Renewal by Andersen Complaints – What’s going on?

If you’ve been shopping for replacement windows you may have come across Renewal by Andersen. Their ads can be all over the place and everyone has heard of the Andersen windows brand. You may have also come across Renewal by Andersen complaints and that’s not too usual.

There are a few reasons any larger window company will have occasional complaints. We’re written about Alside window complaints and Simonton window complaints before. Some of the factors discussed there definitely apply to Andersen too.

You will find that Renewal by Andersen complaints are often a little different for a couple reasons.

renewal by andersen complaints and warranty and prices

First, they’re very expensive and very tricky with the pricing

When you read feedback from folks who have received a quote for Renewal by Andersen windows a very common thread will be that they used very tricky pricing strategies. They often will use an iPad that will show you a price.

The first price will be very high. If you buy it they’ll gladly take your money. If you don’t they flip the iPad around, work some magic, then flip it back with a lower price.

Don’t buy that and the iPad will keep flipping around and the price will keep going down. It’s like magic.

Of course it’s not 1970 so basically no products are sold like this anymore except for home improvement products. It’s weird and it makes people unhappy.

Don’t believe me? Check out comments on the Renewal by Andersen review page we wrote a while back. The comments there, especially the comments from Renewal by Andersen salespeople and people who have received quotes, are my absolute favorite part of the site.

Does tricky pricing mean the windows are bad?

Not necessarily, but it might be a warning sign. I should say I think the Renewal by Andersen windows are perfectly nice products. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them and they look beautiful.

Notice, the issue that most commonly causes Renewal by Andersen complaints is not the products or the installation. It’s the sales process. If this sales process makes people unhappy you would have to wonder why they do it. That’s the question.

renewal by andersen complaints and reviews and warranty

Why would a company use a sales process that makes customers unhappy?

Of course they don’t tell me why they do things so all I can do is make an educated guess. I think it’s because they know many people wouldn’t buy the windows if they were clear about the prices.

It seems to me that the only reason a company would use a sales process like that is because they know that without it people wouldn’t buy. Then you’d think, why wouldn’t people buy if the pricing was more clear? The only answer I can think of is that they’re not a very good deal. People are smart. People don’t buy bad deals. Unless they’re really talked into it.

So, the fact that they seem to use this sales strategy all over the country tells me that they know they don’t offer a very good value. They need to show you some crazy price like $100k for new windows so you can flip out, then they can lower the price to $70k and then the super special price of $50k seems a lot more reasonable.

If they had started at $50k you would have thought that was ridiculous and then they’d have nowhere to go, they’d loose the sale and their commission salesperson would be going hungry that night.

Should you buy Renewal by Andersen windows?

That’s totally up to you of course. I tend to think they’re pretty overpriced for what you get but different people value all sorts of things differently. I think they’d only make sense in a very fancy house.

Even then I tend to think I’d pick real wood windows over imitation wood windows for a very fancy house. So, they take a certain level of house fanciness. Fancy enough to justify windows that might cost $2,000 each, but not too fancy for imitation wood.

Obviously lots of people buy them and if lots of people weren’t happy they’d probably change their strategy so there’s no reason to think there’s any issue with the products themselves. The sales process seems to be the biggest problem most people have. If you can stomach that you’ll probably get perfectly fine windows.

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So, how should I decide who to work with?

The window business is challenging, that’s for sure. Every company says they’re the best and they all say that everyone else is horrible. It can feel difficult to navigate, but luckily it’s really not that hard.

I always suggest starting with a company with a good reputation and a solid track record. Then listed to what they have to suggest. Ask any questions about it, ask about options both more expensive and less expensive. When you feel like they’re offering a reasonable value that fits your needs you should buy it.

To try to help in that regard we’ve compiled a list of great companies all over the country. We may not know anyone in your neighborhood yet but it doesn’t’ hurt to ask. You can find our list of the best replacement window companies right here.

