Now Offering Gentek, Revere & Alside Windows (almost) Nationwide!

In the fall of 2015 we started testing a program offering both Alside windows and Revere windows with and without professional installation in several cities across the country. Thanks to our fantastic readers this program has been a HUGE success. As a result, we’ve expanded to 37 markets nationwide and launched our new brand, Window Universe Express.  We’ve even added the upgraded Gentek product line in many markets.

If you’re looking for new windows for your home this is the easiest possible way to get there and I’ll show you why. Check out our FAQ (link below) for even more info.

widow dog replacement windows
Here’s the window dog hard at work with the team at a home and garden show. He has to earn his kibble around here!

First, we’re offering a wide range of window options from Alside windows and Revere (and now we’ve added Gentek). Our most popular options have been the Alside Mezzo and the Revere Berkshire Elite and there are many others to choose from. We’re also offering all styles of windows including casements, bay windows, garden windows, sliding patio doors and much more.

Next we’re offering top quality installation with a local project manager and top quality installation crews to make sure everything is done right. You can also install the windows yourself if you’d prefer.

Best of all, if you’re in an area covered by this program, we can get you a complete itemized quote for your project without ever inviting a salesperson to your home.

That’s right, you could spend several evenings inviting salespeople into your home to give you their sales pitch, walk you through their predetermined “price drops” and try to close the deal with their 50% off today only special after calling the manager for a special deal 3 times. Or, you could exchange a few emails with our industry experts to get your project moving along quickly and easily.

It’s up to you…

So who is Window Universe?

window universe replacement windows

Window Universe is the company we founded many years ago. We’ve grown from one small business operating out of an apartment to a multimillion-dollar business with 16 stores in several states and more on the way.

With our Window Universe Express brand we have the same top-quality products and services that we offer through our retail stores.

How does this all work?

It’s pretty simple, which is why I love it. When you’re ready to get a quote for your replacement window project just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with the most helpful email we can write as quickly as we can.

You’ll see we don’t need the sizes of the windows to get you a quote. This seems unusual to some folks, but even in markets where we have stores our reps don’t measure the windows.   It’s just not necessary to get a quote in the vast majority of projects. We’ll get the windows measured before the manufacturing begins, but it’s not needed yet.

The basic info we’ll need is how many windows you want to replace, how do you want them to open, what color window frames do you want, etc. Just the basics.

If there is anything about your project that you think is unusual just note it and we’ll address it when we get back to you. The whole process is really easy.

What have our customers been saying about this program?

 Here’s one example:

If you don’t want to DIY your windows but pride yourself in being an informed consumer, Window Universe Express is the way to go! After sitting for hours listening to people tell me why their windows were the best, I couldn’t figure out why the window packages I was being presented with were so expensive ($10 – 12k for 7 slider windows)…

We are so pleased with the windows, the installer, and the process… Window Universe Express has created a great way to inform yourself as a consumer and be able to get real numbers. No games, gimmicks or “guess what your price is going to be if you buy it today!”

I rarely write reviews for products/services, but I was so impressed with the process, price and product, I told Dan that I would be happy to endorse them!

–Excerpt of an Angie’s List review from Andrea in Seattle, WA

Here’s another.

Every aspect of this window experience was excellent. They didn’t give a sales pitch, but instead provided links to specific information about all different types/brands of windows with ratings and specifications, so I was able to make an informed decision. 

He then provided a very detailed quote so I knew exactly what I was paying for, and was able to add or remove options and see the price impact of these changes. The accountant in me loved this approach.  Once we agreed to the window specs, I was given a final price and the measuring was scheduled. 

The gentlemen who came to measure the windows arrived when scheduled and was quick and efficient.  The windows were promptly ordered and once the windows were ready, the installation was scheduled.  The installation crew arrived on time and got right to work.  They put down tarps on my carpets since the install was on the 2nd floor and it was wet and snowy outside.  They installed the windows in a few hours and cleaned up afterwards.

–Excerpt of an Angie’s List review from Lisa in Philadelphia, PA

Here’s a bit more feedback from Austin in Dallas.  You get the idea.

