Gentek Signature Elite Windows Reviews

Gentek Signature Elite reviews warranty prices and cost

If you’re looking for Gentek Signature Elite windows reviews you’ve come to the right place. Frequent readers of the site will know that I tend to think the Gentek window line is one of the nicer product lines and the Signature Elite is one of the best windows they make. That’s one reason my company elected to carry them in several markets so we have real first hand experience with these windows.

Here are three Gentek Signature Elite double hung windows.

What are the advantages of the Gentek Signature Elite windows?

There are a few key reasons that this model is one of the best replacement windows on the market today.

First, these windows are backed by a billion dollar company

Associated Materials owns Gentek along with several other major brands like Preservation, Alside, Revere, Alpine and more. The backing of a large manufacturer with a 70+ year history means that these windows are likely to be around for the long haul. It also means the warranty is likely to be honored for many years to come.

In my opinion people routinely undervalue the risk associated with the smaller manufacturers. It’s always my suggestion to work with a larger company and Gentek fits this bill

Next, the Signature Elite window utilizes slim frames to maximize glass area

Glass area can be a big factor for some folks when picking a replacement window. Some models, especially older designs, will use thicker bulkier vinyl window frames and the salespeople talk about strength. The downside to those bulky designs is that you get less glass area in the same size window.

Here you can see the difference in glass area that you can achieve with the Gentek Signature Elite windows.
Here you can see the difference in glass area that you can get from a window with a slimmer frame. The difference can be substantial.

The Signature Elite line utilizes a newer design that intentionally maximizes glass area with slim vinyl frames. This is more of a factor when the existing windows are on the smaller side. If your windows are large this might not be a huge concern, but to me it’s always important.

Next, these windows use upgraded hardware and components

If you’re new to window shopping it can be easy to think that all replacement windows are pretty similar. While it’s true that many windows generally look similar, there are some pretty important differences.

One of these differences is the quality of the hardware and components used. Things like balances, locks, tilt latches, etc are not always easy to see and they’re parts that people don’t always know much about.

best replacement window balances
Here you can see the differences in the common types of balances. Many manufacturers use the cheaper Constant Force type, but with the Signature Elite windows you get the upgraded type.

In my mind the quality of these components is a great indicator of the manufacturer’s intentions with the product. For example, the Gentek Signature Elite windows use the same upgraded hardware and balances as the Preservation Reserve windows which usually sell for much higher prices.

That tells you that Gentek always intended this to be a top of the line product and they’ve succeeded.

What colors are available for the Signature Elite windows?

The interior and exterior colors are a nice selling point for this model. Below you can see the available options.

Gentek Signature Elite interior and exterior colors.

You’ll see the popular black exterior is available along with many other colors. It’s important to remember that all color combinations are not available and adding colors will increase the cost of your project. If you’re considering color options other than simple white or beige, you’ll want to talk to your dealer about the options.

What is the warranty for these windows?

Overall the warranty on the Signature Elite windows is pretty good. I mentioned earlier that it’s backed by a billion dollar company so that’s a good start. The warranty is a transferable lifetime warranty so it’s good for as long as you own the house. Then it’s transferable when you sell the house so you can use that as a selling point.

The warranty covers the frames, the glass, the hardware and even the seal of the insulated glass unit. Overall I’d say the warranty is very strong and it a great reason to buy these windows.

How efficient are these windows?

These are very efficient windows which is another nice feature. Gentek uses their Barrier XP Packages in the Signature Elite windows. This means they are available with hundreds of available efficiency packages.

These are the efficiency ratings for the common Gentek Barrier XP efficiency packages.
Here are the efficiency ratings for the most common Barrier XP packages.

You can get triple pane glass for a top of the line solution with U-Factors as low as 0.21. Or, you can pick from a wide range of double pane options to get the best solution for you.

Gentek offers several spacer options including Super Spacer, Intercept Spacer and a stainless option called ThermD. They also offer different types of low-e coatings and different gas fills like argon and krypton to make sure you can get the best solution.

This shows the foam insulation inside the frames of the Gentek Signature Elite windows.

In addition to great glass options, here you can see the optional foam insulation in the frames too.

You will see some in-home window salespeople acting like they have the very best efficiency packages but the chances are Gentek offers everything those small companies offer and many more options too.

Finally, the air infiltration rates are another huge advantage to this model. You get an air infiltration rate of 0.04 in the double hung model which is better than many competitors. That means when the window is closed and locked you won’t get a draft into your home.

This is the frame and structure of the Signature Elite replacement window.

What’s the bottom line?

This is a window model that has many advantages that can’t be matched by most competitors. They’re backed by a billion dollar company, they use upgraded hardware and components, the slim frames allow for max light and the efficiency packages are top of the line.

Overall I do think this is one of the best replacement windows on the market today. That’s one reason it’s a product we offer through my company in several markets and we’ve had great success. If you’re considering ordering new windows I’d say this is defininltey a model to look at.

How can you find a great window company?

That part is easy.  Check this section for recommendations of window companies all over the country. There’s no better way to get new windows.

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  1. Does your company offer Gentek signature Elite Windows in Virginia beach area (zip code 23464) and if so who are the installers?

    1. Hi Greg, my company absolutely does offer these windows in your area. Check this section to get pricing and product info online by email. From there you’ll be in touch with one of our window experts who can answer any questions and make unlimited revisions to your quote until they have the order just the way you want it.

      For anyone reading this from outside of Virginia you can find recommendations for the best window companies all over the country here.

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