Revere Berkshire Elite Windows Reviews

Revere Berkshire Elite Windows Reviews

Update: While this Revere Berkshire Elite window review was originally written several years ago it’s been updated in 2021 as we continue to work to provide the best replacement window information on the entire internet in 2021 and beyond.  See info towards the bottom of this post for the most recommended window companies in 2021.  Be sure to post a comment or send us a message with any questions!

If you’re considering Revere Berkshire Elite windows we sure hope you’ll appreciate this review.  The Revere window line is distributed through a network of professional installers across the country.  They are available on the east and west coast with specific products for each market.  Our Revere Berkshire Elite windows reviews will go through the features, warranty, cost, and drawbacks of this popular new model.

best replacement windows of 2015

The Revere Berkshire Elite windows are a new model that replaced the older Revere Berkshire window.  While this new model shares a similar name it is an entirely new window.  This new model addresses many of the shortcomings that were present in the older Revere Berkshire windows.

A common misconception in the window business has to do with the parent company of Revere Building Products.  Several years ago Revere was bought by Associated Materials Inc.  They’re a holding company that owns several large building products manufacturers.  They own Alpine windows on the west coast, Gentek windows in Canada, Alside windows in the US and Preservation windows also available across the US.

Revere windows fill a unique spot in the stable of products produced by AMI.  They’re available all across the US, but mostly through large window installation companies rather than distribution centers that sell windows to any contractor with a pickup truck.  Revere does this to ensure that only established companies offer their products.  This helps them keep their warranty costs down as the windows are typically installed well.

Our favorite feature when it comes to the new Revere Berkshire Elite windows is the large glass area.  This is a common theme in our reviews because it directly relates to how you’re going to enjoy the new windows.  Revere Berkshire Elite windows allow for a very large glass area while still maintaining great efficiency ratings.  This is a combination that many other manufactures have not been able to accomplish.

revere berkshire elite windows reviews
Notice the large glass area of the Revere Berkshire Elite window

Notice the dramatic effect of the larger glass area.  Many replacement windows use these thick frames that dramatically reduce the amount of light (not heat) that enters the home.

The Berkshire Elite window is designed to be a high end window.  It’s available in 9 exterior colors and 9 interior finishes.  This is a pretty extensive selection for a replacement window.  While most folks pick white or beige windows the finish options for nice vinyl windows are much more beautiful than they used to be.

berkshire elite design options

A major advantage to the Revere Berkshire Elite windows is the upgraded balance mechanism that they use.  The block and tackle balance system in these windows is tested to last 2.5 times longer than the less expensive constant force or coil balances that are used in many replacement windows.  Revere is certainly not the only company to use these nicer balances, Okna, Sunrise, Thompson Creek and Stanek windows also use these high end balances.  Many other manufactures such as Alside, Soft Lite and Simonton still use the older and less expensive coil option.

Here are the drawbacks of the coil or constant force balances as listed in a promotional piece produced by Associated Materials.  Remember this is a parent company of Alside, of of the largest companies offering the less expensive coil option:

best replacement window balances

It’s pretty clear which type the nicer windows out there use.  The Revere Berkshire Elite only use the block and tackle balance system.

There are two more great new features relating to the sill at the bottom.  The sill is a true sloped sill which means it does not use weep holes to drain water.  This is the way most new windows are designed, but many older design still drain water through the frames.

revere window sill design
The welded sloped sill drains water to the exterior.

What about the screens?

One similarity the Revere Berkshire Elite windows share with the Alside Mezzo windows is the high quality screen.  They both share a heavy duty extruded screen frame that resists bending and twisting. It’s a heavy duty product that is warrantied for as long as you own your home.

Most other companies offer a flimsy roll formed screen as their standard product with a heavy duty screen as an option.  With Revere you get the nice screen every time.  It may sound like a small feature, but it goes to show you how seriously they take the quality of their products.

What about the efficiency?

The Revere Berkshire Elite windows can have great efficiency ratings depending on how they are ordered.  They are available with many types of glass coatings, spacer systems and gas fills that all affect the ratings.  For example the Revere Berkshire Elite window can easily meet or exceed the 2015 Energy Star guidelines for all regions of the country with double pane glass.  Most of the other window designs require triple pane glass options to hit these levels.

UPDATE: Triple pane glass is now available in the Revere Berkshire Elite window and it’s become a very popular option.  They offer several triple pane glass packages in this model with SHGC ratings as low as 0.17 and U-Factors as low as 0.21.  If you’re considering this window model, triple pane glass is an option you may want to consider.  

How much do Berkshire Elite windows cost?

The cost of these windows can vary widely based on the options you select, the complexity of the installation and the company offering them.  Basic white double hung windows typically run in the $500-$700 per window range including installation.  Some companies will charge more and some less so make sure you’re comfortable that you’re getting a fair price before moving forward with your replacement window project.

You will find that Revere windows will likely be available from a small number of companies in your area.  This is the case with many nicer windows.  If you don’t like the company offer them or if you’re not comfortable for any reason just move on.  There are plenty of great windows out there so if you can’t find something you like when it comes to these just pick another brand.

How about the Revere Berkshire Elite window warranty?

