Alside Windows Reviews – Ultimate Guide

Alside windows reviews including Mezzo, 8000 and Climatech

Alside windows span a wide range of quality and price. This is a brand that many folks outside of the industry are not familiar with and that’s not a bad thing. People will sometimes be skeptical a brand they’ve never heard of, but these windows can be very nice. Alside windows are some of the most popular vinyl replacement windows in the country, and they’re only sold through contractors.

Disclaimer: My company recently started offering Alside windows (almost) nationwide for you to install yourself or with professional installation by the manufacturer.  And, we do it all with no in-home salespeople.  Details here

Alside windows reviews and information

Alside doesn’t spend a lot of money on fancy advertising which is why you may not have heard of them. The fact that they don’t do a lot of advertising is not an indication of quality so that’s not a reason to avoid them.

Alside windows are produced in 5 manufacturing facilities across the country so everything is made in the USA. As a result, there are specific Alside windows for the east coast and the west coast. All Alside products are not available in all areas.

best replacement windows of 2015

Replacement – Alside Windows Reviews

Discontinued Alside window models

The models here are no longer available, but Alside does still offer warranty support them.

New construction windows from Alside

  • 1700 Series
  • 1900 Series
  • Fairfield 70
  • Fairfield 80

More Alside window info

Who owns Alside?

Alside is owned by Associated Materials, Inc which is the parent company of several building product manufacturers. They primarily produce window and siding products in the United States and in Canada.

Alside window complaints

I write this section about basically every manufacturer. We look at what common complaints you’ll see in the comments sections all over the internet to see if they really make sense.

In the case of complaints about Alside windows you see the issues are usually caused by amateur installation, even when the customer doesn’t know.

For example, I recently heard from a past customer who bought windows to install himself. He had a seal failure in a picture window meaning there was condensation between the panes of glass.

That’s not a big deal and it’s covered by the warranty so I thought everything was fine. Then the manufacturer gets to the house to replace the glass and they discover the picture window is installed sideways. Like 90 degrees off, it’s just plain sideways.

It turns out the customer hired some handyman type to install the window. That guy accidentally flipped the width and height when he measured it. He thought he could still install the window since it was a picture window.

The sideways install didn’t cause the seal failure but it’s a miracle that window hasn’t leaked yet. We pointed this out to the customer and he was understandably upset.

What does this mean?

This is a perfect example of the type of complaints you commonly see about Alside windows. If they’re installed by some joker you’re likely to have problems with them. That’s not an indiction of a problem with the window, but with the installer group out there.

If this customer had us install the windows he wouldn’t have a problem, but he went with a cheap guy and got a cheap result.

If you see people complaining about Alside windows remember the issue is commonly installation related and you can solve that problem by hiring a competent installer. Our company uses their manufacturers installation program to eliminate these issues.

What’s the story with the different Alside window models?

The older Excalibur window model was the workhorse of the line for years, but it has been replaced by the Mezzo model. This was a nice upgrade. The older model was both widely distributed and often criticized. It is important to realize that criticism often came from competitors, but there were some aspects of the Alside Excalibur product that were outdated. That said, it was definitely time for that model to be replaced.

Here you can see the popular Alside Promenade sliding door.

The newer Mezzo window is a welcome update to the product offering. This is because it addresses many of the concerns expressed by critics of Alside windows. The newer Mezzo model has much better air infiltration rates, and more features and options.

Alside Centurion and Geneva windows are older models that were also phased out because they were no longer competitive. They use an older mechanically fastened technology that is a thing of the past. As a result, we would not recommend considering these Alside windows. They have been replaced by the Alside Fusion window.

Finally the Ultramaxx and Sheffield windows were discontinued in 2023 and the 8000 series windows are now more widely available in their place.

Alside window prices

Prices for Alside windows will vary quite a lot. The biggest factor we see in determining the retail price is the business model of the contractor offering Alside windows.

For example, a sales and marketing company might knock on your door to say they’re working in the neighborhood and they want to offer you a deal on new windows. This is never a good deal. These companies will be some of the highest priced companies around. I know it seems like it might be a bargain, but I promise it’s not.

That company might offer Alside windows for $1500 each or even $2000 per window. This is probably not a good deal. They will be convincing so watch out.

Realistic prices lately will probably be in the range of $800-$1200 per window installed depending on the scope of the project and the options you pick.

For example, if you pick triple pane windows to qualify for federal tax credits and if you want a black exterior and grids in the glass you’re probably looking at a higher cost.

On the other hand, if you want white single hung windows with double pane glass you’ll be on the lower end of that range. The windows are all custom made so the exact price of the Alside windows will depend on what you pick, but beware of the sales focused companies. They’re sneaky. Find more info about common window sales tactics here.

Are there new Alside Windows Models?

The newest Alside window model is the Fusion and this model has replaced the older Centurion and Geneva models. Interestingly this model shares many components with the older and now discontinued Excalibur window. Alside has stripped out a few features of the old Excalibur model such as double strength glass and heavy duty screen frames to reduce the cost of this window. However they did keep some of the features that were very popular in the older model.

Their goal was to make the Fusion window cheaper and they accomplished that, but it’s certainly not nicer. We would suggest avoiding the Alside Fusion model and considering the newer Mezzo product line.

We’re generally not a fan of any low-end replacement windows. That is because the actual wholesale cost difference between these and nicer products is typically only $10-20 per window. We know cost is important, but when you can get a demonstrably better product for $20 you shouldn’t be a cheapskate.

The Sheffield and Ultramaxx windows were decent choices but they were older designs and have now been replaced by the Alside 8000 Series. We cover these models in detail with pictures in their reviews (linked above). One drawback to these models is that they have thicker frames which can block more light than some other models and that is something folks might not consider until it’s too late.

This picture shows how slim the frames are on the Alside Mezzo windows.

What if I don’t see an Alside window model listed here?

The 8000 series window is often sold under “private label” programs offered by contractors across the country. Many times these contractors will claim to produce the window themselves or they will claim that it was specifically produced for them. In reality this is a window that has been produced by Alside for years. So, if the contractor lied to you about making these windows you should probably look elsewhere.

The Alside 8000 series window has some drawbacks. If any company is showing you a product with a model number that starts with 8xxx it would be from this family. If they’re using some funny model name just ask them for the model number and we can help to show you what it actually is.  Model numbers that are in the 8000 or 9000 range (Preservation windows) likely will not be the best options.

Check back often as new reviews will be frequently posted here. In addition, if you have any special review requests or if you think we’re off the mark in any regard just let us know. It’s always our goal to have factual, accurate and helpful content.  As a result we’ll be updating this page frequently.

Do Alside windows qualify for federal tax credits?

Climatech Prime glass packages from Alside.

Some do and some don’t. Alside launched a line of efficient glass packages called ClimaTech PriME. Despite what might be the most awkward use of capitalization in recorded history windows with this package will typically qualify for federal tax credits for energy efficient windows and doors.

You’ll want to confirm that with the dealer or installer offering the windows. Requirements are different in different parts of the country and other options may also need to be ordered for some window models and styles to be efficient enough to qualify.

There is a cost associated with these packages and they may end up adding more to the cost than you’ll get back in tax credit. Despite that, you’ll still have more efficient windows and you’ll benefit from that for many years to come. We commonly recommend these packages.

What is the warranty on Alside windows?

Overall the Alside window warranty is pretty solid. Most customers receive a lifetime warranty that is transferable when they sell the house. There are different warranties for east and west coast products. In addition, different situations may lead to different warranties. For example, a project in a commercial business or a church or school will come with a different warranty.

The long and short of it is that the warranty is good when compared to their competitors. And, they have the track record to back it up. Alside has been in business since 1947 and they’re likely to be around if you were to need warranty support down the road.

Find more info on the Alside Mezzo window warranty, including how to file a warranty claim, here.

I have more questions about Alside windows!

Great, post a comment below and we’ll be happy to help out. I really enjoy helping people figure out what a private label window brand really is. So, if you’ve received a quote for an Alside window model that you don’t see listed here post a comment to let us know. We’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

Additionally, hearing the claims made by window salespeople really makes my day. If someone has told you something that just doesn’t seem to add up let us know. We’ll be happy to explain the situation or joke about that salesman’s creative story telling.

Remember, for more great window company info you can find our suggestions for the best local companies in your area right here.  In addition, you may also be interested in reading through our many other detailed window reviews in this section and you can find common window sales tactics right here.  Have fun!

Update: We now have more recommend LOCAL window companies than ever before.   Click here to see who we recommend in your town.  It's 100% free.  You'll thank me.  There is no better resource; you're going to love it.  See for yourself right here.  

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355 thoughts on “Alside Windows Reviews – Ultimate Guide”

  1. Do you know anything about the Insignia E2 series? They’re distributed by Apex, but from what I gather, they’re made by Alside. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    1. We sure do. These are the Alside 8000 Series. They’re fine products, but there really isn’t anything remarkable about them that would justify the price that some companies try to charge. It is a product Alside has been producing for years and it’s very similar to the Preservation windows we have already reviewed. As a side note, beware of and neighborhood discounts or model home promos you might hear about. These are never an actual deal, they are just designed to make you feel like you’re getting something special. We’ve even heard of folks being told that they need to keep the window prices secret because they’re getting a better deal than their neighbor. This is absolutely false.

      I’d get a couple more quotes and be SURE that you take your time rather than going for some “special” price. If they offer you a price today they will honor it tomorrow or next week. Don’t be one of the people who get talked into these things…

      Update 11-5-2015: I recently had the opportunity to play with an Apex Insignia window and it did appear to have a few differences from the 8000 series. We’ll post more info when we get it.

      1. Do you work for Alside? are you saying that the insignia window is the exact same as the series 8000? apex claims to be an exclusive dealer for this window , and you cannot buy this window unless through apex

        1. We don’t work for Alside, but we’ve been doing this a long time. He’s right that you can only get that brochure from Apex, but that’s about it. There’s nothing unique about the 8000 Series windows except for the sales pitch that comes with them. You can read more about model home and neighborhood discount type sales tactics here.

          You could ask him the AMI model number, but if he doesn’t give you the real answer there will be no way to find out until the windows arrive at your house and that’s too late (the windows will come with a sticker that lists the model number). Here’s a way we could verify: ask him for the NFRC CPD number for the window he’s proposing. I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s a way to identify which window they’re actually talking about. It’ll be in a format like this ASO-A-71-01494-00001.

          By asking for the CPD number they’ll think you’re verifying the energy efficiency ratings. We will be able to verify the ratings and we’ll also be able to verify which window model it is.

          If they won’t give it to you then you know for sure that they’re hiding something and if they will give it to you post it here and we’ll show you how to look it up.

          …or you could just take our word for it. It’s an 8000 Series window that comes with an old school sales pitch. You might want to give your neighbors a heads up too as they’re likely getting the same pitch.

          Update 11-5-2015: I recently had the opportunity to play with an Apex Insignia window and it did appear to have a few differences from the 8000 series. We’ll post more info when we get it.

          1. Hello Window Dog,

            I recently met with an Apex rep in MN where I live. The rep seemed very knowledgeable and honest. At the meeting I asked if it was the same window that other Alside suppliers can get. He assured me that the Insignia window was launched last year as a continuation of the 8000 series, but different. He said the casements are fully insulated, which no other Alside casement offers, that the double hung no longer has an interior trim glazing bead, and a few other differences. He also claimed that since it is Alside’s best product (even better than the preservation) that they have a separate warranty that is a True Lifetime Warranty.

            Are you able to verify if this information is true? Thanks

          2. Well, it’s certainly possible that there is something new, but we’ve never heard of it. Luckily there’s no need to guess. Ask them for the model number of the window and the CPD# for the option they’re proposing. We’ll be glad to show you how to look up the CPD# to see exactly what it is.

            Regarding casements, I’m not sure what fully insulated means. Alside casements are available with foam in the frames you just need to order them that way. In fact Alside only makes one casement so they’re all the same no matter which company you order them from.

            You can also send in a copy of the warranty if you’d like us to take a look. They shouldn’t have any problem giving you a copy of it.

            Remember, there’s no need to guess or take anyone’s word for anything. Just get those two numbers and we’ll look it up. If they won’t give you that information or if they act like it’s a big deal that is likely not a good sign.

          3. The NFRC CPD number for my windows is:

            I bought these as ‘Mezzo’ windows but after they were installed I found stickers saying they were ‘AMI’ … and I can find no brand name on the windows, themselves. Have I been misled?

        2. I’ve found that nearly EVERY window company badmouths the competition, so research is critical and references from pleased clients are about as reliable as it gets (and then be skeptical). Insignia windows offer good products but they’re easily the target of Andersen, Pella, et. al. because we don’t know “the name” from advertising. So, they use homes in which they’ve installed windows to promote their product. Or, nothing sells success like success.

          1. Nothing sells like success? That might be the cheesiest line on the whole site. Hi Suzita, welcome to the site, we love having industry folks around.

          2. I don’t work for any window company. I wrk for a small chemical company outside of Chicago. I can tell you that the Alside windows I just installed in my house last week are terrible. Had I known what I was ordering and seen the windows before the installer put them in and knocked my other windows out I would have refused to put them in. These are terrible quality. The various pieces of the metal stick out and the frames are not made flush. The construction is very poor. The latches are weak. This is a terrible product. Don’t get hoodwinked like I did. I don’t know what window would have been better… but I am extremely unhappy with these Alside windows I just put in.

          3. Hi Eva, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. What model window did you pick? Alside makes a pretty wide range of options. it sounds like you might also be having issues with the installation as there are no metal parts on the windows, but there is typically metal trim installed by the window installer. Feel free to send over some pictures if you’d like suggestions on how to get them fixed up.

      2. What would be a good installed price for these Apex Insignia windows? We were quotes right at $495 installed in the Atlanta area.

        1. We don’t know what Apex is charging currently. Perhaps other readers who have received quotes can comment with their experience?

          We would suggest getting a couple quotes. Spending a couple bucks for Angie’s List will likely have a great return on investment. You can find discounted rates here: including an option for under $4. If you can save $8 on your project you’ve made an ROI that would make Warren Buffet jealous.

          1. I have gotten an estimate for Alside 6100 white vinyl replacement patio door (9′ x 8′, 3 panels) for about $7100, Pella estimate was about same, but SoftLite price from local Denver company that you recommend was only $3100 – as far as I can tell various ratings (u, shgc, vt) are the same or within about .01 of each other. How can prices be so different if ratings are that similar?


        2. Interesting. Did you get the model home pitch?
          Curious how many windows you were quoted for. $495 each is lower than my quote from them on the ‘model’ pitch.

          1. For a company that prides themselves on being a research entity, it’s troublesome that The Window Dog would make a claim about a product, then say, “oh we haven’t actually seen the product, but you can just take our word for it.” Then post an update that further negates your claim by saying it does, in fact, have differences, but don’t know what they are yet. The whole progression seems to undermine what a research entity is based on. Kind of like a doctor saying, “It’s sort of like this syndrome, just take my word on how to treat it, because……ya know…. I’m a doctor.”

      3. We purchased the 8000 signature series from Apex six years ago now and had a great experience. Our energy consumption went down over 30% from the years before having these windows installed. The only reason I am on this website right now is because my friends were approached by APEX and said they were considering not using their new window because Alside products had many negative reviews. I want to testify from personal experience that the window is very efficient, has a great warranty which is different from Alside’s other window’s warrant, and the installation crew from Apex was top notch.

        Beware of Internet threads that have agendas and I would recommend finding someone who has used a product and hearing what they have to say to make a good decision.

        1. That’s odd, in your previous comments you’ve defended the model home pitch that Apex uses, and in another you said you recently received a quote from Apex in MN, but your IP address is from Chicago and you now say your windows were installed 6 years ago. This is your third comment praising a company and your story isn’t consistent between the three.

          If you’re affiliated with the company you should just say it. It says something about your company that the best way you see to get good feedback is to fake it.

          Here’s a good example of how the model home pitch started. It’s changed a little over the years, but Dany DeVito is still hilarious.

