The BEST Window Company in Rhode Island – United Better Homes

You know there are many great aspects to life in and around the Ocean State.  One of them is that you get to order new windows from my friend Eddie at United Better Homes.  That’s right, United Better Homes is the absolute best window company in Rhode Island.

United Better Homes, the best window company in Rhode Island
Here is Eddie, the owner of United Better Homes, winning an award of excellence from Alside.

They’re a family owned business based in Pawtucket and serving customers in a 40 mile radius around their office.  That area includes all of Rhode Island and a whole lot of Massachusetts.  Eddie has been in the business for many years starting as an installer for other local window companies before starting his own business.

Just give them a ring to see if they can help.  You can reach them directly at 401-274-0111.

While working for other companies he saw first hand the way some companies were treating their customers and he knew he could do better.  In that regard the founding of his company is very similar to the way I started my company.  It is certainly possible to run a great window company.   Eddie and his team prove it every day.

They offer several brands of windows including Marvin, Pella, Soft-Lite, Alside and Harvey.  They’re going to have something for almost every customer.

United Better Homes Window Showroom
Their window showroom is enormous. I’d need some panorama mode to show show you just how big.

Due to the fact that they’re a fantastic local company they’ve been recognized for providing great service in the community.  They’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 5 straight years and I’m sure they’re planning on continuing that winning streak for many years to come.

Eddie has recently starting working with us and we look forward to his many contributions to the site and to the window business.  I know you’ll quickly see why they’re the best window company in Rhode Island

You’re probably about ready to give them a ring to see how they can help with your window project.  There a many easy ways to reach them.  Regardless of how you reach out be sure to let them know that Dan from TheWIndowDog sent you!

Here are the best ways to reach out:

  1. Give them a ring at 401-274-0111
  2. Send them an email at
  3. Fill out the form below and they’ll touch base with you.

Remember, there is no easier way to get new windows than to work with Eddie and his team.  They’re just the kind of company you’ve been looking for and they’re standing by to help.

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    What is a Replacement Window Spacer?

    When you’re in the market for replacement windows, you’ll probably hear a lot about the NRFC ratings, the glass and the installation itself, but another important factor is the replacement window spacer.

    What is a Replacement Window Spacer?

    Any replacement window that has more than one pane of glass will have some type of spacer system.

    The spacer is not simply the space between the panes of glass but it is the material that is used to hold the glass in place from between the panes. It also keeps the seal of glass air tight to keep in inert gas like argon or krypton gas.

    Here you can see a triple pane glass unit with 2 spacers. The spacers are the gray pieces that separate the pieces of glass and keep the gas sealed inside.

    Why is the Type of Spacer Important?

    The spacer is one of the factors that affects the overall efficiency of the windows.

    If the spacer is aluminum, the efficiency of the window will not be as effective as a spacer made of stainless steel (which is less conductive).

    Many window manufacturers are now offering ‘warm-edge’ spacers that are generally made of a composite material. This type of spacer can help to improve the condensation rating (and by improve, we mean lower the likelihood of condensation, but you can read more about that here).

    What Type of Window Spacer Should I Get?

    My two cents worth is that you can ask the company you’re considering hiring if they have a some type of ‘warm-edge’ replacement window spacer. Generally the cost to upgrade should be quite nominal.

    It’s included in our triple pane windows at my company, but nearly any replacement window company worth it’s salt should be able to  upgrade double pane windows with a high performance spacer as well.

    Andrew Zahn is the owner of Zen Windows in Central, PA.   Andrew has worked in home improvement sales, marketing and public relations before opening his own window company.  If you’re in central PA and you’re thinking about new windows you should reach out to Andrew.  He’ll be the easiest window company you’ve ever dealt with.