Folks love it.

Why are the prices so great?

Ha.  Good question.  Window Universe Express is a completely different kind of window company.  We’re able to offer top quality products and expert level service at a very low price because we don’t spend our money on things you don’t care about.

Most traditional window companies spend tons and tons of money on sales and marketing.  It’s not unusual for a company to spend 30%-40% of their total sales dollars on things that you don’t care about like sales commissions, marketing and advertising.  Paying people to walk around neighborhoods knocking on doors is expensive, so are tv commercials and billboards.

Another company may be able to get to a similar price by offering cheap windows or by using cheap subcontractors.  That’s a low price, but it’s not a great value.

A typical company offering the products and services we do would charge $10k for a project while we would charge $7k or less.  It’s just a great deal.

I have more questions

Great! I love it when folks ask great questions. I’ve been emailing with many people about this program since we launched. I’ve noted most of the questions we get and put the answers all in one place for you.

On our FAQ page you’ll find answers to all sorts of questions like:

  • Will the price change after the windows are measured?
  • Who does the installation?
  • What is the warranty on these windows?
  • Are these the right windows for my climate?

How do I get a quote?

That’s the easiest part. When you’re ready to get a detailed itemized quote for your project just fill out the form below and we’ll send you back an email just as quickly as we can.

If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions or if you’re not sure about something just make a note of it and send in the form as complete as you can. It’s ok if you don’t know all of the terms for these things. We don’t require you to be a window expert.

What if I don’t know the window terms?

Don’t worry about it.  If you’re unsure about something just take your best guess and let us know you’re not quite sure.  We can always revise the proposal later.

What cities are included in this program?

Here is the list of cities where we are currently offering this program. We’ll surely be adding more soon so if your city isn’t on the list check back often.

Don’t see the area you’re looking for, try here.

If you’re within about an hour of any of these cities and you’re ready to finally get those new windows just fill out the form right here. We will get back to you asap and we will NEVER share your information with anyone.

Have more questions?  Don’t be shy, just ask!

To see if we can help with your project just fill out this form and you’ll receive an email with the next steps within 24 hours.

Get your completely FREE project quote by email.  

Home Depot Window Installations

Note: Since we published this post we’ve been in touch with Home Depot and they’ve provided some additional information.  The original post is here and you can see additional notes at the end.

We’ve also added a new post on Home Depot window complaints and you can find that here.

So here’s a funny story.  I was recently visiting the team at a home and garden show in Richmond VA.  We had some information to show prospective customers regarding typical pricing for replacement windows.  We try to be as transparent as we can regarding all of the costs associated with a project like this and we find customers tend to appreciate it.

One of our examples showed a real quote that one of our customers received from Home Depot At Home Services along with the quote he received from us.  We use this to illustrate the idea that we can typically offer better pricing for similar products that a big box store.    The example shows our pricing was over $2,000 better for a typical project than the pricing offered by Home Depot window installations team.

While we were there, someone with some affiliation to Home Depot window installations came up to one of our managers and told him that our information was incorrect.  We asked him what was incorrect and he stated that Home Depot At Home Services offers a lifetime warranty on their labor.  We’ve never heard this before and we’re pretty in tune with the window business so we asked him for a copy of the warranty.  At first he said it was proprietary and when we asked why their warranty would be a secret he said we could find it online.

Our goal is always to be accurate so we checked online and found that the Home Depot At Home Services website clearly states that they offer a 1 year labor warranty.  This isn’t the end of the world, but it is a pretty short warranty.  It would be a real shame to pay thousands more for a project and then have to pay again a year later to fix something.

Our manager tried to show the friendly gentleman from Home Depot that their own website was pretty clear, but he didn’t seem interested.  He told us he was a district manager in charge of 90+ stores.  You’d think he’d have his facts straight 😉

Anyway, we got a kick out of it.  Here’s a screen shot of their site and a link as well.

home depot window warranty
Here’s a screen shot straight from the Home Depot website. Seems pretty clear to us.

