Now Offering the Best Replacement Windows (almost) Nationwide!

How to order replacement windows online?

Way back in the fall of 2015 we started testing a program offering quotes for the best replacement windows by email with no in-home salesperson. It was a wild idea.

Customers could get prices, ask questions and then have their windows professionally measured and installed with no pushy salesperson in their living room. Everyone thought we were crazy and it’s been a HUGE success!

Now we’re offering replacement windows with and without professional installation in dozens of cities across the country. Thanks to our fantastic readers this program has been a runaway success. As a result, we’ve expanded to 37 markets. We’ve even added the upgraded Gentek product line in many markets in addition to Alside, Revere and others.

Order Alside and Gentek windows online and other brands too.
Here’s the window dog hard at work with the team at a home and garden show. He has to earn his kibble around here!

This is the easiest possible way to order replacement windows

First, we’re offering a wide range of replacement windows from the best manufacturers. Our most popular options have been the Gentek Signature Elite and the Alside Mezzo and there are many others to choose from. We’re also offering all styles of windows including double hung windows, casement windows, bay windows, garden windows, sliding patio doors and much more.

Next we’re offering top quality installation with a local project manager and top quality installation crews to make sure everything is done right. You can also install the windows yourself if you’d prefer.

Best of all, if you’re in an area covered by this program, we can get you a complete itemized quote for your project by email without you ever inviting a salesperson into your home.

That’s right, you could spend several evenings inviting salespeople into your home to give you their sales pitch, walk you through their predetermined “price drops” and try to close the deal with their 50% off today only special after calling the manager for a special deal 3 times. Or, you could exchange a few emails with our industry experts to get your project moving along quickly and easily. This really is the future.

So who is Window Universe?

Order Alside, Gentek, Revere windows online from Window Universe.

Window Universe is the company we founded many years ago. We’ve grown from one small business operating out of an apartment to a multimillion-dollar business offering windows in 37 states with more on the way.

How does this all work?

It’s pretty simple, which is why I love it. When you’re ready to get a quote by email for your replacement window project just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with more info by email right away.

We don’t need the sizes of the windows to get you a quote. This seems unusual to some folks, but we just don’t need to measure the windows to give you a quote in most cases. It’s just not necessary for the vast majority of projects. We will have the windows professionally measured before the manufacturing begins so they’ll fit just right, but it’s not needed at this point.

The basic info we’ll need is:

  1. How many windows you want to replace?
  2. How do you want them to open
  3. What color window frames do you want

That’s it, just the basics.

If there is anything about your project that you think is unusual just note it and we’ll address it when we get back to you. The whole process is really easy.

The best way to order replacement windows.

What have our customers been saying about this program?

 Here’s one example:

If you don’t want to DIY your replacement windows but pride yourself in being an informed consumer, Window Universe is the way to go! After sitting for hours listening to people tell me why their windows were the best, I couldn’t figure out why the window packages I was being presented with were so expensive ($10 – 12k for 7 slider windows)…

We are so pleased with the windows, the installer, and the process… Window Universe has created a great way to inform yourself as a consumer and be able to get real numbers. No games, gimmicks or “guess what your price is going to be if you buy it today!”

I rarely write reviews for products/services, but I was so impressed with the process, price and product, I told Dan that I would be happy to endorse them!

–Excerpt of an Angie’s List review from Andrea in Seattle, WA

Here’s another example

Every aspect of this window experience was excellent. They didn’t give a sales pitch, but instead provided links to specific information about all different types/brands of windows with ratings and specifications, so I was able to make an informed decision. 

He then provided a very detailed quote so I knew exactly what I was paying for, and was able to add or remove options and see the price impact of these changes. The accountant in me loved this approach.  Once we agreed to the window specs, I was given a final price and the measuring was scheduled. 

The gentlemen who came to measure the windows arrived when scheduled and was quick and efficient.  The windows were promptly ordered and once the windows were ready, the installation was scheduled.  The installation crew arrived on time and got right to work.  They put down tarps on my carpets since the install was on the 2nd floor and it was wet and snowy outside.  They installed the windows in a few hours and cleaned up afterwards.

–Excerpt of an Angie’s List review from Lisa in Philadelphia, PA

Here’s a bit more feedback from Austin in Dallas.  You get the idea.

Everyone loves it.

