How to Repair Foggy Windows – It’s pretty easy!

One of the most common calls we get in the office is from folks looking to repair foggy windows.  I think we’ve all seen what this looks like, but just in case, here’s a picture of the window dog himself  trying to look for intruders through a foggy double pane window.  It’s not easy to see the bad guys coming!

fix a window seal failure
The little fella works so hard to keep us safe. The least we can do is provide him with a clear view!

This happens when the seal fails allowing outside air into the glass unit.  That air brings moisture with it and instantly you’ll see condensation or a film on the glass.  This is ugly and it’ll never go away by itself.

Luckily for you we’ve made a quick video demonstrating how we fixed this problem.  Enjoy!

It is important to note that even after your window is repaired it’s still an old window.  You may find that replacing the window doesn’t cost much more than the repair and in that scenario you’d get a whole new window.

In this case, this is a wood 3-lite casement window with a clad exterior.  The cost to replace this window would likely be over $2,000 so a repair makes sense and the results were fantastic.

fixed glass in replacement window
Now thats better. Frisco has a much better view and those pesky deer don’t stand a chance!

Now we’re still having some trouble with this window.  The old cranks are a little shaky and it just doesn’t operate as well as a shiny new window would.  It’ll probably get replaced sooner or later, but this repair will give it several more years of life and the whole room looks much better.

If you’re thinking about repairing your existing windows it certainly is possible although not always as easy as it looks.  Replacing a sealed insulated glass unit in a vinyl replacement window can be tricky because the vinyl trim pieces can be brittle and if they break you may have a very hard time finding a replacement.  We’ll have another video coming out soon on repairing or replacing glass in a vinyl replacement window.

Why am I having a hard time finding a company to do this?

Because it’s a bit of a hassle for the amount of money folks will pay.  A professional may have a tool to measure the glass without removing it, but still you’re talking about 2 trips to the house, a few hours of work and taking the risk that something breaks or some unexpected problem arises.  Factor in the driving time, the ordering, picking up the glass and this quickly turns to a project that requires many hours of work.

If you’re looking to pay $50 for someone to do this you’re going to have a real hard time.  It’ll probably cost several hundred dollars to hire a professional, but if you’re comfortable tackling it yourself you could get it done for much less.


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20 thoughts on “How to Repair Foggy Windows – It’s pretty easy!”

  1. Replaced my windows with alside mezzo’s on your recommendation. Very happy with this window. Looks nice, noticed house warmer now, with no drafts. Also notices that it’s quieter in the house. Thanks.

  2. Some of my old windows get foggy and I can not figure out why that is. The video was really helpful is describing how it gets that way, and what to do to fix it. I do think I’ll look at Angies’ list to find a company to work on my windows.

  3. It’s great to learn about repairing foggy windows. Our windows always seem to get foggy in the winter, and then it’s hard to see outside. Although it may save a few bucks, I don’t think I’m comfortable trying to fix it myself. Hiring a pro is the way to go, for me.

    1. That is certainly an option. I think it’s fun to fix them myself, but I probably like taking old windows apart more than most people.

  4. Thanks for this. I will try this at home. I have been figuring out how to remove the fog out of my window.

  5. Hi Blogger! Such important information you have posted through this blog that is repair foggy window pretty easy. It’s very useful for me.  By the way thanks for sharing your experience with us and please keep posting details about window glass.

  6. Great information. It’s really informative information. This is a perfect post for who want to know about how to repair window glass. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Nice information. It is very informative information. I know very important thing here. Your blog is really informative. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  8. What I want to know is truly How to Fix the foggy window, not how to disassemble the frame and buy a new replacement sealed glass double pane glazing (IGU). Sorry but that’s not actually fixing the fogged window, it’s replacing it.

    The “Local Glass Fabricator” you mention in the video knows how to build an IGU. Please share this skill so I can truly fix my foggy window(s). Difficult doesn’t mean impossible — the float glass 2 panes, aluminum frame, sealant and insulating gas all are manufactured separately. How are they assembled into an IGU please ?

    1. That’s how you fix it. There is no other way to fix it. You can’t make a sealed glass unit at home. You could probably try, but it won’t work. I bought that unit for $30 so why would you try sealing your own unit?

      I ran a glass department at a major manufacturer. We produced nearly 8000 sealed units per day and I wouldn’t try to make my own at home. Good luck.

    1. It’s pretty similar to the wood window video. You remove the vinyl stops, cut the glazing tape or silicone and the glass will come right out. You can use silicone to seal in the new glass since you probably don’t have glazing take and then pop in the glazing bead and you’re all set.

      Sometimes the hardest part is removing the glazing bead from an older vinyl window without cracking or breaking it. If you know who made the windows it’s a lot easier to just order a new sash from them. It might cost a few dollars more, but it would be worth it.

  9. I have aluminum windows from the 80’s they slide side to side not up and down. They are easy to remove the panels come right out. They are double pane all seals are broken. Can these windows be rebuilt or can I order new panels to pop back in . Any help you can give me is much appreciated. They are on a condo and people are over spending for new construction windows.
    Best regards Steve dog

    1. You may be able to find a company to make new glass units for it. Repairing older vinyl windows isn’t always as easy as some people thing. The trim pieces can be fragile and brittle and if they break there’s no good way to replace them. You might find that a new window costs about the same as 2 new glass units including installation. With the new window you get an all new window with a warranty vs an old window with new glass. Good luck with the project.

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