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champion windows reviews and ratings

Champion Windows is one of the largest retailers of residential replacement windows in the country.  They produce their windows at their factory in Cincinnati, OH and they sell them through a network of company owned and independant stores that they call factory showrooms.

Champion is a little unique in the replacement window business as they produce their own product.  Most other large nationwide window retailers are franchises and they do not produce their own product.

Does this make Champion windows better?  No, not necessarily, but it is certainly a difference in the structure of the company.

A drawback with any company that produces their own product is that they must tell you that their product is the best thing for you.  They have to do that because they don’t have anything else to offer.  A company that is not tied to a specific product may be able to offer better advice.  Whether or not this is important to you comes down to what you’re trying to get out of your meeting with a window company.  If you’re looking for an objective recommendation, this may not be the type of company for you.

Champion windows are generally regarded to be a good quality product.  They offer very energy efficient options and they have a good reputation for quality installations.

However, Champion windows are typically sold at a relatively high price.  Many consumers find that there are other options with similar efficiency ratings available at better prices.

Some salespeople from Champion windows have been known to tell consumers they they produce the glass and that no other company offers the same low-e glass options.  They also frequently use a heat lamp demonstration to tell folks that their windows are better than anything else on the market.  This is just not true and it casts the Champion sales process in a bad light.

Here’s an example of an NFRC sticker from a Champion window.  It shows the performance ratings for this particular model.  As you can see the ratings are fine, but there is nothing remarkable about them.

champion window prices
Despite claims of their salespeople and long heat lamp demonstrations, Champion windows have average efficiency ratings.

In addition to average ratings, Champion windows are typically sold at wildly varying prices.  We see Champion window prices in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area as high as $800 to $1000 per window.  Then you see the exact same windows sold in Richmond or Cleveland for a substantially lower price.

One reason for large range of prices for the same Champion windows is the pricing model that they use.  There tends to be a good amount of negation and “special” pricing that is designed to entice a customer to purchase on the spot.  When we see a Champion window quote for $800 per window and then another for $450 per window the only explanation we can think of is that one customer did a better job of saying no than the other.

Regardless of the reason Champion tends to use an outdated and old fashioned pricing model that often results in the consumer paying substantially more than they need to for average products.

To sum things up: buyer beware.

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38 thoughts on “Champion Windows Reviews”

  1. Hello,I’m in Chicago area and I received a quote for 2x double hung half-screen 32×44 and one picture window 60×44 Champion 8200 including installation and free glass cleaner 🙂 for $2,380. Do you think I can negotiate lower price?

    1. Free glass cleaner? I like the sound of that! It looks like you’re talking about 3 windows for about $2400 or about $800 per window. The typical cost per window goes up a little when you do smaller projects as there is still a fair amount of work involved. If you offered them $2000 or even $1500 you might see some savings. A small project like that isn’t too exciting for anyone involved, but I bet they’d rather have your business than not have it. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for a fast respond. Hard to believe but free glass cleaner supposed to be a special for those windows (Champion 8200 twelve layers glass) because according to a sales person using regular Windex is not recommended and might void warranty. Anyway I emailed him my offer $1,800 and received respond that they can do it but with Champion 1000 series 🙁
    In the meantime I had a second quote S1,650 for Simonton Reflection 5500 triple pane additional $600-worth it? Do you know anything about Climate Solutions Windows and Doors company and LoE3-366 glass?

  3. Do you have any information on Window Depot? They have good BBB and Angie’s List reviews locally, but I’m not sure how their windows compare.

  4. Champion window. Knocked off my liscense plate and it popped off the cab corner molding on their work vehicle. They refuse to use my insurance to fix it , instead they’re claiming injury and called Jim Adler the Texas Hammer. No structural damage to either vehicles.

  5. I will shout this out !!!!! Do Not…. Buy listen trust anything Champion has to say. They lie to get the sale………..You will be VERY sorry !!!!!!!

    1. If you really want us to consider your advice, then back it up with 1 or more personal experiences (including additional cost to you).

    2. Agree! Made the mistake of using them for a sunroom! It’s exactly that, was supposed to be a four season room, but it’s only comfortable if the sun isn’t shining! The cover gaps with vinyl and for a company that’s supposed to designe energy efficient products they suck!

  6. Avoid Champion. Customer service is atrocious. They enrolled me in the wrong finance plan, which took over a week, more than 10 phone calls and several hours to remedy. They’ll verbally tell you that your product will arrive in half the time which is listed on your contract, then fall back on what was in writing- definitely don’t trust their word on anything.
    The supervisor I spoke with apologized only after I’d said no one had yet apologized for their multiple mistakes and misleading statements, but he only said he was sorry that I ‘feel that way.’ He said he couldn’t address my claims about the verbal estimate because he ‘wasn’t there.’ So apparently the customer’s word is good for nothing.