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49 thoughts on “Renewal by Andersen Complaints – What’s going on?”

  1. Problem is, the customer satisfaction rate for RbA is the highest in the industry. This is a clear hit job by a former sales competitor lol.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi John, where are you getting that info? I’d think there are plenty of companies out there with many happy customers. This seems like a bullet point your manager might have told you without anything to back it up. And, do you know the percentage of people who received a quote from Renewal by Andersen that would give the company high marks? I would bet a large percentage of the total people to have recieved a quote would rate the company poorly due to the sales tactics we see people write about on the site.

      I don’t have that information specifically, just a hunch based on the feedback we see people share. Do you have that info too?

      1. Dave Good says:

        I installed Andersen windows in my home and it was a BIG MISTAKE.
        Windows look like cheap vinyl knockoffs, installation was a nightmare and I lost several square feet of view due to the size of the frames and moldings.
        OVER RATED, keep looking.

        1. Lois Newholm says:

          iam still dealing with renewal windows, i waited 3 months & i was assured the stain would match my exiting oak around windows, after they installed 3 bedroom double hung i checked on it~OMG very wrong stain, very poor staining, sanding, they felt like sandpaper, stain missing in places, plus i didn’t realize i would lose 3 inches of viewing , cant seem to get the main corporate office to complain, i had beautiful anderson windows installed in our home we built 30 years ago so thought Anderson was the way to go. Not sure what the next step to take??????I am not in the mood to talk to the CEO who sold me those windows at this time

          1. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Lois, unfortunately the salesman should have known better than to promise the colors will match. That’s a recipe for failure. I know in my own experience sometimes a color can look pretty close to me but it will be completely wrong to the customer. I think those Renewal by Andersen salespeople are all paid on commission so that might make them more concerned with signing the contract than the end result.

            Our company would show you color samples for the new windows so you can pick one that works rather than promising something will be close or will match. If they did that, and you did pick one, then you’ll want to make sure the color you got is the color you picked.

            If it says in your contract that the color will “match your existing windows” then you might have a leg to stand on. If it doesn’t then you’re probably out of luck on that front. Focus on what is actually written in the contract because nothing else matters. Let us know if you make progress with them.

          2. Hi, sorry to hear about your bad experience with RBA if you would could you tell me what branch ( city or town ) your dealing with? I am currently involved in a civil suit with RBA located in Mechanicsburg Pa.

        2. Katelyn West says:

          I literally am having the same issue and they charged me for “base frame” windows which is full frame (i called and asked) but installed insert windows. They offered me 5k to sign away all rights after 6 months of still having leaky windows

      2. You sound like the type of guy who hates to admit he has been ripped off!!

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Me? I definitely didn’t buy Renewal by Andersen windows.

      3. yes u are right. we just got a quote from Renewal by Anderson and he quoted french doors at 17,000.00. Then lied to us about the warranty. He (Micheal Moore) told us that if glass was broken for any reason then it would be covered under the warranty which i believed because they are do expensive. i signed the contract and that night i read the warranty and saw that he lied to us. You have 3 days to change your mind. I sent a telegram to cancel the transaction immediately. Next day, Michael the salesman texted me and asked why i canceled and i explained to him about the warranty and i sent a pic with a circle around the part where it said that if glass is broken by an accident then its not covered. He had nothing more to say. So now i don’t trust anything from what was told to us and no telling how much he overcharged us. Thanks for your blog. I am having to educate myself on windows before signing a contract. Your blog has been very helpful.

      4. Mike Cole says:

        We have Fibrex RBA windows installed a couple years ago. A dark yellow / orange crusty resin is appearing to seep out on the interior frame’s surfaces. I’ve got an inspector coming out this week. It’s progressed to coming out on at least 8 of 14 windows.

        Do any of you have this experience?

        What is the remedy?

        Claiming in Kansas City

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Hi Mike, that’s something I haven’t heard of before. I’ll send you an email right now so you have my contact info. If you could send over a picture or two of what you’re seeing I’d be interested in taking a look.

