Best Replacement Window Companies

Best replacement window companies

As our site as grown we often have readers ask us to recommend the best replacement window companies in their local area.  Usually we do know someone to recommend and we’re happy to help out.

To get started, click your state below and you will find the best window company in your area.  If you know of a great company in your area post a comment about the for everyone to see!

For the best replacement windows in Canada click here.

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159 responses to “Best Replacement Window Companies”

  1. Deborah Godfrey Avatar
    Deborah Godfrey

    I am looking for the best window replacement company around Anderson, SC. I have spoken to 4 different companies already and the prices vary drastically. Also, which manufacturer of windows is the best? Thanks for your help!

  2. Nicole Avatar

    I have an estimate for 13 double hung windows with 1/2 screens, no grids from 2 different local companies. I have a 2-story home in Rochester, NY.

    OKNA Insul-Tec Delux double pane installed by local company Wonder Windows.
    Performance Values U: 0.26 AL: 0.02
    Quoted price: $11,800 (this quote is with grids in all windows (Colonial Flats 2 grids (6/6))

    Provia Endure vinyl replacement insert windows installed by local company Rochester Colonial.
    Performance Values not knows to me but Low-E and Argon insulated
    Quoted price: $10,362

    Do you have an opinion on the two different windows being quoted? Also, what are your thoughts on the prices?

  3. Allison Avatar

    We have to have our bow window( Andersen) replaced due to age 43 years old. We have gotten quotes from Pella Lifestyle Series( fully replacement) , Renewal by Andersen (window only replacement) , and Okna 700 series (full replacement). Which would you suggest? We live in State College, PA so our looking for sound control and cold control.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Allison, 43 years is a pretty good run for your old window. In thinking about the options for new windows I’d think about the look you’re going for. The Renewal by Andersen can look very nice, like a wood window, but can be very expensive. The Okna 700 series is a vinyl window which means it will generally be very nice and durable and will probably cost less, but won’t look exactly like a wood window.

      The Pella Lifestyle Series is a real wood window which can look great, but will also likely cost more than the Okna. I tend to think if you really want the look of a wood window you should get a real wood window. They can be beautiful. If you’re not set on the look of wood then I’d tend to go with vinyl as it’s very durable, very efficient and often priced better too.

      Hope that helps.

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