Double hung and casement windows from Window Universe.

Why are the prices for replacement windows so great?

Great question. Window Universe is a completely different kind of window company. We’re able to offer top quality products and expert level service at a very low price because we don’t spend our money on things you don’t care about.

Most traditional window companies spend tons and tons of money on sales and marketing. It’s not unusual for a company to spend 30%-40% of their total sales dollars on things that you don’t care about like sales commissions, marketing and advertising. We don’t do that. Paying people to walk around neighborhoods knocking on doors is expensive, so are tv commercials and billboards.

Another company may be able to get to a similar price by offering cheap windows or by using cheap subcontractors. That’s a low price, but it’s not a great value.

A typical company offering the replacement windows and service that we offer would charge $10k for a project while we would charge $7k or less. It’s a great deal because our business model is more efficient.

Best quality replacement windows with prices online and quotes by email.

I have more questions about replacement windows

Great! I love it when folks ask great questions. I’ve been emailing with many people about this program since we launched. I’ve noted most of the questions we get and put the answers all in one place for you.

On our FAQ page you’ll find answers to all sorts of questions like:

  • Will the price change after the windows are measured?
  • Who does the installation?
  • What is the warranty on these windows?
  • Are these the right windows for my climate?

How do I get a quote for replacement windows online?

That’s the easiest part. When you’re ready to get a detailed itemized quote for your project just fill out the form below (or click the city nearest to you to see the local website) and we’ll send you back an email just as quickly as we can.

If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions or if you’re not sure about something just make a note of it and send in the form as complete as you can. It’s ok if you don’t know all of the terms for these things. We know everyone isn’t an expert when it comes to replacement windows.

The cutest window reps at the face painting booth

What if I don’t know the window terms?

Don’t worry about it. If you’re unsure about something just take your best guess and let us know you’re not quite sure. We can always revise the proposal later.

The first quote we send is intended to be a starting point. Our customers revise their quotes an average of 4 times before placing an order. This is just a starting point and we can make unlimited revisions until we have the order just right.

You can also reply to our initial email with pictures, dimensions or anything else you’d like to show us.

What areas are included in this program?

Here is the list of states and cities where we are currently offering replacement windows and doors. We’ll surely be adding more soon so if your state isn’t on the list check back often.

Select the area closest to you to learn more

Don’t see the area you’re looking for? try this section.

If you’re within about an hour of any of these cities and you’re ready to finally get those new replacement windows just fill out the form right here. We will get back to you asap and we will NEVER share your information with anyone.

Have more questions?  Don’t be shy, just ask!

To see if we can help with your project just fill out this form and you’ll receive an email with the next steps and additional info right away.




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105 thoughts on “Now Offering the Best Replacement Windows (almost) Nationwide!”

  1. Wouldn’t everyone want to order windows at low prices with no in-home salespeople?

    The only way to do this currently, seems to be ordering from companies I haven’t heard of that use “their own” brand windows, so you don’t really know what you are getting ordering online from them.

    I just want to have a known quality window at a reasonable price show up at my door with the least sales friction possible. Throw in the right installation materials for an upcharge. Reasonable convenience is a great thing.

    1. Our program offering Alside windows all over the country has been a huge success so I suppose a lot of people do want to order windows that way. We’re offering the program with Alside windows which are some of the most popular replacement windows in the business. Certainly not “our own” windows. If you like quote for your project just let us know.

        1. That’s a great example of the difference between a feature and a benefit. Products like windows that are sold in a very competitive environment are often full of features that have no benefit. Or, to put it another way, they oftentimes try to distract you with a feature that makes intuitive sense, but offers no real benefit.

          In this case, if you’re wondering about the strength of the window look at the DP rating. What do you care if it’s reinforced or what it’s reinforced with? What you really care about is how well it stands up to wind and rain and you can see that in the DP rating.

          All of the double hung windows we offer are reinforced and it’s a pretty common feature, but you’re better off staying focused on the benefit. An important question to ask is what does a certain feature do for you (what’s the benefit) and how can it be quantified.

          Good luck out there.