Home Depot At Home Services – Why Home Depot

 Update: Since we wrote this post we’ve been in touch with Home Depot and they’ve provided some clarity on their warranty for installed replacement windows.  Home Depot offers 2 main lines of replacement windows through their installation program.  They are American Craftsman (made by Andersen) and Vantage Point (made by Simonton).

The American Craftsman windows from Andersen come with the 1-yera labor warranty that we mention above.  This is pretty weak, but folks buying these windows likely aren’t focusing on getting top quality.

The Vantage Point windows from Simonton do come with a lifetime labor warranty.  They call it a craftsmanship warranty which the salesperson in me really likes.  Craftsmanship sounds nice and warm.  They did provide us with a written warranty this time which we certainly appreciated.  The labor warranty comes from Home Depot and not from Simonton, and that’s the way all labor warranties work.

There are some limitations which mean it’s not the greatest warranty we’ve ever seen, but it is better than the 1-year warranty that comes with the cheaper products.  We’ll likely write up a full post on window warranties from big box stores in the future.

Thanks to the folks at Home Depot for providing additional info about their services.

If anyone reading this has any specific questions on the warranty or the limitations post a comment and ask!

If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to check out our list of the best window companies all over the country.  You can find it right here. 

Triple Pane vs Double Pane Windows

When deciding on triple pane vs double pane glass for your new windows there are several important factors to consider.  There are differences in sound transmission, weight, efficiency and cost.  Here we’ll take a look at all 5 factors to help you make the best decision for you and your home.

double pand vs triple pane windows, cost, prices, noise and sound
When comparing double pane vs triple pane windows there are many factors to consider.

How about noise through triple pane vs double pane windows?

It is VERY common for replacement window salespeople to tell folks that windows with triple pane glass will reduce noise in the home.  In fact, switching from double pane to triple pane has a very small impact on sound.  You’d be much better served by going with laminated glass.  We go into more depth on this in our sound transmission post.  The long and the short of it is if you’re buying triple pane windows to reduce noise you’re overspending.

best replacement windows of 2015

Are triple pane windows heavy?

Well, yes they are heavier, but it shouldn’t matter to you.  A high quality replacement windows will have a balance mechanism to counterbalance the weight of the sash.  Regardless of how heavy the glass is the window should slide up and down effortlessly.  If your new windows are hard to open it’s either because the balance mechanism is not working correctly, the windows don’t fit in the opening just right or something else is impeding their motion.  The weight of the glass or the sash shouldn’t have an impact.

Along these same lines, some folks think triple pane windows will have a higher failure rate because of the weight and the fact that they have 2 air chambers.  This stems either from the days of old or from a salesperson pushing an agenda.  All nice new windows come with a complete warranty that protects you against any future problems.

How beneficial are triple pane energy efficient windows?

There is certainly an improvement in efficiency when comparing triple pane vs double pane windows.  It’s important to compare the window ratings including u-factor, shgc and visible transmission when comparing the options in order to understand the differences.

Triple pane windows will typically have u-factors that are about 20-30% better than a similar double pane window.  That’s a pretty substantial improvement.  They will also have better SHGC ratings as they tend to have two surfaces coated with a low-e coating.  These coatings will leave you with a lower visible transmission rating meaning it will typically be darker in a home with triple pane windows.

Are these increases in efficiency worth the trade off of increased cost and decreased light?  Only you can decide that, but with the cost difference likely being lower than you might expect more folks are picking triple pane options.

single pane, double pane, triple pane
Some folks even compare single pane with double and triple pane options.

Cost of triple pane vs double pane windows:

In my experience, when the topic of triple pane glass comes up some homeowners immediately say “oh no, we don’t need that!”  I find they tend to say that because they’ve received a quote for windows with triple pane glass before and the pricing was HIGH.  This led them to believe that pricing for all triple pane windows will be high.

As with everything relating to prices of replacement windows there are many factors at play, but the cost difference doesn’t need to be too substantial.  Perhaps $100 per window is a decent estimate.  So if you can get a great vinyl replacement window installed for around $350 with double pane glass then switching to triple pane glass would put you in the $450 neighborhood.  Sure, it’s more expensive, but it’s nowhere near the $800 per window that some companies try to charge.

