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If you’ve been considering buying new windows for a while now you may have noticed that window prices have changed over the last year or two. 2021 replacement window prices are a little higher than prices of years past and that’s just the way it is.

It’s not just windows that have seen increasing prices. All building products are up and luckily windows have been much less volatile than roofing or siding or lumber. At least that’s good news.

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Since my company offers windows all over the country we deal with a whole lot of customers. Many people order windows right away but some folks get a quote and then come back 2 or 3 years later to place an order.

One challenge we run into in those cases is that prices just aren’t the same now as they were in 2018. Prices for most things tend to go up over time (remember when an iPhone cost less than $1000?). So, it’s not completely unusual but something to be aware of.

What should replacement windows cost these days?

As you’d find with any custom made product there are a pretty wide range of prices out there. We find that 2021 replacement window prices tend to lead you to pretty good quality windows with a great professional installation in the $600-$800 range. There are both less expensive and more expensive options and that tends to be a common range.

Now before you get out the calculator and start multiplying keep in mind that there are many factors that contribute to the prices. If you get fancy windows with different colors and triple pane glass and challenging installations the costs can easily be higher.

Just a few minutes ago I helped a customer with an order for windows that averaged to over $1200 per window. That’s what he picked and it’s a great value for what he’s getting. Different strokes for different folks.

Are more expensive windows better?

Well, better is a little vague. You’ll often times see the door to door sales type of companies selling windows that aren’t great at all for higher prices. There’s a company near my house that sends out groups of kids knocking on doors trying to sell windows that aren’t very nice at all for over $1,400 per window.

My company would offer something similar for closer to $600 so that company is offering a pretty bad deal. They can get away with it sometimes by telling a great story. That’s the type of company you want to watch out for.

As a rule of thumb, the door to door sales companies are just about always a bad deal. See more info on that here.

They tell people that they have the greatest windows in the world, but they’re really not very nice at all. Some people must buy them, but more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Are less expensive windows less good?

Generally yes. Every company is basically playing with the same deck of cards. Windows cost what they cost, installers cost what they cost, in-home salespeople are expensive, sales managers and advertisements are expensive too.

So, if a company is selling things on the cheap they’re cutting costs somewhere. It’s important for you to understand where. Until you have that info it’s pretty much impossible to make a smart decision on what to buy.

A less expensive product might be just fine for your project. We work with landlords and house flippers too and those folks are generally more price focused than most. There’s nothing wrong with that, you just need to understand what you’re not getting in return for the lower price.

As an example, our company is able to cut skip the in-home sales process in most cases and that leads to lower costs. We can charge less than someone else offering the same quality because we’re not paying that higher commission. So the thing you’re not getting is the pushy salesperson and most folks tend to be just fine with that.

But I’ve seen people writing about lower prices, what’s the deal?

Astute readers of this site will see that over the years we’ve never been afraid to talk about replacement window prices and costs. Sometimes people I’m working with will email me back to say they saw me write on the site about lower costs. Keep in mind that was probably 4 or 5 or 6 years ago. Things change.

Our company always strives to be as competitive as we can. Business has been absolutely booming so I’m confident we are very competitive. We’ll even email you the current pricing without sending a salesperson into your living room. If that doesn’t demonstrate confidence in what we offer I don’t know what does.

To find our company or other recommended companies in your area check this section. You can also find window reviews here and information about the tricky window sales tactics that many companies uses here. We hope you enjoy the site!

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