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Find our Gentek windows FAQ below. Here we’ll look at all of the common questions we get about Gentek windows. If you have a question that isn’t answered we invite you to post a comment at the bottom to ask your question. We read all of the comments and will be happy to answer your question for everyone to see.

Who owns Gentek windows?

Gentek is owned by Associated Materials based in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. They own several building products brands and have been in the industry since 1947 with over $1 billion in annual sales. Gentek windows are produced in 5 US manufacturing plants and every window is custom made in America.

Are Gentek windows any good?

Yes. Gentek is one of the nicest product lines produced by Associated Materials. The Gentek window line is positioned above several other window lines in terms of quality and features. Gentek windows are some of the nicest windows available today and are often very affordably priced compared to other high end vinyl windows.

Should you buy Gentek windows?

There are many vinyl windows available in the market and Gentek windows, specifically the Signature Elite model, are some of the nicest windows available. I would recommend this window model in most cases and I do think they provide a quality result and a great value.

Are Gentek windows made by Alside?

No. Alside is also owned by Associated Materials along with Gentek, Preservation, Revere, Alpine and other brands. Generally speaking the Gentek and Preservation models will be the nicer models and the Alside models will be the lower end.

Are Gentek windows better than Alside windows?

Yes. Gentek windows will use higher end components for a better end result. Alside windows are typically sold through smaller contractors who are more focused on a low price than a quality result. Gentek and Preservation windows are often sold through larger window dealers who are more concerned about quality.

Are Gentek windows mid-grade?

Gentek windows are all custom made and are available with a wide range of available options. For example, the Signature Elite model is available with over 100 energy efficiency options. That means they can be configured to be more of a mid-range or they can be configured to be more of a high end option. In any scenario they are backed by a lifetime warranty from a billion dollar company and they’re one of the better window options available in the market today.

Are Gentek windows energy efficient?

Yes. The Gentek windows are available in many configuration with a wide range of energy efficiency packages. The popular Signature Elite double hung model has a 0.04 air infiltration rate in most cases which is very good and is much better than the ratings you’ll see from many other manufacturers.

Is the warranty on Gentek windows any good?

Yes. Gentek windows come with a lifetime warranty that covers almost everything about the windows. That means the warranty is good for as long as you own the house and it is transferable when you sell the house. Some dealers will also include the glass breakage warranty in their orders for additional coverage. The Gentek warranty is backed by a billion dollar company with a 70 year history in the building products industry making it more reliable than the warranty you’ll get from smaller or newer manufacturers.

Why would anyone buy Gentek windows?

Gentek windows are some of the nicest vinyl windows available in the market. They make a range of options with the Signature Elite model being the most popular choice. This model uses slim frames to maximize glass area, upgraded hardware to increase longevity, a wide range of energy efficient options and a lifetime warranty. This is a highly recommended option.

What is the best way to buy Gentek windows?

The best way to buy Gentek windows is through Window Universe. Window Universe offers Gentek windows in many cities around the country and they offer quotes online with no pushy in-home salespeople. You can get a quote by email and you can interact with a product expert who can revise your quote or answer any questions. This is the easiest way to get good quality windows for your home.

Can you buy Gentek windows online?

Yes. Window Universe offers Gentek windows and they email pricing and product info. The windows can be purchased with or without professional installation. This is the easiest way to get new windows for your home.

Do you have a question about Gentek windows that was not answered? 

Post a comment below to let us know. We’ll add your question to the list so everyone has more info. If you think we’re wrong about anything post that too and we’ll be happy to address your concern.

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Happy window shopping!

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4 thoughts on “Gentek Windows FAQ”

    1. Hi Mark, your best bet is usually to contact the person you ordered the windows from for an update on the expected timing. Who did you order the windows from?

  1. I have new Regency windows but have to paint the frames another color, will this affect the warranty?

    1. You can read the warranty to be sure, but typically if you were to paint the frames and if the paint that you provided and installed causes a problem then that would be your problem and not the manufacturer’s problem.

      If you were to paint the frames and something unrelated filled, like a balance failed for example, I would think the warranty would generally be unaffected because there’s no way the painting on the frames caused any issue with the balance.

      Regency windows are offered in a range of colors, including custom colors. If you need a particular color and you want the warranty to be unaffected you’ll want to order the windows in your desired color from the factory. Then they’re responsible for the performance of that window. If you’re trying to save money by doing it yourself then you’re likely also taking at least some responsibility for how it works out.

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