers seems to be that they don’t understand the remodeling business or they don’t always seem prepared for it. It’s seemed to me that they’re much more focused on selling to builders which is a bit of a different animal. Not that there’s anything wrong with the products, just not always the easiest to deal with.

  156. Hello windowdog. I have spent many days reading info on your great site. Unfortunately I’m not window literate enough to figure out which windows are the best for me. So after many meetings with multiple salesmen from various companies in Cleveland, thanks for the tips on their gimmicks, I have a few favorites. Can you give me your opinion on the quality of these windows? So from Window Nation the Vitex Fortis, Potomac HP and Platinum LS (which I believe is the soft lite LS renamed). The Stanek Unishield Plus and the Window Universe Okna Eco-Pro 600 series Heatseal deluxe double pane and triple pane. Not sure if they sell Revere Berkshire Elite, which I saw on your site. Prices are all over the place, but my colonial style home has thinner windows and I want a complete tear out to keep as much light coming in. How do you grade these windows? Which is tougher, which can withstand the cold Ohio winters and blazing Ohio summers? The front of the house faces SW and can get beat up by the sun and winds. Should I keep searching? Thanks in advance.

    1. My good friends own the Window Universe location in Cleveland. I’ve known them for years and you won’t find nicer people to deal with. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. Aside from my relationship with them, the other companies you mentioned aren’t my favorite. I’d say this is an easy choice.

      1. So if money was not an issue, the OKNA 600 triple pane is the best window from the bunch? I can upgrade to triple pane because their pricing is great. And they didn’t nickel and dime me on things like full screens and wood grain look. Or the cost of complete tear out, because I have a colonial home with long narrow windows. So how do you rate the OKNA triple pane windows in craftsman ship to the others mentioned?

        1. I believe that is the top of the line window they offer and I think you’ll be very happy with the results. The triple pane glass is a nice option too.

  157. Dear Window Dog,

    Trying to sort out how to buy replacement windows in DFW area. Your site could be helpful but noticed it only suggested one company? Questions below:

    Have met with Power windows who suggest they install Champion window. Good product? They used the pressure tactic of buy today get a discount. Interest rate on the financing 27% which suggests a questionable company in this day of low interest rates. Any thoughts?

    Also met with Woodbridge Windows priced a slightly higher. The fact the windows were made in Texas was a plus. Product similar to the Champion?

    Next up Renewal by Anderson based on a neighbors suggestion. Will also be contacting Windows World who completed my sisters house last year. Are they the same as window universe the one you suggested on your web site?

    Look forward to your insight.


    1. Hi there, I’m not a huge fan of any of those options, but the company listed on the site is my company and I’ll be happy to help out. Window World is not the same, they’re generally focused on being as cheap as possible which isn’t generally what our tycpial customer is looking for. I see your quote request in the system so I’ll send you out a quote asap. From there we can answer any questions and make unlimited revisions until we have it just the way you want it.

      We’ve tried to make this the easiest way to get new windows and I think you’ll appreciate the difference. 0% financing is also available.

  158. Hi. I’m in San Antonio, Tx. Need some advise on replacement of original 3-tier jalouisie windows in a 1950’s,single story ranch home with limestone exterior. All windows are approx 52″W. Some are 50″H. Others are 37″H. Given width of opening, is vinyl a good pick or should we go with aluminium. Also, Sliders or SH? Am looking at DYW for aluminum, Sunrise,VistaMark and possibly Simonton with reinforced sach for vinyl. One contractor stated that, given width of openings, aluminum would be the smarter choice. What say you???

    1. Hi Sylvia, vinyl windows would be just fine in that size and configuration. I know some aluminum, fiberglass or composite salespeople like to use scare tactics but they’re not based in reality.

      My company offers windows in San Antonio and we’d be happy to help if you’re interested in an alternative. You can get a quote online here.

  159. Hi,
    Help me out here.
    I’m looking to replace my windows. 20 SH/SL with 1 patio door.
    We have a bid from Sunrise Vanguard for $24,000. However, as we are in Denver, this dealer won’t order windows with Argon gas. To his opinion, Argon is garbage.
    We have another bid of Anlin Catalina, which comes around $18,000. I’m getting another Del Mar bid in couple days.
    I want a window with fiberglass/foam insulation. I also believe Argon would be good for efficiency. So I would want to go with Catalina or Del Mar.
    My wife loves Vanguard’s look. She thinks it’s too much work looking around.
    The Vanguard guy on the other hand, also commented that a 2 7/8 inch frame is not good frame. Good frame will be 3 1/8 like a Sunrise Vanguard. I don’t believe that but my wife likes it.