          1. Hi there
            We have a $3,900 estimate for 4 window replacements 62”x 48”. Just checking to see if that’s a fair price for these “Fairfield” brand by Alside
            Thank you

          2. Hi Linda, it’s a little hard to tell without some more info. Are you in the Phoenix area? If so I might be able to help with online pricing for Alside windows.

          3. Wow! Great that you called that guy out. I was contemplating getting a quote from APEX, but I’m a bit leary.

          4. My personal opinion is that they’re not worth the cost and I’m not a huge fan of their silly “model home” sales pitch. I defininltey think there are better deals out there. What’s your zip code? I might be able to help out.

      4. I have done extensive research on windows on you website and I want to thank you for all the information you have given me. I have decided on the Alside Mezzo. I would like to know what a fair price for bay window’s would be all double hung. Sizes 2 bay’s 81″W X 46″H 3 double hung in each. I bay 114″W X 56″H And with one double hung on each and 2 double hung in the middle. The forth bay would be in the kitchen over the sink. It will be 60″W X 38″ H and 2 casement one each side with a picture window in the middle. The rest would be all double hung 7 Window’s 46″H X 37″W. 1 38″ H X 29″ W and 1 38″ H X25″ W. My area is Bristol Pa.
        I sure would like your help on this.

        Thank You Respectfully
        Robert W. Broomell

      5. Great website with excellent information!! I’m just wondering if you have had a chance to write up any review of the Apex Insignia windows? I’ve talked to 3 companies about replacing 8 large casement windows, one selling the Insignia, another the Berkshire Elite and the third the Sunrise standard.


        1. To the best of my knowledge Alside and Revere share the same casement window line and they’re all the same regardless of which brand they are or which brochure they come with. The Sunrise product is a little different, but generally pretty similar.

          What did you like or not like about any of them?

      6. In a similar situation. I read all of the threads and walk away with the impression that the 8000 series is a find window but sold by a company that uses an “unusual” tactic of positioning the pricing as a special deal but always pricing it around $650-$700 per window installed.
        My question is if you accept the sales tactic, what would a fair price per window be for this model? I feel like Im in a position to negotiate but want to understand what a good price would be. Any guidance here??

        1. Your use of “unusual” is generous. I’d say you can probably get a similar or better rated window in the $500 per window range.

      7. You seem to comment on things you don’t know about. You already had to correct yourself that the Insignia series is different from the standard 8,000 series. Apex does not do any advertising whatsoever and never has and relies instead on having promotional homes in a neighborhood that acts as a visible presence of what the company has to offer. We are very happy with our new Insignia windows. As an engineer, I have a tendency to research products I am interested in to a fault and can tell you with certainty that Apex’s pricing is FAR better than other companies I have met with for comparable products. I have, and will continue to recommend Apex to my neighbors, friends, and anyone else who asks about our windows.

        -Paul – Houston, TX

        1. I do believe that there was a small change to differentiate the Insignia window that Apex offers and the regular Alside 8000 series windows made at some point. The folks at the local Alside warehouses do still refer to the model that Apex sells as the 8000 series so I’m not sure if there really is a difference or what it is. I think it also uses 8000 model numbers. Feel free to let us know what the differences are, I’m sure there are other readers who would be interested.

          We recently had at least one customer referred to our company from Apex installers. The neighbors came to the house while the installers were working asking about the windows. The installers told them to call our company because we had a better value. I got a kick out of that.

          I’m glad you had a good experience and if you’re comfortable recommending them I think you should continue to do that. From what I see in the tech data the air infiltration rates are higher with that model than other options and the frames are a little thicker which block a little more light. Just confirmed that again today, 7/17/19. If you think i’m wrong let me know. Regardless I think the product is perfectly nice and better than many other options out there.

          I think there are better options out there, but my opinion is worth what you paid for it. Feel free to take it or leave it.

          1. Hi – Another potential Apex customer here in the Portland, OR area. Our house was built in 1984, and the original aluminum windows need replacing (vapor barriers failing, windows becoming non operational).

            We were approached by Apex with the “promotional home” sales pitch. The salesman was a nice guy and not too pushy, but I am skeptical of this tactic. That said, I sent him some follow up questions seeking references, addresses we could drive by where Apex did recent installs, and the CPD numbers for the windows they’d be installing (a mix of large picture, single hung and slider windows plus some french doors we would be replacing with sliding glass doors). Did a drive by, and the recent project looked well done, at least from the outside. The CPD#s for these Apex (Alside) Insignia e2 windows are as follows:

            – Model 8001 Double Hung: ASO-A-71-02425-00001 (U:0.22; SHGC:0.25; VT:0.42)
            – Model 8070 Picture Window: ASO-A-33-02314-00001 (U:0.20; SHGC: 0.25; VT: 0.20)

            This is a pretty large project, replacing 32 aluminum windows and 3 sliding doors. Total Apex project price came in at $48K. We’re pretty cost sensitive (need to paint, too), and I wasn’t about to jump at this “promotional home” price.

            Got another quote from a very well regarded local company. Estimator came out and seemed to really know what he was talking about. Based on our desire to come as close to the look of our old aluminum windows, the local guy suggested Simonton DaylightMax windows. I don’t have the CPD numbers for these but the detailed quote I received included the following info:

            -DaylightMax Windows Single Hung: U-Factor = 0.29, SHGC = 0.33, VT = 0.59, STC = 28, Meets Energy Star Zones = North Central, DP = 20, AAMA

            – DaylightMax Windows Single Slider: U- Factor = 0.29, SHGC = 0.32, VT = 0.58, STC = 27, Meets Energy Star Zones = North Central, DP = 15, AAMA

            – DaylightMax Windows Picture: U-Factor = 0.28, SHGC = 0.34, VT = 0.61, STC = 0, Meets Energy Star Zones = Northern, North Central, DP = 25, AAMA

            I know these Simonton windows are double pane as opposed to the triple pane Apex (Alside) Insignia windows, so I’m guessing that’s why I’m seeing worse U and SHGC numbers and better VT numbers with these. That said, there’s a huge price differential. The local company bidding on the job with the Simonton windows came back with a total project price of $36K.

            So, thoughts on this? Are these bids competitive for the windows I’d be buying? Do the improved specs of the Apex (Alside) triple pane windows justify the steep price increase? In the relatively temperate Pacific Northwest climate, is the improved energy efficiency even something I need?

            Even after doing a ton of research, I’m finding this replacement window project to be a tough one. So many conflicting viewpoints and not much definitive information out there, but lots and lots of sales stuff.

            Anything you or any of the other commenters here can do to clear things up for me would be much appreciated! Thanks!

          2. At $1,500 per window I would be pretty confident you can find a much better value. That model home sales pitch always makes me chuckle.

            Did you end up picking a window company yet? I know it took me a little while to respond to you here.

      1. My humble opinion is that the “special house” discount is a sign that it’s not a good deal. I don’t know exactly what is included but we could get you an easy online quote from our company to compare if you’d like. I think the options we offer are going to be nicer than what you get from Apex and the pricing is usually better too. Find us here.

    1. Alside doesn’t make a Revelation series window. I believe this is a brochure that goes with the Alside 8000 series windows, which are essentially the same as the Preservation windows that we’ve previously reviewed. In short they’re a fine product, but certainly not the extraordinary product that their sales presentation implies.

      Generally these windows are sold with high pressure sales tactics that involve all sorts of “special” discounts. You might hear about a neighborhood discount, a manufacturers rebate, or some sort of “today only” pricing.

      In short, they’re fine windows, but the sales tactics often leave much to be desired. If you feel like you’re getting the runaround just remember that you can find windows that are just as good or better elsewhere and there is absolutely no reason to put up with any of that junk.

      1. Alside claims to make a Revelation series window. I met with the salesma yesterday evening and have the brochures in hand as we speak.

        1. Sure, they make many brochures to go with the same set of windows. Ask him for the model number and we’ll let you know what other names that same window goes by. It will be a 4 digit number. I will guess it’s the 8000 series, but it could be 0501 or 3001.

          If the salesperson won’t tell you the model number you can be sure there’s something he doesn’t want you to know.

          1. New news, we just confirmed that the Alside Revelation windows are the same as the Alside Ultramaxx windows. You can read our detailed review on the site. It’s an older design that isn’t highly regarded anymore.

            There’s a company in Ohio and Kentucky that markets the windows under this Revelation brand. There’s nothing unique about it.

  2. The alside Insignia ( 8000 series) cannot be bought in stores and it most certainly is different. it has a true sloped sill , composite reinforcement and a different interior.. Its much better than anything alside sells at its wharehouse . Its an ok window but i am not fond of alside.

    1. You’re right that the 8000 series windows are different than the other models. I think it’s a fine window. We were saying that it’s not exclusively offered by one company as they seem to claim. The Alside 8000 series windows are sold by many companies across the country. It’s essentially the same as the Alside Preservation window which is the 9000 series and is also a fine window. The problem with both of those models is the sales tactics that are often used to sell them. If they were being offered at a good price there would be no need to use the old neighborhood discount and model home maneuvers.

      Typically folks can find comparable windows from a company that doesn’t give them the runaround. At the end of the day these are fine windows, but they’re not remarkable and not worth $600+ per window.

        1. Sure, but there are some projects that are more involved than others. A typical window replacement project can very easily be under $600 per window. A more complicated project may be different.

      1. Our windows are casement around 5’x2′ and 6″ off the floor so the glass has to be tempered. We have put a downpayment with apex so insignia line. Being casement with unusual dimensions as well as tempered glass, what would you guess a fair price per window installed would be?

        1. Hi Christpoher, I think the folks at Apex know I’m not their biggest fan. It’s hard to say what a reasonable price would be as I don’t know all of the factors involved. If you don’t think it’s reasonable you can cancel it and get another few options. If it turns out it was the great deal that is was cracked up to be you can always call them back. I’d bet you lunch that the model home discount or whatever promotion was running will still be available after all.

          If you’d like a second opinion let me know your zip code and I may know someone who can help out.

  3. Any comments on Alside Fairfield 70 sold and installed by Armstrong in the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically Walnut Creek). I am planning to replace all 17 of my windows within the next several months.

    Thanks for any help

    Steve Ondeck

    1. This is a new construction window, so assuming that’s what your project requires you might ask about the cost to upgrade to the Fairfield 80. It gets you better energy efficiency and upgraded hardware. The wholesale cost is pretty similar so you should be able to get to the 80 without spending much more. I think the difference is worth it.

      1. I’m replacing aluminum windows on an older house and am considering the Alside 80 series. This is the first I’ve seen any independant mention of this model. I’ve looked everywhere for the ratings on the 80 Series without much luck. Any idea where I might check?

  4. how about Hansons Windows? I was told that Alside makes the windows they sell. Good product ? good company? what is decent price for the triple pane they push on you?

  5. Have you heard anything about the Alside Preservation “Reserve” window? They are being marketed by a local window contractor in my area (Raleigh, NC) and they claim they are similar to the Mezzo in that they have more glass. Also, the rep was immediatly bad-mouthing Window World’s 4000 saying that it’s a cheaper version of that window. Comments?

    1. I would bet that Preservation Reserve is a new brochure for one of the existing AMI windows. Ask the rep for the model number, or even better then CPD#, and we can show you how to find out for sure. It may be a great product, but until they give you a little more info it’s impossible to say.

  6. A company called LEI came by with “model home pricing” . They are selling the Alside Revelation and the rep gave me the NFRC # ALS-A-38-00052-00001. Is this the same as the UltraMaxx?

  7. So far, the price from Alside Revelation’s pricing is in the middle of 4 other quotes I received. Revelation is a 3 pane, and everyone else (Simonton 5500, Pella and another Simonton 6500 (which is Home Depot’s rebranding of 5500) is 2 pane. Am I missing anything else in terms of important features, things to consider, or things that could cause problems/issues?

    I would love to see a chart to compare all brands and lines. I have read the individual window reports, but it is hard to compare across different brands and lines.

    1. It is hard to compare, they make it that way on purpose. We’ll be putting out a “Best Replacement Windows of 2014” report at some point, but it’s a challenge to quantify and rank different features and ratings. You’ve probably already read our review of the Ultramaxx windows. You might ask them the VT rating because it’s pretty low, especially when you do triple pane. Make sure you’re comfortable with how dark it will be.

  8. And, yes I did read the ‘model’ home trick article. Everything you wrote was true. But I got 3 other quotes and haven’t signed a thing. 🙂 Great advice and found your reviews very helpful.

  9. getting ready to replace 13 windows is a older home and wanting to know what would be the best in medium price range home is rental and looking to sell within the next 5yrs. got quotes on vista,simonton,now mezzo can you help me out in what direction to go so I can recoup money back when sold!!! Thanks

  10. I live in Houston, Tx and IT’S HOTTTT!!!!! We bought a slightly older home (15 years) to be in the neighborhood we liked. My house has 64 windows we are about to replace at the end of this month. Last months light bill was $1,400.00 and yes you read that right!! The single pain windows are just ridiculous!!!! So my question to you is double pain versus triple pain for that many windows????? We are trying to be cost effective and smart about this. PLEASE HELP………………..

    1. $1,400! You do need new windows! We have a whole post on double pane vs triple pane that you might enjoy.

      There are 2 ways the heat gets through your windows and into your home. If the sun is pouring through the windows you want to focus products with low solar heat gain. You can get this with different types of low-e glass. If the house is shaded, but it’s just really hot outside, you want windows with a low u-factor. You can accomplish this with triple pane, but pay attention to the increase in cost vs the increase in efficiency.

      Sometimes a small increase in efficiency comes with a big increase in cost. Any new windows will be better than your old windows. If you’re thinking about Alside products their Climatech Elite glass will make a big difference over what you have currently. Good luck with the project and be sure to let us know how everything goes!

  11. We got a quote back this morning for 35 windows (cause we want to try to break the project in half for cost reasons) for the 8000 series at $20,457. Does that sound about right? Good? Bad?????? We also have to replace all 3 ac units so again…….A LOT of freaking money!!!!!!

    1. Well, we don’t know anything about your project so it’s hard to say for sure, but over $570 per window is probably a little on the high side. Typically you can find quality products and service in the $400 per window range. For 35 windows that would be a substantial savings.

      If there is something more complicated about your project or if you’re picking more expensive options (like different colors or fancy glass options) then the $500 range can become more reasonable.

      1. Hello, I have been looking though the posts here, I just had Insignia pop over ( looked like they just saw us out on the porch and walked up) they did a whole scripty type deal, 58% off but only if I aggree to an appointment this month and I would be the 1st in the neighborhood so they can give me a great deal if I allow them to use me for advertising and blah bla blah. I looked it all up and the windows they didn’t want to tell me the brand to are most likely going to be alside. They would not tell me how much per window, they would not tell me how they come to 58% off exactly, but I am starting to suspect this scenerio , they jack the price of the materials, and jack the price of the labor then they make sure the jacked price of all that way high enough that the supposed 58% off leaves so left on the table it pays a huge profit for labor and the widows mark up. so it;s 58% off a hiked price of more than 58%.

        I have ten windows. I have put windows in before and I have sides and roofed and sheet rocked and insulated. It was years ago but I can do it. so what I am looking for now is the same or better windows ( all my windows are standard sized ) that I can just buy and put in myself . and once I know what hat cost will be I will call those folks back up and cancel teh 1 hour waste of time that will probably be much more than one hour. LOL

        do you know of such windows? I mean, Can I get hem from a big box store or somewhere that has normal prices out the door?


  12. My wife and I recently started discussing the fact we probably need to replace the windows in our home. As luck would have it, the other night there is a knock at the front door and there stands some kid about 6 minutes out of college with a brochure for Revelation Vinyl Windows made by AMI. He was nice enough and not overly cheesy with his sales schtick so figured, why not, I will hear him out. Long story short, I had mentally prepared to poke holes and point out any flaws that I could and honestly, I had none. The price he quoted was actually cheaper than what I thought it was going to be based on some friends and neighbors recently getting replacement windows. So that being said, what am I missing? Either this kid straight up lied to me (either knowingly or unknowingly) about the quality, installation, warranty etc.. or I am completely overlooking something. As I mentioned, the windows I was quoted were the Revelation Series Fusion Welded Vinyl triple pane. What am I missing?

