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Simonton DaylightMax Windows Reviews pricing warranty and costs

The Simonton DaylightMax windows reviews are here to help you decide if these are the best windows for your home. Most window salespeople can make the process of picking new windows very difficult. We’re here to make this process just as easy as we can.

What’s the most important aspect of the Simonton DaylightMax windows reviews?

They have slim frames to maximize glass area. They do this because this can be a big deal to some folks and this model is designed for those customers.

Simonton DaylightMax windows reviews.  See the difference in frame size for maximum glass area here.
Here you can see the DaylightMax model compared to another vinyl window.

In the picture above you can see what we’re talking about. The two windows shown are the same size but the glass is much larger in the window on the right. That said, these comparisons are often a little deceptive as the companies will always use a very thick window to be the window on the left. It’s not necessarily a competing slim design window on the left side.

Notice how they don’t even tell you what window model that other one is. They could do that if they wanted, facts are facts, but they don’t and that makes comparing the options harder.

If you’re concerned about glass area you can ask any company for the glass dimensions so you have something to compare. Another quick trick is to ask them for the VT rating for the window model with clear glass. In my experience, that’ll be a fast way to determine how much light is blocked by the window frame. The higher the VT rating the better.

Are there other upsides to the Simonton DaylightMax windows reviews?

Not really. Other than the slim frame it’s a pretty basic window model. The big mistake that Simonton makes is only using slim frame designs in their cheaper windows.

Interestingly there are several strange mistakes in their brochure for this window model. For example, see the pictures below.

Here is the before picture, before the DaylightMax windows were installed.
Here you can see the before picture that Simonton uses to show older aluminum windows.
This is the after picture, after the DaylightMax windows were installed.
Here’s the after picture with the DaylightMax windows installed.

The strategy here is pretty strange. They show the windows in the same house but the angle is different so it’s hard to compare. Interestingly, they also use a stucco flange which makes the frames of the DaylightMax windows look thick. If they had used a block frame window it would have looked much smaller. That’s the opposite of what they were trying to show. Why would they do that? Who knows.

Why would Simonton include a picture like this in the window brochure?  Who knows.
Check out this fantastic caulk job. This is in the Simonton brochure?

Then they made another strange strategy decision by including windows with very sloppy caulking in the brochure. I can’t imagine they couldn’t get an installer who could do this better.

Moreover, even if they couldn’t get the caulking fixed they could have fixed it in Photoshop in about 30 seconds.

Of course the weird brochure pictures don’t really have anything to do with the quality of the products, but it’s strange to me that a big company with a decent marketing budget wouldn’t make the brochures a little nicer.

What’s the bottom line?

In my humble opinion Simonton has their product line all screwed up. They take a nice feature that customers want, like slim frames, and they put it in their cheaper windows.

That means in order to get the slim frames and maximum glass area a customer has to accept other compromises and that doesn’t seem like a great strategy.

In the old days companies would use the thicker framed windows as their “high end” windows and Simonton seems stuck in that mold. That said, I wouldn’t recommend this window model because I think there are other better options out there.

If you’re looking for a better option you can find our list of recommended window companies right here.

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about something?

Post a comment below and let us know. It’s always our goal to post accurate info along with our opinions and I’m interested in your opinion as well.

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