Why do some companies try to charge $800-$1000 per window for triple pane windows? 

We’ll be writing a whole series on the tricky practices of some window companies out there.  The short answer is because people pay it sometimes.  If nobody was buying they’d either change their ways or go out of business.  Congrats to you for not taking the bait, but you can be sure there was someone behind you snapping it up.

These companies will likely tend to continue to struggle due to the fact that people are much more informed than they were years ago.

Remember, when deciding between triple pane vs double pane think about how long you’ll be in the home and whether energy savings over time are worth spending money upfront today.  

Other posts you might find helpful:

If you haven’t taken a look yet, try out our window reviews pages to get a better idea of the options.

If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to check out our list of the best window companies all over the country.  You can find it right here. 

Best Window Company in Chicago – LJ Neal & Sons

People have been asking us to recommend a window company in the Chicago area for quite a while now so it’s about time we finish this post!

I’ve known the owners of LJ Neal & Sons for a while and I can tell you they are the best window company in Chicago.  They’re a family owned business and they’ve been operating in the Chicago suburbs for over 60 years.  They use the same no-pressue sales process that we’re always talking about.

LJ Neal & Sons is the best window company in Chicago. They’re the company you’ve been looking for.

You came to our site looking for information on replacement windows and hoping to find the best company in your area.   Hopefully you’ve found our information to be helpful and if you’re in the Chicago suburbs you’ve now found the best window company in Chicago right here.

Leo and Bridgette are supporters of the site and they’re available to help you with your project from start to finish.  In fact, they’re working on some new posts for the site that explain the types of triple pane windows and I think our readers are going to love them.

Does LJ Neal & Sons serve my area?

If you’re in the suburbs of Chicago they probably do.  From Orland Park to Naperville to Gurnee they cover just about all of the Chicago suburbs.  If you’re in the area and you’re thinking about new windows you should definitely give them a ring.

What kind of windows does LJ Neal & Sons offer?

Like most window companies they’ll offer a range of options to fit the needs of most customers.  As you can see in the logo above they specialize in triple pane windows and that makes sense in Chicago.

I grew up in the Chicago area and while I’ve since moved away to warmer climates I can tell you Chicago is an area where triple pane windows make a ton of sense.  Luckily LJ Neal and Sons will have triple pane and double pane options so you can pick the option that works best for you.

LJ Neal is the best source for replacement windows in chicago
This is a true family owned business. You can see the resemblance!

Will they send some pushy salesperson to my house?

Nope.  The owners, Leo and Bridgette, will personally come to meet with you to discuss your project.  That’s fantastic service.  In fact, they’ll even meet you on your installation day to introduce you to the installation crew.  You won’t find too many company with owners that involved in your project!

How can I get more info?

Great question.  We have established a direct way to contact them.  That way they’ll know that Dan from sent you!

Just fill out the form below and they’ll reach out to you.  Your info will ONLY go to LJ Neal and Sons and we will always protect your privacy.

If you have any questions throughout the process I’m sure Leo and Bridgette will be glad to help.  Don’t forget you can always reach out to me as well.  Either post a comment anywhere on the site or drop me a line through the contact link and I’ll be glad to help.

By completing the form above they’ll know that you found them on and they’ll be ready to help with your project.  You’re going to LOVE what Leo and Bridgette have to offer!

Are you the best window company in your town?  We’d love to meet you and our readers would like to find you.  Meet us here.

The Best Window Company in St Louis – Zen Windows!

We know our readers in St Louis are looking for great windows installed by a great company which is why I’m happy to recommend my friend my friends Dennis and Rhonda, the owners of Zen Windows in St Louis.  If you’re looking for the best window company in St Louis Dennis and Rhonda are the folks for you.

best window company in st louis
Here are Dennis and Rhonda looking all professional standing by ready to help get you new windows.