  7. Champions replacements windows are excellent,cost great,installation and warranty are outstanding.had them installed over 20 yrs.ago.still under warranty.GREAT.

    1. I loved their lifetime original-owner warranty! They came and replaced my screens multiple times after they had aged and some had ripped. They replaced one window with a newer window because ours was a little harder to open and, what I assume was a spring, made a weird sound when opening it. They kept the cold out and the noise. I can’t say that for our Pella windows in our newer home we built in 2009. The Champion windows were cheaper and outperformed the Pella hands down.

  8. I am looking at having 27 windows and an 8′ exterior double French door replaced. Champion has quoted 796 per window, and 6k for the door system.

    Could you suggest a good realistic counter offer?
    9 will be oriel style – approx 36×72 double hung
    7 picture windows (one is large 72×52, 2 are small 23×34, 2 36×52, 2 28×52)
    1 42×36 slider
    1 36×42 double hung
    2 28x 52 double hungs
    7 36×52 double hungs

  9. I will never recommend to anyone to use Champion, specifically the Bensenville operations. The salesperson was very nice and convinced me to change all windows and the patio door in my house. Once the contract is signed and paid with my credit card because I do not want to use their financing options. My Champion Windows work contract and payment was completed in June 6, 2015 and it took 4 months (October 15, 2016) to have my windows and patio door installed. The installers came with wrong windows that are not the ones I ordered. They have not installed the patio door properly. I have to call the office multiple times to have them come back to reinstall the patio door on January, 2016.
    Customer service really sucks. Some of the windows are coming out of their frame or casement. They installers never gave me a key for the patio door. I called Caleb H. He promised to get to me; I am still waiting for his call. When I called and sent texts to Caleb H. the Division Manager, he does not get to me.
    I learn my lessons; I will never recommend Champion to anyone. A Champion Windows, there is no customer service. When Champion gets your sales, they don’t care about the rest.

    1. I feel the same way. I had a sun room added by Champion and they promised that all the glass would be cool in summer and warm in the winter. This has not been proven in my case. I have to put up dark window treatment in summer and extra heat in winter. The door they installed is touching the roof and we have to shove it open. I’m disappointed in their promises. I would not recommend this company to stand behind what they offer. They are all about your money. Not sure how they have been in business this long.

  10. Great sales pitch I took it hook line and sinker,
    Took out a second mortgage on my home in order to purchase these windows. One of the biggest selling points for me was the LIFETIME replacement NO MATTER the cause of a broken window. NOT SO MUCH! We are selling the home and needed one replaced due to a BB gun accident.

    During the installation the contracted installers told me I was paying twice what they would have charged if I had known to contact them directly. Of course I had already entered a contract with Champion.

    I received nothing but the run around from customer service when I contacted them to exercise my LIFETIME replacement option. We don’t have any record of the purchase, ARE YOU SURE THEY ARE CHAMPION WINDOWS? Really? Yes I’m sure, I remember taking out a second mortgage on my home in order to pay the over inflated cost. They didn’t even go so far as to offer to send someone out to confirm I was telling them the truth.

    In the interest of time and getting the window replaced for the new owners I contacted a thirty year professional glazer (Non Champion window fan) who confirmed the window’s were without a doubt CHAMPION windows.

    Hope my misfortune will save other consumers a great deal of money and hassle!

    1. Pictures of the serial numbers and/or sales receipt in email correspondence always proves it is their product 🙂

      I am the worst about throwing away receipts, except for extended warranties (especially high $$ items). Course I have noticed that some I have kept for over 10 years tend to ink fade even when kept in filing cabinet. So, I have started making an ink-jet copy of the original upon purchase.

  11. Poor quality product. Bought a house from owner who had replaced all windows with Champion. Windows were only 4 years old. They are now 11 years old and 5 windows have needed replacement because of broken seals allowing moisture to form between panes. Of course we’re not the original owner, so we have to pay for replacements. One window has been replace twice. This winter the replacement window “popped” on a very cold Minnesota morning and the interior glass cracked from top to bottom. Called for service and they said, “Oh, that happens!” It took 4 phone calls, 3 appoints, $4oo, and 3 months to finally get it replaced. Now thinking that we’re better off replacing them with a different brand. Would never recommend this company or its products.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. I’m surprised the Champion window warranty isn’t transferable. Most companies will allow the warranty to transfer to the second homeowner. Hopefully they’ll be able to get everything fixed up for you.