    1. Typically companies that canvass neighborhoods aren’t offering great deals. Have you ever seen the movie Tin Men? It’s a real industry classic. I’d suggest getting a couple quotes to make sure you really have a great deal. The Revelation window is the same as the Alside Ultramaxx so there are literally hundreds of local companies that offer the same products.

      Let us know how things compare and if you have any specific questions we’ll be glad to help.

      1. I was finally able to get some additional estimates from other companies that seem to be a bit more substantial than the neighborhood canvass deal I was approached with pushing the Revelation series from AMI. Here is where things came in at.
        Revelation Series triple pane: $525 per window
        Seaway Encore double pane: $500 per window
        Soft Lite Barrington double pane: $425 per window
        Soft Lite Elements triple pane: $585 per window

        The Revelation series being quoted by what appears to be a fly by night outfit, the other 3 by long time local companies with solid reputations. The one thing that I was told by the company that quoted the Seaway Encore is that triple pane windows were not necessary because of the climate in our part of the country. That being Cincinnati, OH. He had stated double pane were adequate because the temperature extremes were not that great and more or less triple pane would be overkill. Im paraphrasing but would certainly like to get your thoughts on that, and also any thoughts or reccomendations on the windows I was quoted. I will state for the record that I am not somebody looking to penny pinch. I would much rather spend extra money to get better quality. But of course, at the same time, I don’t want to throw away a couple thousand bucks if I don’t have to. Thanks!

        1. I am looking for replacement windows in Cincinnati too. If you don’t mind me asking what window did you go with and are you happy with them? Also what window company did you use?

    1. Alside Performance Series is a new construction product. If you’re building a new home they’re pretty nice, much nicer than many other new construction vinyl windows. If you have a remodeling or window replacement project in mind they’re probably the wrong windows.

  13. I have an appointment this afternoon with Energy one from Atlanta to make my home one of their Model homes and offer a great deal on replacing all my window with Alside “Venetian” widows. I’m sure they are going to want an answer today.
    Are these good windows and is this type of marketing a scam ?
    And the price is right should I go for it ?

    1. Any company that offers “today only” pricing is charging more than other companies in town. How did your meeting go?

      On their website they’re showing an Alside 8000 Series window which is almost the same as the Preservation window we’ve already reviewed. Funny that they say their windows meet the stringent 2012 Energy Star requirements.

      Anyway, We’re sure other readers will appreciate hearing about your appointment.

    2. Energy One in Atlanta is also coming my way. Any chance you can give an update? Seems pretty scammy to me, but I need windows anyway, so I figured I could at least get a quote.

        1. Had a nice meeting with EnergyOne. Guy was pretty chill, no pressure other than the marketing home thing. “I’ve got 5 appointments, only 2 spots, usually it’s the first 2.”

          Everything was going well until I mentioned getting a couple quotes. He gave me a second price (for double-pane instead of triple-pane) and left. Seemed odd.

          He didn’t leave the quote with me, but it was upward of $700/window based on my window count. I didn’t see how many he counted.

          So I guess he just got the vibe that I was going to shop around and decided to let me go?

          1. Sounds right. Once they get the feel that you’re on to their game they’re likely to stop wasting their time. $700 per window is pretty serious unless you’re picking something awfully fancy!

  14. I’m trying to choose between the Mezzo and the Ultramaxx (these will be sliding windows in Indy). I visited the Alside location and spoke with the Sales Manager. Her opinion was that the Mezzo window is visually superior, but that it is “not quite the Ultramaxx”. Do you agree?
    My concern is that today’s “latest and greatest” (Mezzo), could become tomorrow’s poster child for a good idea that didn’t work as expected. I have read the terrible tales of seal failures with previous Alside windows, so I’m worried that the thinner frame of the Mezzo may mean a weaker structure. Do you have access to any data that reveals the strength of the EdgeForce/CoreFX design of the Mezzo?
    I agree with your previous posts about energy efficiency; moving from clear glass to ClimaTech is worth the price – the U-Factor doubles and the Heat Gain is halved. Going further into the Elite packages is not justified by the energy savings. However, the ThermD option includes a stainless steel “intercept spacer” that is described in the brochure as “structurally superior”. Do you think this is advisable to boost the strength of the window, or is it just marketing?
    Really, I’d like for you to tell me you think the Mezzo is great because they would look better, but I’d appreciate your honest opinion. Cost is a factor, but I’m always willing to pay for quality. Would you recommend the Mezzo or the UltraMaxx?

    1. That sounds exactly like someone in a building supply warehouse. The “it’s just better” pitch leaves a little to be desired. There are really only a couple reasons to pick the Alside Ultramaxx over the Mezzo. The Ultramaxx is available with triple pane glass and it’s available with SDL or external grids. There are a few other relatively uncommon options you can get with the Ultramaxx, but unless you’re picking out something a little unusual there’s really no reason to go that way. In fact the Mezzo has better ratings due to the newer design.

      Regarding the spacers, the Therm-D does offer slightly increased efficiency, but that’s it. There is no structural benefit and it’s a little funny that they make that claim. There are even better spacer options for about the same cost. We have a video coming out soon comparing 4 popular spacers, but it’s probably still 2 weeks away from Youtube. Good luck with your project. It sounds like you’re on the home stretch!

  15. Great site, what an eye opener. We’re in the market for at least two bay windows and have received estimates from Harley Exteriors on what they called their ‘European Olympic’ windows for $7,563 and for Alside ‘Mezzo’ windows at $6,298. For the whole house, 18 windows & 1 patio door ranged from $24,356 to $32,501 from one company to $25,160 on the other. Both seem prohibitively expensive. Both are their ‘Fair’ show prices.

    What should we really be expecting per window/opening? We currently have 22 year old Milgard windows where the two bays are getting cloudy between the glass.

  16. First of all this is a great window resource. I am definitely going to spread the word to my friends that is a great site for honest window reviews, pricing, and how to avoid being scammed.

    I have had 5 companies (Apex, CVS, Universal Windows Direct, Window World, and Felser) come and pitch their windows to me. Each company had positive reviews on Angies List, but I doubt many of the reviewers truly “know” windows. Basically, I’m down to Felser which sells Mezzo and CVS that sells the 8000 series both Alside windows. I have 25 windows to replace and CVS quoted me $15,872. A buddy of mine was quoted $18,885 for the same window at CVS and he has 45 windows! Both homes are older and have larger windows. Something seems fishy. Any idea of what I should say to CVS? Or should I go with the Mezzo windows? I don’t want to be taken advantage of by window hucksters. Window World tried the high pressure, buy right now approach which was a total turn off. Not gonna happen! Thanks Window Dog!

  17. Window Dog,
    Love you site. In fact, I nearly fell for the model home sales pitch (which I was leary of) until your article knocked some sense into me. The quote was for 16 UltraMaxx windows for $7,500, that seems a little high.
    Anyway, my question to you is, what windows would you recommend and what do you have in your home.


  18. Great information on this site. We were looking at the Mezzo windows from Alside and everything looked great. The salesman did a little light/heat test with the Mezzo window and a sample single, double and triple pane window with standard argon gas and showed us that the ThermD glass blocked 99% of the heat compare with our standard builder grade windows which only blocked 24% of the heat. He used some type of radiant heat lamp and an inferred heat checking device. Two questions, 1. do you buy this heat test and 2. I was quoted about $540 per window and my windows are approximately 70″ x 35″. We were quoted with a beige color instead of the white which costs a little more, the salesman said.



  19. A company called LEI came by with “model home pricing” . They are selling the Alside Revelation 13 windows installed for $9,000 seems steep just trying to make sure we’re not being taken for a ride.

    1. Ok I called American Weather Tech and am getting the Preservation series which have a R10 value and some other great features for $560 per window installed compared to the $693 from LEI. Bottom line shop around and alwayse ask for their cash price! They add anywhere from 8 – 12% in the price of the window to give you 0% offers. I used a local Credit Union and got 3.75% for 36 months. This saved huge… Their rates were 6.95% all the way to 17% and these rates were given to someone’s with an 808 credit score.

      1. I decided on the on Preservation as well but i’m paying about 200 less per window. We are having grids in our double hung and that brings the price up some per window. They did offer me a window that was 2k more that had the much higher R value.

        LEI and Superior Products also knocked on my door with the “promotional deal” and i knew it was a sales tactic. The LEI rep said there was one home left in our area back in May. They knocked on my door last week with the same “model home” speech. American Weather Tech was the third “model home” company to come to the house. Superior was way to pushy and the sales rep even showed up to my house to take measurements even though we never asked him to.

        I decided to get pricing from a contractor who did work for us in the past and from my wife’s family friend who quoted us Mezzo. I know i would not get the run around from them. American was the last quote we got and he knew we had several quotes and was not forceful. His price was about 1k less than the Mezzo offered by the family friend.

        Like Mathew said, shop around and don’t be pressured. Hope this is helpful to people in the Cincinnati area. Also, I would not let the Superior people in your house.

        1. Matt, do you mind if I ask for the contractor that you ended up using for Preservation windows? I also avoided the LEI model home pressure pitch and now I’m pricing with a few smaller shops. I have one friend referral on a good installer that uses VinylKraft, but would like to get a quote on Preservation. I’m also in the Cincy area (Anderson Twshp) and would appreciate any info you have on a contractor that you feel comfortable referring.

  20. Craig,
    My sales guy did the same test as yours, I couldn’t tell how legit is was. I am sure there is a little sense to it since they have a coating on their window designed to block heat.
    Anyway, I think your quote is high. I talked to some friends and they put in 14 Mezzo windows with Beige exterior/white interior (no grids, which a think are an extra $25/window) for $420 a piece installed.

  21. I had the Apex guyz come in for the presentation and they quoted me $16000 for 5 Double Hung Windows, 9 picture windows , and 3 semi circular windows. Upon asking he gave me the CPD # as ALS-A-83-01188-00001 and also sent me the NFRC lable pic which has u=0.22 shgc = 0.24 and vt = 0.41. What are your thoughts too expensive or ok price?

  22. I have seen many negative reviews for Alside windows. I am building a new home and my builder just finished installing the Fairfield 80 Series Vinyl. After reading so many negative reviews about their customer service, warranty, and inferior quality, I am seriously concerned. Do you have any specific information on the quality of these windows? Thank you!

  23. Do you have any idea what the new Mezzo costs per window? I do have large sliders to replace. The largest is 70 inches wide. The quote for seven windows of varying sizes has come in at about $4700 and includes the color on the outside of the window of brass/brown with white inside. That is roughly $670 per window.

  24. I am seeking to replace 15 windows with an additional Bow for my Living Room. 9 including the Bow would be caseman windows. I was originally quoted a price of $11,888.00 with only the BOW being a Caseman. Then the sales man told me I would pay an additional $600 for my Caseman windows. I am not sure of the model number or make. I was told they are made by alside and given a brochure. Had my home for 28 yrs no problems with the old windows. I live in Long Island , NY with rough winters, I asked for double hung and double panes. Is that okay and what do you think about the price?

  25. What are your thoughts about the type of Vinyl material that Alside uses? I have been told that they have a special process of ensuring the quality of the material used to make the Vinyl. I am trying to avoid getting cheap plastic windows. Thank you for any info.

    1. Alside is a little unique in that their parent company, Associated Materials, also owns a vinyl extrusion plant. Most other manufacturers buy their vinyl parts from other companies. I don’t think there is anything magical in the vinyl, but it’s is likely of top quality.

  26. I was sold the Insignia TG2 series – when I asked for the model number I got a picture of the info sheet from the window (very quickly) and it’s CPD # is ASO-A-31-02317-00003

    Model 8079 (so Alside 8000-series). Do you have any more info about this window?

  27. I used Windows World about 12 years ago, and they seemed to be great, both service and window quality. With that said, I’m just a regular guy and not a Windows expert. Now my dog has busted two of my picture windows, and Windows World is coming in at the best price again (although it’s close).

    I’m getting large, tempered glass windows. Any idea what model of window it will be? The rep seemed to not know anything, which shakes my faith in them a little from before.

    1. Your dog busted your picture windows!?! I hope he’s ok!

      Window World isn’t a horrible company. The trick is that each franchise is different. Some are probably great and some are probably not. They used to only offer one brand of windows, but I was told they now offer windows from Alside (or Associated Materials) and MI windows.

  28. Building new home in southern Me. Builder recommends Alside windows. Did a little research and found Many Negative reviews on the windows. What can you tell me about the product.

    1. In my experience a lot of the negative info on Alside is due to bad installations. Alside sells their product to any contractor who walks in the door and they’re a very large company. That means there are many times more Alside windows installed per year than a lot of other brands and they’re not always installed by experts. Those two factors can and do contribute to a little negative info out there.

      We have had some quality issues with Alside windows that we’ve installed, but in our experience they always fix the issue quickly.

  29. We are replacing 10 double hung windows and a patio sliding door. Can you give me your honest opinion on the best well insulated window?

  30. Thanks for a really good and useful site. Can you please do a review on Alside “Swing & Clean” slider windows? Do you have any suggestions on the quality of the vertical hinge that allows the window to swing open for cleaning? Can slider windows be turned upside down in order to open from the other direction or are there hidden reasons for not doing it? Thanks so much for really reliable information.

    1. The swing and clean window is a neat option. Most sliders do not “tilt” in for easy cleaning, but this one does. The earlier version was nicknamed the “swing and sue” as the sash had tendency to fall out when tilted in. That problem was solved years ago and the current model works well.

      I do not think you can flip the sashes on this model. They’re very hard to remove so that’s not a job I would suggest.

      It does have a relatively high air infiltration rating so I would avoid it if you’re in a windy area or if you’re just concerned about air infiltration. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything.

  31. thewindowdog,

    Great blog! Thank you so much for all of your helpful comments. I am hoping you can opine on the following. I have noted that you often ask posters to get CPD#’s and other info to assist you in your response. I have done so. I would like to know if you think the following is a fair price for the product (an average of approx $700 per window seems high from my understanding of other’s comments within this blog).

    We live in the Chicagoland area and were recently quoted $16,600 for 24 windows (19 double hung; 4 picture; 1 circle specialty window). Following are the specs:
    Manufacture: Associated Materials – Alside;
    Model No., and Name: 8001, Insignia TG2
    CPD#: ASO-A-71-01694-00012
    U-factor: 0.20;
    SHGC: 0.20;
    VT: 0.30;
    Condensation Resistance: 70
    Air Leakage: <0.3
    Glazing Layers: 3
    Low-E: 0.027(3), 0.027(5)
    Gap Fill 1 and 2: ARG/AIR (90/10)
    Frame Type: VF/OT

    If this is not a good window for the price, can you recommend a company and window type and give a range that is "appropriate"?

    Thank you in advance for all of your help!!!

    1. Deo, I also live in the Chicago area and was approached by Apex selling their Alside windows. Did you buy from them and if so, are you happy with the windows ?

  32. Thank you for your great site and all of the straight forward information. We also had someone come by and give the Promo home sell. While the sales tactic leaves something to be desired the staff were nice and we really do need new windows. You have stated earlier in the comments that $600 for one of the 8000 series (or Insignia now) is too much for the window. Can you tell me, does that include install price?

    Thank you!!

    1. I should add that we live in the Denver metro area and were quoted $665 for slider windows below 101 inches.


  33. Hi windowdog,

    A window company I am getting a quote from is suggesting putting in windows without replacing the existing wood work around the windows. They tell me it helps keep costs low, but what are the consequences of doing that? (FYI my house is 22 years old).

    1. That’s the way replacement windows are typically installed. If the wood is in good condition it shouldn’t cause any problems. If the word is rotten or damaged it would need to be repaired. Hope that helps!

  34. We have had Alside replacement windows in our house for the past 15 years or so. We love them — they are the 8000 series. However, we now have several windows that have problems with the moving parts — making it difficult to impossible for the window to stay in the frame when we want to tilt them in to clean them. We are going to contact Alside to make use of the Lifetime Warranty, and we’re curious about whether or not they will be responsive to this problem or if it will be a hassle to get them to live up to their promise of replacement.