Zen Windows operates just the way you’d want a window company to operate.  They can give you a quote in 5 minutes, they don’t send a salesperson to your house and you can work directly with the owner to make sure your project turns out great.

If you’re looking for the best window company in St Louis or any of the surrounding area you should definitely give Zen Windows a look.

Dennis and Rhonda will be publishing guest posts as their company has become a supporter of our site and they’re working hard to make the window business easy for folks in St Louis.

How did they get into the window business?

Glad you asked!  Both of them have been in the home building and remodeling business in St Louis for years.  Of course neither of them like being on the either end of the high pressure sales process so when they heard about the Zen Windows business model they knew it was a great fit for them.

Luckily for all of you in St Louis the business is booming and they’re making the process of buying new windows absolutely as easy as possible.

How do they make the process easy?

They do many things differently than a traditional window company. For one, they don’t need to come to your house and camp out in your living room to get you a detailed quote for your project.  You can send them and email or give them a ring and they’ll explain how things work.  It’s really easy.

What areas do they service?

They offer great windows in all of the St Louis metro area.  To find out if they cover your area just send them an email, the address is below and they’re very friendly.  I promise.

How can I reach them?

You can find their website here and when you’re ready to get in touch there are 3 easy ways.

  1. You can give him a ring at 314-399-0856
  2. You can send him an email at
  3. You can fill out the form below and your info will go straight to them.  We do NOT share this info with anyone.

The Best Window Company in Atlanta – Window Universe!

Announcing the Best Window Company in Atlanta – Window Universe!  My good friend Don owns the  Window Universe store in Atlanta and he’s standing by waiting to help you with your window project.

Don over at Window Universe has been in the business for years and he knows windows inside and out.  He’s currently offering some fantastic windows with professional installation from factory authorized installers.  His lifetime warranty is backed up by the manufacturer who is a billion dollar company with 60+ year history in the manufacturing business.

Window Universe reviews

What can Window Universe do for me?

They can do a lot of great things for you, but the most important is that they can make this process easy.  Don and his team are experts at this and they know how to cut through all of the usual fluff to get you the info you need at the best prices in town.

It’s really easy.

Do they offer other products?

They sure do.  In addition to great windows and doors you’ll also see that they offer siding and roofing options to completely transform your home.

Even if you’re just thinking about windows now,  you can be sure they’ll be ready to help when it’s time to replace your roof down the road.  It’s nice to know you have a guy in the business.

How do you know Don at Window Universe?

That’s a great question.  As you probably know we’ve been working on this site for a while now and it’s gained quite a bit of attention in the industry.  I thought I knew a lot of people in the window business before and I know a whole lot more people now.

Don’s been a fan of the site for a while and he reached out a while back to see if we could work together.  After working together for several years he opened a Window Universe location in Atlanta to take his business to the next level.  He’s currently working on a few guest posts to help folks make sense of things and his many years of experience and invaluable.  Now that we have a business relationship I wanted to make sure our readers (you!) knew about this great local company too.

So how do I get a quote from Don? 

Good question.  His system is a little different from some other companies out there.  His process starts with an email.  When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page an email will be sent directly to the owner of the company.  Don will then be in touch to schedule your appointment.

You’ll see the form asks when you’re typically available and how urgent your need is.  This cuts out a few steps and helps them serve you faster and more efficiently.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and you’re thinking about new windows you owe it to yourself to fill out this form just to see what Window Universe can do for you.

Be sure to post a comment to let everyone know how it goes!

Get your FREE quote here!

We will NEVER share this info with anyone and you’re going to LOVE what Don has to offer!

Are you the best window company in your town?  We’d love to meet you and our readers would like to find you.  Meet us here.

Best Replacement Windows

So what are the best replacement windows?  There’s a question that’s been asked a million times before.  As you’re sorting through the options remember that there is no one “best” product.  If there was, everyone would know it and your decision would be easy.

Why isn’t there one type of best replacement windows?