The warranty on these windows is pretty strong, but generally similar to warranties offered by many high end window manufactures.  For example the window frames and hardware are covered for as long as you own your home.  They cover the seal in the insulated glass and even the screens as well.  Be aware that a glass breakage warranty is available, but it is not standard so the company doing the installation will need to include it.  If you don’t have that in writing you probably don’t have it so it’s worth double checking.

What are the drawbacks of the Berkshire Elite windows?

The limited distribution can be a drawback of the Revere windows.  If the company that offers them in your area is great then you’re in great shape, if not you’re out of luck.  Don’t sweat that too much.  If you don’t like the local company for any reason just find another product.  There are plenty of great windows out there.

Find more detailed Revere windows reviews here.

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  1. Considering the Berkshire Elite, Stanek, and Okna 500. All about the same price, and each installation company is well respected. Which do you recommend?

    1. All three are fine products, the Stanek windows can have rather thick frames so pay attention to the VT rating to get an idea of how much light will be blocked. That would be a deal killer for me, but some folks don’t care. The other 2 are similar in terms of style, options, etc.

      I’d go with the installation company you are more comfortable with. Sometimes people can be hesitant to pay a couple bucks for Angie’s List, but you might find some helpful info there when making your decision on which company to work with. See our thoughts on it here.

      1. What glass does Berkshire elite use ? I keep hearing from premium brands about cardinal glass and how that blocks UV and IR that the “cheaper” brands don’t block. Is that true ? Thanks

        1. No, that’s defininltey not true, just a salesman thing. You can look at the efficiency ratings to see the real differences between options. If you’re concerned about the sun the SHGC rating will be the one to look at. I know popular double pane options in a Berkshire Elite double hung window will be in the range of 0.30 to 0.21. You typically want higher ratings in the north and lower in the south, but it’s fine to make an exception. Triple pane options will typically range from 0.26 to 0.18. These will generally be the same ranges you’ll see from most manufacturers. Every company tends to offer the same types of glass options so it’s more about what option you pick or what option the retail company suggests.

          I’ve dealt with Berkshire Elite windows quite a bit and I do think they’re a very solid option. I think they are better than many other choices out there.

  2. Thanks. I’ll drop Stanek. The other two companies have pretty comparable reviews and reputations including on Angies, so i’m still somewhat torn on Berkshire vs Okna. Your Berkshire review seemed a little more positive, but the Okna seems to be more highly regarded by most and has better ratings. I also read somewhere that the Berkshire is basically the same window as the $189 Window World window. Am I on the right track in leaning toward the Okna? Great site by the way. Between this site and a few other blogs I have really been able to educate myself.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the site. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Okna concerns me a little as a company while Revere is backed by a $1 Billion company. To me that’s a big strength for Revere.

      Associated Materials, (Revere’s parent company) also produces windows for Window World, but I’m not sure why that would be a concern. Window World is the biggest window replacement company in the country, it would make sense that they would buy windows from one of the largest manufacturers. Okna could never produce the volume that Window World sells. I’m sure the Okna sales team would love to land the Window World account, but they are just not capable of delivering the products. That doesn’t make Okna products any better (or worse), it just makes them a much smaller company.

      As someone who’s worked in sales for a long time I always find it strange when consumers think the smaller company is inherently better. The fact that fewer people are buying a product doesn’t demonstrate that it is any better. It might demonstrate that when folks compare the options most don’t pick the smaller company, which is why they’re still smaller. If they were really a great value everyone would pick them and they would be the bigger company in a short time.

      One could say that fewer people by Mercedes than Fords, and that’s certainly true. I guess where I’m going here is to say that the size of the manufacturer really doesn’t have any bearing on the quality of the product, but it does reflect on the ability of the manufacturer to be around for the long haul to honor warranties and such.

      Remember, if there was one product that was clearly the best everyone would buy it and all of these other companies would be out of business. Most of the nicer products are pretty similar so I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it. Go with the local company who seems more professional and willing to handle any concerns and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.

  3. Hello WD!
    Great site you have! This is very helpful to all of us! Thank you for doing this.. your review of Revere Elite sounds like it is a top product but I cannot find any info on the web.. do you have any more info to share?

      1. You’ve given it great reviews, but I can’t find anything else, except for Revere’s website, that talks about it. I have pretty much exhausted my search on this product and just looking to see if you have spoken to other people about their experiences with Berkshire Elite.
        I’ve reached out to the company and a distributor on it, but I haven’t heard back about the product. Thanks.

        1. It’s a relatively new product with limited distribution so your experience will really depend on the local company that offers it. If you don’t get a great vibe from them I would suggest moving on. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say!

          If the local company does seem like a solid company I would bet you’ll be happy with the products.

  4. Just a follow up… I spoke with an Alside Supplier located near me (MA) and informed me that Revere products are West Coast products and Alside are East Coast products. I’m not sure why that is, but I wanted to pass this along to you.. Thanks for all the window wisdom you’re passing along..

    1. That’s not accurate info, but it is a great example of how easy it is to find mis-information. Revere windows are available all across the US. They’re not an Alside product, so it does make sense that an Alside distributor wouldn’t be familiar with the Revere products.

  5. Great source of information. Thank you for your time and effort. I was able to get a Window Universe representative out of Alexandria, Va to drive 2 hours and do an estimate. They beat Thompson Creek by $3000 given the same job. Do you give opinions on installation companies? If so how does Window Universe rate?

