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  1. hey window dog.

    hope all is well. I had a question. I have been doing as much research as I can. I am a general contractor, and the two window guys I work with gave me good deals. for 28 windows and a 7 foot door, they offered sunrise windows, and Berkshire elite windows for about 22k and 21k respectively.

    Anyway, we also had APEX come in. and I read your articles and comments, basically they use some slightly upgrades 8000 series window from alside and call in the insigna window. they also are 22k.

    pros on that window is triple pane, and metal hardware. the frame is insulated. Honestly I think alside windows look cheap including the insigna. And its a lie that they specially engineer.

    Sunrise is only double pane, but supposedly they use air (not gas) and still have amazing low e ratings. and I dont really like the plastic tabs to fold the windows in. however, the contractor I have loved his work, and he swears by your windows.

    I also live in colorado. I feel this is a factor over time… I could be wrong

    Whats your thoughts on all this. Would love your advise. Windows are hard to know



    1. I picked the Berkshire Elite window to offer in a lot of our stores because I think it’s a better option. You can get triple pane with it if you want and it gets better air infiltration rate than the 8000 series. Sunrise offers the same argon gas options as anyone else. If they’re proposing a window without argon gas it may be because of the altitude. A window without the gas will be less efficient. You can see it in the ratings. To try to get similar ratings with low-e only would lead to a very dark window. You may want to look at the VT ratings to see how much light you’d get and the Condensation Resistance rating to see what that low-e is doing.

      Good luck with the project.

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