      1. We are considering going with the Alside Mezzo Window, Dual Pane or Triple Pane options. In both cases we will be going with ClimaTech ThermD IE package. The Triple Pane (TG2) option has an incredible U-Factor of 0.22.
        The reason I am considering Triple Pane is because we live in PA and our house faces the North -Northwest and we’re on a hill. As far as sound reduction would the Mezzo Dual Pane Double Strength Windows give us better sound reduction that the Mezzo TG2? What is the U-Factor of the Double Strength glass?
        How thick are the individual panes of glass in the Mezzo TG2? How thick is the glass for the Double Strength Glass?
        So in short, we’re interested in U-Factor and Sound reduction performance in the Alside Mezzo Window. Thanks.

        1. The double pane laminated glass package is the best for sound, then the triple pane is the next best and the regular double pane is the worst. Keep in mind that the worst of the three may still be better than what you have. The dealer should be able to show you the STC ratings so you can compare. Have you picked one yet?

  2. Got a quote from Window world. There is an per window EPA charge of $79. On a 10 window project that adds up. I researched the EPA guidelines and there is no such fee that they require. They just charge contractors $60 a year but nothing that says that they require a per project fee. Is this is legit fee? If so is that the right / standard rate? Thanks

    1. The EPA specifies the extra work that a company must do to contain the dust in homes with lead paint. They don’t specify a price, but they are very particular with the work they require. We charge less than $79 per window, but we do charge for that work. I would say it is a legit fee.

    2. Do you have lead paint present in your home? was it built before 1978? Check EPA RRP rules regaring lead paint and replacement windows.

  3. We had a salesman at our residence (The 3rd company that kept us hostage for 3 plus hours in our own home). At the end of the day they quoted us 15,200 to have 23 Mezzo windows (average size of 36X45)installed at our residence. The windows are double hung white windows with no grids with half screens. Is this a reasonable price or should I be hesitant? Just a frustrated consumer tired of the scare tactic sales pitches I have heard which mirror the sale tactics you guys have talked about. What price range would be average for Hopper Windows for basement windows? (32 X17)

    1. Hi Louis, I emailed a quote to you a few minutes ago. For everyone else to see, our pricing through this program was under $7,000 for the windows only and under $10,000 including the installation. Compare that with over $15k from the other company. Our projects are professionally installed by the manufacturer so you can be sure you’ll get a quality result. Even if the customer decides to upgrade to the Revere Berkshire Elite windows we’re still going to be under $11,000.

      1. Are you still doing quotes for Alside’s? I’m looking at 10 37×37 double hung, 94×67 3 lite slider, 38×39 2 lite slider, 95×51 3 lite slider, 31×37 fixed privacy, 114×52 3 lite slider, 120×52 3 lite slider, 74×44 2 lite slider. I’m located in Cincinnati, Ohio if you’re interested in quoting please shoot me an email.

        1. We are offering that service in certain markets and Cincinnati is one of them. Just fill out the form on this page and I’ll get in touch.

          1. Hi Richard, we do offer Mezzo windows in Cincy, but that’s not a very popular model for us. I know we sent you a quote a few days ago. Just let us know how we can help out.

        1. Impact windows do tend to cost more than most other types. My company isn’t currently offering impact windows, but you never know when that might change.

  4. Wish I did my homework earlier but having spend 9000 for 10 Simonton windows from homedepot and not happy with their installation proesss, found windowdog reviews well worth, I was looking for installers for 5 more windows in angies per the recommendation from you. The quote I received for mezzo windows from other installers were too crazy compared to what is the idle price to be paid for these windows. So glad to see you offering the alside windows and the promo pricing I received from you. Manufacuturer came in the other day and took measurements for Revere windows. Now waiting for the windows to believe it but the process so far was smooth and easy.

    1. No, it’s under construction. I hope to have it back online by Monday. If you have specific questions you can post them here and I’ll answer for everyone.

  5. I’m looking at a quote your company sent over and I am impressed. Waiting on 2 questions before moving forward.

    1. I don’t see in the order form for 60/40 window split, is this possible, if so is it an additional cost?
    2. Also, for “Energy Star Glass Package” what are tech details for the Berkshire Elite? UFactor, SHGC, etc..
    Austin, Texas – Energy Star Region

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kevin, I just emailed back. The packages vary depending on the part of the country. In the Austin area the Energy Star package will be a U-Factor of 0.28 and a SHGC of 0.21.

      You absolutely can do a 60/40 slip, same great price!