    2. Crucita Ruiz says:

      We are very upset and unsatisfied with their management team, instalation crew, and everything in between. We have bought 6 windows, a front door, and a sliding door. A job that was supposed to be done and finished in 3 labor days have taken months. We are extremely disappointed. Our front door hasn’t been finished since April when was put up. The measurements were wrong on most of the windows (these are supposed to be CUSTOM-MADE). THESE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LACK OF MATERIALS OR PANDEMIC SITUATION. IT’S ALL ABOUT MISCOMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE COMPANY, CREW, AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN. We had some stucco put on a wall in July 17; today is October the 7th and the material is coming off like chalk. The Stucco Specialist came this afternoon for NOTHING since he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. My husband had asked him to call the office before showing up in order to get details of what needs to be done but he didn’t. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL STARTING WITH THE SALESMAN AND THE WHOLE COMPANY.

      1. I am in a living Renewal By Andersen u fulfilling relationship that I can’t get out of. They merged two warehouses are lacking tenured installation crews. The last crew they dropped on my doorstep had North Carolina license plates and not one installer spoke English. They arrived with the wrong sized windows and said we make pretty. They ver 50% of my windows had defects and I am still trying to find resolve 1 year later and having to take off work all for no shows or wrong windows or another defect. Worth it? Not at all

    3. Thomas Ivey says:

      So about the highest rating thing. I live in spokane washington. RBA did a horrible job on my house. I told them if they could not do a good job. DO NOT TAKE THE JOB. I am not allowed to post anything bad or give a rating till this all plays out. Most people who are dissatisfied just give up after a year or two and do leave any kind of rating. The very nice houses with easy installs, and the customer is happy. RBA posts those right away. To put it this way. I can sell piles of CRAP. You need to sign a contract to buy said CRAP. If you are not happy with the amount of peanuts that come with buying my CRAP, its in the contract to go through a lot of hoops to fix it. By the end of this process, you will not receive a link to leave a review. BUT if you are happy with the amount of corn and peanuts in my CRAP. I will gladly walk you through the review process and give you a 500-dollar coupon for your generosity. The problem “John” is you either work for them, or have sort of positive image. I am glad. Just know people who get screwed by them cant just post anything and not get sued. THank you for your time.

  2. Jerilyn Coles says:

    I’ve been waiting over 5 months for a sliding door, might have to wait another 5 months. They never call back. Customer service is the worse.

    1. Lori Madden Grammer says:

      Going through the same. They threatened ne with the fact that i signed a contract and cannot get out of it. Worst company ever!!

      1. Patricia B says:

        All you have mentioned is true about the pricing tactics that uses Windows by Andersen. Among this, I am passing through a very poor installation time and communication. The bills have arrived with no installation done yet.

    2. Pam Olson says:

      I ordered 5 windows in June. It’s now January and they still aren’t installed. I knew when we ordered that it would be December before they were installed. I get that. The part I’m really not happy with is, they never return a phone call. My windows are allegedly there, but nobody to install. I need more windows replaced and I will not be going with this company!

  3. we purchased, what we thought were Andersen french doors. we waited 5 months for these “custom doors”… as the installers are taking our old doors out, I noticed this sticker on the glass, PROVIA. The installer said that’s the “glass product”, then it went from that to these are “manufactured by “Andersen”…..We paid well over 23K for 2 sets of french doors, that are not “by Andersen”, they are PROVIA french doors sold to us by “Renewal by Andersen”. On top of the “bait and switch” the doors have many manufacture defects……Then discovered they are a “DBA”Renewal By Andersen

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Katy, I’m sorry to hear they weren’t clear with you about what doors they were offering. We’ve seen that from Renewal by Andersen franchisees for a while. I once met with a prospective customer in Richmond VA who told me very enthusiastically that she bought fancy Renewal by Andersen doors for her primary residence and was buying Provia doors at a lower cost from me for a rental house.

