Alside Fusion Windows Review

Alside Fusion windows reviews

The Alside Fusion windows are the newest offering from Alside. We were one of the first sites to get our hands on a sample of this new product. We’re thankful for the opportunity to write one of the first reviews of the Alside Fusion window. As The Window Dog continues to grow we’re always amazed by the recognition we’re seeing inside the industry. Anyway, back to the review…

Why does the Alside Fusion window exist?

This model replaces the older Centurion and Geneva products which were certainly ready to be put out to pasture. Some might say that this product update is long overdue, but it is a welcome addition to the Alside windows line.

It’s important to remember that this product is intended to be a lower-end offering. It’s not nearly as nice as the Alside Mezzo model that is much nicer. The Alside Fusion model was not designed to be a top quality product and it accomplishes the goal. Any “low-end” replacement window is designed and built for the extremely price sensitive shopper. It’s important to keep that in mind when deciding whether or not this is the right window for you.

Alside Fusion double hung replacement windows
Here’s a pretty picture of the Alside Fusion window.

This product was designed for a house flipper, a landlord

With that in mind it’s a decent window, but certainly not the best replacement window on the market.

It’s clear that Alside didn’t spend a significant amount of energy engineering a new product from the ground up. They basically retooled the now discontinued Alside Excalibur window to cut some cost out of it and rebrand it as a new, cheaper product.

The Alside Excalibur had been the most popular replacement window in the company’s lineup for many years, with millions of units installed across the country every year. That means Alside knew they would need to continue producing that model for warranty work for many years to come. Since they were going to be making these windows anyway they might as well make them share parts with the newer Fusion mode. That was a smart idea.

There are only a handful of changes in this new Alside Fusion product. I would guess the need to produce warranty parts for Excalibur windows was the reason for that.

Changes include:

  • Switching from double strength to single strength glass
  • Switching from heavy duty screen frames to lighter roll formed frame
  • Removing balance covers

Basically if you took an older Alside Excalibur window and installed thinner glass, a cheaper screen and removed the balance covers you’d have a NEW Alside Fusion window. Genius.

Does this mean it’s a bad product?

Absolutely not, but it certainly isn’t a great product either. The design is old and the ratings aren’t stellar. Remember, it’s not designed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s designed to be a price point product and that’s exactly what it is.

Alside Fusion Replacement Windows

So what’s the price of an Alside Fusion window?

As with everything in the replacement window business the retail pricing is determined by the company that will be installing them. Your mileage may vary, but here’s how we would expect the pricing to work.

The actual wholesale cost difference between a window like the Alside Fusion and a nicer product like the Alside Mezzo window is likely only going to be around $20-30. You’re likely going to see a much greater price difference when you actually get quotes. It’s likely that many replacement window companies will try to use the two different models to up sell the Mezzo window and increase their margins. I’d expect that you’ll see retail price differences in the neighborhood of $50 to $100 or even more.

Post a comment below to let us know what sort of retail prices you’ve seen for Alside Fusion windows.

Why you should never buy Alside Fusion windows

In this section we’re typically writing about what a competing salesperson might say about these windows. In this case I might agree with that salesperson.

Overall these window are just not great. They’re a low end option with low end features. The long and short of it is that you’ll be happier paying just a little more for the nicer models.

If you really just need the absolute basics this is probably a better cheap option than you’ll find from other manufacturers, but don’t be cheap. You’re going to have the windows for decades, get something decent.

What about the Alside Fusion window warranty?

The new Fusion window is covered by a pretty comprehensive warranty as are all of the Alside replacement windows. Remember, when assessing the value of a warranty that a large and well established company like Alside is very likely to be around for the long haul.

Alside Fusion Window Warranty

Some of the smaller window manufacturers like Gorell and others that have gone out of business in recent years leaving their customers with no warranty at all. That’s why we suggest working with a larger manufacturer like Alside.

The Alside Fusion windows come with a lifetime warranty. It covers the frames, the glass, even the seal between the panes of glass.

It does not cover labor for more than 1 year so you’ll want to watch out for that.

If the house is a rental there are other limitations as well. We company get questions about exactly what is covered by the warranty. Your best bet is to just read the warranty itself to see what is covered and what is not.

If you have Alside Fusion windows and you’d like to file a warranty claim you can do that through the Alside website here.

What colors are available for Fusion windows?

Remember, this is a low end window so it only offers low end options. The Fusion windows are only available in white or beige.

Alside Fusion available colors.

If you’re looking for other color options you’ll need to look at the nicer window models, including several from Alside.

Do Alside Fusion windows qualify for federal tax credits?

No. These windows don’t allow for triple pane glass and as a result there is no efficiency package that would qualify for tax credits. If you’re looking for a window that can meet that criteria you’ll want to check out the Alside Mezzo or 8000 Series windows.

What are the 3 common mistakes people make?

The first mistake people make when considering these windows is focusing too much on the price.

We know the price is important, but the windows will be in the house for decades. Buying a cheap window like this is a mistake in my opinion. You’ll have these windows long after you’ve forgotten the price and you’ll be dealing with problems.

The second mistake is buying directly from an installer

Reputable window companies won’t be offering a low-end model like this for an important reason. They don’t want to deal with the problems you’re going to have.

We’d guess the only person selling these windows will be a handyman type or someone who is not a real window specialist. If someone is suggesting these windows you’re getting bad advice, but you’re also potentially getting bad service.

I know your window guy could be a friendly guy who you might not mind having a beer with. The problem is a small outfit like that could well be gone in 5 years and you’ll still have those windows. You’ll be much better off buying from an actual business that is more likely to be around for the long haul.

Find our recommendations for great window companies here.

The third mistake is not focusing on efficiency

These windows are not very energy efficient. The air infiltration rates are high and the glass package options are limited. Efficiency is more important today than it was 10 years ago and it will be more important 10 years from now than it is today. Our advice is to get a better window.

So what’s the verdict?

Basically the Alside Fusion product is designed to be a low cost option. It’s a fine product for a house flipper or a landlord, but that’s about all it’s good for. If you’re living in the house and planning to be around for a while we think you can get a much better bang for your much with an upgraded product.

If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to check out our list of the best window companies all over the country. You can find it right here.

The companies listed there will be able to offer higher quality options, often at very similar prices. There’s really no need to deal with a low end product like this and any company suggesting it is probably not a company you want to work with. Find the listings for the best window companies in the country right here.

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