Revere Amherst Windows Reviews

Revere Amherst Windows Reviews

Note: If you’re really looking for Revere Amherst windows reviews  in 2021 you’re getting bad window advice.  The Revere Amherst windows have been discontinued for a number of reasons.  One of which is that they weren’t very nice windows.  If you’ve met a contractor that is suggesting them you should probably find another contractor who knows more about windows.

Revere Amherst windows are the bottom of the Revere window line.  They were designed to be an inexpensive replacement window used for remodeling projects.  While they succeeded in being inexpensive, they are not a very great option.

Revere Amherst replacement windows
Here is a cutaway view of the Revere Amherst window.

The biggest drawback to the Revere Amherst windows is the method of construction.  Instead of welded corners which are found on just about all windows these days the older Revere Amherst windows still use mechanically fastened or screwed together frames.

This means the frame is able to twist and flex more than a newer welded window.  It also opens the door to leaks as the corners of the window are not necessarily weather tight.

What’s good about the Revere Amherst windows?

While I may be sounding a little negative there are a few highlights when looking at the Revere Amherst option.  First, they use the upgraded block and tackle balance mechanism found in other Revere replacement windows.  The balance mechanism is the part that allows the window to open and close and this type is better than the inexpensive “constant force” or coil balances used in many other windows.

They also feature standard metal reinforcement in the sashes which is something that competitors often charge extra for.  This reinforcement is placed at the bottom of the top sash and the top of the bottom sash (at the middle of the window) which is the weakest point.  They reinforce the structure to help these windows stand up to the wind and rain.

How about the Revere windows warranty?

Another good point is that the Amherst windows are covered by the same warranty as all Revere windows.  This is a pretty strong warranty and it’s backed up by Revere’s parent company, Associated Materials, Inc.  This means you not only get a good strong warranty, but you also get one that will likely stand the test of time.

How about the cost of the Amherst windows?

This is where they lose me.  Based on the info I was given the wholesale cost difference between the Revere Amherst windows and the much nicer Revere Berkshire Elite windows is only about $15 per window.  If you’re considering new windows for your home and you’re not willing to spring for an extra $15 to get the much nicer Berkshire Elite windows then you just might be beyond help.

At the end of the day the Revere Amherst window was designed to be a cheap option.  It’s cheap alright, but not cheap enough to justify all of the sacrifices.

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