  6. So glad I saw you video yesterday. Very thorough and professional. I have one company coming this morning that sells Alside which meant nothing to me until I read your website. I am happy to know you recommend them. This morning I will sit for one hour only with a salesman who was very impressive on the phone. I will be interested to find out if they are associated with you.
    I wish you continued success.

  7. What are your suggestions for those of us who don’t live in the markets your program serves but who still need affordable, quality replacement windows without the scams and hours spent with pushy salesmen? It’s overwhelming to navigate it all! Are there other similar options to what your program provides? I am in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

  8. I’m looking to replace 40 windows (6 rectangular transoms, 2 half round, 2 casements, and the rest double hung) in Silver Spring, Maryland. Do you have anyone to recommend in this area. Your site got me very interested in the Berkshire Elite. I got quote’s for Vytex’s Grandview (Window Nation) and Okna 400 which I think are comparable to the Elite. Both quotes are just below 24K (low E, argon, full screens, lifetime transferable, capping, etc.). I also have a quote for Kensington Glass 501 Series (Long Fence) which have better ratings but more expensive than the Vytex and Okna.

  9. Is Window Universe Express up and running in the Charlotte, NC area? I live 35 north of Charlotte and am looking to replace the windows (all casement) in my home.

  10. Is there any chance you will be expanding into CT at some point? We live between Hartford and Springfield, MA (and we are 1 hour 45 minutes out of Boston), and even with Angie’s List it’s overwhelming and we’ve run into our fair share of pushy sales tactics. Any companies you may have heard of through the grapevine that you might recommend?

    1. Hi Jessica, it’s possible, but we don’t have any plans in the short term. What options have you seen?

  11. Hello, I live in the Orlando, FL area and I am interested in replacing 17 windows in my house. I am shopping around but want to get the project started soon.

  12. So, you liked Doylestown, eh? That is where we live now! I am having a heck of a time up here trying to choose windows and find a contractor. I did sign up for Angie’s List today, though. Any connections up here?

    1. We offer windows up there through the program on this very page so that’s an option. I had a lot of fun in Doylestown. There was a breakfast place in the little downtown that was byob, can’t think of the name, we had some fun Sunday mornings!

  13. Hi there — nice site. I like the fair assessment of various replacement window companies.

    We’re ready to replace 16 DH plus 1 picture window. Sadly, in a small VA city there are few good options. I want no part of big-markup big box contractors and roll-the-dice low cost Window World, which should scare most people away.

    Can you recommend a good source near 22980?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone to recommend out your way. If you find a great company please let us know. I’d love to have someone to send folks to.

  14. Looks like you don’t work in Minnesota. Is that true? Any recommendations? I had Pella over and have appointments for estimates with renewal and champion. Pella quoted over $11000 for 7 Windows. Turning 6 side by side double hung to sliding to save some money.

    1. No we’re not doing anything in Minnesota right now. I’d love to find a great company to recommend. If you find one be sure to let us know!

  15. We live in SE corner of Wa. state & are looking for fairly priced single or double hung windows & installer. Any suggestions?
    Thanks! Bow, wow.

  16. I noticed that your program provides quotes with no salesperson. In obtaining quotes for replacement windows on my condo I found a company that does that and the quote is interesting. However, another company that did come out declined to bid the work because my townhouse has one side covered with Hardie board. He claimed that working with it was very messy and difficult. Now I’m wondering if a quote, site unseen, is valid if Hardie board (or similar siding) is involved. Do you have any experience with this issue?

    1. The type of siding isn’t relevant when you’re buying replacement windows. Either there was another reason they didn’t want to deal with the project and they just used that as an excuse, or they’re not a window company and were confused. Either way, I’d probably look for a different company.

      1. Thanks for the response.

        The company is a dedicated window replacement firm and they have good reviews on Angie’s List. The guy seemed very knowledgeable and went immediately to the windows on the side of the house with the Hardie board.

        One thing that he mentioned that I just remembered is that the windows have a “J” channel. My understanding at the time was that the installers would have to saw through the Hardie board and that was the issue. Sorry I didn’t recall that on the first posting.

        Would that be a legitimate reason for the concern?



        1. I don’t see how it would be a big deal. They may need to cutback the siding to install a new trim board. That’s relatively simple. Not sure what the concern would be.