    1. I don’t think I realized the 8000 series windows had been around that long. I bet Alside will help you out. Your best bet may be to contact the company that installed them if they’re still around.

      1. I contacted the company, but they have changed ownership. They advised me that I have to handle the whole thing through Alside. I am hopeful that Alside will take care of things. I’m curious if other people here have had to make use of the warranty. There are lots of complaints on other sites about Alside not honoring the warranty.

  35. Hi! Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to this great site and newsletter. Our front runner contractor for our new windows is recommending the Alside Mezzo. Which I am more confident about after reading all the information on your site. Another estimator is recommending the Consumer Reports top rated Reliabilt 3900 series windows. How do they compare? Which would you choose. Thank you for all your assistance.

  36. The Apex guy just left our house. He was very personable, no hard sales pitch, pretty much just gave us the facts. We told him we wanted to get some more bids and he was fine with that, actually left info (price wise) for us to refer to in selecting our windows. The window was Insignia and I was totally impressed. However, we do plan to get other quotes before signing on the dotted line.

    1. That’s great to hear Wilma, thanks for taking the time to write. I’m sure our readers will be interested to hear how their pricing compares with other companies around. Be sure to keep an eye on the ratings. Those 8000 series windows have higher air infiltration ratings than you’ll find with other models. Soft-Lite makes windows that seal well and the newer Alside Mezzo also provides a much tighter seal when outfitted with the composite reinforcement. Be sure to let us know how your search goes!

  37. Thank you for the helpful info on this site. I also recently received the LEI model home sales pitch, for Alside Revelation windows. From the other posts, it sounds like these are Ultramaxx … the windows sounded great during the sales pitch, but and I now understand that triple pane may be more than I need (I’m in Ohio). I am looking to replace 25 windows, and the cost came out to $600/window (including tax, labor, and installation). I have 2 questions:

    1 – You mention that a quality window can be found for $400/window. Does this include tax and labor/installation? If not, what is a reasonable cost?

    2 – The salesman extended the warranty to a 50-year limited lifetime warranty, including transfer to future owner. While I need to read the fine print, he claimed that it would be protected against any sort of damage or defect that wasn’t intentional by the owner, including accidental damage (i.e. baseball or stone from lawn mower), fading of couches or carpet, damaged seals/latches/etc. Is there value in this? Is it likely to be enforced by Alside? Or is this not really a selling point relative to other window companies?

    Thank you for your help!

  38. recently had all new Alside replacement windows installed. problem is , I wanted to install new window a/c unit. I couldn’t get it to line up with the winndow slide accordying brkt. it was size properly width & height wise.

  39. As with many, I’ve received a quote for Alside windows – Insignia e2 from Apex. I’m looking at double hung windows with grids for the most part plus a few smaller basement windows.

    Any insight on competitiveness of offer would be greatly appreciated.

    NFRC CPD # — ALS-A-83-02121-00001
    COG R Value: 7(TG2) / 10(TK2)
    COG U-Factor: .15 (TG2) / .10 (TK2)
    NFRC U-Factor: 0.23 (TG2) / .19 (TK2)
    SHGC: 0.24 (Both TG2 and TK2)
    Condensation Resistance: 66 (Both)
    VT: 0.41 (Both)

    I’m looking at about $525 per window which includes installation, wood rot correction if there and lifetime warranty.

    Should I stay or should I go?!?


  40. I’m trying to decide if I want to go with full screens or half screens. It looks to me that when the screen is in the top position, there is a very loose seal between the screening material and the window frame where bugs can make their way in. We prefer to open our upstairs windows from the top. I like the clear view that half screens offer, but the bug issue concerns me. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. You’re right that the half screen does seal when it’s at the top, but it’s not the strongest seal you’ve ever seen. For occasional use it’s fine, but if you open the top frequently I always suggest a full screen.

  41. Love the website, it’s been very helpful in navigating the replacement window market. I’m looking to replace 17 double hung (6 with half circle arch tops) and 1 2lite tempered slider, so 24 windows in total. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 contractors that I have good confidence in as far as the installation goes. Mezzo with ThermD spacers came in at $9,550 and VinylKraft Legacy came in at $9,600. I’m leaning toward Mezzo but would appreciate your opinion on the quotes. For VinylKraft, I can step up to 5500 series at $10,100.

    1. I’m not too familiar with VinylKraft, but the pricing for the Mezzo windows seems solid. Alside does make a single hung arch top window which may work for your application. It’s one window instead of two so should be a savings. It might be worth asking the installer if it would work for your application.

      Good luck with the project!

  42. I was pitched the “model home” scam this afternoon, the scam aside, the pitch on the materials, warranty of workmanship and window etc seemed reasonable at the time. My question ties to the quality of the window. I asked for the CPD and looked it up on the site. Can you confirm if this is a good product and secondly if $12,400 for 16 double hung installed of this window is reasonable? (762.50 per). Thanks and love your site!
    Manufacturer: Associated Materials, Inc.
    Series Name: 0501/B501/G501/W501/05HP/05C1
    CPD# ASO-A-47-03880-00001

    1. Those look like the Alside Sheffield windows. You can see our review here. They’re fine products, but I should tell you the frame is relatively thick which blocks some light and the air infiltration numbers are higher than other options. It’s a bit of a dated design.

      From the CPD# I can see that’s a triple pane option, and without knowing all of the details of your installation it’s hard to know if the pricing is reasonable. I would bet you could find a company that would avoid the model home business, treat you like an adult, and probably save you some cash too.

      Good luck out there!

  43. Great site. It’s difficult to compare/contrast in this field. Hopefully this isn’t too off topic. We are looking at the Alside sliding patio doors (models 5100 or 6100) and wondered if you had any info/thoughts about those. Thanks for any info you can provide.

    1. Great question. We haven’t gotten into sliding patio doors yet, but we will…one of these days. The 6100 door is a very popular model and folks always love it. If you have a standard size opening the 6100 is the better choice. For a custom size the 5100 is much more economical and makes a fine solution. The 6100 is also available in a custom size, but it costs a lot and takes a long time to be produced.

      They also have a 6400 door that comes in 3 varieties so there are plenty of options!

        1. I think they would both handle triple pane glass just fine. The 6100 door is an older model, but everyone loves it. The 6400 is available in 3 different styles and it has a tighter air infiltration rating. You’d probably be happy either way.

  44. Hello,
    Was wanting an opinion on Alside Insignia windows. I had an Apex rep stop by my house and I understand the pitch implications with a company like this. Yea, they offered me the deep discount being the 2nd home in the neighborhood to discuss a potential sale with them. Their quote was 19K for 24 Insignia casement windows with grids (labor and warranty included). These are triple pane windows with Argon gas. Supposedly top of the line. Does this price seem reasonable for this type of window ? By the way, I’d be switching from double-hung to casement. I have another quote from a Pella Rep and the Pella quote is a bit higher. Thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Did they tell you there was anything different about that casement window than any other Alside casement window? I’d love to hear how they explain why it’s better.

      1. Yes,
        Higher quality construction on the openers, latches, and such. The actual glass itself is stronger and can handle harder impacts. The tinting on the window allows for hetter sunlight protection. The screens can handle punctures and rub out without replacement. (that maybe the case with all screens today). The gentleman who pitched the windows called it a “super window” class. Which I don’t buy for a second.

        1. Super Windows! Doesn’t sound like anything unusual to me. You may want to consider whether you want triple pane glass. It reduces the visual transmittance rating and makes the window look darker. I’m a big sunlight person and I wouldn’t want that in my house. Some people don’t care about that and prefer the added efficiency. Only you can decide that one.

          If you are going for max efficiency there are several options with better ratings too. The pricing from Window Universe would still be quite a bit lower. That sales pitch always makes be chuckle.

          Full disclosure: I started Window Universe out of an incredibly small one bedroom apartment many years ago. I still hate seeing people pay too much for new windows!

  45. I was just wondering if you could tell me what the air leakage number is on a mezzo double hung window without the meeting rail reinforcement? Window size is 32″x 45″ . Also, what would the air leakage number be for the older Excalibur double hung window of the same size? Lastly- on a mezzo double hung- what is a ie liner?? Thank- you so much for your time!!!!

    1. I believe all of the Mezzo windows come with a reinforced sash. There is a choice for steal or composite reinforcement, but almost everyone gets the composite unless you have a HUGE size. The air infiltration for that configuration is 0.04 which is pretty solid.

      IE liners are the foam liners in the frames.

      They don’t make the Excalibur windows anymore so that may not be relevant, but I believe (going from memory here) that it was 0.12. The new model is a great improvement in several respects.

  46. I can’t believe you replied so quickly! You’ve made me feel a lot better!!! Thank-you so much!! Your web site has been a life saver for me!!! Thanks again

  47. Thanks for the great information on this site and video reviews. We are getting estimates to replace the original wood casement windows in our home in the DC area. I got a quote for Alside casements and the installer said I would lose 3 inches of window glass with the Alside casement. That seems like a lot to me. It’s hard to find information on the size of the sash in replacement vinyl windows. Any thoughts on which companies produce Casements with slimmer lines to maximum my glass area? Is the Alside casement really that thick? Thanks in advance.

    1. It really depends on how the old windows will come out and how the new windows will go in. 3″ does seem like quite a bit. Our office in Alexandria serves the whole DC area. If you’d like we could send someone out to take a look.

  48. I saw both the preservation and 8000 series. The 8000 series is supposed to have sloped sill that is fully welded with no weep holes? Explain this and is it true?
    What alside window does Hanson use?

    1. I believe that is true. Most newer windows use a welded sloped sill with no weep holes. It’s getting to be a more common design. I’m not sure which models Hanson is offering. Just ask them for the model number and we’ll be glad to show you which window it is. If they won’t tell you what window they’re offering you may want to consider other options.

    1. Right. The Alside 8000 series is a different model. The Mezzo is the newest design and it has better air infiltration ratings than the 8000 series.

      They all look like white vinyl windows from 10 feet away, but there are small differences between them.

  49. In general how do you rate Allside windows compared to other brands. Bang for the buck. What would you install in your home?

  50. I’m shopping for windows for a house I bought recently. I’m really happy I found your site. There’s tons of food information here. I have an old house with 14 original steel casement windows. I’m in the pittsburgh area. I got a quote from an alside sales rep for alside casements and I’m pretty happy with the price compared to other estimates I’ve had so far. I don’t want to skimp on anything important though. Are there options for this window that I should be sure not to leave out? His estimate just specifies “Climatech Low-E Argon Glass.” Thanks for all the great info.

  51. Can you tell me the model names of the following Alside windows from the CPD #’s?

    Double Hung windows is AS0-29-01946-00001
    2-lite slider it is AS0-A-43-00790-00005

    1. Regarding the slider, anything that starts with an A-43 is in the Alside Sheffield or Ultramaxx line. The double hung shows it’s a model A501. I’m not sure what that designation means. A typical Alside Sheffield double hung is an 0501. I would guess it’s similar. The ratings look pretty good, but there are more efficient windows available if you’re going for max efficiency.

      What did they tell you was special about the windows? That might help us figure out what the A in the model number means.

      1. The windows are supposedly made for Energy One. They should all be triple pane windows and they will put super spacers in the sliders to achieve the U-factor of 0.22 or less to meet the the states rebate incentives. The company calls the windows the Millenium (West version).


        1. Yep, that makes sense. I checked with the Alside rep yesterday as I always like learning something new. The A501 is the west coast version of the Alside Sheffield window. From what I can see it looks like those CDP numbers would indicate they’re the same Alside Sheffield windows that any contractor could install for you. Good luck!

  52. Anyone familiar with Vistamark windows? Received a quote for redoing our house but can’t find a lot on the product that was quoted.


  53. Hi. I live on Long Island, JFK airport area. My house is ancient (90 years old) previous owners put in replacement windows (no idea which company) about 14 years ago. The sills have no pitch. I’m getting water in my walls. Windows feel drafty. Disaster! Anyway I had a local window company come and he recommended to replace only some, not all. He does also de UltraMaxx and really convinced me of their superiority. I was leaning towards Andersen. He says he is an Andersen installer but doesn’t like them. He did give several reasons why. Anyway he does the UltraMaxx for 400 a pop. The price is within my range but after reading your website I have my doubts about the quality of these windows. I plan on staying in this house for ayelets another 5 years, probably longer, but who knows. I really would hate to do another home improvement project where I doubt the quality. The rep also says that the windows and installation are warranty for life. This company was recommended by two friends. But I’ve learned to do more research no anyway. I read your review on UltraMaxx, not sure if it’s outdated. Do you think 400 is good for an UltraMaxx,? do they last? Any other Windows you can recommend in this price range that are good and durable (an don’t leak)?

    1. Unless you’re looking at triple pane windows I think the Alside Mezzo would probably work better for you. It has better air infiltration ratings than the Ultramaxx and it doesn’t drain water though the sill like the Ultramaxx does. Good luck!

  54. Window World is offering us double hung “4000 series” windows with a CPD code ASO-A-89-00244-00001. Is that the Alside Mezzo? My apologies in advance if I missed this info elsewhere on your site!!! Thanks!!!

  55. Please help! We have narrowed our search down to 4 windows with 2 contractors we trust in Northern Virginia. There are features and benefits we like between all 4 window choices. We are getting 20 double hung. (PS: My wife and I both like different things and now our heads are spinning, so we are couting on the Window Dog). IN order:

    Alside Mezzo with SuperSpacer for $11,820
    Great Lakes Seabrook for $11,020
    Alside Ultramax with SuperSpacer for $12,690
    Great Lakes Uniframe for $11,750

    Already deleted: Anderson, Thompson Creek, Soft-Lite, and Vytex.

    Any guidance would be appreciated: Good, bad, indifferent, we don’t care. We have narrowed it down from 5 contractors to 2 and 11 brand/styles to 4. Also, if you feel we missed something in our range, let us have it! Happy New Year Window Dog.

  56. We are replacing our casement windows and sliding patio doors. We have gotten 5 quotes for 5 different windows. Softlite, Integrity, Kensington, Alside, and champion. Do you have any insight on which one may be best? And whether fiberglass is actually better than vinyl? Thank you for any help!

    1. Fiberglass gets you a nice look. It typically comes at a higher cost than vinyl and often with higher (worse) air infiltration ratings. If you’re focused on the look of it the fiberglass is pretty. If you’re focused on the efficiency vinyl is typically better and the price is typically lower.

  57. Window Dog,
    We need your expertise!!.
    1. We live in NC and need to replace 33 Windows from original builder done in 1992. (Wooden, single pane to vinyl, double pane)
    2. Aside from Alside Mezzo, who else has a high VT rating (>54 vt) with all the other basic requirements for the region (<30 UF, <40 shgc, and low-e, sloped sill, lifetime warranty type)?? Any window will improve our drafty problem, but I want light and a warranty – (we have two, low and mid-end quotes, but the VT on both is a problem for me to spend hard earned money and be mad it's too dark)
    3. If I have a trusted local installer (Windows/siding/roofing guy) but his window offering is not ideal, is it wise to stay with him and have him get our preferred Windows to install? (I don't want to listen to a bunch of sales pitches before I can see ratings and measurements, so I want it online)
    4. How do I see Windows in person that I find online before purchasing?
    5. I've checked your site,,, but why is there no easy website (with filtering by multiple options) and show all applicable options online (like looking at houses for sale)?? So exhausting and frustrating!!
    Thanks so much for all!

    1. It definitely can be exhausting which is why we’re here to help! I’ve tried to make an easy comparison and it’s gets difficult because most products are very customizable and many manufacturers don’t seem to want to make it easy to compare all of the options.

      To answer your question, several manufacturers make windows with slim frames like the Alside Mezzo. You can find similar options from Soft-Lite or Sunrise among others. We may also be able to help with this new trial program if you’re interested.

