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Find our Silver Line windows FAQ below. Here we’ll look at all of the common questions we get about Kensington HPP windows. If you have a question that isn’t answered we invite you to post a comment at the bottom to ask your question. We read all of the comments and will be happy to answer your question for everyone to see.

Who makes Silver Line windows?

Silver Line windows is one of many brands owned by Ply Gem. Ply Gem makes many popular window brands including Simonton, Great Lakes, Atrium, American Craftsman and more. Silver Line is positioned as one of the lower end lines and we would recommend looking for a nicer option.

Are Silver Line windows any good?

No. Silver Line windows are made to be cheap. In order to be priced lower and to avoid stealing market share from the other Ply Gem brands they make sure the Silver Line windows are not very nice. If you’re considering Silver Line windows we would suggest that you consider something else.

Are Silver Line windows too cheap?

Yes. Silver Line windows are very basic, bottom of the line products. These are not windows we would recommend. Ply Gem, the owner of Silver Line, makes other window brands that are much nicer. You can find more and better window options here.

Where can you buy Silver Line windows?

Home Depot. Silver Line windows are sold in Home Depot stores. Box stores tend to sell cheap windows that don’t compare very well to nicer options. Box stores are also not great at installing windows. Buying Silver Line windows from Home Depot would not be recommended.

Did Andersen sell Silver Line windows?

Yes. In the past Andersen sold quite a few vinyl windows through the Silver Line and American Craftsman brands. Andersen sold these brands to Ply Gem and they are still the owner of Silver Line windows.

Does Ply Gem make better windows than Silver Line?

Yes. Ply Gem makes several brands that are much nicer than Silverline. For example, you could consider Simonton or Great Lakes windows. Both of these brands are also made by Ply Gem but they are much nicer than Silver Line.

Are Silver Line windows better than Simonton?

No. Simonton windows will generally be nicer products than Silver Line windows. Simonton and Silver Line are owned by the same parent company and they deliberately make cheap windows under the Silver Line brand.

Are Sliver Line windows better than Great Lakes windows?

No. Great Lakes and Silver Line are both produced by Ply Gem. The intentionally make the Great Lakes window brand a more premium brand and the Silver Line brand a more price focused and cheaper brand. Silver Line windows are not as nice.

Are Silver Line windows energy efficient?

Not really. Silver Line is a low end brand that only offers low end options. You can get a more efficient option from a nicer manufacturer. We would defininltey suggest looking at other options as the Silver Line windows are not very nice.

Why aren’t Silver Line windows good windows?

It’s just branding. Ply Gem, the parent company of Silver Line, also makes several other window lines. Some are higher end, some are sold on box stores, some are new construction focused, etc. Silver Line windows are designed to be cheap and they are not very nice.

Do you have a question about Silver Line windows that was not answered? 

Post a comment below to let us know. We’ll add your question to the list so everyone has more info. If you think we’re wrong about anything post that too and we’ll be happy to address your concern.

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Happy window shopping!

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9 thoughts on “Silver Line Windows FAQ”

  1. We built a Toll Brothers home I Weddington NC and the builder claims that the windows are SilverLine by Andersen. House was built in 2015. However the windows have no etching on glass or product label. PlyGem won’t honor warranty because we don’t have that information. Most all windows provide some product label? Andersen claims they do.

    1. Try opening the window and looking up into the frame for a sticker with info. Often times low end windows won’t have many obvious markings because they know the windows are junk and people will be wanting repairs. By not using obvious markings they can reduce the amount of complaints or calls that they get. There likely is some info on the window somewhere, unless it was removed by the installer or previous owner.

    1. Hi James, when you’re looking at U-Factors of Silver Line vs Mi Windows you’ll need to consider the efficiency package included in the quote. Both of those manufacturers will offer many different efficiency packages. With all of the windows being custom made there are many possible U-Factors. It’s not always as easy to compare options as you might hope.

      You should be able to ask the person selling you the windows for the efficiency ratings for the options they’re suggesting. Then you’ll know how they compare.

      Both Mi and Silver Line windows are lower end options so neither one will be particularly great. If you’re looking for a nice solution you might want to look at different manufacturers.

      Good luck with your project.

  2. We bought a home with Silverline windows (2900 series) installed. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how crummy they were until I started researching to find where to get a sash replacement! Is it possible to buy just a lower sash or do I have to buy the whole window? I can’t find anything under the Silverline brand. Home Depot doesn’t seem to have the 36 x 72 size that I need, either.

    1. Hi Sue, it may be a little tricky to order just a sash since Andersen sold Silver Line a few years ago, but I’d still try if I were you. You can contact Silver Line and see what they need to reorder just a sash. If you can figure that out it will be the easiest way. If not you may need to contact a glass replacement company or just order a new window. Getting the sash from SilverLine will be the easiest solution if they can still make them.

  3. I bought a new house that has Silverline windows, they are total garbage. I called their support line about the screens not fitting properly having large gaps around the frame where bugs can crawl into the house. The support person must think people are fools… his comment is “the screens are NOT engineered to stop bugs but for ease of putting in and taking out”. So I ask what is the purpose of the screen if not to prevent bugs from entering the house, once again he says “the screens are NOT engineered to stop bugs only for ease of putting in and removing”. I am so shocked that anyone or a company can be so ignorant as to make such a comment. These people should not be in business and I hope my comments prevent others from buying anything from them and the parent corporation.

    1. Sadly, Silverline windows are just not very nice. A friend once asked me if I was concerned that companies like mine would replace all of the old windows and then there wouldn’t be much business left. I told him I wasn’t because builders continue to use low end windows that will be replaced in several years. It’s not great for the buyer of a new construction house but it keeps replacement window companies in business.

      If a builder can save $5 on a window they will. Unfortunately that leaves a whole lot of people with junk windows.

  4. How are the silverline v3 windows. I read they are thicker and more efficient. Doe’s anyone have any recent experience with this model ?

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