Best Replacement Window Companies

best replacement window companies

As our site as grown we often have readers ask us to recommend the best replacement window companies in their local area.  Usually we do know someone to recommend and we’re happy to help out.

To get started, click your state on the map or use the links below and you can see who we know in your area.  If you know of a great company in your area post a comment about the for everyone to see!

For the best replacement windows in Canada click here.

Update: We now have more recommend LOCAL window companies than ever before.   Click here to see who we recommend in your town.  It's 100% free.  You'll thank me.  There is no better resource; you're going to love it.  See for yourself right here.  

126 thoughts on “Best Replacement Window Companies”

  1. I joined Angie’s list. All windows companies on their site are rated A with the exception of one rated B.
    Now how do I choose?
    I have had 3 in-home sales visits.
    All recommend different window brands. Polaris, Ultimate 2000, Marvin Infinity
    I am going to have more visits.
    Do you have any comments on the brands I listed?
    I notice that you have no review of Polaris.

    1. I install multiple manufacturer’s windows. Polaris is decent as a mid range window. The Ultimate 2000 I have never heard of and Marvin is trash. (I know i’m a bit late on this site but I just found it….)

      Good luck with your project.

    2. I hope I’m not too late – just saw your question. A window technician recently told me that the best way to approach buying windows is to first research the glass. This is very wise advice and advice I want to pass on.

      The reason this is important to know is that it debunks any claims that a window salesperson may have that their glass is better. It’s the same glass as everyone else. Knowing this allows you to focus on the manufacture of the frame, and how the window manufacturer installs the glass into the frame. This is important to know as any errors in glass mounting into the frame may impact the seal. Asking questions about the materials used, the extrusion process, the quality control process, etc., is how you can gather information to compare window quality.

      Glass is really the key to how a window performs. That’s why learning about the glass is critical in final selection of a window. Ask the sales person what glass is in the window. Is it lowE 366, 270? Is there a metal oxide coating? What is the light transmittion? Solar heat gain rating? If they can’t answer these questions, they may not know, which means they don’t know the product they are selling.

      A tactic they all use isn’t really a shady tactic; it’s one they are supposed to use as sale professionals. And that is selling a benefit. Get them off the benefits and onto the features and how they function. The 1,000 watt bulb in front of the window glass is neat, but why doesn’t the heat come through?

      There are two glass manufacturers that have the majority of residential share for efficient glass in the U.S. (if not all of it). One is Cardinal, which is located in Eden Prairie Minnesota. That is the glass I have in my new windows. Cardinal has an okay website – it doesn’t get super technical but it’s a start.

      1. Good advice, you’re absolutely correct that all window companies use the same several types of glass. I’d suggest starting by trying to identify what problem you’re trying to solve by buying new windows. The window rep should ask you this right off the bat to make sure they’re actually helping you, but many will just follow their script.

        For example, if you live in Phoenix with huge windows facing the afternoon sun you’re going to want a very low SHGC regardless of anything else. This is what you would get with the LowE 366 you mentioned. If you’re in the north you want the sun’s heat to come in as you spend more energy heating your house than cooling it. In that case you would want a higher SHGC to help with your heating costs.

        It’s a very common mistake to think that one window company offers something that others don’t, despite the claims made by the salesperson. Most reputable window companies offer the same set of options. It just depends what you pick and what they push.

        Good luck out there!

  2. I’m getting new windows in my house. The contractor is trying to save me money by installing Northeast windows but I read a lot of negative reviews about them. Does anybody know how they are? Also, can you recommend replacement window company that is on the average side of expense. I know Anderson Windows are a good window, but expensive for me. Any suggestions? I would like replacement windows so it’s not so much construction in the house because that will up the expense.