  58. Windowdog,

    First of all thanks for this Site! Such a wealth of information. I do have a question for you though. I recently got the “Apex” pitch in my home. To be fair I did invite them in as my good friend had just had their windows done was talking about how nice they are. So I knew what I was getting into, but not until reading recently have I come across so many negative comments out there. lol. So all negativity aside on the way they do business….are these bad windows? They look so much better than my old ones and we liked the way they operated. I did get the CPD# from them so I could accurately look at the “raw” numbers, but am still at little confused. We would be replacing 20 year old standard builder grade windows that came with our home. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Cost would be approx $750 – 800 per window installed if that helps any. Here are the models quoted. Thanks!
    Insignia e2
    ASO-A-71-01335-00001 & ASO-A-94-01188-00001

    1. Thanks for posting Knot! Here are the ratings from the NFRC site for the first CPD number you submitted. NFRC ratings for this Apex Insignia window.

      The efficiency ratings for that model are pretty good. The air infiltration ratings vary from 0.14 to 0.20 according to the Alside site. That’s a little higher (worse) than what you’ll see from some other Alside models. For example the Mezzo window offers the same U-Factor with better air infiltration ratings and thinner frames allowing more visible light.

      I’ve been looking for a great company to recommend in Colorado and I just haven’t found one yet. I agree that the windows Apex offers do look nice. If you’re happy with the offering from Apex go for it. If you find another great company be sure to let us know. Hope all of that helps!

  59. I can’t comment on the installation company, but that window is pretty solid IMO. Price can vary by many factors as well, but given that there are guys charging upwards of $1200 for a basic white vinyl replacement in some cases, you are at least within the range of what may be reasonable.

    1. Thanks guys. @HomeSealed…do you have any personal experience with these or are you basing it on the specs from the window? Just curious.

      @windowdog…So is the Mezzo window better? I watched a video on those windows and they look pretty good, but I assume a little more pricey? still trying to figure out how they’d be more efficient than a triple pane? Thicker glass?

      Yeah it seems like a good deal, but I’m just trying to be a little open minded so I’m not wrapped up in the this is the best window attitude. (I’d equate the whole experience to buying a car or having a roofer come and give you a price quote. lol. ) Meaning how do you “really” know you’re getting what your paying for. I’m level headed enough to know that it’s not the BEST window, but I’m just looking for a reasonably priced “above average” window that won’t break the bank. Just for a comparison in price and function how would these compare to Sunrise windows? I called a company that deals in sunrise but have not heard back from them. I’ve heard good about them also, but don’t think they make a triple pane?

      Which brings up another question. Our current home has double panes. Is there such thing as a “good” double pane that will function and be as efficient as a triple pane? And if so, I assume you’d be paying a pretty good price for that? Am I going to notice a loss in visible light coming in? I guess they’re coated with something also to make them more energy efficient?

      Thanks for the comments

  60. Good questions Knot. I have either sold, installed, or inspected all of the windows offered by that manufacturer. In my personal opinion, I think that the 8000 model is the most stoutly built when combined with a true welded, sloped sill design.

    I won’t speak for window dog, but I believe that the reference to a better u factor would be when comparing apples to apples glass packages, not that the double pane gets a better u factor than triple pane.

    Regarding double pane performance equaling triple pane performance, there is really no such thing as far as glass performance goes, at least not without trade-off’s. The closest thing that you will find would be comparing a window product that doesn’t perform that well and gets maybe a .24 or .25 with triple pane, to some of the better products that acheive .25-.27 with basic one coat low e double pane glass.

    Regarding the trade-off comment, there are some glass packages that will likely be gaining popularity with the new energy star rating improvements, and that is with a surface 4 coating of low-e. This is where a coating of low e is applied to the inner-most surface of glass (touchable from the home’s interior). These packages are able to achieve some impressive u factors, however there should be serious consideration given to whether or not they are appropriate in a given situation as they do substantially reduce the condensation resistance of the product.

  61. This is not a comment but a question:
    Can you tell me about the Alside revelation vinyl windows and the acceptable price to pay for it? I was approached by Lei Home Enhancements in the Raleigh-Durham area and signed a contract on Friday 04/08. I still am not sure about my decision and have until tomorrow to cancel the contract. Please tell me about the quality, pricing and reliability of the company as soon as you can. Thank you

    1. To be fair my company does compete with LEI from time to time. From looking at their website it appears that they’re offering the Alside Ultramaxx under a private label called Revelation. I’ve been told they’re using the same manufacturer’s installation service that we use through this program.

      The pricing will depend on what styles and options you’ve picked. We would typically recommend another model that would get you much tighter air infiltration ratings, but we do offer the Ultramaxx as well. I’d be happy to get you an exact quote if you’d like. I’ll send you an email as it sounds like you’re in a bit of a hurry.

  62. I received a quote for windows and when I asked for the NFRC CPD number I received the number but it is missing some information. Is the sales rep hiding something? Below is the reply from the rep.

    Here is the information I received about the NFRC code:
    ” ‘00052-00001’ in the CPD string indicates a previous certification cycle. This is an “old” NFRC Label dating back around 5 years or more. We recertify every 4 years, at which time the CPD ID numbers advance to the next sequential run of numbers. we have recertified at least once after this version. Our current CPD number string starts at 00495-00001. That will change again this week as we are in the recertification process once again. Further to the number change, we eliminated the “ALS” entity about two years ago and go solely by “ASO”. There is no longer a Alside (ALS) listing in the current NFRC CPD, only Associated Materials Inc (ASO). The “Alside Window Company” still prints on the NFRC label, but only as a brand name. ”
    With that all being said, the data should still be accurate as it most likely hasn’t changed in recent years.

      1. I wanted to very the rating and post it here to get you feedback on if it is worth the cost which came to about $494 per window installed

        1. Strange that they aren’t giving you the whole number. The first section will tell you which model it is and the second 2 sections tell you the specifics about the ratings for that model. For example, it will start with something like “ASO-A-89” and then there are two five digit sections like “00052-00001”.

  63. I am in the middle of replacing all builders windows with 16 standard windows as well as a standard sliding door. I have had sev several quotes from Pella, Alside, and Lindsay. I am absolutely confused and do not know what to do. Pella came in too expensive so have been discarded. I don’t know enough about Lindsay but the contractor is offering a better deal. However, i’m concerned of what will happen when that contractor goes out of business. I have also had two contractors quote for Alside ultramaxx and mezzo and have been told both products are priced the same as they are equivalent. I live in Illinois and would like some assistance in choosing a good product that does not break the bank.

  64. Hoping you can help me. I have stage 3 cancer and it’s considered progressive. I have placed my home on the market and moved in with my daughter and her family. I intend to build an addition, as there is no downstairs bedroom. In the next few months I’m going to start looking for a contractor as I’ve just received the rending from the architect. I intend to place sliding windows in the addition as I may be wheelchair bound and those I would be able to open and close myself. Although her home has regular windows mine will be sliders. As a thank you to her and her famly I’m going to replace their windows. I would appreciate your opinion on the slider and regular windows. We do live in an area where there is wind and although I love to have my windows open for fresh air I want them sturdy. Please, if you can offer any suggestions I would appreciate it. I keep hearing that sliders have problems with air leakage and now I’m concerned.

    1. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. It looks like you’re in an area my company covers. I’ll send you an email to see if I can help out.

      1. I think the Alside Mezzo is a decent option. It gets pretty good ratings and it’s now available with triple pane glass which is nice. Hope that helps.

        1. Thank you. I have been given a quote for 16 standard windows and 1 patio sliding door with 6106 for $10800. Would you say that’s a fair price

  65. Hi-
    Do you have any info about the Alside Model 6100 Vinyl sliding patio door and the Promenade patio sliding door? The 6100 features a white pine mainframe which concerns me that the wood could rot over the years. Trying to decide between Alside vs. Acadia vs. Sunrise products and it’s not easy considering the price!

  66. Is the Alside Garden Window the same as Simonton? I found an install guide for both, and it’s the exact same document and pictures, except for the brand name. What’s the usual cost for this type of window, and any recommended options?

    1. I know Alside has their garden windows made by another manufacturer for them. Simonton probably does the same thing. I would guess they’re both made by the same company, but probably not the exact same windows. That would explain the same installation instructions. The cost really depends on several factors. We charge between $1500 and $2500 typically.

    1. No. There are different products for different applications. Typically the models sold as “premium” are just more expensive without much benefit. For example their air infiltration rates on the Preservation and 8000 series windows are worse than the newer Mezzo window, but they’re typically sold for a much higher price.

      I know it’s a little tricky to sort through, companies make it that way on purpose. Best advice I have is to not fall into the idea that more expensive necessarily means better. If 2 options have the same or very similar ratings then their efficiency is the same. That’s true even if one salesperson told a longer and more detailed story.

      If you have any particular questions I’ll be happy to help out.

    1. I’ve never heard of it so I just googled it and got this:

      You don’t see that every day. Looks like that model number isn’t correct. They do make a new construction double hung window called a 0301. If that’s what you’re looking at it’s a pretty good new construction window. Better than what most builders use, but not as nice as most replacement windows.

      Hope that helps.

  67. I am shopping for Windows (8 casements) and have had 3 companies come out. I will say on paper that the Apex window does sound better than the others, but honestly I know nothing about windows. Any thoughts on these windows would be greatly appreciated! I live in Northern Virginia where the cost of living is extremely high. The price quotes are below:

    Apex Insignia E2: 4871

    Berkshire Elite: 3980

    Sunrise (standard): 5050

    I asked the Apex salesman if the windows were the same as the Alside 8000 and here is his response:

    “The Insignia E2 is an upgrade over our original window, the Signature 8000 Series, which now technically does not exist. The Insignia’s upgrades over the 8000 include the monosashlift rail system where the lift rail is built into the sash as opposed to being glued/stapled/etc. onto the sash afterward. This gives the sash a lot more durability and makes it much easier to open/close. On top of that, the Insignia now includes foam filled frames and sashes (previously it was just the top sash that was filled) which gives it better energy efficiency throughout. The move from the Signature 8000 Series to the Insignia happened around 3 years ago but again there are minor differences between the two.”

    1. I just noticed you were talking about a casement window project which made me chuckle. Figured I’d update my response. He said one of the differences with the “Insignia” window is foam in the whole window or the top sash, but a casement window only has one sash. There is also no lift rail in a casement window. Sounds like he’s reaching pretty hard.

      The model for the casement is an 8071. From the Alside tech data it has the same efficiency ratings as the regular Alside casement window. I just did a little side by side comparison and found the same ratings with many common options.

      I’m not aware of any functional difference between the casement windows. If he tells you about any please post them. I’d be interested to hear how they explain that.

      Don’t let him pitch you on double hung windows if you’re buying casements. We had a funny case of that with a local “manufacturer” pitching upgraded balances as way to justify his price when the entire project was sliding windows that don’t have any balances at all. Needless to say that customer canceled her other order and had us install her windows (at a $2k savings).

      1. Thanks for the response. I guess he made them sound so great by touting the triple pane glass. The Apex rep was actually very good so perhaps some of the appeal was his good pitch.

        Since my posting, i’ve had 2 more estimates. One from the same company offering Berkshire Elite. After doing research on this forum I contacted him to inquire about Soft-Lite. He said he would install the Soft-Lite Imperial LS for the same price as the Berkshire Elite ($3980). Based on my research I believe this is a superior product to the other 3 listed above?

        The second estimate was from a company selling Okna Windows. From my research, again on this site, I know that Okna is a top quality brand. What was strange though is that the rep told me his company no longer allowed him to provide estimates for window inserts because you lose so much glass space that their customers are often so shocked by the change that they are unhappy. As such they have stopped offering inserts as an option. After he provided me the estimate he softened on his stanch and said, “i’ll check with the owner to see if he will allow for an exception and agree to provide an estimate for inserts.” Is this true or a just a sales tactic to push the more expensive project? I know that with replacement windows you do lose a little bit of glass but is it that noticeable?

        1. Ha, yes that’s a sales tactic and no I wouldn’t suggest you buy from a company that has lied to you. The rep should be able to show you how a new window will affect the glass space. The Okna 800 window is a little thick, but there are many other options out there with slider frames.

          I don’t think I’d pick the Soft Lite over the Revere product. They’re similar, but the Revere product gets you more light and better balances. You can see how much light you’ll get with any option by looking at the VT rating. Windows with thicker frames will have lower (worse) VT ratings.

  68. thewindowdog: I’ve narrowed by search down to the following options for 8 casement windows and would love to hear your opinions on them?

    Revere Berkshire Elite with BarrierXP glass: ($3980)
    U Factor: .28
    SHGC: .28
    VT: .50
    AL: .03
    DP: 50
    R: 50

    Soft-Lite Imperial LS with SB60 Glass ($3980)
    U Factor: .27
    SHGC: .30
    VT: .54
    AL: .07
    DP: 50
    R: 50

    1. Need to correct the amounts above:

      Soft-Lite Imperial LS with SB60 Glass:
      U Factor: .27
      SHGC: .26
      VT: .46

      1. That makes more sense. The VT seemed high to me. The Soft-Lite has a thick frame. The glass is the same in both so the frame is what makes the difference in visible light.

    2. Similar ratings and similar products so I’d probably go with the company you liked better. For comparison our price for 8 Revere casement windows with installation in Pittsburgh through this program would be under $3,400 so you’re in a decent ballpark price wise.

  69. Hi, my nephew is in the home remodeling business and recommended your site. I like it a lot. Your link for finding the best companies in my area (NE Atlanta) come sup with a company named Classic Home Exteriors. However, I can not find them in Angie’s list at all, and they are not listed as one of the best Window companies. In addition, they do not list an address or business hours on their webpage, and they also say Alside Mezzo windows are installed by “…factory trained and Hired crews, i.e., sounds like not full time employees. So should I stick with A rated companies on Angie’s list?

    1. I know Don at Classic. In fact, I’m headed down there to visit him in a couple weeks. I’d say you’ll get a great end result with his company, but if you want to explore your options that’s completely fine.

  70. I’m a little confused when people say a quote for their windows but don’t give the size. Is there a standard size assumed here? I have 2 large double hung windows in the master bedroom. They are 60″ x 40″ ( h x w ). I was quoted from Home Depot for around $4k installed for Anderson woodwright for the pair with maple interiors and grids. Getting another quote in a coup,e days from someone who does alside as well as Anderson. In fact this installer did my siding 6 years ago and also put in an alside bay window for me with their laminate interior ( looks like a nice pergo floor). Since I hate staining and worrying how it will come out, I’m thinking the alside prominade with the similar interior wood-like finish. Looks like the Mezzo also has the same option.

    Any preference of mezzo over pomenade? Is there a major price difference?

    I’m also interested in the promenade patio door with the same interior.

    I remember the laminate bay inside top and bottom and matching casing trim wasn’t cheap but the looks and eliminate finishing was a plus to me.

    Ps, I’m in Chicago western suburbs.

  71. The alside salesman came by and looked to give a good price. With the wood laminate interior and similar glass he said the mezzo would be basically same price as the ultra max for that size window. He said he sold ultra max not Sheffield but said they were the same window. True? If not any major difference ?

    Thought it was a tossup between the ultramax and mezzo if I wasn’t going for triple pane. And mezzo glass had better energy rating but not a major difference. But for the that big of a window, the ultra max may be a bit sturdier.

    He also said I could get either the 6100 or promenade patio door for same price.

    Any comments on what I wrote? May be other the exact words the salesman used.

    1. Also. Didn’t get exact price on the andersons, but he estimated about $1000 more total for both windows installed with the 400 series.

    2. He’s right that the Ultramaxx and Sheffield windows are almost exactly the same. The 6100 and Promenade doors are also the same price. Sounds like he’s giving you good info so far.

  72. I recently had the “Model Home” presentation and received a quote for 16 Windows for $12.5K.

    Model 8071 Casement
    CPD# ASO-A-31-04512-00001

    These are Triple Pane windows.

    I like the warranty they offer and it appears from the research these are good windows. I get the dog and pony show with them comparing to Pella / Andersen / Champion.

    This seems high considering I am getting so much off which at normal prices would be over $1,400 per window. I feel I should keep shopping.