  6. How does the Berkshire Elite rate as compared to Renewal by Andersen and Pella Replacement? Price seems to be about half. Should that be a concern? Appreciate your review of Berkshire Elite.

    1. We like the Berkshire Elite windows, they tend to represent a pretty good value. The Andersen’s cost more and they come with a shorter warranty. The pitch is based on those Fibrex frames which some like and some don’t.

      1. How do they compare to pella? We are torn between window universe and pella. The champion window rep was more than happy to bash window universe as poor quality and a waste of money (we should just keep our old windows) but I think he may have had them confused with window world (because he kept referencing a $189 window but that isn’t a window universe ad campaign). Champion was over priced in my opinion

        1. I may be a bit biased, but I’ll tell you in my opinion Window Universe is the best deal going in Indiana. Champion does tend to have higher pricing and the ratings on the windows aren’t remarkable. The team at Window Universe can get you products with the same or very similar ratings and I bet they will save you a bundle. Be sure to let us know how the project goes!

  7. Thanks for all the work you’ve done with this site. I went through bunches of your reviews, and it came down to Alside Mezzo vs. Revere Berkshire Elite. Almost the same window, except for the balance system–and my Elite contractor gave me a lower bid. Makes the decision easy 🙂 Thanks again. It’s really great when someone in the industry cares that customers make the right decisions–not just the most profitable for the biz!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the site. I would suggest that there is more to it than just the price. Hopefully they’re both great local contractors with great warranties, etc. Good luck with the project and be sure to let us know how everything goes!

  8. My contractor gave me quotes for Berkshire elite and for the Sovereign series. Both double pane, double hung vinyl with the Barrier XP package. The price is about twenty dollars difference for the sovereign. Cant find any reviews on the supposed better sovereign series. Whats your opinion between the two, is it worth the 20 bucks per window for the sovereign series?

    1. The Sovereign window frame is designed for triple pane glass. If you’re not doing triple pane, the Berkshire Elite window will get you more glass space and a better price. If you are doing the triple pane the Sovereign is the way to go.

  9. Great info here. Our local contractor that installs Berkshire Elite gave us an estimate of $5400 for eight windows (two sets of three ganged, and one set of two) to replace screens in our upstairs screen porch. You mentioned about $400 per window give or take for standard white (which would be for us $3200 if my math is right). We’re getting the architectural bronze color (which seemed to be one of seven standard colors, though I don’t really get “standard” anymore!). I appreciate your comments about the Elite’s window area. Is his quote high? He’s rated well on Angie’s List. Btw, Stanek came in at $5800.

    1. Glad you found the site to be helpful. The exterior colors add a fair amount to the price so you’re probably in a reasonable range. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

  10. I love this site. Thanks for all the detailed work, and pithy, friendly responses. I’m looking for windows too, 18, mostly double hung and already have quotes for Simonton ($6900)–good contractor but not happy with the thickness of the frame, and Sunrise ($11500, though promised could lower it if I just called back)–not thrilled with the price and the sales tactics–nor the thickness. I have a question and a recommendation.

    Question: if I’m trying to narrow down by thinness of frame (and efficiency, and availability in Alabama) what lines do you recommend? Is there a way to know thinness from the numbers provided by the company? I see your review for Mezzo, but wish the mechanism were better. I see your review for Berkshire Elite, and have written to see if they install Tuscaloosa–haven’t heard back–but fear it will be a no. Do you have any other suggestions with these priorities?

    Recommendation for the site: what would be cool would be an interactive narrowing selection device, where if someone put in their priorities, you could pump out the windows worth investigating. My priorities are energy efficiency, thinness of frame, and, well, availability in Alabama. Add to this now, the right mechanism, and the possibility of self- or contractor-installation! Many thanks for everything!

  11. This is a great site and I appreciate the reviews. I’m deciding between the 4000 Series from Window World and the Berkshire Elite. There’s about an $1100 difference in price. My windows will need to be wrapped due to the moisture that comes from a tree-covered lot. My family recently replaced their windows with those from Window World and have had nothing but rave reviews for the product. My questions are these: are the Elite’s worth the greater price, and do they offer equal protection from moisture intrusion? Thanks in advance for your advice!

    1. I’m a fan of the Revere Berkshire Elite windows. You can tell I like them because I decided to offer them in our stores. What kind of price difference are you seeing between the Berkshire Elite and the Window World windows?

    2. I have a bid on Revere Berkshire Elite and one on Burris. Elite rep tells me Burris much lower quality. Burris quite a bit less and quoted by a one man company with good reputation. Elite from large widely used company. They will replace very large (12 over 12 ) very old wood windows. What’s your opinion? Thanks.

      1. Well, I like the Berkshire Elite windows and we’ve installed thousands and thousands of them across the country. I’m less familiar with the Burris, but I always recommend working with a bigger company. We’ve seen many smaller companies disappear and the customers left with no warranty.

        If you’re interested we could help you with the Revere windows in Houston. You can read about our program with Alside windows here and we’re also offering Revere windows in select markets. Luckily Houston is one of them. Just let me know if you’re interested. We may be able to save you a bundle on your project.

  12. I like the Alside Mezzo windows thinness, but would like a thin window with the block and tackle balance. Berkshire Elite is not offered in my area. Can you recommend any other narrow-framed windows with block and tackle that might be available in the south. Thanks!

