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You’ve found the best replacement windows reviews and information on the entire internet.

My trusty hound dog and I decided to start this site to provide a little real world info to folks considering replacement windows for their home.

I’ve spent years working in the window business everywhere from distribution centers in Maryland, Massachusetts and Kansas to a 400,000 square foot replacement window manufacturing facility in North Carolina, to a corporate headquarters in Ohio, to a $10,000,000+ wholesale window distribution center in Virginia and I’m the founder of a multimillion dollar company offering replacement windows and installation services across the country.

Hopefully I can use all of that experience to help people make sense of this business.

Why bother spending time writing about the best replacement windows companies?

For starters, I just got back from the home show in Indianapolis (if you live nearby I highly recommend this show) where I repeatedly heard folks say that they just can’t make sense of the different products out there.  They don’t know who to believe and they struggle to find worthwhile, unbiased information online.  Every company says their products are “the best”, but that doesn’t seem possible.

Over the years I’ve seen folks make bad decisions based on inaccurate or misleading info they came across online.  While most salespeople in our business are good people trying to make a living they don’t always have all of their facts straight and there is simply no good place for the consumer to get the real information.

There was no good place to go to find unbiased ratings and reviews of the best replacement windows available.  There is now.

5 top categories of window info:

The goal is to provide real concrete information to help folks figure all of this out.

I’m sure folks will have questions on other topics and we might even find other window pros who disagree on some points.  That’ll be fun.  Post a comment on anything or request more info and I’ll do  my best to write back as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

So why The Window Dog?  Because this is a big purchase and it’s important that you get the real info, but it’s just windows.  We’re not going to war or building the space shuttle.  Remember to have fun in life and avoid taking things too seriously.  Here’s the window dog all dressed up for the Fourth of July last year.

The best replacement windows site on the entire internet.

He’s not much of a water skier, but he sure does love a good boat ride in the summertime!

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248 thoughts on “The Best Replacement Window Info on the Entire Internet”

  1. Forget the entire article.. i m in love with the picture of dog wrapped in flag.. this gives me a new idea to try on my dog.

      1. Dog
        I can’t get your web site to accept my email address
        I live in Oklahoma and unfortunately you don’t service my state
        I’m considering two window manufacturers that are local or regional company’s
        Do you know anything about the aluminum widows offered by Thermo Windows inc. or Don Young aluminum widows

        1. Hi Jeff, unfortunately I’m not too familiar with either one. What do you see as an advantage of one vs the other?

    1. Hello, I am looking to replace atleast 30 windows in my home that are made of wood. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and need a architectural window, with a thick moulding look on the outside as well as thick grilles, an 1 3/4 to keep the colonial look of the house intact. Any suggestions, the quotes have been outrageous and I am thinking of having a millwork company to the grilles.

    2. Good job capturing interest! Thanks…I have a unique inquiry. Our need is for interior window (s) for sound abatement.

      A number of years ago, we had a company in SE Michigan install some Magnetic Thermal Acoustical Storm (interior) windows. They work very well. Regrettably, the company no longer makes this product.

      We recently had a double (sound reducing) window installed. Not sufficient. We live in an urban area adjacent to a major interstate freeway, and have lots of windows (16).

      Are you familiar with a company that would custom make a thick plexiglass interior window. We have an effective, existing mounted template for a start or reference,

      Any guidance or suggestions? Thanks for your consideration.

      Dennis & Charline Beagen

  2. I noticed the Lost Dog and Cat banner…they are awesome!

    My last two pups were from them.

    I have spent more time and research on shopping for windows for my townhome than I care to think about and have gotten 3 quotes that were all over the place.

    The prices were a pretty big spread and I have to confess I have no flipping idea what is up or down. Your site is helping a bit though.

    1. They are awesome! We got our little guy about 2 years ago now and he’s fantastic!

      Glad the site is helping, at least a little. I recommend Angie’s List a lot because it really is a great place to start. If you haven’t come across it yet, you can see our thoughts here. You’ll also find discounts on membership, it’s well worth the price!

          1. Do you have a window company in the Chicago north metro area? I checked out The Window Dog on Angie’s List but nothing came up. I live in a condo and I don’t know if I can do replacement windows, because the uniformity of all the apartments would be different. Also, the 38 year old exterior frames may need to be replaced also. Do replacement windows need to be installed inside of the existing window frames?

          2. We don’t have anyone that we recommend in Chicago, but we are looking for companies to recommend all over the country. If you have a great experience with a company in your area please let us know!

          3. Thanks for sending me a local salesperson. She cut me off pretty quickly when I asked her a question which might have made her think a small job was not worth her time. To avoid being ripped off would you recommend buying the windows from the manufacturer and hiring an installer, or just going with someone who will sell me the better, yet lesser known brands? I live in verrry windy, cold, hot, snowy and huge hail ridden Colorado Springs (btw I had Andersen in my last house and was not impressed). I’m interested in fiberglass, unless you would recommend otherwise. Would you also recommend fiberglass to replace my aluminum egress basement windows? If you can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated! I just moved into a house with 2 broken windows which need to be replaced immediately. Since I’m a student, I want to wait until graduation to replace the many others.

            Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  3. When will the best window review for 2014 be available and where. I reside in northern Virginia and am looking to replace 21 double hung windows. Been looking for 2 years and am tired of all the BS. Originally looking at fiberglass but after reading your reviews well maybe I’ll stick to vinyl or stay with wood. I rows get windy and cold. Looking for either the best wood or vinyl window. Can you recommend. BTW did have a visit from Apex what a scam, but the sales people were ok. Usually I politely tell them not interested. Help. I’m so tired of looking. I am an Angies member and Direct Buy also. Any thoughts on Pollard?

    1. Barry, I am also a Direct Buy member. We joined hoping we could use that membership to purchase replacement windows. How was your experience in 2014? Which company did you use and have you been happy with the windows? We are in the Pittsburgh area, but I figure the experience would be similar.

    1. He get’s that a lot, but he’s actually a redbone coonhound. We can sleep easy at night knowing there are no varmints in our backyard!

      1. My dad raised redbone coonhounds, we used to go hunting with him as a kid, it was at night so it was exciting, a trade long lost over time. In the mean time I need help with several windows in my sun room, The company is almost impossible to deal with and will not call us back, we have several where the seals are gone. Any help repairing it ourselves will help…Thanks

        1. Hi Stacia, they’re great dogs! It’s hard for me to help with repairing your old windows. If you can order a new sash from the manufacturer they’re probably not too hard to install. It’s easier to do that than to just replace the glass. Good luck!

  4. Can you tell me anything about Gilkey Windows ? Right now seriously considering them and Soft-Lite, have had friends/family recommend both….We are in Cincinnati

    Thanks – love this site and the info you provide

  5. What do you know about Castle Windows. They are a company in Mount Lauren PA and claim to make great windows. Looking for more (true) information.

    1. Well they wouldn’t claim to make bad windows would they? In fact they don’t make windows at all. You might want to do a little more research. You’ll find the savings will likely be substantial.

      1. I just received a quote from Castle Windows. They told me they manufacture their own windows. Is that untrue? Website doesn’t say. They claim they use their own w-2 employees too.

        What I did not like is that he could not give me a paper with their warranty or window features and their web site provides little info on certifications and construction features. What I did like is that the vinyl is strengthened by aluminum metal strips inside the frame and insulated inside too. They also wrap the window with insulation batt during the install. These features though are not anywhere on paper or their site. Having a hard time trusting them.

        1. Last I heard they were using windows from Northeast Building Products. I do not believe they make their own windows. It would be easy to find out. Just ask them for the CDP# for the windows they’re proposing and I can show you how to look it up.

          1. It’ll be on the sticker on the windows when they arrive, but by then it’s too late. To get it before you order you’ll need to ask the rep what it is. If they don’t know CPD stands for Certified Product Directory. It’s through the NFRC and all windows are registered there.

  6. Thank you for another informative site. Where else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal way? I have a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  7. I am now totally confused.
    I need replacement windows for my condo.
    Can you simply recommend a good, moderately priced window company?