    Also, they say the installers a factory certified, is this meaningful or just something most Alside installers get?

    Thoughts? Recommendations?

    1. That’s probably reasonable for triple pane casement windows. For example our pricing for a very similar product with the same glass options and the same installers would be something like $9k. You can get an exact replacement window quote through this page if you’re interested.

      Don’t think you’re getting a discount. You’re just getting a sales pitch.

  73. Window dawg
    I saw both the alside preservation and 8000 series from 2 different companies. They both claimed the windows were from ami materials.
    I will tell you this, they are not the same window. The Preservation has a different sill that drains through the frame and has ugly plastic flaps on the outside for water drainage.
    The 8000 series has what he referred to as a true welded sloped will. This looked much different than the preservation window.
    The interior design on the preservation was different as well, the 8000 was nicer in my opinion.
    We called our local alside dealer and went to the nearest alside show room and we viewed mezzo, ultramaxx, and sheffield. Wasn’t born gnon the look or feel of any of those at all.

    All were different than both preservation and 8000. The guy behind the counter said the 8000 was their nicest window but only available to a few selected dealers and they had none at that location.
    We liked the 8000 series but we did not like the high price tag of $850 bucks per window.
    One window we did like and we felt had a solid feel was the Seaway window ( encore). We will view that again,

    1. They definitely do have different sills. Keep an eye on the air infiltration rates. The 8000 series lets in a lot more air than other models (over twice as much as an Alside Mezzo). They conveniently leave that out of the sales pitch.

  74. Any info on the alside 5108 patio door (510 series) with climatech option, interceptor spacers and argon as far as quality and price. Replacing my current 8ft patio door that is a main source of heat loss for my living room and before i spend the big bucks on a good thermal door i checked craigslist and found the described Alside 8ft door 2 years old but brand new for sale for $500. Going to look at it in the morning and hoping to get a quick answer before i waste money because i have read several reviews about the 5100 series being crap. Thanks for any help!!!!

  75. I’m looking at replacement windows for my home and had a sales rep from LEI out who gave me a quote for $7,500 for 11 windows…9 double hung, 1 3 lite slider, and 1 2 lite slider. She quoted for the Mezzo windows. I have 2 more days to back out of it and was wondering if that sounds like a good deal for these windows. I was also going to have a local company come out for an estimate (Gilkey).

  76. Today, I had an APEX salesman come by and quote me for their Insiginia window. Like others have said, it looks like a great window. The problem is the price is higher than I really want to spend on this project. The quote was ~$13,000 for 18 windows or about $700 per window. This includes installation, repairing any rotted wood and wrapping of wood trim.

    I asked for the CPD #. The CPD# given was ALS-A-83-01335-00001. I could not find anything on the NFRC website on this window. Weird thing is the salesman also provided specifications based on that number that appear to come from the NFRC site, but I cannot find them.

    With regard to APEX- The salesman was great. The product seems really good. Just a little on the high side.

    Can someone give me some feedback on the window CPD# given or on their experience with APEX?

    Great site. Thank you.

    1. From what I can see, A-83 doesn’t seem to be a valid prefix. It could be that he just mixed up a number, or it could be that they don’t want you to look up the ratings. From the data I’ve sen the Insignia windows will have higher air infiltration rates than newer models from Alside. It’s not a bad product, but not the best option either.

      What about the demonstration did you think was the most attractive feature?

  77. Own a condo with 6 aluminum sliders (44w”x48″h) built in 1988. Obtained board approval for replacement windows that MUST look as they do now, colonial-style grids, 8 per glass side. Found this Gold AAMA label on one
    “ANSI/AAMA 101-85”
    A-L-I Validator MFG CODE: CO-1
    Series C900/C-950
    MST: 12054
    They must have been pretty good windows then but have they outlived their usefulness (haven’t spent a winter here yet).

    Called the company who did a fantastic job of installation and standing behind their work with an Alside siding install on my home about 15 years ago. This was their quote for Barrington Soft-Lite tilt-n-slide, $530/window; 190/install. Given your price quotes emanate from 2014, is this about right for 2016 pricing?

    HOWEVER!!! I found out the replacement windows at 3.25” will consume nearly all the depth of the sill and surrounding frame. The guy who measured said my mini-blinds will have to be hung on the frame or the millwork. I do not want to invest in new mini-blinds so I requested a thin-line window.

    The owner came up with the Alside 0700, saving me about $300 and half-inch on the sill, but told me to expect a little greater air infiltration, which you routinely mention on their low-end windows, especially sliders.

    A close look at other units reveals those who have replacement windows with ugly thick frames. And I’m reluctant because the install will be done from inside; also I’m concerned about proper flashing outside. Getting cold feet now.

    Q.: *What would be my “gain” to replace current windows, given the stats on the label I provided?
    *Spend a winter and see if the drafts are controllable, or if they exist?

    1. The Alside 0700 windows aren’t very nice. I would say you’re better off getting better windows and new blinds or waiting through a winter to see how bad your old windows are. There is no point in spending all of that money to get bad windows.

      It’s not unusual to switch to outside mount blinds. That’s what folks typically do.

  78. Thanks for the reply. In the meantime I have called the company and expressed my reservations. The owner was very nice and agreed that at this point, given my reservations I should wait through the winter and they would put a hold on the contract as they want me to be happy with the product. We’ll see what winter brings.

  79. Can you tell me about EnviroView windows? I can’t find much information online about them, except that they might be made by Alside. I’ve had three window companies come out, and so far I haven’t liked any of them. Your tips here for finding a company, avoiding scams, and evaluating Windows will be so helpful! So, the most recent company says on their website that they carry a range of Windows, including Alside and EnviroView. When I made the appt I was clear I was looking for quotes and chose them partly because of the range they offered. When the sales guy arrived, he pushed EnviroView, because they “are the best.” When I asked several times for a midrange option he finally said maybe Alside Mezzo, but said it is only about 20% less in cost and he didn’t even carry their brochure or have any info on them. I said I’d look them up online he even discouraged that. He would not discuss other Windows or ranges, and said he won’t discuss “lower quality Windows, because he only likes to work with quality (and EnviroView is the best…). He did the hard sell, even tho I specified when I made appt at again when he arrived that I simply won’t consider a company that is pushy or tries to get me to sign on the spot. By the way, he quoted $1100 per 58” square window, and guessed that Mezzo might be around $850 each. I read your review of Mezzo, and it sounds like a decent mid-range window. Could you tell me what other mid-range Windows might be good or better to evaluate/compare? I would like to know what you think about the EnviroView, and the relative costs the quoted. Thank you!

    1. Sounds like you should keep looking. Last I dealt with them the EnviroView windows were private labeled versions of the Alside Excalibur windows. Since the Excalibur line has been discontinued and replaced with the Mezzo I would guess that EnviroView windows are the exact same as the Mezzo windows, but I don’t know that for sure.

      The best thing to do would be to check our best window companies page. We’re working hard to find great companies to recommend to our readers. We may have one in your area!

  80. I live in FL in an hurricane prone area and plan to have impact windows installed. I have looked at PGT, Alside and some others.

    It seems Alside Mezzo is the Alside window I’m looking at. I do not have the model number or NFRC CPD on either. I will definitely obtain that information.

    I think I am becoming overwhelmed with information. I joined Angie’s List and did not and do NOT find it helpful. Do you have a best economical recommendation for window brands (not Pella or Anderson, not cost effective to me)?

    Looking at Vinyl, high impact, double hung.

    At this point, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” I would appreciate any direction you have. From your comments, I can’t determine if you would recommend the Alside Mezzo window or not.

    1. I think the Alside Mezzo is a decent option. I believe they make 2 lines of impact windows. We don’t offer any impact windows in any of our stores or our online division so I’m not that familiar with the options. In a scenario like that I would typically recommend finding a reputable local company to talk over the options with. Have you had any luck finding a great window company? If you let me know where in FL you are I may know somebody.

  81. A neighbor recently installed new vinyl windows (Alside, not sure of model). One stand out feature is that the sash locks cannot be seen from the outside which makes for a cleaner appearance and less like a vinyl window. What other vinyl window manufacturers have this feature?

  82. I just received a quote from Windows Universe Express for 11 Berkshire Elite Double Hung replacement windows. Would you mind giving me your thoughts on the windows they are quoting?

    1. Sure. I’m a fan of the Revere Berkshire Elite window which is why we carry it in many of our stores. It uses good quality parts, gets good ratings and tends to make people happy. Did you have any specific questions I can help with?

  83. Thank you! I appreciate your input! I did call Zen windows in Denver from your best companies page, but unfortunately we are too far away. From your site i thought sunrise might be good, but apparently they only do their “latitude ” glass package at our altitude (with the interior low e coating). So, I am now leaning toward Amerimax. The Amerimax quote for 8 windows and a sliding door is about $6,000, while the Sunrise (not essentials) is about $10,000. Do you think either of them might be a good choice? The company that installs both has a 20year installation warranty and an excellent reputation. Thanks again!

    1. I may have another option for you. Just sent an email to someone I know out there. Will send you an email if I have a something to help.

  84. I’m in the process of investigating options for replacing my windows (wood casement and picture windows), and a sliding glass door. I live in Colorado (at approx. 5,600 ft). I point this out because one of the issues I’ve been researching is related to gas fill for windows relative to where they are manufactured. As things stand, I’ve been talking with a couple of contractors about a couple of different options (all casement and picture windows):

    Alside Fairfield 80
    Alside Sheffield
    Amerimax Aristocrat

    I’m interested in your opinion about these options. Amerimax is made in Colorado and is gas filled. It’s the most expensive option (causing me to question whether to even consider it given the main difference seems to be their are filled and sealed at this altitude). The other options are manufactured out of state at lower altitudes, so my understanding is that they will need to ship with breather tubes to equalize the pressure. The Alside options are gas filled, but my assumption is the gas will leak out since there is a breather tube in the window (though Alside, who I spoke with last week, said this doesn’t happen because of the weight of the gas–but from what I recall from high school chemistry even heavy gas dissipates). Based on the information from Sunrise’s site, their windows for high altitude are filled with air, not the standard argon gas (I’m assuming an acknowledgement of the leaking issue I mentioned).

    Thanks to information you’ve shared, I know that Alside only makes one casement window, so in many respects the Fairfield and Sheffield seem like similar offerings (though I don’t know if there are differences between their picture windows), though there is a price difference (approx 25%). The Sunrise Option has been presented at an equal price to the Sheffield.

    Having said all that, my specific questions are:

    1. How important is argon gas fill? From what I’ve read, it helps a bit, but not the much more, and at higher altitudes normal air has less temperature transference since the air is thiner)
    2. Are there differences between the Fairfield and Sheffield picture windows?
    3. Do you have any insight into the quality or the windows I’ve referenced (I’ve read the reviews on this site), and any issue people have experienced with them. Most everything I’ve read about Sunrise is positive. The reviews for Amerimax tend to be positive with a few negatives. And the Alside products have the most negative reviews.

    Any insight you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks.

  85. Just so you know, I had 17 double hung energy efficient vinyl windows made by Alsides installed in 2009. My current failure rate at 7.5 years is at approx, 24% The issue has been leakage of the argon gas which “fogs” (more like clouds) inside the glass panes. I am in VA. Not a happy camper at all as the Alside warranty only covered 5 years for leakage. The windows of course began failing shortly after 5 years.

    1. Alside has a lifetime warranty for seal failures. I you drop me a line I’d be glad to help point you in the right direction to get anything fixed up.

      1. Anything would be better than going back to Window Nation They installed and provided the 5 year warranty, after which you pay “labor only.” Right. Last time the labor was $150 for an upper window pane. It took the guy all of 2 minutes to pull out the old widow and put in the new one and leave). I have all of the paper work and original window stickers. I currently have 1.5 windows from which the the argon has leaked and clouded the glass.

      2. Its been awhile and I have not heard back from you about the help with the windows that have seal breaks Can you still provide?

  86. Had Frank (possibly Frank Scott, the marketing director in Austin) from Energy One in San Antonio come give us his sales pitch and a quote for 18 windows. About $16,000 for triple paned, $13,000 for double. He claimed that was a 50% discount if we signed a contract now and agreed to be a “model home” and let them keep their sign in our yard for 2 months. Quality of the windows seemed good and the company has good reviews on Angie’s List, so we almost went for it. But then I had a couple really simple questions (e.g., “Someone said we should replace the whole window frame—is that true?”) and insisted that my wife and I never make decisions like this without sleeping on it, and he got irritated, implied that we were questioning his ethics (we weren’t, but as he went on we definitely began to have doubts), quickly packed up his things and left. He started out really nice, but when it seemed like we might want to do a little more research, he became pushy and rude. He also wouldn’t leave the quote with us and part of the contract included a clause about not disclosing the price to anyone. Also, his sales pitch was all about how they’re the only ones who sell these windows which have all these cool features that no other windows have, when they’re really just rebranded (“Venetian”) Alside 8000 series windows that lots of distributors sell and which have mostly the same features as competitors.

    TLDR: Even though Energy One’s price wasn’t terrible and it sounds like they usually do a good job, I refuse to work with a company that lies to me and tries to make me feel bad about doing research.

    1. I had the same marketing scam presented to me last week. When they said I could save 50% by letting them put a sign in my yard, I was estatic and booked them for the next day. Since I had already got 9 other quotes on window replacements, I decided that if they were at or below my current lowest bid (WindowWorld) , since half off pretty much any vinyl window should be like 200-300 per window, I would go with it immediately. Well…that was not the case. That said, the windows were decent: reinforced sash, metal hardware, great looking transition, great R and UV ratings, really thick glass. However, the price was just OK, averaging $695 per, installed. That is the same price I got quoted for the Milgard Tuscany, which is also, I think, a decent window. When I told him that WindowWorld was significantly cheaper, he told me that if knew I had already spoken to WW, he would not have come by. What a weird thing to say! I got references and went around the neighborhood knocking on doors. Everyone said the same thing, “THey were a lot cheaper than Renewal” and “I don’t know…they are windows. Not problems with them, I guess.” At least no buyers remorse.

      The question I have is, are the EnergyOne “Venetian” windows worth $700 per? If not, then what would be a good price on them, install included? I have compared them to other windows, like the WinCore 7700, and I think they actually *seem* like better windows.

      1. If a company told you they’d give you 50% off if you put a sign in your yard then the super special price you got after the 50% discount was still substantially higher than the other quotes you received I’d suggest you can safely cross them off of your list.

        My understanding is that the Venetian window they market is the 8000 series line from Alside. It’s a perfectly fine product, but not particularly remarkable. As I understand it the air infiltration is higher than some other options and the frames are a little thicker leaving you with less light. On a positive note they do use the upgraded hardware that we tend to recommend in other lines.

        If it were me I wouldn’t reward that silly marketing tactic with your hard earned dollars. Did you pick one yet?

        1. We still have not chosen a window. It should’t be this complicated. It makes the whole process very painful. I just want some very average windows at a very average price. We don’t plan on living in this house for more than 5 more years, but the current 40 yr old, builder grade windows have got to go. We can’t survive another 107 degree summer with all this air leakage.

          1. You’re certainly not the only one who feels that way. If we can help out just let us know.

  87. Considering 15 Insignia Casement windows, Model 8071, CPD – ASO-A-31-02254-00001
    Seem to have reasonable numbers but question .3 air leakage number, expected better.

    Thinking we should look at Sunrise and Zen as well.

    Question I have is whether the window has good numbers in your opinion
    Ufactor .22, SHGC .24, VT .40, Air Leakage .3

    thank you

    1. While Apex and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, I’ll be happy to help them out in this case. The air infiltration rate for that model is much better than 0.30. Sometimes the NFRC stickers will print like that because that’s all they need to show to be AAMA gold certified. The actual rating will be quite a bit better.

      That said, you’ll likely find that getting another quote or two would be worthwhile. Good luck.

  88. I am currently replacing 9 windows in my home. I am replacing the original 1970 Anderson windows, all double hung. I have 2 quotes within a few hundred $’s of each other. Quote #1 is using Ply-Gem Premium Series windows and Quote #2 is using Alside Mezzo windows. Which is the better window?
    Thank you!