  13. I am looking to install 23 replacement windows in my home and have settled on the Berkshire Elite windows if I can find them in my area (Dallas, TX). Could you help my locate a reputable dealer/installer from my area? Thank you!

  14. I live in the Madison Wisconsin area and have been researching windows for the better part of 2 months. Thanks for all the help; it has been useful. I have tried to find a dealer for the berkshire elites in the area but am unsuccessful. Could you point me in a direction? thanks.

  15. Hey there WD, i am an installer in the DFW area.. Like I have said on other posts, I love your site!

    The Birkshire Elite – (I love this window and decided to go with this over the Simonton 5500 for my own home). One small item. The pivot lock shoes on these windows do not lock! So when you tilt in the window to remove the sash you have to have an assistant put there finger over the receiver/shoe to keep it from shooting up when removing the sash. We have seen this over many jobs. It is only a minor annoyance, but i am used to the shoe locking when the window is tilted in. Curious if you have seen this.

  16. Hi Window Dog, I also live in the Madison, WI. area and am looking for replacement windows(6) and the Berkshire Elite sound like great windows. I have been researching others also(Pella, Renewal by Anderson and Champion) and have been thinking of getting quotes from all of them but these windows sound really good. I looked on Angie’s List and there is a place a couple hours from me that does these windows and they seem highly rated. They currently have a special of about $1100 for the delivery and install of 3 white, vinyl, single-hung, double-pane Energy Star windows(that is valid for 4X4 or 100 united inches per window(they say the value is $2250). How do they come up with the united window size and that value…4 feet by 4 feet is 96 inches? Say I have some windows that are that 120 united inches? Since some of mine are larger and some smaller than that I know it would be more(they say that) for the larger windows but based on the $400 mentioned above for double-hung white windows this amount seems high(not sure what that window size refers too)? What is your opinion on this and can you also tell me about the Madison guy that does the Berkshire Elite windows? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    1. Yes, united inches means width plus height. I may write a post on this, you’re certainly not the first person to ask. So a window that is 48″ x 48″ would be 96 united inches and a window that is 60″ x 60″ would be 120 united inches. We can offer the Revere Berkshire Elite windows in Madison now. You can find info about what we’re up to here.

  17. Thanks all for your great work. This is the best site to know all about windows. I am looking to replace 14 slider windows and 2 Patio doors of my house in Cleveland, OH area. I have narrowed down to Berkshire Elite from WindowUniverse and Pella 350 series from Lowes. Price wise window universe is around 1 grand higher than Lowes. Is it worth to go with Berkshire ?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. I’ve known the guys who own Window Universe in Cleveland for over 10 years. I’ve known them both professionally and personally for that entire time and I’ll tell you it would be impossible to find a better team anywhere. I could not recommend them more strongly.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Also WindowUniverse is giving lifetime warranty on any kind of damage happen to window other than natural disaster. How do Berkshire Elite stands against the Pella 350.

        1. They’re both nice windows. Berkshire Elite windows get better air infiltration ratings and they’ve been a very popular choice.

  18. I’m impressed with your site and all of the information you provide. I am interested in replacing all 30 of our window openings to prepare our house for sale. I have several large openings that now have 3 casements in separate frames but would consider changing the style when new windows are selected. How does Window Universe (Express) handle those conversations if the process is done without someone seeing the home? Also, can I get the Revere Berkshire Elite in the Pittsburgh, PA area? What is the upcharge for the dimensional grilles compared to the flat grilles?

    1. Hi John, glad you’re enjoying the site! I just sent you an email with most of that info. To be honest I wasn’t sure how the process would work when we started testing it in 2015, but I’ve been blown away by how simple things are. Check out that email and get back to me with any more questions, we’ll go from there. We can also pick out a time to talk it over on the phone if that helps. Look forward to helping you with the project.

  19. Hello Windowdog! Great website you have here. I recently made an offer on a house that was built in 1995 with the original Caradco Windows wood windows. After some digging these windows do not have a great rep and I will be looking to replace these in the near future (about 26 of them, yikes). A few of the windows have bad rot in the window sills, you can see the pictures in the link to this album. My question is if i wanted to replace all my windows with Berkshire Elite units, how would that work in this case? It looks like the external sill is all one unit with the window. Would replacement windows even work? I was told regarding the sills instead of doing a full replacement the rot can but cut out halfway up the sill where it can flashed with aluminium and a replacement piece of PVC inserted in its place. What would you recommend? Looking at the diagram of the Berkshire Elite it looks like it comes with its own sloped sill so would i be wasting my money repairing/replacing the rotting sill now?

    1. Don’t worry, people with great windows don’t call window companies so we’re used to seeing old rotten windows. The rotten wood can definitely be repaired before the new windows are installed. It’s an every day thing and not a big deal at all.

      If you’re going to do the windows anytime soon I would have the company that installs the new windows fix the rotten wood. It’ll just be easier than having 2 companies involved.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  20. You said: “Revere does offer triple pane in their Sovereign window, but it loses several of the advantages to the Berkshire Elite”. Can you please comment on what the lost advantages are with the Sovereign?

    One sales person is steering me towards the Sovereign. Not sure if its because I thought grids outside the window look nice. I only wish for double pane and like the idea of foam in the sash.