      I didn’t tell her they were both Provia doors as she was very happy with her initial purchase. This can be a strange business. To my knowledge all of the hinged doors that Renewal by Andersen sells are actually Provia doors.

      Provia does make very nice doors so that’s not really a problem but you can probably get them at a better price from a different company.

      For example, that customer in Richmond paid quite a bit more for her doors from Renewal by Andersen than she would have paid from us for the same doors.

    2. dave volpe says:

      I am a window salesman for another company, we use to sell PROVIA. they should have told you upfront, but if its any consolation PROVIA makes an outstanding product! good luck.

  4. Georgia Roberson says:

    We got new windows in May. We had our first rain in October. The new windows leaked really bad. There was water on the carpet under the windows and puddles on the window sill. We are getting no response from Anderson!!! It’s supposed to rain again on Monday so I’m going to have to put towels all around the windows.
    It doesn’t look like Anderson is going to do anything about this! They are MIA!!! I recommend that no one use this company!!!!

  5. The Renewal by Andersen sales process was indeed grueling. The salesman was at my house for 3 hours. They make you watch a video that’s supposed to win you over, then he went on to explain condensation to me as if I was totally unfamiliar with the concept.
    The pricing back-and-forth was such a farce. I badly needed some good windows so I settled on replacing 3. The installation was fine, but afterwards I got a call telling me I would be getting a survey, and essentially telling me I should give them no lower than a 9 out of 10 rating. I couldn’t promise that and –guess what? I never got the survey.
    I will not go near R by A ever again, and I will definitely not recommend them to friends.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Joanne, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. I do think a lot of companies will manage their reviews like that. The only people who get called with a survey are people who have already agreed to give a 9 or a 10. I remember a while back one of the survey companies was trying to get my company to work with them and that was one of their selling points, they’d only call the people we sent them. We didn’t hire them.

    2. Hi Joanne, ny sales guy asked for a 10 for everyone and I obliged (because the windows look stunning and seem high quality and I didn’t see contract prices appear differently than what we signed originally! There was no itemization at all nor return customer discounts shown.) .

      After that I realized we paid far more than agreed. Or lost I’m communique? I stunned because our first install last year seemed easier and facts seemed more open aired. This time I think there was a half down communique issue which appeared like total cost. We ate blown away. I will never go thru financing as well, again with them and ask for more transparent costs itemized when finishing out house. There is NO way a slider for a patio, a 200 series , and 2.basic bedroom windows not huge, should total 12k.

      Stunned. I will now await for sales guy to fix this as well as RbA’s billing, and if not I’ll have to tall to Greensky. Even greenskys financing had bothered me. 🤷

  6. Lori Madden Grammer says:

    We purchased 3 picture windows, a slider and a doggie door from Renewal By Anderson in June, 2021. The picture windows were placed-the frames were damaged, and one frame was temporary and did not match. The slider was supposed to be placed at the same time but was delayed. The workers had to be told to wear masks. We asked the workers to go through the back of the house to avoid tracking dirt through out our house. One of the workers rang the doorbell and asked to use the bathroom at the front of the house-he was in the bathroom for almost 30 minutes-the stench was disgusting, there was toilet paper filling my my trash can to the top, guest towels were used, liquid on our floor and he had the fan on and door closed when he exited, which did not stop the smell in my entire hallway. I asked the supervisor to send him home, as I figured that he was ill, as who stays in a bathroom for 30 minutes to move their bowels while working? I am immune compromised which if he was ill, put me at risk. The supervisor did not send him home!! I had my housekeeper clean the bathroom when he was done as she was at my house that day-she said it was disgusting. In October, we were set up for sliding glass door installation-verified with a phone call and email. The email said that they always arrive on time and to make sure that furniture was moved out of the way prior to their arrival. Arrival time between 7am-8am. At 0745, we receive a call that they cannot find our slider and are not coming. My husband was yelling an cussing in the backround, as he has back pain and needs surgery and this was very hard for him to do. We asked for a supervisor to call and no one called. Two days later, I called again and some guy with a wierd name that I could not pronounce called himself a concierge/manager. He minimized all of it and said that the company would not tolerate my husband’s foul language. My husband was not on the phone!! He kept saying that 95% of the installations are perfect-what did this have to do with my messed up project?? He also kept reminding me of our contract. I asked for an ETA on our slider and he couldn’t tell me. It has been over 5 months now and no sign of a slider. The installers also ruined my house alarm, which my salesman ensured me would not happen. I had to buy a new alarm, as the alarm was sending signals to ADT every minute!! I still have damaged frames and a slider leaking air in, as I still have no slider form Anderson. We are convinced that our slider was installed at someone else’s home and that we will be waiting 5 more months. This is by far the worst experience we have ever had!!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      To be fair, when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. Working in other people’s homes can be challenging sometimes.