    1. It just so happens I know the best company in all of Des Moines. I’ll send you an email. Hopefully I’m not too late!

  17. Please address these inquiries:
    Will Window Universe ever carry brands other than AMI’s Alside and Revere?
    I’ve read quite a few reviews over the past week and Alside widows seem to take a lot of hits. Have even seen Revere take hits because they’re thought by some to be made by the same company (Alside) which I believe not to be accurate. Also it doesn’t seem that the Berkshire Elite gets much respect when compared to other companies; after looking at specific features it would seem to be a standout. Can you explain why not or why it should be?

    Thank you, Joe

    1. Hi Joe, Window Universe does carry several brands. In our stores we offer we offer windows from several manufacturers and the nicer brands are all relatively similar. I would put the Revere windows in that group. You do see criticism of Alside windows online. That often stems from poor installation as they sell Alside to anyone who wants to be in the window business today. Inexperienced installers tend to lead to unhappy customers. Often those customers think the installer was very friendly and certainly seemed capable. It couldn’t have been their friendly installer who caused the problem so it must have been the window.

      I’m perfectly confident that you’ll be happy with the Revere product. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t offer it.

  18. I would like to get a quote for a replacement sliding patio door and replacement sliding kitchen window.. please let me know what I woud need to set up a demo

    1. Hi Will, Window Universe Express is different than most window companies. We don’t do any in-home sales. I’d be happy to help you with a quote. Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch. We can send you a detailed itemized quote without ever stepping into your house. It’s the easiest way to buy new windows.

  19. Anyone in the Everett, Snohomish, Washington area you recommend? Recently purchased a house with Alside vinyl double paned windows and some are getting foggy in-between but was told by a friend that the lifetime warrant may not transfer to me…

    1. Their lifetime warranty typically transfers once. Do you know if the previous owner purchased them? If so you may be in good shape. If they were purchased by someone before that you may be out of luck. We have e a recommended option in Washington State which you can find here if you’d like.

      Good luck!

  20. Hello Window Dog-
    I live in Wilmington NC and am in need of replacement help. I have looked over/ viewed all of your reviews and have felt somewhat knowledgeable when talking with the multiple sales reps who have been here over this last week offering free estimates. Some are offering Alside Mezzo or Fusion replacements and others the Simonton Reflection series. I have also had the Pella rep here– no comment on that waste of time.
    I have 14 casements, each measuring 62.5″X27.5″ on the front of this old ranch style house (built in 1974) that need attention along with several windows on the back of the house. These other windows include 2 picture windows and 4 casements (casements in these rooms are on either side of the picture windows), and 5 additional double casement windows found in the bathrooms and in the kitchen.
    My priority is the large 62X27″ casements on the front since this is side southwest facing– and is extremely hot in the summer.
    I would like for Window Express to provide a quote if possible. I like the Mezzo by Alside.
    Question if this series will provide enough protection from the sun during the hot summer months? We currently have single pane glass in the original wooden frame. Is a brick mold to brick mold replacement necessary or should we just plan for pocket replacement? Is vinyl the best option?


    1. Hi Ken, got your request for a quote the other day. Window Universe Express doesn’t offer installations in Wilmington so I may not be able to help. I sent the folks at Alside an email for a recommendation of a good company. When they get back to me I’ll send you their info. Glad you’ve enjoyed the site!

      1. Thank you for the quick response and for your efforts in assisting me in this endeavor. Your time is much appreciated. I will monitor my email for your recommendation.
        Thanks again.
        Merry Christmas.


      2. I am also in Wilmington, NC and have been researching more than I would like. Are brands such as Alside, Revere, Okna, etc…only available through an installer? What if you are a DIY kind of guy and want better window options than what the big box stores offer and what the local building suppliers rep.?

        1. We offer Alside and Revere windows for a DIY install. You may not be able to find Okna windows available without installation. Good options are limited which is why we started offering windows that way. It’s not a huge portion of our business but folks order windows from us without installation every week.

          1. Question: In the case of a DIY order, who does the measurements? Do I? Or do you send a tech out? Thanks.

          2. If you’re doing the installation then you also do the measurements. That’s the best way to make sure the window that shows up is the window that you want.

    1. Unfortunately most companies make pretty cheap new construction products. Their replacement windows are nicer, although still not in the better tier of windows. The builders drive the prices for new construction windows down so low that it’s hard for any company to make a decent window.