  8. Based on my research and “thewindowdog” insight/expertise and reviews, I went with the Alside Mezzo. Very happy with the windows. Great price and happy with the look. Plus the installation, per my installer followed the rules (best practices) which I think is 50% of window purchase. Great window + honest pricing + correct installation = worth the money spent.

  9. The biggest problem with window “install” companies is that they represent manufacturing their own windows . When 99% of the time they buy from national suppliers (that homeowners could buy directly from thru supply centers) I worked 8 years for a manufacturer/distributor and made arrangements to purchase windows for my nephews house thru an employee discount program (they generously offered 40% below printed cost) however my sister in law called a window company and the salesman told her “We get a better window than the employee could buy because they have their own specs that the window manufacturer uses to build their windows” Absolutely WRONG the company builds 5 grades of windows with several options available on each model . But the slick salesman talked her into a contract & it was a complete nightmare and they ended up using windows from a cheaper manufacturer to beat the price I had gotten for the project .

  10. I am strongly considering Gilkey. Their ratings seem very good for a reasonable price. Any idea when you’ll have a full review for them? Or just some initial thoughts?

  11. Thank you for your great site. I don’t see reviews of the soft light barrington or the Polaris Thermawald. I seem to get the idea that they are comparable mid-grade windows. Is this correct? Advice? Looking to replace 20 windows in a 1927 home that had the original wood single pane with aluminum storms added.

  12. Thank you so much for providing some reliable information on what windows to choose for your house. I figured that the type of windows you get really depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’re trying to increase energy efficiency, you want different windows than if you’re trying to make your home look old-fashioned.

  13. It’s so important for people to do research before purchasing anything for their homes. This is especially true when it comes to windows. Many companies will try to just sell you whatever they can, even if it isn’t what’s best for your home. By doing research, you’ll be able to find the right windows for you at the budget you have.

    1. In know you are talking a lot about replacement window, but we are building a new house. Looking at simonton and alside. Any preference one over the other. And which series

  14. I am going to replace 13 windows and having a hard time deciding on which brand to go with. I like the Okna but the are much more expensive. So what do you think about Norandex ExtremeX , ExtremeXX, or Simaton Prism?

  15. Were looking at replacing 12 of our Aluminum framed windows with Renewal by Anderson Fibrex windows. Are we making a bad choice? Paying for a name over quality? Or is there true quality with the name.

  16. Window Dog has already written a good blog entry about Anderson Fibrex window. In a nutshell, there is nothing exceptional about this window. When I looked at the windows after getting a quote, I took note of the following:
    — The actual window cost was hidden from me in the quote. The installation cost was blended in with the window cost. Anderson renewal would not share the actual costs line by line. I asked for it, they resisted. So when i calculated the cost divided by the window count, it came to $1000 per window.

    The warranty for these windows are not great. They brag about how the Fiberx are compared to vinyl…. so why the short duration warranty?

    The sales person insisted that the wife be present. Cheesy sales approach.

    The windows frames are thick, therefore not an attractive window.
    Again, nothing exceptional about their window that warrants their price. Anderson Renewal makes the % of money with the installation. Therefore the buy 4 windows, get the 5th one free or whatever rebate they offer is only to get you to schedule with them, feel like you have a window deal, but pay high on the installation. (take the offers with a grain of salt).

  17. One installer said he would cover wood rot with vinyl trim and replacement windows

    is it all right to cover rotted trim on outside??. To

    1. No. It’s not. The rotten wood needs to be replaced with good wood and then it can be capped with aluminum trim coil. Don’t be cheap and don’t let him be cheap either. You’ll regret it.

  18. Hi,
    I plan to replace all 38 windows using installers from Angie’s list. One installer uses OKNA500, another one uses Simonton Asure. OKNA windows are $4,500 more than Simonton. Which window is better? Which is a better choice? Please advice.

          1. No, the installer told me about Alside Mezzo windows after learning that I may go with Okna window installer. So, what’s your options about Alside Mezzo and Okna500? I am nervous and hope to make a right decision for family.

          2. They’re really pretty similar products. Did anything stand out as being better about one vs the other?

  19. Having windows and doors replaced with hurricane impact.
    DP-50, E-366,Argon. Doors are full view.
    I live at the beach in Charleston SC.
    I received three prices to include Jeld-Wen, Simonton and Stergis which is part of a American Window Alliance.
    Best pirce puts Simonton against stergis. Never heard of Stergis. Is Jeld-We worth the extra bucks?

    1. Are you looking at Jeld-Wen wood or vinyl? I’m about to install some Andersen impact windows at the beach in North Carolina, but they’re wood casement windows so it’s a bit of a different animal.

    2. Jeldwen ,Pella,and Anderson are all the same with selling you their double hung low e window for around $1000 per window. There is a company called Graycler who sells triple pane at much cheaper cost they have amazing service and are honest. Look at their reviews on the BBB. They are out of Texas and coming to Charleston in June. Let me know if you want their contacts. No sales pressure at all.

      1. The companies you listed are wood window manufacturers. It looks like Graycler is an installer unless I’m missing something. You can get many windows for less than $1000 per window, but wood windows from the brands you mentioned do get to that price and higher all the time. I’m not sure what you’re suggesting here.

        1. Do you have any more information on Graycler, I met with their rep in Charleston super nice and the windows look and feel strong. Says they are triple pane and impact resistant. The price worked out around$772 per window installed. In Houston they got really good reviews.

          1. Al, did you use graycler for your windows? I got the sales pitch yesterday and was impressed. I’m doing a little follow-up research and can’t basically find anything about the company.

      1. Hi Terry, you haven’t missed anything from me. I’m not too familiar with Croft windows, was hoping someone else would chime in. What did you see that caught your interest? Was there anything that seemed special about them?

  20. I am looking at replacing 16 windows in my home. I have estimates from wincore 7700 for 4,000, polaris ultraweld for 5300, and grand estates for 4,300. Any thoughts? I also have a friend who has installed windows before and will help me and that will save 1,000 off these estimates. Thoughts there too? I live in Akron OH. Thanks

  21. Hello WD! Thank you for the video on how to fix a window that won’t stay up. I’m assuming the same holds true for the top sash that falls down when the lower sash is open?

  22. I am deciding between Simonton Prism – Platinum, Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Energy Wall (Energy Weld) – 18 windows and approx. 290 square feet of windows. The Simonton quote I got was the best at $605/window installed and the Soft-Lite is $845/window and Energy Wall at $750/window. We are somewhat focused on budget, but also want to ensure we have quality windows installed in our house. Any recommendations on these options and if the price quotes are reasonable or not? I haven’t negotiated any of the estimates.

  23. I know this probably gets said all the time, but I had to write this on the page. Our initial bid from Pella for our windows was $38,000. After reading this site and the story about a guy saving $15,000, I joined Angies list and got 3 more bids from them. The bids we are now choosing from are all around $20,000—for roughly the SAME thing. Thank you WINDOW DOG for saving me $18,000 and telling me that all of the sales tactics were scams!

  24. hello, we have a stucco home built in 2000. we are replacing windows and have had three installers tell us that we would have to remove a section of stucco around the window in order to replace the window properly and then add new stucco once it’s installed. this makes installation as expensive as the window itself. One installer, Window World, said that we would only have to remove the old window and then put the new window in it’s place and add a lifetime foam around the window to secure it, making installation significantly cheaper. Who’s right?

    1. Sounds like Window World is right to me. Larger manufacturers make windows for that specific application. They have a stucco flange that covers the old bit of frame allowing the new window to go in without disturbing the stucco.

      1. Doesn’t that application make the area of the window smaller? Does this effect the egress needed in a bedroom and city building codes require?

  25. Hi Window Dog –

    We are in the process of getting estimates for 24 vinyl double hung windows and a patio sliding door in Chicago. We are torn between Alside’s Mezzo windows and Great Lakes Lifestyles models (which comes with the Maxuus 7.6 glass system). We understand that the Mezzo is a double pane and the Lifestyles (Great Lakes) is a triple pane. Price is not really our main concern…………..we are more concerned with which window is better (keeping in mind we live in Chicago). We plan on being in our house for at least 20 more years. We are confident in both contractors, so installation is not the concern/issue. If you had to choose between these two options (again, with price not being an issue), which one would you go with ?? Your website/blog is very helpful and informative. Thanks, Dennis

    1. I do like the Mezzo windows more than the Great Lakes. We’ve been told Mezzo windows will be shipping with triple pane glass in January so if that a huge concern you may be able to wait. Have you talked to our pals in Chicago? They do a lot of triple pane windows and they may be able to help.