  3. I have to say that the past 2 weeks of looking at replacement windows for our 1983 traditional house with failed Pellas on the south side of the house been quite a frustrating education.
    For 12 replacement windows I now have bids from:
    Pella, full frame replacement, architect series $24,600
    Renewal by Andersen fibrex $28,300
    Infinity by Marvin, fiberglass insert with dual divided lights, preserving interior trim but losing 1 inch of view glass $20,500.
    I’m considering getting one more bid from Milgard wood or fiberglass.
    My question is regarding your scam alert….it sort of appears that you believe that a vinyl replacement is the only answer and that all of these companies are complete con artists, and that one would have to be crazy to pay more for an inferior performance product. I cannot/won’t put vinyl windows in this house. Of the 3-4 four companies/products I mentioned would you choose insert versus full replacement and wood over fiberglass or fibrex or one company over another or do you have another suggestion. I very much value your recommendations, so I can go back to sleeping at night versus counting windows.

    1. Hi Donna, you’re not the first person to mention that so maybe I should write a post addressing it. I’m not advocating for vinyl windows above all else. In fact my company installs many beautiful wood windows every month. I guess what I was trying to get across was that wood/fiberglass/composite windows are more expensive, and the sales people can make all kinds of claims, but they’re really not any better.

      If you’re buying a wood or composite or fiberglass window just be clear that the reason you’re paying more for it is for the look and that’s completely ok. Some people think that because the cost is higher it must be “better” and that’s just not the case. They do look very pretty and that is a great reason to buy something. Just don’t get talked into the idea that they’ll last longer or be more efficient or be stronger or any of that. Hope that makes sense.

      Good luck with the project and be sure to let us know how it goes!

  4. I live in Cortland, Ohio. I had an estimate on windows a 5 lite Bow and 2 Double hung windows the estimates were Soft-lite Imperial LS (Window Nation) $ 7,000 and Stanek $8700 Tried to get Window Universe to come out but we are 20 miles out of their area. Went on Angie’s list but am confused on how to compare the quality of the windows and not finding a lot of people in my area. Our bow window faces the west and we get the hot evening sun the anderson window we have is 35 years old, very drafty we are looking for a complete tear down and a new window put in what price range should we be at?

    1. Both of those windows have fine ratings, but I’m not a huge fan of their thicker frames. I’ll reach out to the team at Window Universe near you to see if they can make an exception for one of our fantastic readers. They do need to draw the line somewhere, but I might be able to get them to help out.

  5. In other words – you do not have the ‘best’ window companies in an area. All I have seen is a list of states/cities but no actual names. Only comments which cover multiple states. I have joined Angie’s list to further my information. I appreciate your knowledge but have seen no ‘list’ other than Angie’s.

    1. HI Larry, we’ve identified great companies in many cities, but not every city. At least not yet. It looks like you’re in Dallas and while I’ve been in touch with several folks down there we haven’t found the right company yet. I you know of a great company or if you find one from Angie’s List please let me know. We’re working hard to provide the best info we can to folks just like you!

      If anyone else is thinking about Angie’s List, they just offered a discount on the annual membership to our readers. For 40% off of Angie’s List use this link and promo code WindowDog40!

      1. Thanks for all of your help. I did get some pricing o an Alside product and will be going back through your notes to see how the Mezzo rates in the DFW area. Any additional input is appreciated.

      2. Would you please recommend a good window company in Montgomery County, Maryland?We need to replace 3 single and 2 double windows (7 windows total). We are considering Earthwise 4700 from Weather Master. But I just saw some negative reviews about Earthwise windows.

        1. Hi Zubair, thanks for reaching out. My company has been operating in the DC Metro area including Montgomery County, MD for a very long time and we’d be happy to help out. Find us here. You can get a complete copy of the pricing online with no pushy salesperson. If you’d like I can have a rep come to you with samples, or you can swing by the showroom anytime or we can place an order online. There’s no easier way to order new widows.

          Just let us know how I can help out.

