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Note: The Revere Berkshire windows have been discontinued.  Revere has removed some features from the old Berkshire window and renamed it the Amherst Plus window.  They have replaced the Berkshire window with the completely new and redesigned Berkshire Elite window.  You can read our review on that new model here.

The Revere Berkshire windows were the most popular replacement window ever produced by Revere Building Products.  They sold hundreds of thousands of Berkshire replacement windows over the years.  The window combined many features found in more expensive products with the simple clean lines that Revere widows are known for.

Why was the Revere Berkshire window discontinued?

Time stops for no man (or replacement window).  The Revere Berkshire windows just got a little long in the tooth.  There have been some innovations in the replacement window business and Revere needed to keep up.  Newer windows were using true sloped sills and non-metallic reinforcement.  The newer replacement windows were achieving slightly better efficiency ratings including better air infiltration ratings.  If Revere wanted to continue to offer a top tier replacement window option they needed to change.

What about the Revere Berkshire window warranty?

One of the benefits of working with a large company like Revere is that you can be pretty confident that they’re going to be around for the long haul.  The fact that they retooled the Berkshire window to create the new Amherst Plus window is a great sign for past customers.

This means all of the equipment needed to product parts for the older Berkshire windows is still in the plant.  Revere has set themselves up to be able to honor their warranty obligations for many years in the future with no problem at all.  This is a great sign for past customers.

Should I buy these windows now?

You can’t buy these windows anymore.  The current product options are the Amherst Plus window which is very similar to the old Berkshire and the newly redesigned Berkshire Elite option.  Find reviews on these and other popular models here.

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2 thoughts on “Revere Berkshire Windows Reviews”

  1. We are looking at three products for replacing 11 windows in our house:
    Berkshire Elite – contractor to install
    Window World 4000 Series DH
    Pella 250 Series from Lowes

    We have chosen similar options for all three products. Cost is relatively similar for all three products. At least within a relevant range for us to consider any one of the three products.

    Question: From an overall product quality standpoint, can you comment on which of these three products might standout or at least edge out the others?

    At this stage, we are assuming the quality of installation work will be similar for all three companies. We are grappling with the choice of window from a overall quality standpoint.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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