    What would you think? If you have more recommendation that’s fine, too.


  160. Hi Window Dog,
    I am in Atlanta and had a well respected local installer come by who wanted to sell me Interstate 6800 Series vinyl replacement windows. I liked how they looked compared to some others I saw but there are virtually no reviews for Interstate windows online. Do you know anything about these windows? I have a50s brick ranch in an older intown neighborhood. I don’t want to overimprove but I also want a quality window.

  161. Hello Window Dog,

    Thanks for your great site! We are replacing the windows in our entire house (20 plus sliding doors) and I am finding the process completely confusing with all of the options and tactics different companies use. We have ruled out Replacement by Andersen because all they want to tell us is “how beautiful their windows are and with that comes an expensive price (literally)” without any real justification about the window itself actually warranting that price. We aren’t looking at Pella because that’s likely to be a similar experience.

    So now we are left looking at Preservation (triple pane for the price of double) versus Zen Lotus versus Windsor Windows. Is there an option you would choose and why? What would realistically be a fair price for a job this size?


    1. Hi there, this can absolutely be a challenging business to navigate. What’s your zip code? We may know someone who can help out or if my company operates in your area we can email you pricing info. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost so there isn’t really one reasonable price but we’ll be happy to help out.

      1. 50323. I have already spoken with the people you recommend here in IA

        I currently have 39K quote for RBA (includes everything), a 19K quote for Preservation (minus a few windows included in the other quotes) and a 20K quote for Zen Nirvana (includes everything).

        Not sure if I should even bother with Windsor Windows. I have never heard of the brands they carry.

        Thanks for your help!

  162. I could really use some guidance. I have 10 windows to replace. I have had Anderson come out but I think $20,000 for 10 windows at their “sale price” is insane. I had a contractor friend come and show me Simonton 5050 series and the more I read the more I think I need to find something better. Can you recommend a good window and good company in my area. I am in a suburb ofBuffalo, NY. Please help 🙁

  163. Hi,
    We own a motel near the South Gate if Yellowstone. It needs new windows and we were wondering what windows you would recommend. And do you know if window companies would work directly with us at wholesale since we are purchasing so many?

    1. Hi Liz, sounds like that would be a fun project. Hard to make a window recommendation without knowing more about what you have going on and what window products are available in the area. It is possible that someone would make a deal based on a large volume. My company has different pricing for orders over 250 windows. Sometimes we get customers with 30 windows in their house who want a discount since it’s sooo many windows. That’s not how it works, but once you get over 200 or so windows you can probably find a better price than a regular residential project.

      Good luck with the new windows.

  164. I have two experienced companies that I trust to do a good job replacing my windows in my home. I am replacing a total of 6 windows, two picture windows and four double hung wood windows in the front of my home. I am torn between fiberglass and vinyl. I plan on remaining in the home for another 5 to 8 years. One company handles both and I have a quote on each type. Both types all come with white grids throughout.
    Marvin Infinity Fiberglass windows for $8,030
    Harvey Trinity Vinyl windows for $6,850

    The other company offers Ideal Majestic windows at $4,550

    What is your opinion on the vinyl vs. fiberglass option and those window companies and the quotes I was given?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Roger, that’s a question people ask all the time. When thinking about fiberglass vs vinyl windows I think the only real advantage to fiberglass windows is the look. They can look really nice, like a wood window, and for someone people the look is worth the cost and the other downsides.

      From what we see, fiberglass double hung windows tend to have a very high air infiltration rates meaning they don’t seal as well as a nicer vinyl window. That can be important.

      Also important is the fact that fiberglass windows are often sold with misleading sales stories. Just because one salesperson is out there telling lies doesn’t mean a product is bad, but when it seems like there is a whole industry that has trained salespeople to tell stories that don’t quite add up it signals to me the they’re compensating for a weakness in their product. If you’re selling a good quality product you don’t need to get quite so “creative”.

      So, fiberglass windows can look great and that can be a perfectly fine reason to pick them over a less expensive and more efficient option. If the look isn’t critical to you I’d say there’s not much reason to pick them at all.

      What did you see as the advantages or disadvantages of one type over another?