  6. I live in northeastern il. I need 3 large old anderson windows replaced. because the frame wood is rotting I need a complete frame replacement. I have had 3 companies out for estimates. I want to replace 3 casement windows with 1 large picture window and 2 double hung. The pushiest salesman so far was from Window Works. I was given a quote of $5,000.00 but I was told I could get a discount of $1500.00 but only if I sign up right now. I am also told that glass has to be tempered glass since it is less than 18 inches from floor.

  7. Hi, I recently started getting estimates for replacement windows. 7 sliders and 2 bows. Renewal by Anderson $35k, Park Avenue $10,600 (I’ve since read that these are not that great), Okna $12k and waiting to hear from Harvey. I think I’m leaning towards Okna. Any suggestions??

  8. I installed Harvey windows in my entire house and to say the lease I greatly regret the decision to install them. Nearly all of the 29 Windows leak and have moisture in the space between the sealed panes. I would like to let others know of my dissatisfaction and would like to know how to do this Can you tell me how to do so? If I had it to do over I would have paid more and bought other brands like Anderson, Pella, etc.

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Your comment is public on the site so you’ve already let others know. Have you tried contacting Harvey? Maybe they’ll help out.

  9. I live on Long Island NY there are tons of window companies. How do I know which ones are the best. I belong to Angie’s List but just about every company is rated A. There are some rated lower but I think you get the picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Michael Parisi

  10. I used your website when researching window manufacturers and installers. I learned about Taylor Rae Construction in Boonton, NJ from you and eventually selected them from among four others we met with. I couldn’t be happier – with both the product and the service. Thank you!

      1. I have two quotes to replace 10 windows: marvin Infinity for $16,200 and 11,400 for Potomac HP. Warranties are comparable from the install companies. Thoughts?

        1. I know one company that sells a lot of the Potomac HP windows at very high prices so I would think you can probably find a better value. Odds are good you’re in an area that my company services and we’d be happy to send you pricing info for a nicer option by email. I would expect the pricing will be better too. You can find us here. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out.

    1. Hi Kenneth, it looks like you’re in Minnesota. I do know a great company in the Minneapolis area that I’d be happy to recommend if you’d like.

    1. I don’t think there is one best replacement window. If there was everyone would pick it and the other companies would go away. Different people have different needs and that can dictate which window option might make the most sense. If we have a recommended company in your area I’m sure they’ll be able to help out. Or, let me know your zip code and we can see if we have anyone to recommend.

      1. The company you recommend in the Milwaukee area only sells OKNA which you had a lot of negative things to say about the manufacture. Why should I go with HomeSealed if they sell a low quality window?

        1. Hi Pam, thanks for reaching out. I know Brandon at HomeSealed and they do great work. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them. In fact we’ve referred a lot of folks to them over the years with great results. I think their track record speaks for itself. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.

  11. I live outside of Tampa, FL. Do you know anything about New South or PGT Windows? What brands do you recommend for Florida? Do you know of reputable companies in this area?

  12. Have you or anyone worked with Windows USA? We have entirely too many options and I honestly have funny feelings about all of them.

    1. I have not worked with Windows USA before and you’re right that there are a whole lot of choices out there. Judging by the picture of cheesy looking guys holding handfuls of money on their website I would probably suggest looking elsewhere.

  13. I never received an e mail with companies that service northern lower Michigan. The dealers you list are all in southern Michigan. Any suggestions?

  14. I am struggling! I have had 4 different companies to my house, signed with Renewal by Andersen, read your comments about them, cancelled. Now I’m back to square one. I’m in Southern California, and I think I’ve decided on Pella, but I don’t know how to find someone legit that installs them. Don you have any contacts in this area?????

  15. Every company has its strength, although it depends on the consumer’s needs and experience that can establish any company as the best window replacement company.

  16. I have had a bid from a company out of Wisconsin called Mad-City. I am in Waterloo, Iowa.

    They offer Eco Sky Replacement Windows and the estimate for 9 windows was $14,250.00.

    Any thoughts on this brand or this company? Their website specified a different brand of window.

