Does More Expensive Mean Better When Buying New Windows?

Just a quick post today because I came across a funny YouTube video that I wanted to share.

Often times customers will think that one window product is better than another because it costs more. We understand this industry is challenging to navigate but it’s a mistake to assume that more expensive means better.

There certainly are super cheap windows that are basically garbage and there are more expensive options that are defininltey nicer products.

Unfortunately, with most window companies it can be hard to tell if your hard earned dollars are going towards better quality products and service or are they going to the salesman’s pocket? The best way to avoid over paying is to start by talking with a reputable company (like the companies we recommend all over the country).

Customers also often think that the friendly salesman that came over to their house is looking to help them. Unfortunately both can be pretty far from the truth.

Here’s a sales trainer or “coach” for the in-home sales business showing you what these guys do when they leave your house with an order.

Is he worrying about providing the best value to you or is he focused on selling for the highest price so his 10% – 15% commission is as high as possible?

This is what these guys do when they leave your house with a contract. Buyer beware.

How do you get new windows without the run-around from a pushy in-home salesman?

Check this section for our recommended companies all over the country. You can also find window reviews here and more info on common window sales tactics here.

Have fun out there!