Vista Window Company Closes Their Doors

Unfortunately another smaller window manufacturer has closed their doors for good.  It looks like Vista Window Company is gone.  Their voicemail says they closed due to unforeseen circumstances and their google listing says they’re closed for good.  We always hate to see a company struggle.  Unfortunately, I think it’s going to continue to get more difficult for smaller window companies to compete.

vista windows bankruptcy
Vista Window Company closed their doors on January 14th 2019.

What happens with the Vista Windows Warranty?

We’ve reached out to Vista Window Company and asked about the status of any pending orders and if there is any process for warranty claims as I’m sure our readers will be asking.

Right now, I would guess that there is no warranty and owners of these windows may be out of luck.  If we hear back with any info I’ll update this page right away.

What about pending orders for Vista Windows?

If you have an order pending for Vista windows I’d reach out to your contractor or dealer right away to make sure they can offer you something else.  Most reputable contractors will have credit terms established with manufacturers so they likely haven’t actually paid for your windows.  That means the contractor still has any deposit you’ve given them and you can (hopefully) order something else.  If they tell you the deposit is spent you might want to check with an attorney as you’ll probably have a hard time getting that money back.

If you hear any info that is different than what we’re written here please let us know asap.  You can post a comment or contact us privately.  I’m sure many folks will have questions about the status of Vista Window Company so any info you have to share will be helpful.

What if I was about to order Vista Windows?

Consider yourself lucky!  It’s time to order something else.  I’d look towards larger manufacturers.  You never know what the future may hold for any company, but there are plenty of large and we’ll established companies out there.  There’s no need to take a gamble on a smaller player.

If/when we receive any new information on Vista Windows we’ll post it on this page so feel free to bookmark this page and check back for updates anytime.

If you’re still shopping for new windows a good first step is to check our list of great local companies.  You can also find our detailed window reviews here.  Have fun!

The Best Window Company in New York – Window King!

For years we’ve been hearing from readers asking for a recommendation for the best window company in New York.  I’m happy to recommend my friend Nick and his company, Window King.

Window King is the best window company in New York

Who is Window King?

They’ve been serving the Tri-State area for decades with great results.  They operate the same way that my company does by offering great products at great prices without all of the sales hype that some companies feel is necessary.

The company was started by Nick’s mom 26 years ago in the very same location where they operate today.  You don’t find that kind of longevity from a lot of window companies these days.

When we started talking about working together on the site I was encouraged by the way their business philosophy fits so well in to what your readers are looking for.  Of course after being in the industry for decades Nick knows how the other guys are operating and he knows how to make his company stand apart.  Now, Window King works with us and supports the site both financially and with the great content we’re working to provide.

Here what one of their customers says about them:

This was the second time we have used Window King, they have replaced 11 windows in our home. They are courteous, professional and punctual. The windows were installed perfectly and they cleaned up all of the debris. They beat all estimates & do a great job. 

How do I reach them?

If you’re in New York, Long Island or anywhere in the Tri-State are you’ll want to reach out to them to see how they can help.  You’re going to love what they have to offer.

There are 3 easy ways to get more information:

  1. Give them a ring right now at 718-792-5989
  2. Send them an email
  3. Fill out the form below and they’ll be in touch

However you reach out, be sure to tell them TheWindowDog sent you and they’ll take great care of you.