      Obviously it’s hard to say what’s causing the delay with the sliding door, but many things are delayed lately. At my company we’re seeing doors, especially custom sized doors, taking much longer than usual. It’s possible that it broke and had to be remade or that it just didn’t show up with the rest of the order and is taking longer than anyone expected.

      While Renewal by Andersen isn’t necessarily my favorite company, and it sounds like there are several other issues that you’re dealing with, I would suggest that using foul language or otherwise being upset about it won’t make the door show up faster. I would assume they want to get you off of the list just as badly as you want to be off the list.

      In my experience it’s much easier to be as constructive and helpful as possible. There’s likely nothing that can be done to speed up your order. You don’t want to be known as someone who is going to yell and scream at them. That won’t help anything. Sometimes the best-laid plans still go awry. It’s been a crazy year or two for everyone.

      Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

  7. Daniel Winslow says:

    I came across this site for the first time today. I want to ask a question.
    We want to replace just one window. The job is only slightly more complex than a typical replacement, based on estimates for other windows that we’ve now decided to wait on.
    Anyway, we got an estimate from the well-known large, nationwide home improvement store with the orange logo, and it came to about 1k.
    Then, we got an estimate from RbA. The pitch was very pleasant, zero-pressure, didn’t bash any other companies, and was pretty much free of all the BS warned about on this website.
    That said, his quote was around 4k, quadruple the price of the first one.
    He said the price already included several discounts and special incentives, but he didn’t whittle it down peacemeal. He gave us one price and that was it. We said we would let him know and he left and thanked us for our time. It was all very pleasant.
    I know he can go lower. Telling me about all the discounts he already applied is a way to discourage me from thinking so, I suppose.
    We really do want to go with RbA, and we fully expect it to cost more than you-know-who. But not 4x more!
    So here’s my question. Based on this information, which I know is incomplete, what should my counter-offer be? Approximately? Is there any particular way you suggest to approach it? Should I provide any rationale? Should I mention, or even allude to, the other quote? Any ideas about this? Thank you!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      It’s hard to say how low they’ll go. A one window project isn’t too exciting for anyone, especially the salesman who is already calculating his commission so I wouldn’t expect them to work too hard to get such a small order. If his usual commission is 20x higher he’ll likely spend his time on the next prospective customer instead.

      What makes you want to work with Renewal by Andersen more than a different company? I’m always interested to hear about how people weigh the options.

      1. Daniel Winslow says:

        Thank you for the reply.
        After submitting my question to you I did some more research online.
        Apparently not only are 4x quotes from our local RbA typical, but people have complained a lot about their after-the-fact lack of support and unresponsiveness to problems.
        I guess we’re not that set on them after all, but their pitch was a lot more inspiring than the first one. I guess we bought into it, which is what they want. If their price had been lower, we might have gone for it, without doing the additional research we should certainly have done to begin with.
        We’re getting a third quote tomorrow from a small local guy that was recommended to us by someone we know.
        So far we haven’t made any formal decision or response to either of the other quotes.