  26. Know anyone in Cincinnati? I got an offer for 8 Alside Fusions installed for $3K all in. Thoughts? Does size matter in terms of cost per window? 4 of the 8 are small windows. I’d like a 9th for that price or move to the “Mezzo” window 8 for $3K…. Thanks

    PS – You are the Man! or the Dog! Whichever you prefer…

  27. Great website and two questions:

    1. If you were replacing windows in your house today, what manufacturer would you pick based on quality of the product (without regard to the installer)?

    2. Other than this website, are you still in the window business today? If so, what are those affiliations?


  28. I was wondering how long you have been doing these reviews on windows. I only ask because many people say a lot of different things on their websites. I watched a few of your videos and was wondering how long you have been in the window business for also what are your qualifications. It is just hard to find quality information on the net sometimes…

    1. Hi Tom, I’ve been in the business quite a while with pretty diverse background from manufacturing, to distribution, to wholesale sales, to installations and in-home sales. Now I own a multimillion dollar window company operating 7 stores in 4 states and the District of Columbia. I’d bet you lunch you can’t find someone with a wider range of window industry experience than me!

      I’ve written a bit about my background here, here and here.

  29. Do you have any recommendations on good vinyl replacement windows and installers in the Charleston, SC area? I’ve joined Angie’s List and found very few options locally. Thanks in advance.

    1. I don’t know anyone personally in Charleston. We can help with our new Alside windows program. We’re only keeping this trial program open through the end of the year and then we’re going to shut it down to make some adjustments so get it while it’s hot!

  30. I see the brand Lindsay on the list of window companies/manufacturers on your website but it is not a link and as I searched on the site it did not bring anything up that I could see. Am I missing something, operator error, or isn’t there information on this brand available at this time? I live in MN and found a company on Angie’s list that is offering a deal for $5500 for the Windows and install of 10 4′ x 4′ white Windows. The company has great reviews but I want to know more about the Windows themselves. Any information that you can provide?

    1. Not operator error at all. More like author error. We just haven’t gotten to them yet. I promise we will, but I don’t have a timeline at this point.

  31. I was all set to order the Simonton 5500 series windows and now see there is a law suit against them. Do you know if it is on all the windows? Valerie

    1. I’m not familiar with the specifics of a lawsuit. If you have a link to a helpful resource feel free to post it for everyone.

  32. WD thank you for providing such a valuable resource for myself and my fellow window replacement hunters! I don’t see comments on Rite Windows and I would appreciate knowing what you think of them. Thanks to you I have ruled out 2 companies plus a salesman who used several of your “tricky sales tactics”!

  33. Looking for a vinyl replacement window for window 35 x 54. What size window should I get? The chart on line is no good at all.

    American Craftsman is a good window , but there is no effort to really help the customers.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking. It sounds like you need a window that is 35 x 54. Typically the installer will cutback the size from the rough opening by 1/2″ on the width and height to allow a little room to adjust the new window in the opening. The exact amount really depends on the opening, how square and level is it, etc.

      I would strongly suggest getting custom windows so they fit right. Trying to take a stock window from Home Depot or Lowes and “make it work” is the kind of thing that keeps my company in business. We’ll be there in a few years to fix it.

  34. So if you were replacing windows in your personal residence what would be your two top vinyl windows?

      1. My wife is worried about white vinyl yellowing over time (10+ years)…can you reassure her? We are considering Revere Berkshire Elite.

        1. That was an issue with old vinyl windows, not a thing anymore. For example, in the past you couldn’t use vinyl windows in the southwest because they couldn’t stand up to the harsh sun. Now there is a Revere plant in Yuma, Arizona and they install all over the southwest. If the windows can stand up to the environment in Yuma they’ll do just fine in Ohio.

  35. First off, thanks for the great website, it’s been really helpful.

    We live in update New York, and are looking to replace our original 1920’s windows with vinyl replacements. We’ve gotten a number of quotes, and the contractor we like best is recommending Ideal Majestic. Do you have any experience with this brand? I haven’t been able to find many people that have used them. The contractor also said he could provide a quote installing Soft-lite’s, but didn’t specify which model. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  36. Love your site.
    Have read that you are a fan of sunrise windows. To me in doing my research, it looks like they make different windows for the market. So when a company comes out to show a window, how do you know which one he is showing or just take his word for it?
    He also tried to push the nt windows on us. To push us into the nt window , he also said that sunrise has had a big turnover in the last few years. One other thing is that they are very very slow in sending out replacement parts or completing orders.
    Would like to hear more on this, from someone that knows the facts. Have not made a decision yet

    1. I haven’t heard about Sunrise being slow on parts, but perhaps someone else might chime in. I know Gary the founder of Sunrise and I’ve found my interactions with everyone there to be very professional. If your local contractor is pushing you towards something and you’re not comfortable just get another quote and see how it compares. There are many fish in the sea.

  37. More remark’s on the sunrise windows. Salesman say’s that on single hung windows were not as energy efficient because they could not insulate the frame and windows sashes on top. HELP.

    1. Remember, you don’t need to take anyone’s word on something like that. Just ask them for the U-Factor and that will tell you how efficient the window is. If it’s lower it’s better, if it’s higher it’s worse. No stories about insulation or anything else are relevant.

  38. Hello. Would you mind talking about grids between panes vs. outside panes? I noticed that the really nice houses have them and it’s definitely an upscale look. Is there a problem with ice? I am looking at vinyl windows.

    1. Not a problem with ice. The external grids are available from most manufacturers. They look nice and substantial, but many people prefer the interior grids because the windows are easier to clean and the can’t get damaged by the kids or the dog jumping on them. One really isn’t better or worse than another, just a different look. We install by types in really nice houses. Just depends what the owner prefers.

  39. Has anyone run across United Windows? Looking to replace 11 double hung windows. Have gotten quotes from Sunrise and Renewal by Anderson. Both higher than we expected. Also, a quote on the Berkshire Elite which was more in our price range. Window World is coming tomorrow. This whole process is giving me a headache but will have to say everyone has been very nice to work with. Any feedback on these would be great. Would be willing to pay a little more if one of these product lines is superior.

  40. I’m replacing 18 windows. I’ve been offered Simonton ProFinish Contractor, install for $10,999.00 Can’t find the energy ratings for this model. Is this a good purchase?

  41. Hello! I live in upstate New York and am planning on replacing the windows in my house. I have two options from contractors for the job. One is offering the Alside Mezzo and the other is offering the Viwinco. I see that you don’t have a review on the Viwinco yet and I can’t seem to find many reviews on it. Which would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. The last experience I had with Viwinco was when they were making the old Certainteed Brynmawr II windows which weren’t great. I’m more family with Alside and I do think there is an advantage to working with a bigger company.

  42. I have a Window Universe Express quote for Revere Berkshire Elite replacement windows but would like to know where I can go to touch/feel/look at an actual Revere Berkshire Elite. Is there a way to do that? Can the guy who comes to take the measurements help us out in that regard? Thanks.

  43. Hi, what is your opinion of Window Depot of Eastern Iowa? I don’t have a quote yet but wondered if they were any good before I called them.

  44. I live in the Chicago area and need to replace 19 windows, probably with vinyl windows because of the price and decent quality. I have looked at Alside but they do not offer a walnut interior. Sunrise (a very nice window) offers a walnut interior but only with a white exterior. Are there any decent (mid-range) vinyl windows that have a walnut interior and a range of exterior colors (not custom painted) in my area. I liked the Marvin fiberglass windows with everwood (custom stain), but the price is $440 more per window.

    1. I believe offers a walnut interior color and color exterior. Like Sunrise, they will custom color. Seaway makes Windows have reinforced meeting rails and foam inside the sash.

      I decided against Sunrise because: 1. they use a metal spacer vs. the warm/super spacer. 2. their exterior grids did not join at crossing as well as Signature/Seaway’s. I decided against exterior grids but thought it was telling. 3. I spoke to customer service at Seaway to get the NFRC number for verification. They were responsive and nice. 4. Seaway offered a standard color that worked with my HOA.