  165. Thank you for taking the time to get back in touch with me regarding my window question. I appreciate the information.
    I do like the fact that the fiberglass windows are supposed to be stronger, show a little more glass and last longer. Also I was told they do not expand and contract as much as the vinyl windows do. But, of course, you are paying for those differences. If I were to select one of the vinylwindowI received quotes on, which one of the two vinyl windows seem like the better choice?
    Harvey Tribute with grids for $6,850 or Ideal Majestic with grids for $4550, both including installation
    I like the looks of both of these windows and I would like good energy efficiency. Thank you

  166. I sent a question on Oct 29th regarding your opinion of having the Harvey Tribute windows with grids installed for $6850 as opposed to Ideal Majestic window with grids installed for $4550. Which do you believe is the better value for the project? My email might have been delayed through my lack of internet skills. Thank you for taking the time to address this question. Roger

    1. Hi Roger, I might not pick either of those options but there are many choices out there. My experience with Harvey windows goes back many years. What was attracting you to those options?

  167. Hello,

    I have 18 windows and a patio door that needs to replaced in Chicago, IL. I have received quotes from the following companies:

    Soft-lite Element: 19K installed

    Alside Mezzo or Ultramaxx: 14K installed

    Climate Solution 8000 Series (local manufacturer): 13K – installed
    Link for more info:

    Climate Guard Ultraview (local manufracturer): $7,700 installed- I can also upgrade to ThermaForce for a bit more
    Link for more info:

    Could you share your thoughts on the quotes and quality of the windows above. I’m aware that Soft-lite is a very good window, but it’s very expensive. My house faces West, so it get good amount of Sunlight through out the year.

    Thank you for your resources you provide to us regular folks.

  168. I have competing quotes that are similar in price for windows and sliding door in my house in Colorado. At your recommendation I called Zen windows and received a price for Softlite Nirvana windows and on my own I found Provia Endure windows.
    I am not sure which one to go with.


  169. Hi-
    We replaced our windows 5 years ago, but can’t find the paperwork to contact the manufacturer. Is there a comprehensive list manufacturers? Ours was in response to someone coming by the house. We checked with someone near us the recommended, but now we have a picture window that has some condensation inside.

    We feel if we see the name of the manufacturer, we’ll recognize it.

    1. Hi Al, we have a pretty thorough list here, but there are a lot of small local manufacturers and many private label brands that don’t really exist outside of a brochure. That is something you commonly see from door to door sales type companies. So, there isn’t really a total list of all window brands.

      Sometimes you can find a sticker if you lower one of the top sashes and look up into the frame. You can send a picture of any sticker or mark and we can see if we recognize it.

  170. Great site, thanks for all of the information! We are about to replace 18 windows in our home. We have a local contractor we like (and have used before), who’s recommending Wincore 7700’s. We have 8 that need to be tempered, and the installed price is right around $15k. After reading some of the comments here, we thought it was worth asking if this is a good window? This contractor also handles Atrium, Simonton and Pella. Of those (from what I’ve read here), Pella seems to be the only one worth also considering. What is your thought on the Wincore at this price? Should we look at other brands?

    Thank you

  171. Hi,
    we recently received an estimate in March 2021 from The Aluminum Co. of NC. The home was new when purchased in January 1999. We know we’re OVERDUE for replacment windows and have 27 original double hung vinyl windows to be replaced. Our estimate came in at $21,148 for Okna 600 Heatseal Dluxe including labor. Is this a fair cost?

    Stacey (Raleigh, NC)

    1. Hi Stacey, thanks for reaching out. Our company also offers windows in the Raleigh area and I think you’d like how the options compare. You can find us in this section and you can get a quote online with no in-home salesman. It’s the easiest way to get new windows.

  172. Thanks for reminding me that picking the right window is only half of what you do. A ton of people might overlook this and assume they need to just pick the window and be done. But finding someone to install it is just as important.

  173. Looks like a great website. I’m looking for a single French-style door and maybe some replacement windows (or maybe I should just replace the cracked glass in the windows I have, not sure). My question is — what do you think some of the best windows are? Good quality and not totally overpriced? Most of your window reviews are pretty negative, which I respect, but where would you steer people? Seems like the only one you said was worthwhile was the Gentek Signature Elite (they don’t seem to make French doors, unfortunately). I know you said to start with the installer, but you don’t recommend any in Jacksonville, Florida. And I’m not too sure about HomeAdvisor. I tried Houzz and they were garbage, so I don’t really want to try another lead generation service. So maybe I should start with the window manufacturer? Who would you recommend though?