  8. Ordered our RbA in August. They finally called and wanted to schedule the day before Christmas. We couldn’t do it so we scheduled for tomorrow. Came home early from vacation and hubby took an extra day off to be here. Called less than 24 hours before and told us the window isn’t done. I am done waiting. I want to go with a different company. This is the worse customer service. When your paying 8,000 for two windows you’d think they would treat you good. Oh

  9. Cat Lowry says:

    I had the RbA guy come in September. I wanted the windows done quickly. I also have 3 that I wanted re-framed. The guy didn’t use pressure. I knew what I wanted. After all the paperwork was done , was told the windows would come almost 5 months after the guy measured in Nov. Asked the guy,who supposedly was there to measure and confirm all the details, whether or not the awnings on the outer frames would need to come down. They didn’t even look. Until I asked. Yep, the need them down. We’re going to give 600 back out of almost 7 grand. Now have to find a handyman to take down awnings in March in the Northeast winter. Ridiculous company. They even have a note in contract that even if you die you are responsible for paying them for windows ordered. Lol.

  10. Mary Vericolli says:

    We waited over 6 months to finally get our windows and doors installed. There were so many delays due to production and then when the job was finally complete (not what we wanted, but what they could finally put in for us) the window had scratches in two places. My son had to finish painting the outside trim and build a new bottom molding so the window looked better from the outside. We waited for a long time to finally get the stucco and plaster people to come and finish their part of the job. It was an overall nightmare. Their initial measurements on the upstairs job was done incorrectly and in the end they overcharged for a shoddy window upstairs. Go with anyone else. We are still waiting for the install department to come and see about the scratches on a window.

    1. Patricia B says:

      Can we, the customers, complain to the Better Business Bureau? What else can we do? RBA ads and promotions have invaded our lives and no institution protects us and/ or penalize them.

  11. Carrie Bethea says:

    We should have read the reviews before using this company because we never would have used them.They are very tricky with their pricing and expensive. I do not recommend this company to anyone and the service time wise is very poor. I don’t know about the quality of work yet because nothing has been completed. We are replacing six windows and started this process at the end of December and now it is April. They called and set up an appointment . Then the next day they call and reschedule again for the next two days, but don’t show up and didn’t call. The next time they call they said it is suppose to rain on Thursday so they will come on Friday. Well when Friday came two men showed up but did not completely finish installing one window before one came and said he have a family emergency. He said he probably won’t be back until Monday. Who knows what is going to happen on Monday.

  12. Very interesting to read these comments. I had Renewal come to give me an estimate back in September 2021. I am working from home and luckily my husband was home that day. The salesperson arrived at 10am and they had asked me to put aside 1.5hrs for the visit. My goodness…it was 1.5 hrs of small talk before ANYTHING was discussed. Let’s just say, my kids came home from school/work and he was still here. He didn’t leave til 4:30pm. I signed the contract because I felt pressured to – he’d been there all day wowing us with the videos and demos. The price started at $120K (Canadian). I nearly fell out of my chair. Eventually he whittled it down to $80K and then convinced us to do a few windows now and do the rest later. $30K for less than 1/2 the home. Two days later, once the dust settled I regained my sanity and called them to cancel. Absolutely absurd, and I did not appreciate the full day of my time without expecting it. I got the survey and I blasted them all. I won’t hold back. These sales tactics are expected in a car dealership, but not at my kitchen table. I felt completely overwhelmed and I had nowhere to go! At one point I had to ask him to leave for a bit to allow us to discuss. Awful.