  45. We’ve been considering replacing our windows and had a local contractor stop by with what he claims is a special promotional offer only available to 2 houses in our area. The quote he gave seems pretty reasonable, but it is referring to windows he calls the Platinum Conservation Series windows – also known as Alside Signature Series 8000. They are triple pain windows, but it’s difficult to find information on them. Do you have any reviews or opinions? The salesman is telling us these are Alsides premium window – is that true? Please help.

    1. That 8000 series product is a fine window. The pricing gimmicks are probably unnecessary, but many companies do operate that way. If you’d like an option you can fill out the form on this page for an online quote. The 8000 series does have a higher air infiltration rate than some newer designs which is not ideal. It’s a fine product, but not exceptional.

  46. WD what brand of window would you recommend for a new construction of a transitional/modern home in Northern Virginia. looking for the best product for the money with low maintenance and long lasting. Very confused with all the available products but considering aluminum clad/ wood windows if you see advisable.
    Also do you know any good dealers in this area.
    Thank you in advance

  47. I am looking to replace 17 windows in my home in NJ. I have been reading through your reviews and watching your videos.
    My head is spinning! Is there somewhere on your website where you list the top 3-5 replacement windows? I am looking for a moderately priced, good quality window that will last another 25 years. HELP!

  48. Just received a quote from Anderson windows from a company called Renewal. The quote was for 7 windows for a price of
    $16,800. That’s seems like a lot, am I wrong? I live in east texas.

  49. I have two bids for 10 sliders

    Comfort Design Comfort Series U=.28, AI=.06, DP=20
    Plygm Pro 200 u=.21, AI=.20, Dp=40 (triple pane windows)

    The Pylgem windows are $75 more per window.
    Would you be more concerned about the high leakage numbers of the Plygem or the lower DP numbers of the Comfort Design. In Seattle we rarely have high winds but due have a high earthquake risk.

    Thanks for creating a great website.

    1. I don’t think you need to worry about windows in terms of earth quakes. If the house moves enough to break the window any window would probably break. An air infiltration rate of 0.20 is pretty high. I’d be concerned about that. The 0.28 U-Factor window doesn’t meet the Energy Star guidelines for the area unless the SHGC is 0.32 or higher. It might be worthwhile to look for another option.

      We offer Alside and Revere windows in Seattle through this program with better ratings. If you’re interested we’d be happy to get you a quote.

  50. Wow, sounds really good. Great article for those who are looking for a perfect window system for their homes. Thanks for sharing this. btw, the dog in the picture resembles mine. 😛

  51. Great website and a great idea. I know only too well the amount of substandard window installation companies that are operating today. This is a good contact source for any people about to invest in new windows.

  52. I’m looking to replace a walk out door with side windows and put in a set of three double hung windows. The job will require some construction work (knee wall) with both inside and outside work. The area will also need to be insulated.

    Am I better of going to a home improvement contracting company or a window replacement contractor?

    1. Some window companies will be able to handle a project like that easily and some won’t. You’ll just need to ask them if it’s something they can handle.

  53. I was excited to find your website, thinking you were totally unbiased, but then digging deeper you have a company that sells Alside windows. So maybe your recommendation for my zip code of an Alside dealer/installer is not so unbiased. That dealer quoted me within my budget for white/white but I really want a different exterior color which is $2500 and $1100 more than quotes from a company installing Vista Panorama and one installing Earthwise, respectively. So how can you be objective if you have a company selling Alside?

    1. Hi there, that’s a question I get a lot. My company is one of the largest window companies in the country. We could offer any products we want. Through our 8 stores we offer a pretty wide range of products. Every manufacturer in the country would want us to carry their windows so we have a great opportunity to evaluate the options.

      My company doesn’t sell Alside windows very often, but I know many great companies that do. You’re certainly under no obligation to take my advice. What did you like or not like about the windows you’ve seen?

    2. I have no dog in this fight, but Vista is crap. Low end windows from a company that hasn’t been around very long, so I’m sure they are less expensive than most quotes (in fact they are typically offered only by companies that count on being the lowest quote). Earthwise is hit or miss. The issue here is there are 18 or so different manufactures that all make the same product. While there frames are the same the manufacturing quality is different. Our entry level window is Earthwise and I have them shipped in from PA even though there is a local Earthwise manfufacturer about 5 miles from my office that manufacturers the exact same product for less money, than what I pay, but yet I’m willing to pay more because the manufacturing quality is that much different. Although I’m generally not a fan of Alside they are definitely a better option than Vista and depending on the Earthwise Manufacturer, Alside model and installer they could even be better option here if equally priced

  54. Really appreciate your site and Youtube vids! Purchasing 14 new windows. Two local companies giving bids. Both seem reputable and do not use sub-contractors for installation. One offers VinylMax Radience the other Polaris Thermaweld. Price is almost same. Which might you suggest?

    1. I’ve never been a huge fan of either one, but I know Polaris has their fans. What did you see as an advantage or disadvantage of one vs the other?

  55. I’m needing 11 windows replaced in a 3 seasons room and I live in the Chicago suburbs. I’m thinking I can get by with a single or double hung window that’s more of a “value” window and not spend $450/window since they’re not main windows for the house. Are there any manufacturer/model windows that would be a good match for this type of application? Or should I still go for a better performing window at a higher cost. I’ve read a lot of info about Okna Insultec and Soft-lite Imperial LS and they seem good but maybe it’s overkill for this type of room. Thoughts or recommendations? BTW great site and useful information. Thx

  56. Hi, there, I’ve been reading a number of your reviews and comments and am looking for advice. My wife and I need to replace a 30+ year-old patio door at our condo. The rough opening is 60″ x 80″ and per condo requirements it has to be bronze in color with grids (or grilles, depending on whom you ask). We don’t plan to be in this home for more than another 5 years, and we’ve gotten quotes from local window companies starting at around $3,000 installed, which is too much for our budget. We don’t have to have the fanciest door with the lowest U-factor, air leakage, VT, SHGC and condensation specs. We just want a door to replace our old one-it’s old, one of the panes is missing and it lets in too much cold/heat. Can you help us? We live in the Northern Virginia area, specifically Alexandria. Thanks!

    1. Sure. My company has an office in Alexandria right on King St. Call 703-595-4499 to setup a quote. The bronze color does add a bit to the price, but if it’s required there’s nothing you can do. You can also do a 12 month 0% interest plan if that helps. Find more info here.

  57. Hi. I was looking at Masterpiece windows at Lowe’s and didn’t see them on your list. Just wondering if you’ve had any feedback on that brand. Thanks for your help.

    1. I’m not too familiar with them. It’s probably a private label of another brand. What did you like or not like about them?

  58. Hello! We live in Wisconsin and just bought a house built in 70’s with wood windows. We love the colonial look and the wood windows but are considering vinyl or fiberglass windows for low maintenance. We’ve had 2 companies stop by for quotes: 1 vinyl and 1 fiberglass. It’s very confusing and we’re not sure what would be best in our climate. Any advice? Have you reviewed Beechworth windows?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. In addition, we are not specifically opposed to wood. It’s difficult to know what windows to choose.

      1. I tend to say that if you want the look of wood windows you should get wood windows. Getting imitation wood windows wouldn’t make me happy if it were my house. We work with Jeld Wen and WeatherShield in our stores with good success.

  59. Hi WindowDog. Great website that helps demystify windows. I have a question for you regarding when tempered glass is required or recommended. I need to have a ~72×72 picture window replaced and have talked with a few potential suppliers. Some say they will only do the job with tempered glass, others say it isn’t required and don’t see the need for it. The window isn’t in a location where it would be required by code (near door, shower, stairs, etc.). What do you think?

    1. It’s a safety thing in that when tempered glass breaks it breaks into small pebbles rather than large shards. It could still cut you, but it probably won’t really wound you. If it’s not required in your location then it really just comes down to whether the additional cost is worth the feeling of safety. Windows really don’t break that often, but anything could happen. Only you can decide if that piece of mind from tempered glass is worth the price.

  60. How long should it take to get an estimate after they measure the windows? I’ve had to call 2 companies to see when the estimates will be ready. Still don’t have them.