      That’s one factor that keeps replacement window companies in business.

  21. Hey WindowDog. We’re replacing windows in a dental office in Savannah, GA and have several quotes but it’s difficult comparing apples vs. oranges. They’re fairly large windows and obviously we’d like them to be more energy efficient than the current ones (no idea what they are right now). Also since we treat a lot of kids AND it’s a potential hurricane area, the windows will have threats on both the inside and outside–is a tempered or laminate upgrade an appropriate option to mitigate these risks?

    Right now we have quotes for 11 windows — ClimaTech Elite tempered at $7500 including install and paint, and from WW the 6000 series DH All Weld with tempered DH dash, solarzone elite energy package, foam insulation and double strength glass with a custom exterior trim for $6300 (plus installation labor).

    Are there any other options we should consider? I don’t think you’re in our area yet.

    1. Hi Jared, I can’t help in Savanah, at least not yet. Did you find another option or how did the project work out?

  22. WD, can you recommend a couple reliable window installers in Wilmington, DE area?
    Need 20 replacement DH windows for our 30 year old colonial home.

    1. Sure, fill out the form on this very page and I can help you with an order. We have a distribution center in New Castle, right up the street.

  23. Had 3 bids here in the Denton, Texas area BEFORE I found your site. The quotes were from $23,000 to $8,000. Very much of a difference. I wanted a good quality glass that would not shatter with hail, I am so afraid that my cats would run if the windows broke and they could get out….. I want to replace windows that are 18 years old, aluminum with white grids with the same look. Do you have a type of glass for our area? I noticed that for Austin, Texas you recommended U Factor 0.28 and SHUGUC of 0.21. We are 3 or 4 hours north, I think more rain and hail, what brand would you recommend and is there a company you would recommend to me? Thank you,

    1. We have some great options in the Dallas Ft Worth area. Fill out the form on this very page and we’ll send you some details.

  24. Thank you so much from provided this website. I am almost ready to make decision, your info has made processes less intimidating. I have a neighbor that used a private contractor to install berkshire elite, which is the only product he recommends. Im reviewing warranty b4 making decision. Any other suggestions?

    1. I think that’s a pretty nice window and we install many of them all over the country. It looks like we sent you a quote for Berkshire Elite windows a couple weeks ago. Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do to help out.

  25. I recently got a quote for platinum conservation series windows by and, are these windows a good choice?

    1. That sounds like a private label brand so it’s hard to say what it really is. Ask them for the model number and we can let you know what it is.

        1. That makes sense. If it is there are some drawbacks to that model compared to the nicer Berkshire Elite model that we offer. The 8000 series lets in almost twice as much air and it uses a thicker frame that blocks more light. The hardware is the same, vinyl is the same, glass is the same, etc. It’s a fine product, but not as nice as some other options.

  26. Hello – great site – lots of helpful info, thanks!

    Looking at mid-range vinyl replacement windows (in a condo- so must match existing).

    I have quotes on Revere Berkshire Elite, Alside Mezzo and North Star.
    The later is a Canadian company (I am right across the water from Canada, in MI). Prices and features are all pretty similar – lots of reviews available (here and elsewhere online) on the first 2 but almost nothing available on the North Star – I know that you are expanding into Canada – might you have info on the North Star? I would also like your pro-con recommendations (on all 3, if possible).

    1. I don’t have a lot of info on the North Star products. We’ve been so busy with the growing business in the US that we haven’t made much progress in Canada yet. We deal with both the Alside and Revere products and I tend to recommend the Revere to a lot of customers. What differences did you see with the North Star windows?

      1. Performance values are just about identical – the NS frames & parts warranty is better (lifetime-fully transferable (no pro-ration)) but there is no glass breakage warranty. I sort of ‘backed into’ the NS line – started with the installer (local-sterling reputation-5 yr(!) installation warranty) and NS is the vinyl line that they carry. When all was said and done with pricing, though, the quote on the NS windows was 50%(!) higher than the Revere – so (duh, right?) I have gone with the Berkshire Elite. Thanks again for your informative sight – have referred you to others already!