    1. You can get foam in the sash with either model. The Sovereign has a thicker frame which blocks some light. It’s not unlike many other windows out there so it’s a pretty common design, just a little thicker than the newer Berkshire Elite. If you like the external grids I’d say go for it.

      1. Thank you – this tells me exactly the things important to me. I’d rather have more daylight and am willing to sacrifice some thermal efficiency for it.

        1. Happy to help out. You typically don’t need to sacrifice much, but it is true that the windows with the absolute lowest ratings will block more light.

  21. Hi there! Your site and videos have been invaluable to me recently. I am in the process of replacing the original 14 single hung windows in my 1928 bungalow in Denver, CO, and it has been a bit of a headache. After 10 quotes (!!!), we are down to the Revere Berkshire Elite ($7600) and the Simonton Asure ($5500). My boyfriend isn’t sure the better windows are worth the extra $2100. I do. What do you think?

    Also – how do you feel about coil wrapping over good wood? I’m against it but it does mean we’ll have to have our exterior window frames scraped and repainted after the installation.

    Lastly, we are considering casement instead of double hung in the bedroom for extra airflow. Aside from the cost increase (an extra $165/window) are there any advantages or disadvantages?

    Thank you in advance!!!

    1. Did we get you a quote for the Berkshire Elite windows? We offer them, installed by the manufacturer, in Denver through this program. Might be a way to get the better windows for a better price.

      I’m fine with wrapping the trim. If you don’t want it, you don’t need it. You are right that you’ll be painting the trim every few years which can get old.

      We charge about $40 more for a casement than a double hung. Strange that someone is charging that much.

      Hope all of that helps.

  22. Great site. We like all others are window shopping. Can you compare the Revere Berkshire to the Preservation? Are there appreciable differences? Thanks”

  23. Hello WD,

    Love the site! My husband and I are in the process of getting estimates on new windows and patio doors. I have a question about the patio doors. One of the companies will do replacement windows but the doors they only do full tear out. They said it’s better that way due to trying to put it in over the current threshold etc. Does that sound plausible? Thanks. We also have seen WWs alside mezzo, polaris, revere berkshire elite, and vista panaroma all double hung. My husband and I love the vistas and polaris but I have a feeling the price will be too high in comparison to the other two. Is there any you recommend out of this bunch? Thanks

      1. Sounds like you’re getting the full window shopping experience! Yes, that is true regarding doors. The only way to replace a door well, in my experience, is to replace the whole frame and threshold. Provia makes a steel l-frame that can be installed inside an existing frame. We’ve installed a handful of those and it works ok, but for the amount you spend I would strongly suggest replacing the whole thing.

        The internet tells me you’re in Milwaukee. If that’s the case you should call the best window company in Milwaukee. Brandon runs a great company and I think you’d like what he has to offer.

        1. Yes I’m very close to Milwaukee. I will check them out. Thank you. Do you know if WW installs patio doors that way by chance? Thanks.

          1. I’m not sure what they offer for patio doors. Someone told me they were offering something from a different manufacturer than the windows, but I don’t know if that’s accurate.

          2. Thanks for the input. I have another question. We went to view the windows again and decided on the Soft-lite Imperial ls. Now price per window is $675 white in and out includes install and exterior alum wrap of trim etc, The front 4 windows have grids. If we want Iight oak inside and their auto locks (locks my husband wants for sure) it adds about 90 per window, so 785 per window. We also get to choose double or triple pane due to a free upgrade sale they are having. We’ve decided we’d probably go triple in the bedrooms only to get maximum light in the rest of the house. Our dilemma is on the oak inside…love the look but not sure about the price diff. Does that sound reasonable price wise? Thanks.

          3. Well, that is what folks selling those products try to get, so not unreasonable in that regard. There is no such thing as a free lunch. They’re charging you for triple pane and saying it’s “free” because people like free things. If you don’t care about it you’ll be able to save a buck by switching to double pane.

            What did you like about that model? I always like hearing about how people evaluate the options.

  24. We are replacing 21 double hung wood windows. We have received a quote from WW for their 4000 series and from a local window installer for the Berkshire Elite and Atrium 8900 which is what we have elsewhere (we installed some last year but still have lots more to replace). WW quote is $7871.00 and local is $10,000.00 for Berkshire, $13,000.00 for Atrium. The local man uses one installer who is very experienced and good and is paid well. WW cannot guarantee who will be installing. The local installer says the DP rating of WW 4000 is 35, Elite is 50 and Atrium is 60. We live on the lake. We want to choose a good quality window. After we have these installed we will have 12 more to do in the basement so we are trying to get the best value. Your opinion?

    1. Think of it this way. A DP 30 should stand up to 130MPH winds and a DP 55 should stand up to 180 MPH. If you were out on Cape Hatteras that might be a relevant consideration, but otherwise you’d be better off looking at air infiltration rates. The Berkshire Elite gets a 0.04 in common sizes. That’s measured at a 25MPH wind speed which is a much more common scenario. I’m not sure what the Atrium offers. If you find out please let us know.

      Remember if you were to see 180 MPH winds you’d probably have bigger problems.

