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install andersen windows

So you want to install replacement windows on your own?  That is certainly an option.  The process is relatively straightforward, but there are several factors you should consider when deciding to install replacement windows.

We’ll discuss several factors including:

  • Evaluating the project before you commit
  • How to measure replacement windows
  • How to measure sliding patio doors
  • How to order replacement windows
  • Selecting replacement window options
  • Typical cost of replacement windows
  • Removing old wood windows
  • Removing old metal windows
  • Removing old vinyl windows
  • Removing sliding patio doors
  • Using foam insulation around the new windows
  • Installing windows into a wood frame
  • Installing windows into a drywall pocket
  • Installing sliding patio doors
  • Will your old blinds fit with your new windows?
  • Capping or exterior trim
  • Finishing details & adjustments
  • Replacement window warranty and manufacturer service

Some people think they’re going to save a fortune when they install replacement windows on their own.  The amount of money you may save on your project very much depends on how you value your time.  There is also a certain personal satisfaction that comes from completing a home improvement project and that has value as well.

It is not uncommon to find a solid company that will install efficient vinyl windows for around $300-$400 per window.  On your own you can probably purchase custom made energy efficient vinyl windows at a cost of $200-$300 so there certainly are savings to be had.  Replacement window prices can vary quite a bit, but you’ll find prices are often not directly related to quality.

When considering the options remember that a professional installation team can install 10-20 windows in a day complete with caulking and exterior trim or capping.  A typical do it yourself project will be much slower.

If your expected cost savings is about $100 per window, you can only install 2 windows per day and you only have time for the project on the weekends, you would take 5 weeks and 5 consecutive weekends to install 20 windows.  In addition you probably don’t have the equipment to install the exterior trim or capping.  WIth some bad weather or other delays the project could easily take 2 months.  A professional team could knock that project out in a day or two and you can spend your weekends on something else.

Should you install replacement windows on your own?  That’s completely up to you.  If you decide to go for it, we’ll be glad to help out.  Keep an eye on the posts linked above.  We’ll continue to add more information along with pictures and descriptions.  If you have any questions or if you’d like any more info just let us know.

I love spending my weekends taking things apart and figuring out how to put them back together.   If you decide to go for it we’ll do everything we can to help.

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76 responses to “Install & Repair Windows”

  1. Tom Avatar

    Thank you for the quick reply. I’m located in Bergen County, NJ.
    It seems that hopper windows are all designed to latch at the top, not reversible as the older Andersen windows were. Can these be installed reversed or would you advise against that?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      An awning window might be a solution for you. That style will be hinged at the top and will open outward. If there’s a window well that can be a tricky style for a basement window but if there’s enough opening area that style might work. Another common option is a sliding window that opens by sliding side to side.

  2. Lea Avatar

    Do not do business with renewal by Anderson-
    I had to have my door and storm door replaced three times the warranty only exists on the original door that I purchased two years ago so last month the door they installed is not under warranty. I would never do business with them again their technicians first gave me a door that was defective. Second door they installed was crooked was not squared up. The third door they got it right but then they didn’t line up the storm door so it does not lock, I will never do business with these people again.

  3. Adam Grigsby Avatar
    Adam Grigsby

    Not sure where to ask this question. Have a bid for Sunrise Vanguard windows to replace crappy vinyl windows. He says because the window has the integrated handle on the bottom of the sash (double hung) he would install the windows on top of the interior sill rather than cutting the sill back with the drywall and installing it on the framing at the bottom. The idea is that if he installs it behind the sill (3/4″ I think), the still would get in the way of the handle. He says the gap underneath would either be foam filled or filled with a piece of wood, then covered with trim. Not loving this idea. Any thoughts?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      That’s a pretty common way to install a replacement window so I don’t think it would be a huge cause for concern. You could replace all of the interior trim and sill to accommodate the new window, and people do that sometimes, but there are a few drawbacks. It adds a lot to the cost, the new trim might not match other trim in your house, new trim will need to be painted, etc.

      Imagine if you were new to this house, maybe you were looking to buy it, and the windows had been installed the way you described. You wouldn’t have any idea, you’d probably never think twice about it and you’d be happy that the house you were considering had nice new windows that looked great.

      I suppose it could be an issue if the windows are very small, but in most cases that’s a pretty normal way to do it and I think it’ll probably turn out just fine.

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