The Best Window Company in Denver – Zen Windows!

The best replacement window company in Denver, Zen Windows

The weather in Denver can be beautiful and it can sometimes get a little extreme. If you live in this part of the world you’ll certainly want to find the best window company in Denver and I’m happy to recommend my friend Kyle. He owns Zen Windows in Denver and they do great work all over town.

Zen Windows works a lot like my company does which is why it’s easy for me to recommend them. They’ve been a sponsor of the site for a long time as they’re always working to make the window business better.

They make the process of buying new windows absolutely as easy as it can be. There are no pushy salespeople. In fact, there are no salespeople at all.

The goal is to help make shopping for windows easy for everyone. It’ll be easy to see why Zen Windows is the best window company in Denver.

best replacement window company in Denver Colorado

How did they become the best window company in Denver?

Kyle is a proud Colorado small business owner who knows the struggles you are going through when it comes to having a stress free purchasing experience. He got his start as a laborer for a remodeling company that specialized in high-end flooring installations. He quickly realized that contractors left much to be desired when it came to making the purchase of a product or service as simple as it should be.

Once he realized he could add a lot of value by simplifying the purchasing process he got to work finding industries that could benefit most from this discovery, which eventually led him window sales and installation. He was inspired to own and operate a window business because he wanted to help homeowners avoid the same painful processes that he had once been a part of and had experienced himself as a homeowner.

Kyle has successfully operated multiple businesses over the years, but his window installation business eventually became his sole focus. He realized by narrowing his services to windows he could provide a better overall experience to his customers. That is when Kyle found his “Zen” with Zen Windows™.

What areas do they service?

They offer great windows throughout the Front Range. Projects have ranged from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. To find out if they cover your area just send Zen Windows an email, the address is below and they’re very friendly.  I promise.

How can I reach them?

You can find their website here and when you’re ready to get in touch there are 3 easy ways.

  1. You can give them a ring at 303-658-9990
  2. You can fill out the form below and your info will go straight to them.  We do NOT share this info with anyone.

Connect with Zen Windows in Denver, CO

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14 thoughts on “The Best Window Company in Denver – Zen Windows!”

  1. I’m curious if you can recommend another window company who also sells/ installs fiberglass windows? Zen only sells vinyl, which is not my first choice of window type. Speaking of, do you have a preferred company who manufactures fiberglass windows as well? Thanks!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Brittney, you’ll find fiberglass windows tend to make up a pretty small share of the market as they’re often not very competitive with nicer vinyl windows. What was it about the fiberglass windows that was attractive to you?

  2. Chris Cool says:

    I am in the Denver area and looking for high-quality replacement windows. I was floored by a Renewal by Andersen quote. I found your site and recommendation for Zen Windows; emailed them about a quote today – thank you! Do you know what brand of windows Zen is using/selling? I can’t find anything on their website other than they are manufactured in the US by a company that has been around since 1934…

    1. Did you go with Zen Windows? Or what brand for windows and installation company did you go with?

  3. Hi Window Dog,

    I was wondering if you could offer a bit more information on the windows they sell. Their Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus offerings really don’t say much of if they make them in house or rebrand them.

    Thank You

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Brent, they don’t make windows. You almost never buy windows from the manufacturer. Manufacturing and installing are really two different businesses. Ask the Zen folks for more info on what they offer and I’m sure they’ll be able to help out.

  4. Patricia Seator says:

    Dear Window Dog,
    How did you choose Zen Windows as the best window company in Denver? Do you have a company to recommend in Colorado Springs?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Patricia, I’ve known the folks there for a long time. You might check with them to see if they can help in Colorado Springs. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ll be able to help.

      1. Patricia Seator says:

        Hi Again,

        Thank you for your suggestion to use Zen windows. We got a quote from them, which was reasonable, and they were very straight-forward and good to work with during that process. Our hesitation is with the fit of the finishes for our home. None of the interior wood-look finishes work with our honey maple trim which is the central feature of the interior design.

        So we are looking into Marvin and Pella wood clad windows. A quote through CMC in Centennial, CO for Marvin wood clad windows and patio doors was extremely high, much higher than expected price ranges we have seen on several different websites, and the sales person has not been responsive since the first meeting. We also got a quote for Pella through a contractor who said it was too high so didn’t show it to us. We got a reasonable price for Kolbe doors and windows, but the reviews we have read on your site and elsewhere regarding Kolbe concern us. Any suggestions?

  5. Every review says fiberglass is the best especially for our rough Winters and extreme Sun, where can I purchase Windows wholesale? My son and his partner are coming out to replace them for me

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Jeri, I think you might only find that said by fiberglass window salesmen. In general vinyl windows are considerably more popular for a variety of reasons and they tend to come with very long warranties. The main advantage to fiberglass windows is the look in my opinion. They can look very nice.

      The main disadvantages to fiberglass windows vs vinyl are the efficiency, the warranty and the cost. Fiberglass windows will often have much higher air infiltration rates, think 7x higher, than nicer vinyl windows. They’ll also cost 2x as much and the warranties can sometimes be shorter. It’s not that they’re necessarily bad products, but I think the fact that vinyl has a significantly larger share of the market is an indicator that most people evaluate the options and don’t pick fiberglass.

      The nicer brands are generally sold through dealers just like other types of windows. Individual dealers would have the option to sell you windows without labor. Some probably will and some probably won’t. The only way to know would be to give them a ring. Let us know what you find out, I’m sure you’re not the only one looking.

      1. Can you share more information about fiberglass being less energy efficient. Here in CO, my south facing windows with some unknown vinyl brand have had all of their seals fail and are really starting to come apart after 15yrs. I had read – or so I thought – that the fiberglass was a more efficient option and would hold up better. I had been eyeing some Kolbe Forgent series, but cant find tons of reviews about them.

        Also, I am at 7000ft and getting conflicting information on the use of Argon at this altitude.

        1. I have the same question about argon in colorado. I am looking at Infinity by Marvin with the lew E 3 layers. One dealer said to be careful because as they’re brought to altitude, the argon can expand causing seal failures prematurely. If not filled with argon, wouldn’t the ambient air cause a similar issue of condensing air getting between the layers?

          1. thewindowdog says:

            Fortunately you shouldn’t need to guess or take anyone’s word for it. The manufacturer will be able to tell you which windows they suggest with capillary tubes at which elevations. It’ll depend on the windows and the elevation of the plant where they’re produced. It might also be worthwhile to understand the warranty. If there is a seal failure from a reputable company like Marvin and if that’s covered by the warranty I wouldn’t think it would be a big deal to get fixed. If that’s the case then it’s not really anything to worry too much about. If you were dealing with a smaller or less established manufacturer I would be more skeptical as depending on the warranty can be riskier.

            Windows that are made without argon gas aren’t more likely to have condensation between the panes in my experience. They use a desiccant material to absorb any moisture that was in there during manufacturing (they do that whether or not the windows are ordered with argon gas). That material will absorb any initial moisture and no additional moisture would be able to get in there as long as the seal holds.

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