  25. Thanks for the useful information, this site has been a great resource during our window search. We are looking at replacing 21 double hung windows (as well as some wood rot repair) and have met with several local companies. I’m interested in your opinion based on the quotes. Of note, the Sunrise dealer does not appear to be quite as reputable as the others, so they are out. Thanks!
    Okna 800 – $14,950
    Sunrise Standard – $12,265
    Soft-Lite Imperial LS – $15,797
    Revere Berkshire Elite – $13,888

    1. I’m most familiar with the Revere products, but I’ve also been through the plants of Sunrise and Okna. I’m not a huge fan of the Soft-Lite and it sounds like you don’t like the Sunrise folks so your choice is down to 2. I’d suggest looking at the installation company to decide who you’d rather work with. The price difference is pretty small so I’d focus on the people.

  26. I have sold and installed over 500 Berkshire Elite Windows since February 2016. I have never sold the triple pane. My sales rep tells me that the same frame is used for double and triple pane glass. Should I not believe a guy that works for Alside / Revere and sales me all of my products ? I’ve spent around $100,000 with them this year for vinyl siding and vinyl replacement windows!

    1. I’ve spent several million on windows this year and I can tell you the rep is correct. Triple pane glass is now available in the same frame and it’s become a very popular option. We’ll be updating our content shortly.

  27. What is your opinion on the block and tackle versus the constant force in the Berkshire Elite? Which do you prefer? What is your opinion on the Mi window?

    1. We offer both and I think the block and tackle is much nicer. If you put 2 windows side by side it’s easy to feel the difference. For example, we installed windows in the Malaysian Embassy in DC. Cost was over $3k per window without installation. When you’re talking about windows like that they ALWAYS have block and tackle balances.

      MI Windows are decent. I was just in several of their plants a few weeks ago. They were great hosts, even took us on a private tour of the Yuengling brewery nearby. The windows are typically lower priced than some others and you can see why in the ratings. Seems like a good solid family owned company to me, but their products aren’t in the top tier in terms of design or efficiency.

  28. In PG County, MD (outside of DC) I have a quote for $420 per window (22 total windows) installed for the Berkshire Elites. All are less than 100 united inches, white vinyl, and includes the contoured colonial grids. .26 U Factor, .21 SHGC

    The contractor says that the factory will be coordinating the installation, not them. Do you have any idea what this could mean? Do you have any tips on what to look for during installation to make sure they’re not doing a shoddy job?

    Like many people have said, I appreciate all of your posts! I was even captivated by your “how it all began” anecdote (…the car dealership)! You have done a great service to the window shopping community.

    1. Hi Nick, glad you’ve enjoyed the site. I think that installation program will serve you well. Did you get a quote from our company? We do a lot of work in your neck of the woods.

  29. My home repair contractor is recommending a window contractor that specializes in Berkshire. Our Neighbors got Amerimax windows and seem to like them. As we are located at 6000 ft just outside of Denver Colorado, what are your thoughts on the difference between these 2 options? Amerimax I know is manufactured locally but I was assured the change in altitude is not a problem for the Berkshire. Other options I should consider? The big thing we are trying to improve is heat penetration in the summer. The majority of our windows face due south and our house COOKS in the summer making the option for opening blinds impossible.

    1. Hi Mike, I was a little behind in catching up with comments so I may be too late to help. I know of a great company in Denver. Let me know if you’re still in the market.

  30. How can I find an installer in the Chicago area who will have the Revere Berkshire Elite as an option? Your recommended installer in the area (LJ Neal & Sons) does not list Revere as an option, and I cannot find a list of installers on the Revere site, it only lists distributors…

    1. Their distribution can be limited. Have you gotten a quote from Leo? He has some good options.

  31. Is the vinyl made from UPVC or PVC. Wife is concerned about PVC toxins being released.

    Any additional advice about UPVC vs PVC?

    1. You’re getting a sales story. Every reputable company uses the same type of vinyl. My understanding is that any off gassing happens at the plant when it’s extruded. Once it’s finished there are no toxins released. Vinyl windows are recommended for LEED projects and they’re very concerned about toxins like that. Certain paints aren’t allowed etc. You won’t have any issue.

      Which product was the salesperson who told you that trying to sell?

  32. Quoted $16,840 for 14 replacement windows, (full frame replacement, not insert) one double hung & the rest sliders with 2 of those having to be tempered. I’m in the Twin Cities, MN

        1. Thank you, I had another local company also price roughly $1000+ a window for same job with Alside Mezzo. The company with the Berkshire estimate I am more partial to, they did my roof & blown insulation a few years ago (fantastic job) at the lowest bid amongst 3 so I lean more towards them but really have no basis to go on. Appreciate your info!

          1. Well, if you’re happy with them then go for it. There is a lot that can go into the pricing. Sometimes it’s hard to say what is reasonable from here.

  33. I’m having trouble gauging how much less glass I’ll have with Revere Berkshire Elite inserts. For example, if my current glass width is 33″ in my original 20-year-old Alcoa vinyl windows, can you judge what will it be with the new replacement inserts?

    1. Great question. You’d judge it by the thickness of the existing sashes and potentially the existing frame depending on your current windows. Sometimes people gain glass area. Typically the difference is very small with a window like that, but it just depends on the thickness of the old window that will come out.

  34. I love this site! Thanks! I have a crazy problem. I bought 25 Revere Windows and most now have this creeping yellow-brown fog. The windows have never been pressure washed and only rinsed about 3 times by a neighborhood guy using gentle hose and some spray bottle. My installers got bad grades from the better business bureau and went out of business after my install. I am attaching pics. Please advise if there is a recall or something. Most of my windows are in various states of this dark fog. Thanks in advance if you can help. Well it won’t let me paste pics here, so I will submit as is.

