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The story of Schuco windows in America is a great cautionary tale for anyone considering a replacement window project.  Schuco is a large German manufacturing company.  They produce all sorts of products all over the world.  Several years ago they decided they were going to get into the replacement window business in the US.

To get started they produced a very nice looking window and local contractors all over the country were sold.  The type of contractors who do a lot of writing online went on and on about how fantastic these windows were.

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What happened?  One day Schuco decided the replacement window business in the US was too competitive, they couldn’t make the profit that they wanted, and they closed down.  Now all of those folks who listened to the hype and selected these windows are completely out of luck when it comes to warranty service or replacement parts.

You can tell the internet buzz was strong for these products in their hay day.  We still get calls in to our office every once in a while from folks asking if we carry Schuco windows because they’ve read online that these are the greatest replacement windows ever produced.

What’s the moral of the story?  Don’t believe the hype.  As someone who sold windows to local contractors on a wholesale basis in my past life I can tell you it’s relatively easy.  Many (but not all) supposed window “experts” are easily swayed by a new feature or a shiny brochure.  The seem to completely miss the fact that the definition of a great window isn’t just a pretty product.

For a window to be a great product it needs to have the whole package including a great warranty and the support of a company that is experienced in the business.

Schuco windows reviews
Here’s an ad for Schuco windows. Sounds great except they’re gone now and if you bought them before you’re out of luck.

Schuco was missing that curtail ingredient.  Many local contractors got sold and many homeowners got stuck holding the bag.

I would expect that many of these local contractors would now admit that it was a mistake to jump on the bandwagon with new and unproven product right out of the gate.  Unfortunately it’s easy to find examples of many of these contractors doing the same thing again.  They jump right onto the next bandwagon with the next “hot” product.  Hopefully we don’t see the same thing happen too many more times, but Schuco surely won’t be the last.

Be sure to note the owner and the experience level of the manufacturer when considering replacement windows.  We try to include this info in all of our reviews to help folks avoid a Schuco windows situation.  Find the best replacement windows reviews online here.  

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32 responses to “Schuco Windows Reviews”

  1. Randy Hicks Avatar
    Randy Hicks

    try these guys for some direction:

    1. CAWindowcomenter Avatar

      Got the hard blow off from them. The email is quite comical.

  2. bkg enterprises llp Avatar
    bkg enterprises llp

    we have purchased windows for commercial complex at Bangalore we have problems with accessories and glass company people and dealer both are not responding ,now i started believing that i made a mistake by choosing this company products ,project is on from 7 months and they have no courtesy to complete the project i am fed up communicating company n dealer can some body help me in completing project?

  3. Andrew Avatar

    But Schuco still sells windows. I’m looking at them through European Architectural Supply in Massachusetts for a new residential build as well as some other brands like Zola and Fenstur. Was it a different arm or branch of the company that sold these bad windows?

    1. Coyote Avatar

      This post is clearly from someone with a grudge against Shuco or someone who thinks they know more than they actually do. Although, to be fair, Shuco technically doesn’t make windows, they make window components and handle the assembly in their own factory. They have no connection to the glass side at all.

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