    1. I think they’re similar. I’m more familiar with the Mezzo windows, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Plygem. What did you see as an advantage or disadvantage to one over the other?

  89. When ordering Mezzo from Alside are the double hung windows [24-30″] pretty much the same price? 3001 Series Mezzo U=.29 CR55. SHGC.3, VT.54

    The 50″ wide slider for the kitchen was more than the double hung which surprised me.

    1. Different companies will have different retail pricing. For example we change the same price for any size double hung. The max is 52″ wide by 96″ tall. Some companies might not have the same great pricing that my company dos 😉 Sliders are typically more than double hungs. Good luck with the project!

  90. Hello.
    Apex stopped by my house. $12k for 11 windows. Thank you for this site. Bottom line, it sounds as if there is a better deal out there on triple-pane windows.
    Thank you

      1. Looking at replacing 20 windows with Alside Sheffield triple Payne vinyl windows. Price is best we have found. Concerned with negative reviews mostly based on poor service of the warranty department, seal leaks and product deficiencies. We will have contractor install. Please let us know your experiences & advice.

        1. Hi Bill, the Alside Sheffield window is an older model but I know a lot of folks who are happy with them. What’s your zip code? We might be able to help out with another option.

          1. Do you service Alpharetta, Ga?
            I have a music producer in our home and the bass seems to carry. Looking to replace the 40 yr old failed windows with the best STC in a mid range window.

  91. I have had 2 quotes for windows for our house. One – the APEX guy came around and offered the spiel about us being one of 2 houses selected in the neighborhood deal. These are the APEX Insignia windows – triple pane, Argon, blah, blah. The total price is $20,500 for a patio door, 15 single casement windows (some installed as doubles), 2 small basement windows, and a picture window with a casement on each side. Installed, permits, disposal, everything done.

    I then had a friend of mine in the window business give me a quote. He quoted:
    Hayfield 701 Casement Windows, 3101 Patio Door, 201 Slider WIndows
    (basement) – 12 window openings & 1 patio door
    Factory Brickmould casing
    White Exterior, Dark Woodgrain interior
    Low E w/argon glass
    Foam filled cavities
    “Clay” hardware and screens
    Total is $24,600 without the permit fees included.

    Is the Hayfield a much better window? The numbers from the NFRC don’t seem to say so:

    Insignia (from the sales guy):
    Alside Insignia (triple pane with ARGON)
    R-Value 7
    U-Value .22
    SHGC .23
    Visible Light Transmittance: .40

    The Hayfield (from their website):
    R-Value – I can’t find this anywhere.
    U-Value .24
    Air Infiltration – .01
    SHGC .34
    Visible Light Transmittance: .50

    Opinions? We’re probably only going to do half the house at this point due to cost.

  92. I think that my question is a little confusing.
    The two different quotes are for the same amount of windows. Apex counts the double-casements as two windows. My friend counts them as one.

    1. That doesn’t make much difference, just compare the cost. You would want to know if they were planning on ordering single casements or twin casements. 2 single casements side by side will let in less light than one twin casement. That is, if the twin casement uses one continuous mainframe. Many smaller window manufacturers don’t offer that, but Alside does. It won’t affect the cost much, but it will affect the look of the end result.

  93. Just got the model home pitch from a company in Atlanta called “Synergy Windows”. They’re pitching a triple-pane window from Alside labeled the “Madison”. The CPD #ASO-A-89-00194-0001. I can’t quite tell which Alside product this might be (rebranded or some hybrid)? Curious if you’ve heard of it.

    1. Looks like that is the same frame as the Alside Mezzo window so it’s a pretty common choice. I doubt there’s anything particularly special about what they were offering compared with what you could get from another company. Did you end up going with the “Synergy” model?

      1. Hi, thanks for your advice on this page. We just had a Synergy Windows sales rep come by in Utah and offer us Alside Lenox Plus double-hung, triple pane windows with the “model home” deal. We set up an appointment for tomorrow and I am trying to do a little research now. The only model number I can find in the literature is 3A01. Based on what I’ve read from you so far, it sounds like these might be the 8000 series windows. Do you think that’s correct? Hoping they aren’t Mezzo, because those get pretty bad reviews on Consumer Reports. Thanks!

  94. I am currently looking at the alside performance series new construction windows. Do you have any information on these?
    Thanks tim

    1. You can get better rating at a higher cost with the new construction Alside Mezzo windows. Just depends what fits into your budget.

      1. So i am building a new summer cottage and did not want to spend too much on windows. Otherwise it takes money away from be able to finish the inside.
        I have also looked at some windows called trustgard by Chelsea building products. I can get a good price on those. And it looks like the energy star ratings are pretty good. But i have only just started to learn about energy ratings.
        Have you heard of or do you have an opinion on those.
        Thanks tim

        1. I’m not familiar with that model, but if it’s a cheaper model you’re looking for there are plenty of options. Was there anything about that model that you liked or didn’t like?

  95. Hi Windowdog,

    First and foremost thank you so much for this site and all the information!!! It is very informative and helpful!

    I live near Houston, TX and my wife and I have decided to replace all our windows. We have a total of 45 windows. We have got quotes from several companies, but I have narrowed it down to 2 window brands.. well 3 because I would also like to get a quote from your company also.. so here we go with the information

    #1 Okna 600 series 45 windows, double hung $28,000.

    I like the reviews, the owner/salesman and craftsmanship and the fact the company is going to use low expansion foam for install vs just caulking. The warranty is what concerns me, they have no glass breakage coverage.

    #2. Window World- 42 windows $21,806 but that price also includes 2 Therma-tru patio doors, without the doors the price is around $18,000 (I will explain why not 45 windows)

    The Window World salesman was pushing the 4000 series?? Is that the mezzo?.. on the nfrc site, the salesman said the mezzo is the 3001 Double hung. When I click on the 3001 series, the nfrc site has an internal error, so I do not get to see the specs. The salesman said I would go with the Solarzone ThermD Elite (U-factor .27, SHGC .21) In the brochure, it did not give the AI rating.. he said it was .16… not sure if he is correct on that.

    Windowdog questions:

    The okna rep said he can do all 45 windows, however in my foyer I have a window that is only 7 inches tall, by 46. So he said Okna cannot make that window. However he can find a manufacturer than can make it. Window world said they would try to see if they could find a manufacturer, but wasn’t sure. My wife and I think the foyer windows need to be replaced as it just won’t look right, if you don’t replace them on the front of the house.

    The grids: The Okna window, the grids are on the outside, the Window World window, the grids are on the inside… my wife like the grids on the inside of the window… happy wife… happy life

    I have a media room that has 15 windows alone, it gets hot in the summer time. The Window world rep said if I went with Triple pane, it would reduce the Ufactor I believe to .19.. I just want the media room as cool and as efficient as possible, since that is the room my family and I spend the most time in.

    I know Okna is a better made window, no doubt about that.. however when I called OKNA the company, they were less than cordial.. not friendly at all and I just wanted to ask some basic questions about their window…

    The warranty… Window world touts their lifetime warranty, but i keep reading several negative reviews about. OKNA warranty… again no glass breakage.

    Now to the best part….
    The installation: The okna rep, said 5 days, explained the process that they use low expansion foam, then caulk, use composite window shims, showed video’s. A++

    Window world: We “can” use low expansion foam, we can have all 42 windows installed in 1 DAY!! 8-9 guys… I feel that I would have to micromanage these guys and ensure they do the job exactly right, and not wipe caulk all over the brick, like they did my neighbor down the street.

    So bottom line:
    Okna is a better window, but I question how their warranty stands up to Alside.
    I get 2 Therma Tru patio doors also if I go with Window World, and they are cheaper than OKNA by $7,000

    I have coworkers and 2 realtors that told me to go with Window world. The realtors explained it like this.. I plan to stay in my house awhile, say 15 years. When you sell your house, you can say double hung windows, vs the original 80’s single pane.. but that’s it. Buyers of a house don’t care if you put marvin windows or window world windows… they key words they focus on is newer double hung windows.

    I appreciate your feedback windowdog, it is truly appreciated. I love your site, it is truly helpful!! I am going to respectfully ask for a quote from your company also. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jeffrey, sounds like you’re having a fun window shopping experience. I think the Okna 600 window is a decent option and because of that we offer it in some of our stores. You may have already made a decision by now, but really only you can decide if the extra cost is worth it.

      If you’re planning on staying in your house for 15+ years I wouldn’t worry about resale value. That’s a really long time, I’d focus on which product you’d like to own for that long.

      I believe Okna offers a glass breakage warranty as an option, but your dealer would need to confirm that. You can also get internal grids from them which would lower the price.

      I do also know a great company in Houston that could help out. If you haven’t found it yet, you can find them here.

      Good luck out there and be sure to let us know how it goes.

      1. Hi Window dog,

        Thank you so much for the follow up response, so I have not made a decision yet, but I have narrowed it down to the company you referred from this website and one other company.

        So essentially now it comes down to 2 windows:

        NT presidential
        Okna 600

        There is about a $6000 difference in the quotes. The installers said that they both can do the low expansion foam to seal around the window. I really like that feature, it seems like it really seals up any voids where air could get in.

        Before I make my final decision, I value your opinion. Is the okna window that superior of a window over the NT Window to justify the $6000 price difference? Thank you so much Window dog.


        1. Hi Jeff, I apologize for my slow response. I’ve been pretty busy lately and missed a few comments. Did you pick a winner yet and how did it turn out?

  96. Hi, I am looking at getting a 6ft and 9ft slider. I have two choices in my price range. Which is the better slider and why?
    Both installers are excellent and top reputation guys in the area. Both obviously think very highly of their products. The contractor for #2 invited my wife and I to his home to see his slider he installed in 2015 to get a sense of how the door works after a couple years use. Wha

    1. Alside 6400 series sliders for $5000 installed

    2. Kensington HPP sliders for $4400

    1. I would like to add the alside is no longer being considered. I just received a bid for a 6ft and 9ft okna slider for 4900. So it is between the Kensington hpp vs okna. 500 dollars may not seem like a lot, but it’s a lot to us. We saw the Kensington today and it was an excellent door in person. Not sure if the Okna would be noticeably better for 500 more. Installers are equal. Thanks

    2. I’ve used that Alside 6400 Promenade sliding door with good success. It’s a newer design and seemed to work well. I haven’t used the Kensington door, but I’m not their biggest fan. Which one did you pick and how did it turn out?

  97. I went with the okna windows over the NT windows, install is set for mid May. It was about 7k more for all 45 window over the NT, but the quality of the installation not to mention the reputation of the installer is why I chose okna and ultra windows.

  98. Hello,
    Need some education on double pane versus triple pane. We recently purchase a small home with Alside windows that were installed in 2008/ We live on a busy street (traffic road noise) and the house currently has Alside Fusion Double Hung Windows. Does it make sense to you that we are hearing more road noise than usual through the windows, compared to the last house we lived in with Anderson casement windows? Would a triple pane window be better than a double pane?

    We are trying to decide if upgrading the windows would make sense to reduce the road noise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. You can look at the STC rating for any window to see how much sound they block. Luckily you don’t need to guess. It is true that the Alside Fusion windows are a cheaper option and might not be the best. You’ll get better ratings with laminated glass than triple pane, but it’s also usually more expensive. If you’d like my company may be able to help out. Let me know your zip code and I’ll see what we can do.

  99. Hey TWD – Quick question, I have come to you in the past and you’ve been great with the responses but this one is a bit different.

    Could you recommend a black window? Black Exterior and White interior and matching black flashing? I recently went directly to Alside and ordered the Mezzos for the back of the house and am slowly converting the house over but the wife wants black front windows. Could you recommend me your top 2-3 companies? I would be very grateful!


    1. That’s easy, they’re making Mezzo windows in black now. There are a set of new colors just being launched and black is included.

  100. We have received quotes to update 7 windows in our 1920s craftsman. So far the best quote was for Alside Ultramaxx windows but reviews have been all over the place. The other quotes I received were for marvin, wood ultrex which I think is integrity by marvin, and Aspire. I’m supposed to have window world come for a quote but wasnt sure if I should even bother based on you comments. Thoughts? Advice?

    1. Ok so I got competitive quotes for the alside ultramaxx 3 pand windows and window world comfort zone 4000 windows. I’m curious though. I asked the one salesman about mezzo and he said I could get 3 pane mezzo windows. He recommends the ultramaxx over the mezzo. Curious your thoughts?

      And are both the alside options better than the window world comfort zone windows?

      1. You can get triple pane Mezzo windows now. As far as Mezzo vs Ultramaxx, you’d want to look at both, including the efficiency ratings and see which you’d prefer. They certainly make more Mezzo than Ultramaxx windows, but a lot of people pick Alside Ultramaxx vinyl windows. I guess the short answer is there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

        1. We did decide to go with the Mezzo window. The salesman said he was more comfortable with the ultramaxx since he’s sold more of them but said both were good windows.

  101. Can’t figure out which is better the 6100 or 6400. They seem to cost about the same. 6400 has better efficiency ratings, but the 6100 has an aluminum sill, looks like the 6400 has a vinyl sill. Wouldn’t aluminum hold up to traffic better? 6100 has an internal wood frame whereas 6400 is all vinyl, wouldn’t that be susceptible to rot? I know some manufacturers like Sunrise tout their composite frames as rot resistant.

    1. 6100 is older and 6400 was to be the replacement for it. Some people just love the 6100 so they kept making it and now they offer both. We switched to the 6400 a few years ago and don’t really ever offer the older model anymore. Both are still available and they’re both perfectly nice.

  102. We have a quote for the Alside Fusion windows installed, 18 windows for roughly the same cost as the Pella 250 windows from Lowes not installed. Due to the large size of the windows, all vendors can only do double pane. Is it worth the extra $ over time? I had Alside replacement windows in my last home and honestly thought they were great. Appreciate any insights.

    1. The Alside Fusion windows are one of the cheapest windows they make. If it’s a rental house or a flip house that may make sense, but I wouldn’t recommend them for a house you plan on living in for a while. They make several much nicer options.

  103. Hi, I recently had Window Nation replace two sliding glass doors for $8.000. (This was their buy one/get one free deal) i was told the openings were custom sizes so it would cost more. One is 69×78 and one was 93×78. I was sold on there Belle Vue model. The information I got about the warranty and windows where from Alside. They are telling me they are the same company. I am not finding much about it online. Do you know anything about this?
    After reading the comments above I am now realizing I paid way too much. I was also quoted for 20 windows at $21,000. I am glad I didn’t agree to that.

    1. $8,000 for 2 sliding doors is a little on the high side. Which company are they telling you is the same as Alside? I think Window Nation usually uses a private label product, but the folks from Alside have told me that they are supplying windows to Window Nation again. They seem to switch manufacturers a lot, not sure why.

  104. We just met with a salesman who promoted their “Madison” branded windows that they indicated were made specifically for their company. Wondering which model of window they really are as well as if they are any good. We also got the “model home” presentation pricing if we put the sign in our yard for a couple of months. He gave us pricing on both double and triple pane windows. The CPD# for the triple pane windows was ASO-A-29-06143-00001 and the double pane CPD# was ASO-A-90-00194-00001. I tried to look up the triple pane number but it returned an error.

    Any help or recommendations would be appreciated. Cost per window on the triple pane is about $880.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks for writing. It’s hard for us to keep up with all of the private label options out there. It looks like the triple pane option with the A-29 number is an Alside Sheffield double hung window and the A-90 number is an Alside Mezzo 2-lite sliding window.

      They probably have their numbers wrong from the look of it. What’s your zip code? We may be able to help with a better solution.

  105. Any updated review on the Alside Mezzo Triple Pane windows? I have a quote on them along with some Zen Windows Nirvana. Only about $600 difference on the quotes for 11 windows.

  106. Hi Windowdog,

    First, thank you for making this page such a useful resource.