    1. That’s a little strange. They must be too busy. In our stores we give out quotes right away and sometimes by email. This business can be pretty easy if you let it.

  61. I love your site and all the great information. However, I start reading one review and then jump to another and another and another… It’s a bit overwhelming. Do you have any sort of grid or table or short list of recommended windows? I’m looking for 5 double hung windows, but don’t want to spend a fortune. I got two quotes for Marvin dealers for their fiberglass windows and they were for $7,500 and $5,500. So, vinyl is out the my price range. Based on your site, I think Alside or Sunrise are solid choices. Would you recommend anyone else I should get a quote for?

  62. Very informative sight. I`m in the process of replacing 27 windows on my home. The salesman offered Platinum conservation series triple panes for a reasonable price of 16000. To try and get a lower price I asked if n came in a double pane. It does not but he offered the mezzo double pane for 14000. I`m not sire which way to go. Do you think the triple pane would be worth 2000 over the mezzo double pane?

  63. Last week a salesman came to my door from American Remodeling Inc. from Denver (I live in Colorado springs) seeking to sell me Weathermax windows. I set up an appointment for a couple days later. Then I read your website and promptly cancelled the appointment. Yesterday, a salesman from Renewal by Anderson stopped by. I had to tell him twice I was not interested.

  64. Need help please very overwhelming on which windows to pick I’m in tampa do i go with pgt5500 winguard or siminton stormbreaker?

  65. I could not locate your recommendation of Classic Home Exteriors on Angie’s list for the Atlanta area. After sitting thru two extremely high pressure sales pitches this past weekend, I have no desire to do business in that manner. Any additional recommendations for the Atlanta area?

  66. Hey- Looking for a little feedback on my quotes thus far. Located in Southern Ohio.

    I have 10 windows to replace. 2 of them are 54″ wide, so they will likely be sliders or casements.
    I have 3 bids so far, with 1 more scheduled for a few days from now(Polaris Dealer). I guess I need some help sorting through them.

    Vinyl Kraft TrustGard (w/ Low E, Foam Filled, Argon): $3700

    Barrington (Double Pane, Low E): $4966
    Elements (Free Triple Pane Upgrade, Low E): $6044

    Alside Mezzo (Climatech IE Glass): $4,000

    Obviously the Elements is the champ here, but this is my first house, and I don’t plan on being here in 10 years or so. Is it worth the price jump? Also, Should I just spring for 2 casements? I’m not thrilled with the idea of sliders.

    Worth paying for full screens?

    1. Hi Matt, did you pick one yet? If not I may be able to help with a recommendation if you’re within an hour or so of Cincinnati or Columbus.

      1. I did. Went the route of the elements for slightly less than the stated amount.

        Wasn’t crazy about the either of the 2 cheaper options.

  67. Hi Dog,
    Taking your guidance and suggestions on this major window replacement project. Found a few “good” installed who have pitched Alside (Mezzo), Soft-Lite (Imerial LS) and Revere (Birkshire Elite) windows. There are so many similarities I’m not sure which is a better window (cost aside). Can you suggest one over the other? The installers mentioned tempered glass code requirements and size of windows (glass sq ft) adds extra cost. I’m also shocked the cost of grids are outrageous. Also need to pick sliding patio doors. I live in central Maryland if that helps. Still looking and sure to have more questions so will be back. Appreciate any insight from you or other folks.

  68. Hi WindowDog,
    I’ve got an appointment to meet with an OKNA dealer next week and wanted to get your honest opinion on the OKNA 500. I’ve been reading all the comments on your site and I feel like I’ve learned enough to make an informed decision on whether to move forward with the project. Only thing that confuses me is I’ve seen comments from you praising the OKNA 500 and I have also seen some comments where you say your not a huge fan of them. I also saw a comment you wrote saying anything over a 0.2 air leakage rating is a cause for concern. The OKNA 500 has a 0.3 rating. I’m just trying to understand what I’m getting into beforehand. This will be my first quote, I expect to speak to more companies before I make a final decision. This first dealer only sells OKNA windows. If you have the time can you let me know what are some other brands you’d recommend that are in the price range of the OKNA 500’s.

  69. Thank you so much!! I just watched your video on how to fix a window that won’t lock. The very first option worked – push the top part of the window all the way up and the bottom part all the way down. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. You saved me money, and I’m so relieved that the window is now locking. Go Window Dog!

  70. love the website, I had a pretty bad experience with a company trying to hard sell me some windows when I told them that day we weren’t looking to buy I needed a budget to get my head wrapped around this project, full house replacement of windows total of 18 openings, 27 windows and 1 sliding glass door.

    I ended up finding you site I did take your advice to go on angielist and brought out the two highest rated companies in the area, it was night and day experience for when they were in the home. They weren’t pushy and explained what they were going to do each spot.

    Now the problem I have is I have two quotes both of very different. One price did come in quite a bit less at $22,263, Alside Casement, I’m believe they are the custom made for them so the 8000 series you talk about. The other one came in at 29,284, Soft-Lite Imperial LS . They are all casement windows. That are vinyl with a wood grain look on the inside with white on the outside.

    My problem is the lack of understanding to know if those windows are worth the extra 7k. As install were being done the same identical way and both have the same U factor, both have the same lifetime warranty on the product. The alside installer gave 10 years on labor and the soft-lite gave lifetime on the labor, which seems like a big deal. Besides the labor warranty the two other major difference I can see is the CFM is .02 on soft-lite vs .06 on alside, but I had read on here anything under .1 you can’t really tell the difference. The soft-lite windows did have 90 degree crank out option for easy cleaning, which we did like. The alside also had the slimmest frame which is huge plus but like the 90 degree crank out not a deal breaker.

    I don’t have problem spending more money if its a better product, just looking for bit more understanding to see if the cost difference is worth it.

  71. I’m looking at milgard windows. The salesman told me that the triple glaze is cheaper and less energy efficient than the double glaze with best coatings. Apparently they can’t put the same coatings on the triple glaze. He advises me to go double glaze but after watching your videos, I still feel like triple is the way to go. What would you do? Thanks

    1. Just look at the ratings and see what the difference is. He could be right or he could be confused. Based on past experience I’d put it at about 50/50. It could just be that he wants to win the sales contest based on upgraded double pane glass. You never know, but the ratings will make it easy. Either they’re better or they’re not. No guessing required.

  72. Window Dog,
    Window Dog,
    I am looking at replacing 17 windows in my home. I have four different quotes, which are within $1,250.00 dollars of each other. Out of the four windows below, which are the most energy efficient and which would you recommend?
    1. Vytex Georgetown Series
    2. Simonton 5500 Reflection Series
    3. Lansing 40 series/ Atrium 8300
    4. Mezzo Alside Series

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Steve, they’re all custom made so there could be a lot of variation in what is offered in any one model. I would put the Lansing option at the bottom of my personal list. Then there are advantages and disadvantages to the others. What did you like or not like about the others?

      If you’re in the Northern Virginia area you might check out this section for a good option.

  73. Hi, having new windows installed and notice about a one inch line/crack or flaw on the interior pane beginning from the top sash lower right corner…I see the flaw but the pane feels smooth over the area…do you have any ideal what this might be is it more than cosmetic and should the contractor replace it…thanks Lisa

    1. Does it look like it could be a stress crack in the glass? I’d say a 1″ line is something I’d have them fix. They may need to replace the sash and that’s a pretty simple thing to do.

  74. I live in utah and am trying to decide between window world, alside (fairfield 80) and amsco. I don’t see anything on your site in regards to amsco windows. Are you familiar with them at all?

  75. Hello, I’m getting quotes for new replacement windows but our home has 3″ cedar trim around all of the window frames that also needs to be replaced. I’m thinking that since the old aluminium window fin is exposed when removing the trim. Shouldn’t we replace with a window that has a nail fin as well. Some companies are trying to talk me out of that and others are offering replacement windows with a nail fin.
    I’ve received two bids one for Simonton 5500 windows at $8600.00 and the other for Sunrise Coastal windows for $13,000.00 without impact glass. Replacing 15 double hung all apx 32 X 59 and two picture windows 48X59 and 18 X 48. We live in Coastal SC less than one mile from the ocean. Does the nail fin make a better structural and waterproof bond to the home when nailed an taped vs slide in and foam? Do the prices seem fair for the work I’m asking for. Windows aren’t like a car if you don’t like what you have you just can’t trade them in.