      1. Just had Champion over to quote and the literature indicates that the Warranty can be transferred 1 time to a subsequent owner. Additional warranty period will be one year from the date of sale of the property. Original purchaser needs to notify champion with the new owners name within 30 days of the sale date.

        1. Thanks for sharing that. That’s a pretty limited warranty after it’s transferred, most companies will last a little longer than that.

  12. We live in the Akron, Ohio area and had Champion windows installed ~1 1/2 years ago. I am not at all happy with the seal (or lack of) between the upper and lower sash. Back in October 2017, I noticed one of our upper windows had condensation between the panes. I contacted Champion with all of the information to have it replaced. They proceeded to inform me that the “Free” lifetime warranty would cost me $100.00 to have the sash replaced. I did have the option to drive 40 + miles to their showroom and pick up the new window once it was ready and install it myself. To me, that was unacceptable. After quite a bit of arguing, they relented and agreed to a one-time no charge delivery. Almost 5 months later they finally had the upper sash built and someone came to my home and put it in.
    I would never use Champion again and certainly would never recommend them. They claim to have a superior product, which it is not, and they boast about their service, which is sub-par.
    Steer clear of Champion Windows. Not worth the money.

  13. I ran across the CHAMPION WINDOW COMPANY while searching the net yesterday.
    I called the company and requested an appt. ASAP to discuss window replacements. I was given an appt. for today. The company rep. that came to my home was Dominick T. He called me twice. His first call was to confirm our appt. and the second call was to politely inform me that he was on his way to my home and would arrive shortly.
    Upon his arrival Dominick gave me a thorough presentation. He was VERY patient with me and he took his time and patiently answered my MANY, MANY questions. Mr. Dominick T. is definitely an asset to the company.

  14. Champion is junk. Had to have many replaced. I’m remodeling some rooms they are in, no insulation in the gaps around windows, I’ve talked to the national office, nothing but empty promises. Tired of paying service fees for bad windows.

  15. We wanted to say the Mia our saleslady was so informative and answered our questions without hesitant. We was so patient about explaining everything about our windows. Thank you Mia and Champion, and look forward to doing business in the future.

  16. The rep who came bid the offer and provided a good deal, so we decided to go with Champion. First issues happened when the window measurements took place about a week later than expected. Measurements were conducted and a template was taken. After the 8 weeks came and went I called the rep to find out a status. He said he would look into it and never got back with me. After ten weeks cam and went I reached out again. Multiple text never received a response. Called and he finally answered and said he would call and get back with me on Monday. Monday came and went with no response.
    At this point I called Champion and was transferred to installations the manager took my information and told me he would find out what was wrong. He called me back and told me there was a problem with the production and would need to be resized or he would give me the option to refund the money. We had them resized and the manager told me he would call me the following Monday or Tuesday. He never called. A week later and two voicemails. I call Champion again and work my way up to another manager. Explaining everything she told me she would have the manager call me back. Well he does call and after months of waiting for these windows he tells me there is nothing they can do and Champion CANNOT make the windows!!!

    WORST Window company I have ever dealt with. Do not use this company.

    PS I am still awaiting the refund.

  17. Very unprofessional amd inexperienced office manager named Patty working in Macedonia facility. Will not be using Champion again.

  18. As a former employee at their corporate office I heard many stories of upset customers. From lack of follow up for repair and warranty work to downright negligence on the part of the subcontractors. One customer in the St. Louis area had his house knocked off the foundation during a patio install. They had to sue Champion for them to take any responsibility. The CEO and CFO are more concerned with image and routinely demanded employees post positive reviews on different websites.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for writing. I’m not surprised to hear of a company having their employees write reviews. We’ve caught companies doing that on our site several times. Not Champion, but other well known companies. This is a funny business.

  19. From a former employee – you should listen to him. Lots of warranty and installation issues – one of the worst examples I saw was the house knocked off its foundation during a patio room install. The company ending up settling the lawsuit with the clients.

  20. We are very disappointed with our local Champion company in Boise, Idaho. We have stopped trying to contact them via email or phone to come to our home and fix the poorly installed windows. They have avoided us in the last 6 weeks after a visit from Brent, their salesman. Our windows were installed in July 2014 at a cost of over $4,000, so they are only 6 years old. In May of this year a crack appeared on the inside of one window from rain water slowly seeping past the edge of the window. Upon further inspection from a handyman, two windows so far have water damage from improper installation. We’re having to pay out of pocket to have them fixed. DO NOT waste your money on Champion!!! They give you the run around and don’t stand behind their work.

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