        1. Sounds great, glad we could help out. The Revere warranty isn’t prorated either so you’re in great shape.

  27. With that said. Which is the better of these 2 options for the Alside Mezzo Window.
    Option 1: 2 Panes of Double Strength Glass with Clima Tech Therm D IE windows which I believe is 1/4″ Laminated Glass on the Outside, a 3/8 ” Center Thermal Barrier and 1/8″ inside Glass
    Option 2: Triple Pane (TG2) which is 1/8″ Glass on the outside, 3/8″ Thermal Barrier, 1/8″ Middle Glass, another 3/8 Thermal Barrier and then 1/8″ Glass for the inside.
    It seems the Triple Pane would be better due to the 2 airgaps. Is this correct?

  28. I love this concept! Unfortunately, we seem to live in a better-quality-replacement-window desert, as we’re on the northeastern edge of Los Angeles County (about 45-60 min drive to downtown LA or into Orange County). Do you have any plans to extend into this area soon? Would love to get the Revere Berkshire Elites in our home, and would also consider Alside or Okna, but am finding it difficult to locate any companies that deal with those brands. Milgard, Simonton, Marvin & Pella seem to rule the roost out here. Oh yes, and Renewal by Anderson—but those seem really off the charts pricewise. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Julie, I’d love to open a store out there. It would give me a great excuse to come visit more often. Maybe one day, but unfortunately we don’t have any plans on the horizon.

  29. Just found this site and love the constant feedback from thewindowdog.

    I was looking to replace 10 windows in my home in Long Island NY. If I give you window sizes, would you be able to tell me a fair price for windows? I am leaning towards Okna windows (5oo series).

    1. Ho John, glad you’re enjoying the site. We could help with a window only order without installation on Long Island, but we don’t offer any installation services there. If you’d like you can send over some info on the quote you recieved and we can take a look at it.

    1. My company sells wood windows in most markets. For example we do high end projects like embassy buildings in DC and historic projects, but we don’t offer wood windows everywhere. There needs to be a large enough local market for a product like that to make it work out.

  30. Hi WD, I recently had a quote ($13000) for 19 windows (16 double hung + 1casement +2pic) from a company that sells Crown (MI based) windows. Any idea on how good these windows are? I can’t seem to find much info on it although the company does have good ratings.

  31. How had your experience with Alside customer service been if there are any issues? Have customers been having issues with Alside getting back to them if they need repairs?

    1. I’ve had pretty good service from their warranty department. I know some folks who work there so if we have any issue we can usually get it worked out easily enough. It might not be that easy if you didn’t have a relationship, but your dealer would usually be the one handling that kind of thing. Is that what’s going on?

  32. Hi, are what do you think of the Alside 6400 patio door? Is this better than builder grade? I need a GOOD door since we live in Chicago burbs and get a lot of different weather elements and I have an 8ft door I’m replacing. I was thinking of going with Window World as well which seems to use the same plant to make their doors…is this the same door as Alside? Should I get a stronger door for our weather and my large opening?

    1. Hi Lisa, I like the Alside 6400 door. It’s one of their newer offerings and we’ve installed thousands of them. Last I heard Window World was using cheaper patio doors, but their different franchises might be allowed to offer some different products so I don’t know what they’re offering in Chicago specifically. I’d make them list that model on the contract if that’s what you want. I know in other markets they typically used cheaper doors. Good luck with the project.

  33. In Newcastle Wyoming. Ordering replacement windows and doors
    From preservation windows , Your Home Improvement Dealer Rapid City SD
    Putting in 2 5 x 7 bay windows, (replacing 2 5×7 )
    2 doors (1 front decorative window)
    2 storm doors
    1 5 x 8 picture window with side crank outs
    1 3 x 4 dual crank out
    63,000. Quote
    What do you think??

  34. Could you please tell me what an approximate estimate would look like?
    The house was built in 1948, the windows to be replaced I believe are Pella.

    1. Hi Gail, we can get you a quote for any window project online, by emial, if you’d like. To get started either fill on the form on this page or send me an email with some details about your project and we’ll be happy to help out.

  35. Wow, this Window Universe Express program sounds like a game-changer for anyone looking to replace their windows! The fact that I can choose from a wide range of window options, including top brands like Alside, Revere, and Gentek, is fantastic. And the option to get an itemized quote without having a salesperson visit my home is so convenient. I’ll definitely check out the FAQ for more details. Thanks for making window replacement so easy!

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