    1. Hi Walter. If I were in that situation I’d get a window with a nail fin for sure. Coastal applications can see a whole lot of water as we’ve seen this summer. Since you need to replace the trim anyway I think that’s definitely the way to go.

  76. Hi,
    We are in the process of planning new home build in Colorado, elevation 8,000. I have been reviewing the common known window manufacturers including Alpen made in Boulder Co. Any suggestions for windows of good quality, manufacturer that has warranty for the elevation, and price is affordable?

  77. I have received estimates from two well reviewed companies and was wondering if Anderson 400 full replacement double hung windows for $1,333/window installed or Okna 500 DX pocket double hung window replacements for $845/pocket window installed are reasonable prices. Both seem high to me. I have a small 1987 ranch house.
    Which would you recommend? I have read so many reviews on both and there is a clear leader to me.

  78. I followed your recommendation on finding a good local company for the Chicago area. I called L.J.Neal and Sons. Everything happened as you described. Leo and Bridgette came to my house and were very detailed in measuring and pricing out an Alside window. I have a quote for the Alside UltraMaxx TG2pkg.
    After they leave, I get on your “windowdog” website and start reading your reviews on the Alside Window products. You give the Alside Mezzo a better rating than the UltraMaxx. According to your review the Mezzo does not come in triple pane, and the UltraMaxx is thicker and more bulky. Therefore less light with the UltraMaxx.
    So, I text Leo and ask him if he would please quote our job with the Alside Mezzo. He responds with, “the window we showed you is the Mezzo, but with our added options. And it also comes triple pane.”
    Leo and Bridgette seem like nice people, BUT, DOES THE MEZZO COME WITH TRIPLE PANE? And I don’t know now if I actually saw the Mezzo (thinner frame) or the UltraMaxx (thicker frame). I’m confused based on the facts that I am reading, saying the Mezzo does not come in triple pane. I want to trust these people before I make a final decision.

  79. Great site!
    I have received several bids (11 and counting )
    Value Window Vinyl 7334.40
    Window World Vinyl 8643.00
    Lewis NT 11,250.00
    Lewis Sunrise Vanguard 12,725.00
    Texas Remodel Team NT 12,747.00
    Houston Window Expert Amsco 15,536.14
    Encore Vinyl 15,808.00
    Avana Jeld-Wen 15808.00
    Encore Jeld-Wen 15,808.00
    Encore Pella 15,808.00
    Avana Simonton 16,000.00
    Pella Series 250 Series 250 16,107.33
    Pella Impervia Impervia 20,200.00
    Beldon Pella 250 24,222.00
    Houston Window Expert Marvin Integrity 33,262.75
    Renewal by Andersen Fibrex 47,020.00
    I would like to make the right decision, but I’m not sure I have the right knowledge.
    Your expertise and help would surely be appreciated.

  80. Hello, I own a company in Canada ( and the most important thing is to get a company that services its customers. In-home renovations things can go wrong and do usually, they may be minor things but you want to be assured that the company will stand behind the product and installation. Probably one of the best ways is not to have showroom awe. Get referrals and see the installation and product in use.

    1. Hi Clodette, great advice. I’ve love to get some more Canadian companies on the site. Be sure to tell your friends about us!

  81. Your simplicity of presentation is motivating for learning. Please keep it up for your teeming followers

  82. Hi, Window Dog. I need some advice. I’m replacing 23 windows in my home. They are the original windows from when the house was built in ’97. I’ve received a quote from a local company in the KC area for $16,200. Their windows are Target. Can’t find a lot of info on them, but the salesman (of course, obviously) states they are high quality. The company has a service call fee after 2 years and a 20 yr install warranty. Lifetime on the windows themselves. They are also offering a 1k-1,500 tax rebate and full home energy audit. As well as some energy perks (LED bulbs, and power strips).

    The other quote is from Window World KC. Their quote is around $12,400. They are Allside Elite 4000 series. No service fee and a lifetime warranty on install and windows.

    So the obvious question to you is… Which is the better offer?

    1. Well, what do you think the first salesman would say if you asked him why he’s worth $4k more? If you can’t think of a reason then you might want to save the cash. If you’re interested our company is in Kansas City as well and we could get you another quote as an alternative. Might be worthwhile. You can find info here.

  83. Hi Window Dog,

    After having my house built 28 years ago I have been looking at windows over the last few years, my wife is ready for vinyl. So I started on a big journey looking at all my options, WOW, that was a big wake up call getting to know about windows. After looking and listening for 6 months, I decided to invite 6 window companies to my home. After many hrs. learning about windows, I ask for them to quote me prices for 12 double hung vinyl windows. I had Pella 350 Series, Simonton 5500 Reflection, Provia Endure, Andersen 400 series, Rosati window, Soft-Lite Imperial LS. The Andersen and Pella was $6,000 to $8,000 more than the other manufactures, but Simonton 5500 Reflection was the lowest of $8,300 for full replacement. I know the other manufactures have good windows, but for $3,000 more than Simonton it didn’t seem right. I know you have said in your column Simonton is a old style that needs updated, but if the energy ratings are as good as the other windows why pay more. Please help me to decide what might be the best bang for my buck, I appreciate your feedback.

  84. Hello Window Dog. I really appreciate your video “Repair Foggy Windows – Fix Seal Failure, Remove Condensation”. This is exactly what I need to do to a few of our windows. They are 30+ years old, and the seals have failed. But otherwise the window hardware is in great shape. Any full replacement is going to cost me 2 inches of view around the whole frame.
    Only problem is I have no idea where to order new sealed glass units from. I am in Rochester, Upstate NY. Any recommendations ? I don’t really care if they come from a local company or shipped in from across the US. I just want good replacement units.

    By the way, we had Anderson Window out last night to quote replacement. After an hour and a half sales pitch their quote for the 6 window units is over $24,000. Yikes!

  85. I got a quote to replace 13 windows in my house with Alside Mezzo windows. Twelve windows are 36 x 48 and one picture window 96 x 48 and the total came out to $9600. Is that a fair price for a Fairfax, Virginia area?

  86. Hi Window Dog,

    We are considering replacing 7-8 windows on the 3rd floor. We currently have wood windows, and the new windows must (per the HOA) match the style of the wood windows. We have gotten 4 quotes, and we would appreciate any advice or suggestions you have regarding the specific windows that the different companies recommended. Any other advice also much appreciated!

    #1 – Milgard Ultra – $11k – Installation Masters Certified Installers
    #2 – Marvin Infinity – $15k – Installation Masters Certified Installers
    #3 – Starmark Evo (= Okna 7500) – $11k – Not Certified by AWDI nor Installation Masters
    #4 – VistaMark (Vinyl Windows w/Exterior Grid) – $6k – AWDI Certified Dealer


  87. I’m in the process of replacing 9 windows and 1 patio door on my house. I have a choice between the Alside Mezzo and the Vinylmax Franklin. I will be selling the house in less than a year. I had a couple of questions. Do you recommend one window over the other if they were priced equal? If Vinylmax was a $1000 dollars cheaper would you consider them? Which window is more aesthetically pleasing?

    1. I prefer the Mezzo model, but since you’re selling the house and the Vinylmax windows are $1000 that might be worth consideration. I don’t know if a buyer of your house would notice the difference or care too much.

  88. Window Dog

    Great website and thank you for the effort.

    Live in central New Jersey. Have a well built 58 year old custom cape. The 9 foot by 5.5 foot Anderson 6 panel all opening bow window needs to be replaced and with it am looking to replace the rest, 10 double hung, one side by side casement and a large picture window with two side casement windows. All are wood and the wood is stained and I want to match the look as best as possible. Would like to have maintenance free exterior and so am looking at the Provia Aeris wx 100. May also consider the Berkshire Elite. Thoughts? Also do you have any recommendations of an installer?