    1. Hi Laura, we’ve dealt with Revere windows quite a bit and that’s not an issue I’ve run into ever. Typically the company that installed the windows would be the ones to handle it for you, but since they’re gone you can get new sashes from Revere. You’d have a lifetime warranty on the glass. If you’d like any help getting the warranty started just drop me a line and I’ll send you some info. It should be easy to get fixed up.

  35. Hello WindowDog,
    I have a house here that needs 29 double hung windows replaced, There 14 years old and suspect that maybe they were not installed correctly. Reason is that they all leak air and some leak water when we get some heavy rains. The house sits on top a hill so wind is a big issue here, I have an average 25mph wind most of the time, so the windows leak air bad…I guess my concern is with the Berkshire elite window is the amount of air leakage I may have. I have gotten a quote from a reputable installer for about 22,000 dollars. Just wondering if there was another window I should consider for that amount.

    Any insite would be appreciated.


    1. They can tell you the air infiltration rates. Almost everything in this industry is quantifiable so it’s relatively easy to compare. In most configurations you’d get an air infiltration rate of 0.04 with this model. That’s a pretty good rating compared to most other options.

  36. Hi, great site! Thanks so much for the hard work to take some of the mystery out of windows.

    We’re replacing 18 double hung windows in Indianapolis. We are considering the Apex Insignia window, which seems to be an Alside 8000 series (triple pane, krypton, foam filled): U-Factor:0.18, SHGC: .24, VT: .41, Price: $11,150

    You seem to really like the Revere Berkshire Elite, so we contacted Window Universe and they quoted (double pane, argon, foam filled): U-Factor:0.27, SHGC: .30, VT: .55, Price: $7,681. ($3,469 savings!)

    If I bump the Berkshire Elite up to a triple pane to close the gap in U-Factor (.21) and SHGC, the price increases to $9,283. ($1,867 savings).

    I believe if I were to bump to krypton filled, the prices would be a wash, but this would necessitate a thicker frame on the Berkshire Elite window that would negate the higher VT due to more glass. Not a good trade off.

    – Thoughts on Apex Insignia/Alside 8000 versus Revere Berkshire Elite?
    – Is the difference in VT (.41 vs .55) significant? I want glass, not frames!
    – Is the difference in U-Factor significant? At what level does it really become a case of diminishing returns?

    1. Hi there, I apologia for my slow response. Somehow I didn’t see your comment here. I’m not a huge fan of that 8000 series window. It does also have a higher (worse) air infiltration rate so it lets in more air and blocks more light. The difference between a 0.41 and 0.55 VT is significant.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.

  37. I’m in New Hampshire and interested in the Berkshire Elite windows. Is there any distributor in my area? Also, does Alside carry something similar to the Berkshire?


    1. Hi Mark, looks like our company sent you some info last week. Let me know if I can help with anything.

  38. Hoping to here from your company. Seems like you really like the Alside and the Revere products overall. I am curious what recommendations you might have for casement windows? I need 2 casement windows (35×58) and a picture window (70×58) which face due west here in Austin, TX. Obviously efficiency and maximum glass are important for such large windows and very hot in the summer facing west. What companies make really good casement windows and reliable mechanisms? My dealer is pushing Simonton 5500 but worried about the size of the frames after seeing his double hung window.

    1. Hi T.J., you can tell I was a little behind on the comments on the site. Your window order is moving along on track and I’ll be excited to hear how you like the new windows!

  39. I have Revere Berkshire Double Hung windows. Cold air comes in the track where the sash slides in the frame. These windows aren’t efficient at all. Have other people complained about this? Does the lifetime warranty cover this issue?

    1. Do you have the older Berkshire windows or the newer Berkshire Elite windows? If you have the newer model the air infiltration rates are pretty good so you shouldn’t feel any air. I would start by talking to the installation company. If you’re feeling air coming it it’s most likely an installation issue, but it’s always possible that it could be a product issue and if so you’d have a lifetime warranty. Revere has been great with warranty issues in my experience. If the installer is helpful it should be easy to fix. Let us know if we can help out.

  40. Replacing 3 windows in my townhome. I’ve been quoted virtually the same price by 2 different companies – one using Berkshire Elite and the other using Alside 70 series. Which would you choose?

  41. Really appreciate your site. Great information. I’m in northern Virginia and replacing 25 residential windows. Considering Sunrise Restorations Omega-12 for $14.8k or Revere Berkshire Elite for $12k. Had a third estimate, but it was outrageous at $22k for Okna 800 windows. Which would you consider a better window for this pricing?

    1. Hi Bill, I’m a fan of the Revere Berkshire Elite windows as we’ve been offering them for a while in many of our stores. Did anything about the Sunrise seem to be worth a few thousand more?

      1. One of the two companies that provided quotes on this Sunrise Restorations model also sells Berkshire Elite and indicated that Sunrise Restoration is a better window (granted, could be influenced by a better margin). They shared that they have hundreds of calls per year for repairs on Berkshire, mostly for seal failure and internal frame insulation inconsistencies, not installation issues, and that they see nearly zero repairs on Sunrise. Additionally, Sunrise has a better warranty that is lifetime, transferable without limits, and with no proration. Berkshire warranty decrements after original owner transfer to new owner. Labor warranty is comparable at 10 years. Not sure this is worth a few thousand dollars, but it is a strong consideration. Interested in your thoughts.