    1. I’ve never been a big Earthwise fan, but my company has been offering windows in Maryland for many years and we’d be happy to help with an alternative. You can check this section to request a quote online with no pushy salesperson.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know any great window companies to recommend in Ontario. I’d love to find the best window company in Ontario. If you find a great one let us know.

  17. Your reply at May 27, 2015, is spot-on and should be engraved on the website of every company that deals with windows, both new and replacement, as rule number 1: ask the client where will the window be installed.

    Interesting to read all the questions posted over the years, hope each one was successful in their hunt for a professional company and window installation.

  18. I live in Jacksonville, FL, and just bought a 1951 brick home with 17 large original crank-out metal frame windows. I need new windows that are more efficient and for health reasons.
    Over the past week, I have listened to two different window company sales pitches. Interestingly, they had almost the same salespitch but they were different companies. One offered PGT, the other offered Simonton.
    The first sales person offered a price of $28,000. The second person offered a price of $24,415 after I haggled a little bit, and a phone call.
    This is for 52×63, 2- 36×51, 5 – 68×51, 1- 36×39, 1- 124×51, 1- 58×39, 1- 37×37, 2- 53×51, 1- 41×63, 2- 52×63 Simonton windows (indicated as “Smart Choice” on contract form), installation, low E-argon gas, .22 SHGC +-, Reinforced frame, welded frame, lifetime guarantee, free glass repair, free screen repair, free re-caulking. I showed the rep your review of Simonton windows and the list of models, and asked which one would be used, I was told that Simonton custom-makes the windows and they were premium windows, above the models indicated in your review.
    It’s difficult for me to compare apples-to-apples because these window sizes are rather large.
    I felt okay overall with the salesperson, but they are just pitching a product. I liked the overall quality of the window in the example she showed to us (which the sticker had the same rating as the specs on the contract – is that a sales ploy?).
    I have three days (from Monday supposedly) to cancel. I want to move forward with this project, but I am a little concerned that I was too hasty and the price may be inflated. I intend to make this home my final home. (In my previous home, I replaced the wooden casement windows with Jeld-wen casement windows and they have been great for the past 8.5 years).
    Your advice is appreciated – am I getting ripped off in the pricing, etc?

    1. Well, there can be a lot that can go into the pricing so it’s hard to say if you’re getting a great deal or not. My advice if you’re not 100% comfortable is to cancel the order and get another quote or two. Whenever you’re ready they’ll take you back if you want to come back. Now if you wait too long the pricing could go up, things have been volatile this year. Generally speaking if you wanted to wait a week or two to get comfortable with the pricing that shouldn’t cause any issue.

      1. Do window companies have a manufacturer custom-make a window for them (beyond the fact that they are making them to fit the window size itself)? I could not determine the window model that they were offering from the manufacturer’s list of window models. When questioned, the rep said “our windows are much better than those. They custom make the windows, and you are getting the cadillac of the brand.” Sounds like a sales ploy. How can I verify the actual quality of the window?

        1. That is defininltey a sales ploy. Typically private label windows are the exact same as a regular model just with a fancy brochure and a fancier sales pitch. There’s almost always nothing at all unique about it other than the story. I’d generally recommend staying away from companies using them as they’re basically telling you that they’re trying to charge more by withholding information from you. It doesn’t sound like such a great deal when you phrase it that way.

  19. The windows in my home are Acorn single hung and 35 years old. Most of them either are breached or do not close properly. I am looking at Milgard replacements for two reasons. One, their warranty and the other is they are the only game in town. I live at zip code 96067 and the install company is 60 miles away and they only carry Milgard. Plus they will charge $195.00 just to come out here for an estimate. They came in 2018 (for free) and gave me an estimate of 25K. That included 23 double hung windows and one half moon window. We were in the middle of some extensive renovations and could not get the windows done then. We are now ready to have them replaced. My question is this. Do you know if Milgard is a good quality window?. Should I try going North into Southern Oregon for a estimate?.

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