  89. Hey Window Dog,
    I live in a Condo Association in Alexandria VA (150 units or so) and I want to replace my windows. There are 2 approved window products; BF Rich, which is out of business, and Andersen 200 or 400 series double hung white vinyl exterior, 12 light grille, and half insect screen. In the approved contractor list it says that the approved contractors are Window World and Renewal by Andersen.
    But from my reading Renewal by Andersen doesn’t install Andersen 200 or 400 series windows, they have a totally different product. Also, Window World installs their own windows, not Andersen windows.
    Do you have any insight into this conundrum. Also, if the window frames were taken down to the brick, couldn’t I just install the Andersen 400 series, or have someone do it for me?

    1. Hi Sean, give me a ring anytime and we can get this figured out. My number is in the email I sent. I think it’ll be easy enough to find a solution.

  90. Thanks for posting this blog. I read the whole blog and I learned a lot from this blog. It is important

    to choose the best quality and affordable glass service for your window upgrade at home. I hope

    you post more blog tips for us.

  91. Looking for replacement windows in central Illinois Bloomington area. Was wondering if you had any recommendations?

  92. I stumbled onto your website when researching new replacement windows for my home, thank you for the wealth of knowledge that you’ve shared on there! I live in Chicago and through Angie’s List, I’ve narrowed my selections down to two local companies, McCann Windows and Scientific Home Services.

    McCann is offering the following:
    Double hung double paned windows from Alside Mezzo for $643 per window.

    Scientific Home Services is offering the following:
    Double hung double paned windows from Climate Solutions 8000 for $565 per window.

    I’d love to get your insight on these quotes. Are these reasonable quotes? I see on your website that you have reviewed Alside Mezzo windows, does this Climate Solutions 8000 product compare favorably to Alside Mezzo windows?

    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated, have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  93. I would like to replace 5 windows on the back of my home in St. Michaels, Md and would like to install them myself. Can you recommend a quality window manufacturer that sells directly to the public?

    1. Hi Frank, I missed your comment originally. I can help with an order for windows only without install through the warehouse in Capitol Heights, MD. Just let us know if you’re still interested.

  94. Replacing 31 units. Quoted $25,000 installed for HiMark DoublePane 1000 series. Not sure whether for the HeatSeal Glass Package or the SunSeal Glass Package — and not sure what the difference between those packages is.


    Are these windows as good as they sound, and look?
    How does the price sound (Northern New Jersey)?
    For this price, should I expect installer to completely correct any visible or hidden issues with frames? How far should this replacement go? Should I expect them to actually replace the frames (several of which are wooden and the exteriors are in terrible shape visually)?

    Here’s the breakdown of what I have:

    23 more or less normal-sized windows.
    1 picture window.
    1 narrow vertical window each side of the picture window.
    2 small horizontal basement windows.
    3 small-ish windows that crank open.

    All are double-hung with tilt except cranks, picture, and horizontal basements.


  95. Thanks for your video on window sash spring repair. It worked perfectly! This after much time and muscle had failed.
    Thanks, again.

  96. Wondering what information you could share with me about Windows by Unlimited gold 2000 series double hung triple pane windows ?? Hard to find any reviews. Regional Window company from Wisconsin Thanks,

    1. Not much. It’s hard to keep up with all of the tiny manufacturers like that. My advice is generally to work with a larger and more well established replacement window manufacturer as it’s important to you that they’re around for a long time. I’ve been at this 15+ years now and I can’t even count all of the little manufacturers that I’ve seen vanish. Why take the gamble? I doubt there’s anything especially unique about the products.

  97. I appreciate your feedback on the atrium windows. I would like to get a quote on replacing my windows. I live in Mobile, Al. Please call me so we can discuss options.

  98. Hey WindowDog

    We live in Boise ID and are trying to get new windows to replace the OG 1988 aluminum windows (trash) and we were either looking at Pella or Simonton. The quotes for 32 windows is hovering around $21,000-$25,000.

    What are your thoughts on the price and or the brands?

  99. Thanks for all your work on such an informative site! I always do as much research as possible before a big project or purchase, so all this info has been a great help!

    I am in the process of getting recommendations and estimates on a 30 year old large bay window in front from several local contractors with good reputations. They are offering Pro Via Endure, Sunrise, Great Lakes, Marvin Infinity, so I feel good about our options and comparing features and ratings. But we’re having trouble with deciding whether to replace the individual windows or the entire bay. Is it OK to put new replacement windows in an older bay frame or would it be best to replace the entire thing? From the feedback we’ve gotten, it is a bit of an unusual size/angle and is set into brick siding and gutter line, and we know replacing the whole thing will be more than double the cost of just replacement windows, but want to do the best thing for our home and long-term value.
    (We are also struggling with whether to just do white vinyl inside or try to match the 90’s golden oak currently there and the interior house trim. Do I really want to lock that choice in as we begin the window and door replacement process…?)
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    1. Glad you found the site to be helpful! It’s very common to replace the windows in an existing bay window structure rather than replacing the whole structure. If the existing bay window structure is in fine shape, not rotting or sagging or leaking, then I’d say it’s perfectly fine to leave it as it is and just install new windows.

      If the existing structure has issues it’s probably better to replace it. You don’t want to spend the money to install new windows into a sagging bay and then have more problems in a couple years.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Yes, that helps, thanks! There is some sagging; picture glass and frame are loose at top, plus some other issues here and there, so we will most likely replace the whole bay.

        Are estimates in the $6K & 7K range reasonable to replace the entire bay? (75″x69″ interior opening, colored exterior + cladding and woodgrain match interior vinyl/stained bench & header. Quotes for double pane DHs+picture, except one triple pane quote that’s 2nd lowest.)

        Thanks again!

  100. Had Renewal By Anderson come out and give me a prive on replacing 11 old aluminum windows 1 small door and an 8ft patio slider. They want $44,000 what do you think???

  101. I’m in Bowie, MD. Over the years Thompson Creek as replaced several of the windows in my house. I have 11 to go, double hung, double pane, flat grids, all windows approx. 36″ x 54″, two need to be tempered. Thompson Creek came in at $10,890. It sounded really high. So, I called Window Universe, comparable window were$6,951 for Revere Berkshires. Thompson Creek says they don’t know about this window, but can’t really believe it’s comparable to theirs. They say the price I got is for just a mid-grade, nothing special window, and that Andersons or Pellas would be even more than their price. They also said having a manufactures warranty can be a problem because I’ll need to deal with Revere and not Window Universe. I was a bit concerned about the new windows matching the Thompson Creeks, but after looking at the window I think it will be fine. I don’t want to buy a window that’s not up to snuff, but I also don’t want to spend $4,000 more than is necessary. Would you give my some input? Thx

    1. Hi Sara, I’m sure the Thompson Creek management is familiar with Window Universe but who knows if the salesperson is new. In my opinion there is nothing at all nicer about what they offer and my company, Window Universe, will always be a significant better deal. We’ve been in the DC area for a very long time ad I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the results.

      Send me an email if you have any particular questions and we’ll be happy to help out.

  102. Just got estimate for Provia Endure windows for 15 windows, a few different sizes, at a cost of 16,400.00
    Is this reasonable? One of those is a large living room window that sits low to floor and due to regulations must have tempered glass. What is the price range for one Provia Endure window?
    Thank you. Found your website by accident, but it is so helpful!

    1. Hi Kathy, glad you’ve enjoyed the site. There are a lot of variables so it’s hard to say if that’s a reasonable price for Provia Endue windows. Over $1000 per window does seem to be a little on the high side. What’s your zip code? We might know someone to recommend.

  103. Hi Windowdog,

    Provia vs Seaway casement windows.

    I have 2 quotes for installation of 5 casement windows (and screen door). One company offered Provia door and windows, the other will do Provia door with Seaway windows (about 1k more). The 2nd company (unsurprisingly) says Seaway windows are better.

    Is there a consensus in the industry regarding which is better quality overall?

    Thank you in advance!

  104. Hi, trying this question again as it seems my last didn’t to the moderators.
    Provia vs Seaway casement windows.

    I have 2 quotes for installation of 5 casement windows (and screen door). One company offered Provia door and windows, the other will do Provia door with Seaway windows (about 1k more). The 2nd company (unsurprisingly) says Seaway windows are better.

    Is there a consensus in the industry regarding which is better quality overall?