There are several reasons, but the biggest factor is that different people want  different things.  For instance, some of our customers buy windows because they’re moving soon and they want to dress up the house.  Some buy new windows because they’re about to have a baby and they want to make the house less drafty.  Some folks buy new windows as part of a larger remodeling project and some folk just want to make their home more comfortable in the hot summer.  The best replacement windows for each of these folks are completely different.

So, before you can decide what the best replacement windows are for you, you’ll need to be really clear about these factors:

  • How long are you planing on living in the home?
  • If you don’t live in the home at all, are you flipping the house, renting or is a family member living there?
  • Rank these characteristics: efficiency, looks, durability/warranty, price

Once you have a more clear idea of what you’re looking for the question of what are the best replacement windows will become easier to answer.

For example, if you’re going to be renting the house you’ll want windows that look nice, and won’t cause problems.  Perhaps you’re less concerned with efficiency and price is probably an important concern.  You probably don’t want junk, but you also don’t need the greatest windows ever produced by mankind.

On the other hand, if you’ve just bought your new home and you’re undergoing a substantial remodel to turn it into your dream house that you plan on living in for the rest of your days you probably have a different set of priorities.  You want a product that looks great, keeps the house as comfortable as possible and will last a very long time.

Of course, even if you’re in the exact same situation as someone else you still may end up choosing a different product.  You might be more concerned about a product that looks and feels great like a wood window or maybe a fiberglass option while someone else might want the most efficient option available which would probably be a triple pane vinyl window.

 So you’re starting to see why there are so many options.  Why isn’t it easy to find answers regarding the best replacement windows?

Well, it’s a competitive business.  There are just about no patents in the industry so every company is building windows from the same parts and they’re fighting to earn your business.

Companies that are trying to produce the “best replacement windows” are all fighting to say they’re better than the rest.  Companies trying to produce the least expensive products for the price sensitive customer are all trying to be less expensive than the rest.

Keep this intense competition in mind when you’re learning about new windows.

A wise man once said, “before you can find the answer, you must find the question”.  Don’t bother trying to find the best replacement windows until you really understand what you want.

If you’re thinking vinyl windows and you’re interested in being on the low end of the price spectrum you’ll see companies all over the place advertising “new windows installed for $189” or sometimes even less.  Of course they’ll try to up sell you on all sorts of options so most end up being easily double that price.

You’ll also find companies that claim to offer the “best replacement windows” with a 3 hour sales pitch that leads to one discount after another in an effort to get you to sign up right away.  I always ask why they need to work so hard to sell these windows if they really are so good.  You’d think if they genuinely were the best replacement windows folks would just buy them and the dramatic sales pitch wouldn’t be necessary.

So, be sure you don’t waste your time meeting with companies and sorting through options until you have a clear idea of what you want.    Start to get an idea of what the best replacement windows for you will look like.

Once you have an idea of what you want and how you’ll rank the variables of efficiency, looks, durability/warranty, price you’ll be ready to start finding a local window company.  A quick google search will show you more window companies in your area than you can shake a stick at.  For example, when I google “replacement window company” I get 102,000,000 results.  That’s a lot.

Here’s another post on how to identify the best replacement window installation company.  stay tuned.   For now, take a look through some replacement window reviews get an idea of what’s out there.

If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to check out our list of the best window companies all over the country.  You can find it right here. 

The Best Window Company in New Jersey – Taylor Rae Construction

If you’re in northern or central New Jersey and you’re looking for new windows you’re in luck.  My friends at Taylor Rae Construction will surely be able to help.  That’s one reason they’re the best window company in New Jersey.

My buddy Jeff Dowling is the owner of Taylor Rae Construction and he’s been in the business for over 10 years.  He has a different background than many home improvement types.  Jeff has a degree in engineering and worked as an engineer before starting the company.

Best window company in New Jersey
Taylor Rae Construction is the best window company in New Jersey!

Initially they started working on all types of remodeling projects, but soon focused on exterior work including windows, doors, siding and decks.  They’ve become window and door experts and they lead the industry in their professionalism with modern techniques and the best materials.

Jeff has recently become a contributor to the site and he is committed to making window shopping easier.  They are certainly one of the easiest companies to work with in all of New Jersey.