        1. My company has installed quite a few Berkshire Elite windows with no issues so I don’t know if that’s based in reality. There was an older Berkshire window that was a little long in the tooth before it was replaced with the newer Berkshire Elite window. Maybe that’s where he was getting confused.

          The wholesale cost will be pretty similar between the two. What was the price difference they were showing you? That might be where the enthusiasm for one comes from over the other. It could definitely be that they’re pricing one higher and one lower withe goal of selling the higher margin offering. Companies operate like that all the time.

  42. I’ve narrowed down my choices to the Berkshire Elite and the Simonton 6100 from Home Depot. The Berkshire Elite is coming in at a few hundred less than the Simonton but there is some benefit in my mind having the backing of HD behind the window should something go wrong. Other than the balance system, are these windows pretty comparable? In your mind, what is the better choice?


    1. I do think the Berkshire Elite is a much nicer choice than the Simonton. There are several other advantages and Home Depot just assigns the subcontractor to the project, not really providing much backing. You can read feedback from other folks on the site who have bought from box stores. Not usually our recommended route.

  43. Superb website. The time you spend on personal, thoughtful, knowledgeable replies is clearly appreciated by all. We’re replacing 12 double-hung windows (some dual-pane, some triple-pane) and are currently comparing Provia’s Aspect vs. Revere’s Berkshire Elite. The Provia Aspect quote is coming out approx. $1,500 higher than the Revere Berkshire Elite quote.
    The Provia quote mentions “Upgraded Innergy Composite Thermal Sash Reinforcement at the meeting rails and Upgraded Neopor Foam Filled Frames.” Should I be valuing either/both of these “upgrades”? Otherwise, other than a slightly better Provia warranty (full replacement for life of home, including breakage), I think we’re dealing with comparable quotes: both from well-reviewed contractors.
    QUESTION: Is there anything about Provia and/or its Aspect window that would be worth paying $1,500 more for the job?

    1. To be fair we’ve decided to offer the Revere Berkshire Elite windows in many of our stores so I think think it represents a pretty good value. When comparing efficiency options it’s easiest to just look at the ratings. If the ratings are better then you can decide if the difference is worth the additional cost. If the ratings are not different then the fancy “upgrades” aren’t doing anything for you.

      Efficiency is very easy to quantify. Either one option is better or it’s not better. With that info you can usually get to a decision on whether one is worth the additional cost.

      Also, important to be aware that the Berkshire Elite window is available with over 100 energy efficiency option and packages so there isn’t just one configuration. That’s one reason I like that product.

      Did you pick one yet?

  44. I haven’t seen much on the Slocomb Pro Tech 177 windows but have been trying to decide between them and the Revere Berkshire Elites, 25 windows and a sliding door. What are your thoughts?

    1. I’m definitely more familiar with the Berkshire Elite model and I tend to stay away from the little manufacturers. It’s not that they can’t make a fine product, but they’re riskier and there’s generally no upside. Were there any particular features that you liked about the Slocomb option? Usually the little companies don’t offer anything that you can’t also get from a larger company.

  45. Your overall review is both objective and informative—much appreciated! I did noticed the posting date for the Revere Berkshire Elite is 5/31/14. How relevant is this review today? What improvements has Revere made, if any, to this product since then? If the Berkshire Elite is not available in our area, what are some comparable substitutes in 2021? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi there, I am still a fan of that model and my company offers it in many markets with great success. What’s your zip code? We may be able to help out. Or you can check this section for recommended companies in your area.

  46. We are in Jacksonville, FL. We were quoted $20k by Renewal by Anderson for 13 windows (sliders instead of double hung) and $15k for Conservation Glass windows for 14 windows (all double hung). The Conversation Glass product seems impressive as the glass is virtually unbreakable, the heat lamp demonstration showed no heat transfer and the lifetime warranty looks solid. However, the pricing is higher than expected at $1,071 per window. We looked for information about Conservation Glass on your website, but did not find any mention of this company so not sure just how good they are and if the dealer (LHS) pricing is justified. Your thoughts? Thanks.

    1. Renewal by Andersen or Conservation doesn’t make their own glass, no window companies do, so they don’t offer anything you can’t get anywhere else. It was probably laminated glass they were showing you if they were talking about how strong it is. Some companies will also make a huge deal about the strength of tempered glass, but that’s even more common.

      In my humble opinion Renewal is never really a great deal, but the windows do look nice. That should be their sales pitch instead of making weird claims but they’ve never asked for my advice. Most any company in Florida will offer impact windows with very strong glass so you should be able to find that just about everywhere.

      If impact windows (or impact protection) are required by the building codes in your area then you should definitely get it. If it’s not required (or if you already have storm shutters) you might decide how much it’s worth to you as it is contributing a decent bit to the cost.

  47. George, for a project such as yours I think this is a great fit. The Revere Berkshire Elite Double hung is a decent enough window that should serve you well for ten years. Make sure the installer has a good track record before you go forward. Assuming they have a good rep and reviews, I say you are good to go! Dane – Site Editor – from 2018

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