Window Shopping Mistake #137 – Making Assumptions

Most of our posts on the site are about the window industry as a whole or claims made by salespeople all over the place. This one is more about a specific customer interaction we seem to have from time to time at our company. It’s about a common window shopping mistake, making assumptions.

A perfect example of this window shopping mistake is an email that someone in our office recieved from a prospective customer just last week. The customer wrote in to thank our rep for her time and to tell us that she was buying from someone else.

That happens from time to time. We can’t be the right fit for everyone. Our standard response is to write back asking what made the difference for them. We leave it open ended and just see what they say.

Over the years we’ve received a lot of great feedback from folks who didn’t buy their new windows from us. As a result we’ve changed our processes or the way we explain things. That feedback has helped our company grow. I’m always interested to see what people write.

In this case the customer said she was buying a window that was not the nicest from a company with a questionable track record. She said she was going to go with them because they had products designed for her climate, Dallas in this case, and because she could see a sample window from them and not from us.

What was the window shopping mistake?

As a larger company we work with thousands of customers all over the place. Everyone we deal with is going through the exact same process. The process of buying new windows is new for you, but it’s pretty standard for us. We help people through it every day.

There’s no need to figure everything out on your own, just ask.

We tend to have an answer for everything. Our rep wrote back to let her know that the option we had suggested is one of the best options for the climate in Dallas. We also let her know that the showroom is available for her to pop in to see a window sample. We can also send out pictures of a display window to save a trip. They’re sometimes easier to see than glossy brochure type pictures.

Finally we provided a few examples of differences in the products. Ultimately, the customer was able to get to the showroom. She saw a sample window. We showed her the differences in the windows and just yesterday she decided to order her new windows from us.

All ended up well, but the customer almost ended up paying more for windows that were less nice because she had made assumptions.

What assumptions did she make?

First, this customer assumed that because the other company had told her a long story about efficiency that they were somehow offering something better. That was just not the case. Our company tends to offer far more efficiency options than the typical door to door salesperson. By skipping the in-home sales show we tell a much shorter story and sometimes customers then assume that the guy with the longer story must have the nicer product. That’s just not how it works.

Next she assumed that because we didn’t send over a salesperson to sit in her living room that she wouldn’t be able to see a sample window. This was also not the case. All she had to do was ask.

What is the lesson here?

Windows are expensive and they’re something you don’t buy very often. The new windows will be in the house for decades. It’s important to get a great result so it makes sense to ask questions.

When we have one customer who almost bought elsewhere I have to think there are others who we could have helped but we didn’t know their concern.

It’s important to ask questions and make sure you understand the options. The door to door window salespeople are typically paid 100% commission. They’re often more interested in getting a contract signed than they are in providing the best solution. It’s a hard job and they have bills to pay. They’re often looking out for themselves, not for you.

If you get a quote by email for new windows from our company it’s definitely wise to ask any questions. Don’t assume we can’t help with something or that because some salesperson told you something it’s necessary true. Just send us over a message and we’ll be happy to help out.

It’s always our goal to make this process just as easy as we can.

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