What areas do they serve?

Taylor Rae Construction is based in Boonton Township and they serve all of northern and central New Jersey.  If you’re thinking new windows and doors it’ll be worth your time to touch base.

best window company in New Jersey - and doors too!
Here’s Jeff looking all fancy with a new entry door that was just installed.

Where did the company name come from?

Jeff’s such a family man that he named the company after his first two daughters.

How can I contact them?

Great question!  There are thee easy ways to get more info on how they might be able to help with your project.

  1. Give them a ring at 973-394-0949
  2. Send Jeff an email at – Not too many business owners offer up their personal email!
  3. Fill out the form below and your info will be sent straight to them (and only to them).

Be sure to let them know you found them on!

Remember, we will NOT share your info with anyone.  Ever.

The Best Window Company in Central PA – Zen Windows!

The weather in Central PA can be beautiful and it can sometimes get a little extreme.  If you live in this part of the world you’ll certainly want to find the best window company in Central PA and I’m happy to recommend my friend Kyle. He owns Zen Windows in Central PA and they do great work all over the area.  They cover Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and the surrounding area.

Zen Windows works a lot like my company does which is why it’s easy for me to recommend them.  They make the process of buying new windows absolutely as easy as it can be.  There are no pushy salespeople.  In fact, there are no salespeople at all.

The goal is to help make shopping for windows easy for everyone.  It’ll be easy to see why Zen Windows is the best window company in Central PA.

How did he get into the window business?

Kyle is a proud small business owner who knows the struggles you are going through when it comes to having a stress free purchasing experience. He got his start as a laborer for a remodeling company that specialized in high-end flooring installations. He quickly realized that contractors left much to be desired when it came to making the purchase of a product or service as simple as it should be.

Once he realized he could add a lot of value by simplifying the purchasing process he got to work finding industries that could benefit most from this discovery, which eventually led him window sales and installation. He was inspired to own and operate a window business because he wanted to help homeowners avoid the same painful processes that he had once been a part of and had experienced himself as a homeowner.

Kyle has successfully operated multiple businesses over the years, but his window installation business eventually became his sole focus. He realized by narrowing his services to windows he could provide a better overall experience to his customers. That is when Kyle found his “Zen” with Zen Windows™.

What areas do they service?

They offer great windows throughout the central PA area.  Obviously this includes York, Harrisburg and Lancaster and the surrounding area.  To find out if they cover your area just send Zen Windows an email, the address is below and they’re very friendly.  I promise.

How can I reach them?

You can find their website here and when you’re ready to get in touch there are 3 easy ways.

  1. You can give them a ring at 717-773-4562
  2. You can send them an email at
  3. You can fill out the form below and your info will go straight to them.  We do NOT share this info with anyone.

The Best Window Company in Nashville – Zen Windows!

If you’re looking for the very best window company in Nashville you’re in luck.  My friend Brad owns the Zen Windows location in Nashville and I’m sure he’ll be able to help out.

The best window company in Nashville
Here’s Brad and his wife Sue. They’ve been married for over 27 years. You won’t meet a friendlier couple! Just look at that romantic picture!

Brad has been in the construction business for years owning his own home improvement business since 1994.  You’d have a hard time finding someone in Nashville who knows more about windows and doors than Brad.

Zen Windows operates very similarly to the way my company operates so it’s easy for me to recommend them.  They make the process of buying new windows absolutely as easy as possible.  They’ll give you a quote in 5 minutes, they offer great products and you don’t pay for the windows until the project is complete.

If you’re in or around Nashville and you’re looking for the very best window company in Nashville you should touch base with Brad at Zen Windows in Nashville.

How can I get a quote from them?

Great question!  There are three easy ways to get a quote.  No matter how you reach out, be sure to tell him TheWindowDog sent you!

  1. Give Brad a ring at 615-424-8102.
  2. Send him an email at
  3. Fill out the form below and he’ll contact you.  Don’t worry we don’t share your info with anyone.  Ever.


Remember, we’ll never share your info with anyone.