    Here are some details:

    1. 5 Provia Endure windows (4 single casements and 1 picture window). + 1 Provia sliding door
    TOTAL = **$7500**

    2. Seaway commander casement windows with double pane clear glass (no grids). Your new Seaway windows have foam filled frames (not hollow like others). They come with a no prorated lifetime manufacturer’s (Seaway) warranty that will include coverage for accidental glass breakage. + 1 Provia sliding door
    TOTAL = **$8700**

    I do have a 3rd quote for Harvey windows and Anderson door:

    5 Harvey Classic Vinyl Replacement Windows @ $765.00 EA $3,825.00
    1 Andersen 6 foot Sliding Door @ $3,775.00 $3,770.00
    TOTAL = **$7,595.00**

    Thank you in advance!

  105. My brother recommended I would possibly like
    this blog. He was entirely right. This put up actually
    made my day. You can not believe just how so
    much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  106. Help
    A builder quoted me Alliance Windows Waudrena 3/0 Steel Style #61 w/ 6-9/16 Clad Frame DB B ore and prefinished both sides with protecto window tape?

    I cannot find ANYTHING on Alliance Windows what scares me to upgrade to a LOW end Pella 250 its a $7300 up charge on 10 windows

  107. Thanks for all your info, it’s a great help!
    I was offered Guardin Windows. I didn’t see them listed on your site. Do you know them? Any advice?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Martha, we’ll be adding info on Guardian windows soon. What did you like or not like about them? If you’d like a recommendation in your area just let me know your zip code and I’ll be happy to help if I can.

      1. Hi, thanks for answering so fast!
        I am in Houston, 77057. I am replacing 6 single hung windows, 3 sliding doors, and also 2 front doors.
        To tell you the truth, the Guardian sales person is not really good. He is the son of the owner, is a family business. It felt like a bad copy of the Andersen presentation. He immediately started talking bad about other companies instead of talking about them selves.
        He put emphasis on the strength of the window “50”, and for what I understood they use a different kind of vinyl. Also, they didn’t give me a call to confirm the appointment, I had to call them. I felt that is not a good sign..
        Any recommendations would be appreciated!

        1. I always suggest that if you don’t get a good vibe from the rep in the beginning you should look for another option. Check this section for our recommended companies in Houston and all over the country.

  108. Hi TWD –
    Wondering if there any triple pane replacement window with an integrated blind that you would recommend?
    Thank you much,

    1. Hi Chris, good question. You will sometimes see windows with blinds and triple pane glass, but they’re not as efficient as a regular triple pane window. The chamber with the blinds doesn’t have argon gas as usually doesn’t have low-e glass either. So, there are three panes of glass, but it’s really not more efficient than a normal double pane window.

      I usually tend to suggest avoiding internal blinds in new windows as they’re not as reliable as you might expect and the warranties are usually relatively short, 10 years is pretty standard. I’ve seen situations where the blinds still function, just not very well, so they’re not covered by a warranty but the customer is frustrated with them. It’s just a product that sounds like a great thing but doesn’t seem to work as well as customers expect they will.

      Sorry I’m not more help. Good luck with your project.

  109. I am going to be replacing windows in my mobile home built in 1972, They have been replaced with Kinro mobile home windows. I am not sure when. They were in when I purchased the home a year and a half ago. They are awful. I have narrowed it done to Provia Aspect and Signature Elite by Gentek. Both salesmen assured me they can use these windows in my mobile home. I am leaning towards Gentek because I feel it offers more for the buck.
    13 Provia Aspect double hung, 2 Provia Edure Sliders, 1 Provia Edure outswing exterior door 1 Provia Edure inswing exterior door and 1 Provia Edure storm door – $23,980
    The same for Signature Elite minus doors – $14,190

    1. I do tend to think the Gentek Signature Elite windows are a great option. Good luck with the project.

  110. I wanted to leave feedback about my Home Depot installation of Simonton double hung (Orlando, FL). Absolutely HORRIFIC worst vendor experience of my life. They installed a non-operating window, had someone come out 3 times either without right part or not enough of the right part…balancers, how hard can it be!!?? and here we are 8 months later, failed inspection, permit expired. I stopped badgering them after the failed inspection to wait for someone to contact me…6 weeks and no contact at all so I re-initiated service request. I am frustrated to tears again just typing this!! Don’t let them install a non-operating window, although I don’t know what I would have done different, they certainly were not disclosing they were installing a bad window. Maybe not sign off of the job with an open service request so the contractor would be on the hook with me??

  111. Love your site and all the information, it has helped us a great deal in understanding the differences between types of windows and the companies who offer them.

    We need to replace 12 windows, from 1990, will new impacts here in the Melbourne Beach area. From your site we would like to use vinyl type for cost, thermal efficiency, durability, and low maintenance. Do you have a company in the Melbourne to recommend?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Dave, I don’t know a great company in the Melbourne area to recommend, but if you find one let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only one looking. Pricing for impact windows can vary a lot based on the size as the glass is significantly more expensive than regular annealed glass. My company doesn’t deal with impact windows very often anymore so I don’t really know what sort of pricing you might find. Let us know what see out there and perhaps other folks can chime in with more info.

  112. You solved my problem so i guess I owe you lunch because on youtube you won the bet. Thank you Thank you thank you- We’re getting a cold snap and my window wouldn’t close( issue#4)

  113. im in southbay LA, and have about 25 windows and 2 french doors to replace. My Renewal By Anderson fibrex quote was over 100k!!! My best quote from a local shop now is around 50k for Milgard Ultra 650 fiberglass. I’d prefer wood windows but the company I’m working with is basically suggesting I don’t given how expensive they are.

    Anyone have recs for southbay LA installers to get another quote from? Are there wood windows available for a similar price to Milgard 650s?

  114. Dear Sirs
    I have a simple 23 x 24 and a half in broken glass double pained argon filled slider window I purchased years ago at lowes. The manufacturer is United Window in Springfield nj. I need it repaired. Can you recommend
    . I am located in New Jersey and the company is only 5 miles away and service starts at 271 dollars. This seems outrageous to me. Plus they claim to have dropped the series to purchase a newly manufactured. On top of that other brands to make a complete new one are equally as high. I paid a fraction of that only a few years back. Can you help or advise. I am tempted to simply just live with one pane. These windows are installed on a food trailer.

    1. $271 to replace an insulated glass unit sounds pretty reasonable to me. Since it is a food trailer you might be fine just leaving it how it is, but I don’t think you’ll get someone to replace the glass for less than that.

  115. how do I know if my windows need to be replaced. they work fine, original in 1996 and only have condensation on the inside of window during winter. They are double hung Andersons – Thanks

    1. If they work fine then they probably don’t NEED to be replaced. People do still replace windows that work fine because the new windows will probably be more efficient and look better. I’m replacing windows in our new house because we’re doing other remodeling and I want everything to look nice and fresh. People generally replace windows for efficiency, functionality or to improve the look.

  116. Love your content – thank you so much. We just had a sales visit from a company called DaBella and wow, they pulled all the tricks that you mentioned – starting with taking pics of the outside, bottom edge of our windows to show us that all the seals had failed. Only one window has clearly failed. So after we thanked them and sent them on their way, I tested one window they said had failed (the ice cube method) – didn’t seem to show a failure. We want to replace five second story windows (one of which is clearly failed) to primarily gained an open from the top down feature to get better hot air evacuation in the summer (and maybe better resistence to the sun on the south and west sides of the house). SO…. we don’t see on your list a window company in Bend OR on your list. We have contacted Andersen windows for a review. Don’t really know if they are any good or not.

    1. Hi Larry, glad you’ve found the site to be helpful. I don’t know of a great company to recommend in the Bend, OR area, but when you find one let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only person looking.

  117. I am looking for some guidance on replacing windows in Middle TN. Listed below are the quotes I have received, including one from the recommended installer on this site. All of the quotes are for 30 windows – 26 DH, 2 fixed and 2 eyebrow transoms. Here are the prices:

    Brand/Model Cost
    Okna Eco Pro Deluxe 600 $53,260.00
    Alside Mezzo $23,270.00
    Pella 250 $58,979.00
    Apex Insignia $36,515.00
    Provia Endure $28,145.00

    Would like to hear thoughts on how to proceed.

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