    We just got the “promotional home” pitch for a company that uses Alside in the Seattle area. Sales tactics aside, I’m mainly concerned with the value for the money. What can you tell us about ASO-A-113-00011-00001? Sizes range from about 96×60 down to 48×36. Can you give us an idea of a reasonable average cost per installed window please? I’m also concerned with resale value. Thank you very much!

  107. I have two $$ quotes pretty close to each other for 6 Double Hung and 2 large arch windows on top in pretty wide openings 68″ x 72″ with a 34″ arch, 68″ x 48″ with a 34″ arch on top and then 68′ x 72″ with no arch on top. I am replacing single hung windows. Quotes for Alside windows series 6000, and Wincore 5400 second party window company installers. Several negative installation and service comments on various websites with the Alside installer (may not all be comments from this area, may be nation wide), and no negative comments that I could find with the Wincore installer (this installer covers Louisiana and Texas), and seems to have a good installation and service reputation. Right now, the series 6000 “seems” to be a little better and bulkier sturdier window than the 5400, and is about 20% lower in quoted price overall. I can even install the series 4000 for even a few hundred less. With these large windows, I am concerned with Southeast Texas windstorms and driven rains, that’s why I tend to lean toward the 6000 series.
    Also, I am thinking of replacing the other 16 normal sized windows within 12 months or so for energy efficiency after these first 8, so there is future business probably for the company I pick now. Your thoughts would be appreciated and helpful. I am in window research overload saturation right now. Whew!!!

    1. Hi James, I’m not familiar with a series 6000 from Alside. There’s a 0601 model and an 8000 series. Are you sure it was 6000 series? If so it might be a private label brochure from that company so hard to know what it is. If you’d like you can ask them for the actual Alside window model number and we can offer some insight.

  108. Hi Window Dog,

    Thanks for the informative website! I’m shopping for 22 windows (18 double hung, 3 sliders, and one half-round).

    Two best quotes are for the Alside 8000 series (called “Platinum Conservation” by my local dealer), and the ProVia Endure 600. Alside dealer tried the model home sales tactic, but I called him out on it and he admitted I would have been quoted the same price either way. ProVia quote started off at $21,000 but he came down significantly after I told him we were going with someone else.

    Both dealers have good reviews online. Both quotes include the same upgrades: colonial grids on DH’s, double sunburst on half-round, beige exterior/white interior, hardware upgrade on first floor windows (5).

    Alside 8000 double pane: $14,520
    ProVia Endure double pane: $15,500

    There seems to be a lot of hate for the Alside windows online. Are the ProVia worth $1,000 more, all else bring equal?


    1. Hi there, what’s your zip code? I may be able to make a recommendation that would provide an even better solution.

  109. I am looking to replace some windows in my house and I got some quotes on different windows. I am looking for advice for the best bang for my buck in terms of price and quality of the window. I am replacing 12 double-hung windows (all standard sizes). Here are my quotes

    1. Alside Mezzos- $502 installed per window ( total: $6,024)
    2. Plygem Premium- $526 installed per window ( total: $6,312)
    3. Harvey Tribute- $450 installed per window (total: $ 5,400)

  110. I’ve received a few different quotes for replacement window, with most being in the same general ballpark. Based on your reviews here though, they all seem pretty high for the quality of the windows! I am in the market for 6 white vinyl, double hung, no grid windows,approximately 31″x 45″ and 1 casement window which is slightly larger. Below are the quotes I’ve gotten:
    1. Window World, 4000series, foam filled frame=$3253
    2. OKNA 500 DX and 700DX= $4835, installed by local vendor
    3. Alside Fusion=$3825, local vendor.
    4. I won’t even get into what Champion and Thompson Creek wanted to charge, ridiculous!
    All were priced for being financed through them, not cash.

    None of these seem like the “best” windows, though OKNA seemed highly rated. We don’t plan on being in the house for more than 5-8 years, which I’ve told the vendors, hence the lower valued windows. But these prices still seem higher on a per window basis than much of what I see you say in your responses. What are your thoughts? And sure, you can send me a quote too since it appears your company does business in my area.

    1. Hi Kristin, if you’re in an area where Thompson Creek offers windows then my company can probably help. As far as I know we cover the same area that they do and quite a lot more. We’ll always have a better value. Find us in this section.

  111. Hello we are currently getting estimates completed on our home in Sacramento. Two so far have a $10,000 price difference. Alside quote is the cheaper of the two. Besides price have you heard of Anlin??
    16 windows and three sliders needing to be replaced.

    Also in the Sacramento area do you have a company you can recommend?
    Thank you

  112. Just had windows installed by Allside.
    What window is it if it has a label that shows:
    CPD# ASO-A-89-67460-00001
    Model 3001 – Double Hung
    Solid Vinyl – Welded – Double E GLZD
    3/4 IG DS LE70 Argon

  113. does anyone know the proper name for the slide lock release to tilt the double hung window in
    it sits on top of the bottom double hung window it is 2” long 7/8 wide has two pins on go into the widow to slide the latch open ,so it will tilt in, I think these windows are 1995

    1. They call those tilt latches. If they’re Alside windows you can probably contact them to see about ordering replacement parts.

  114. Trying to figure out the quality of this window ASO-A-89-67400-00001. And what I should pay to replace 10 of these double hung windows in my home.



    1. Hi Angela, that’s a pretty popular option in many areas of the country. What is your zip code? I may be able to help you with pricing for Alside Mezzo windows.

  115. Hi Window Dog,

    I was wondering if you had an experience with the Fairfield 80 product from Alside. A company called “The window doctor of Colorado” recommended these in their quote. It seems all the window reviews I’ve found are from 2014-2016. Also have you heard of this company and do you have any opinion on them?

    Thank You

    1. That Fairfield window model is an older model. The Alside Mezzo option is a newer model and I think it’s a fair bit more popular. You might ask for a quote on both and have them give you the rundown of the differences.

  116. What are your thoughts on the Alside 6100 series Sliding Patio Door vs the in-stock Andersen 200 Series Perma-Shield Sliding Patio Door available at Home Depot? You mentioned above that you were going to review the Alside Patio door, but I don’t think you have yet.

    I have a contractor’s quote for the Alside 6100 series. The price with installation is $1900. Home Depot sells the Andersen 200 Series for $898, but the installation, screen door and door handle are all extra.

    I’m worried about all the bad online reviews for the Alside 6100. The few reviews on the Andersen were poor, too. I’m wondering if these customers ordered the interior mini blinds and that accounts for the bad reviews. I’ve read that the blinds look nice, but they cause drafts because gas can’t be used in the windows.

    Do you have a preference between the two or a different recommendation?


    1. Hi Kim, that Alside 6100 model door has been a very popular door for many years and I would say you’d probably be very happy with it. Our company has installed thousands of them with great success. It is an older model so we generally use the newer model now. I’m not a fan of any of the stock products you see at Home Depot or Lowes.

      What’s your zip code? We might be able to help with an upgraded option.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply. I’m glad to hear you’ve been satisfied with the product. Do you find that the optional mini-blinds in any sliding glass door negates the energy efficiency of the unit and do they tend to malfunction? They look nice, but I wonder if they’re worth the extra cost.

        I don’t think you’re in my area (14526), but thanks again for your input.

        1. You can look at the efficiency ratings to see the impact of the blinds, that’s easy to quantify. They come with a 20 year warranty which is better than most. We’ve installed some of them with binds without any trouble, but I have seen plenty of failed internal blinds from other manufacturers over the years so that is a risk you’re taking with that option.

          You’re right we don’t offer installation in your neck of the woods, good luck with the project.

  117. Great information!
    LEI sold Alside “Revelation”. Is the 3001 model the Ultramax?
    The interior glass in the lower sash spontaneously cracked.

    1. No, to my knowledge that’s just a private label of the Alside Mezzo model. They have a funny business model. They used to sell the Ultramaxx or Sheffield model also under the Revelation brand name (I don’t remember which of the top of my head).

      Should be easy enough to get a cracked sash replaced. Alside is pretty good about that no matter which model. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  118. Hello! Thank you for offering to help understand rebranded Alside windows. I’m wondering if you are familiar with this one from Royal Exteriors?


    1. Hi Desiree, yes that is the Alside 80 series window in a private label brochure. That company is very focused on being the cheapest possible option which is not necessarily the best value. I’d tend to suggest a nicer model as you’ll have the windows in that house for decades. To answer your question, it’s an Alside 80 series new construction window.

  119. Hello Mr Dog
    LEI is proposing to install their Revelation Elite series in my home. Is this a decent window? Do you know what the equivalent Alside model is?

    1. Hi Brian, in my experience they won’t have the best value around. I know they used to sell an Ultramaxx window can they called it Revelation. I think they switched to offering a Mezzo model but I’m not sure. What’s your zip code? We might be able to help with a better option and better pricing too.

      1. Hi windowdog, LEI wants to come to give me an estimate on Alside windows as well, is there any other contractors in the 19468 zip code area you can recommend? I am looking to get a few estimates.

        1. Hi Danielle, my company offers windows in your area and we’d be happy to get you a quote with no pushy salesman. You can find our Philadelphia site here.

          I think you’ll find we can offer a nicer product than you get from that other company and we don’t play games with the prices. Let me know if you have any questions once you see the quote and we’ll be happy to help out.

          If anyone else is reading this comment and looking for recommendations, check this section for the best window companies all over the country.

  120. Hello Window dog,
    just starting my quoting process to replace some windows out here near phx, AZ. Most of the quotes are using either SI windows from Tucson or AIside windows in Yuma, AZ. The specific model was not given from SI, but the AIside window said it was the Fairfield? Do you a preference on either of these company’s? What about which windows would you recommend? thanks!

    1. Hi Fred, I’m more familiar with Alside and I’ve had good experience with them. I think that will be a solid solution in many cases. Good luck with the project.

      1. thank you fir your response.
        lQuick update, Alside, has pitched an upgrade glass called the Elite Extreme for a little more $ (additional $400 total for 4 windows) , Extreme glass is claiming a SHGC rating of 0.14. there regular Elite glass is rated at 0.22
        Would you recommend this upgrade?

        1. Really just up to you. The windows will be in the house a long time so an improvement in efficiency is often worthwhile.

  121. We have been quoted Alside “Nexus” series for a whole house window replacement (30 windows). We were told it is a “private label” window by Alside that is a twin of the “Mezzo”. Is this accurate? Thoughts on the product? The installer is a smallish family owned/operated business in Atlanta with great reviews on their installations so we are inclined to go with him. Just want to know we are getting a good product.

    1. Well, private label windows can be tricky because there’s not really a great way to know what it actually is. If the salesman is going to tell everyone it’s the same as the Mezzo window then why would they bother with the Alside Nexus private label in the first place? It seems like they could just use the Mezzo brochure and eliminate the confusion.

      People in this business do things that don’t make sense all the time so I guess that’s nothing new. Usually private label brands are used so customers don’t know what product it really is so the company can try to charge a higher price.

      For example, a company might think they won’t be able to charge $1500 per window for a Mezzo window since you can easily buy a Mezzo window for less from another company in town. In order to charge the higher price they’ll use the private label brand and then they’ll tell you they’re the only company in town that sells the Nexus window (or whatever brochure they happen to have). They’ll tell you it’s far superior to all other windows and that’s why you should pay the higher price. In reality it’s likely the exact same as something else that is available for less. Many companies profit off of the lack of transparency in this business. That’s one reason a lot of companies don’t like this site, but that’s a story for another day.

      If they are telling you it’s the same as the Alside Mezzo window then it doesn’t sound like they’re trying to trick you but it’s still strange that they’d do that. It’s like they’ve added confusion to a situation that didn’t need any extra confusion.

      You could ask them for the CPD# of the option they’re suggesting. With that we can look it up to see what it is. Other than that you’d just be trusting them which can be a tricky proposition sometimes.

        1. Right, if they were they wouldn’t have told you it was the same as a Mezzo window. That does make me wonder why they are using it. You’d think there would be a reason. I guess it’s possible they’re using a cheaper Alside model and telling you it’s the same as the Mezzo. Not trying to pick on these guys, just seems like a strategy that doesn’t really make sense. Usually when something doesn’t make sense it’s because we don’t have all of the info. Hard to say.

          1. I am looking to replace 31 windows in total – majority single/double hung with 1 picture window(tempered- shower) and couple of arches and a semi circle etc. in the Dallas area. I received the most competitive quote from a Alside-Mezzo double pane at 19,360 and triple at 20,500 all in. I am reading some very negative experience with Al side and I am not sure how to proceed.
            Also do you serve the area?

          2. Hi Hari, I think the Alside Mezzo option is decent. My company does offer windows in Dallas and we’ll offer an option that I think is a better long term solution. We do also offer Mezzo windows too. If you’re interested in an easy quote by email to compare we’re be happy to help. You can find us here.

            Anyone else reading this can find window company recommendations here.

    2. Hello Michelle, did you end up going with the local company on the Nexus window? If so, how was the process and installation? How are the windows performing? Any issues? Any regrets? Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated!

  122. Alside customer service in Chicago, IL is no longer in business. I have called and sent numerous emails to have a problem fixed. I called again and the number is disconnected. Can you shed some light on getting a window fixed.

    1. Hi Ernie, that’s definitely not the case. Alside has a pretty big operation in Chicago. I’m going to put together a post or two on how to file a warranty claim as I think you’re not alone in wanting more info on that topic.

      First step is to contact the company that installed your windows. Alside only sells their products wholesale to businesses so the local folks aren’t really geared up to deal with individual homeowners.

      If, for some reason, you can’t reach the company you bough the windows from then there’s an online warranty claim form that you’d need to complete to start the process. You can find that on their website. Warranties are handled either through the dealer who you bought the windows from or through their corporate office. So, those will be the best avenues to a solution for you.

      What is the issue you’re having with your window? If it’s an install problem the local dealer will be the only solution.

  123. Hello, we ordered Alside Mezzo windows in Jan. 2021 (31 windows and a slider) . Install started in June of 2021. Install is still ongoing because every single item came in with a defect and several windows & the slider need replacing. In addition to this install nightmare, we are finding that the windows do not block the heat/cold from coming in (we are in the mid-west, so we have all 4 seasons) and several windows are howling with a breeze coming in. We have a large Southern exposure. My contractor told us that triple pane was not necessary. I did not believe it and asked for triple, but he convinced my husband that double pane was fine. Is there any way to figure out the Mezzo ClimeTech glass package we have using the sticker on the window? Alside said only the contractor can help me. We asked and so far, he has refused to give us the information. We are also wondering if our windows even have low-e. We did the lighter test and only the slider is showing 4 flames with one flame being a different color. We do not notice a color change in the windows. If there is one, it isn’t noticeable. Is there another way to confirm low-e? Thanks, for your help!

    1. The lighter test is 100% accurate. We used to use that test when I worked at a window manufacturing plant if there was ever a situation when we needed to double check something. You can tell what package was ordered by the stickers. You can send us a picture of the sticker and I can let you know what package it has. The windows also came with NFRC stickers that would have showed the efficiency ratings for each individual window.

      Unfortunately if the contractor is refusing to tell you what efficiency package the window has that’s typically bad news. Drafty windows are also very often (but certainly not always) an installation issue. Let me know if I can help out.

    2. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, they took the window stickers off and I only have the inside sticker that doesn’t really show anything.

      1. Well, if they won’t tell you what glass package was ordered and they took off the stickers, and the lighter test makes it look like there’s no low-e glass, then I would guess you probably didn’t get a very efficient option.

        Alside can tell which glass package it has from the serial number. You can usually find that by opening the top sash and looking up into the frame. It’ll be a white sticker with a big bold number on it. If you send the serial number for a window that you’re unsure about I can see if I can find out what package it has.

        1. Hello,
          Sorry this is a delayed response! We have been waiting on several things. How do I send you an email with attachments?

          1. I just sent you a message so you can reply to that and send over anything.

        2. I finally sent you an email on June 2nd. We had been hopeful that our issues would be dealt with.

          1. Hi there, I did get your email. You’ll really need to deal with the company who you bought the windows from in order to find a resolution. I was able to see that low-e glass was ordered on your project. I hope that helps.

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