10,000 Visits in July & Growing Every Day!

Every day we are blown away by the growth of this site.  We wanted to take just a minute to say thanks to our fantastic readers.


This site was started as part of a news years resolution to help make this business easier for folks to navigate.  We first went online (with a little help from a friend) on Jan 4, 2014.  Since then we’ve been working hard to post all sorts of behind the scenes window info and the feedback from readers has just been great.

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We certainly were surprised to see we had over 10,000 readers in July and we’ve continued to break daily traffic records into August.  At this growth rate we could potentially have over 250,000 readers in 2015. That’s just crazy!

We’re certainly not done producing great content.  In addition to hundreds of new window reviews that will be coming online soon we also have setup a top secret Window Dog test lab.  Our inventory of window samples is growing by the day and we have some fancy new video equipment to bring you all of the latest info.

Soon we’ll be posting detailed videos on common window features along with real world tests to help you decide what is worth the money and what is a bunch of hot air.  For example, we’ll be testing glass options and spacer systems very soon.  In addition, we’ll be adding detailed video reviews and side by side product comparisons to illustrate the differences between various products.

So, if you have any window related questions that aren’t yet answered be sure to post a comment and we’ll do out best to address it.  We read each and every comment and try to respond to as many as possible.

If you’re interested in continuing to learn more about windows be sure to bookmark the site and things are only going to keep growing around here!

Thanks for coming by and we really do appreciate you!