  13. Wow. I feel compelled to add my story to this. It is nearly identical to Dihan’s. I had a very pleasant gentleman arrive right on time. He was polite, wore a mask, and removed his shoes. We engaged in small talk and he asked me what I was looking for in a window. Almost 2 hours later I was convinced Fibrex was the best thing since sliced bread. He patiently estimated various scenarios for me, 11 windows and a door; 5 windows with no door, etc. And for each scenario the price for each promotion. Fortunately, my wife was at work and he agreed to come back 2 days later on his day off to close the deal. I was ready to rock and roll. I wanted quality windows and a solid, well versed installation crew. 2 months from day of signing the deal sounded good under the current circumstances with COVID. So that night, I ran the numbers by my wife who summarily insisted she wanted more quotes. That seemed expensive. I was, like wait a minute—this is the best promotion. We need to decide quickly. I was upset that she was making this difficult. Thank GOD for my wife! Of course I didn’t say that to her. But when I calmed down and thought about it, I had to ask why on earth would 5 windows cost $37,000?! That was the supposed MSRP without a promotion. I mean he got that down to $17,234 with his last offer, but damn! When I thought about that for 5 windows, that’s almost $3500 per window. So I called Pella. Got a quote. Then I went to Windowrama with my measurements and priced some comparable Andersen windows—$2800!!! For 5! Not 1! Ask me if I’m going with R by A.

  14. Rich Jenks says:

    We are currently in a situation with RBA of Mechanicsburg PA that is’nt going to well, but won’t say anymore at this point as it is still pending at the magistrates office. I will finish these comments at final judgement!!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Rich, sorry to hear about your trouble. Let us know how it works out.

        1. Rich jenks says:

          Can you tell me how many of the complaints listed here are against the Mechanicsburg Pa branch?

          1. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Rich, unless someone mentions where they are located you likely won’t be able to tell exactly where they are by their comments here.

  15. Rich jenks says:

    That’s too bad! Would be beneficial to have that info. Thanks just the same.

  16. This company (Richmond Window Corporation – Renewal by Andersen) is a disgrace and should be avoided at all costs. We replaced every window and door at the cost of 55k only to have a complete disaster from beginning to end. 14 service calls and 18 months later they just completed the work in mid December 2022. Last night I discovered yet another problem, a dent in a door panel they changed out in December. They’re a bunch of amateurs that were not prepared any of the 14 times they were at our home. I basically had to project manage their team for them to make sure they had everything covered. We should have gone to Pella instead. Incidentally, Pella were very interested in our horrible experience with Richmond Window Corporation when I spoke with them recently. Apparently it’s not the first time they’ve heard complaints like this.

  17. Alan Arbuckle, P.E. says:

    On April 5, 2023 at 12:45 p.m. I visited the Renewal by Anderson Store located at 2601 Nelson Miller Parkway in Louisville, Kentucky. I entered the store and noticed no one was available to greet potential customers.

    I viewed the floor models for a few minutes. Still no one inquired if I needed help. For about 4 or 5 more minutes I viewed the cross sectional models for renewal and full frame windows installation. I was then noticed by an Anderson employee who was in a meeting room next to the installation models.

    After a couple of more minutes, she left the meeting room to ask what she could assist me with. As I was in a Renewal by Anderson store, I responded a replacement window. She asked how many windows and I responded one bathroom window. She then asked if I had other windows or a door to replace. I responded no. She informed me the minimum of number of windows to purchase Renewal by Anderson products was three.

    I was temporarily speechless. After regaining my thoughts I asked if the only other option to purchase Anderson products was at Home Depot and install on my own. She indifferently stated yes. I have not in my 69 years been to store of any kind and been told the dollar value of my purchase did not qualify me to obtain products from that manufacturer. As I did not qualify to make a purchase, she left the conversation. Apparently, my purchase did not qualify me to ask questions about Renewal by Anderson products either.

    I exited the Renewal by Anderson store and drove to the nearest Home Depot located at 10301 Westport Road. I viewed the small section of Anderson windows. The store had on display the 100 series, 400 series and E series. Some displays did not have prices and those displays that did have a price for only the size on display.

    I found a Home Depot employee and asked about assistance with windows. He stated that an employee should be there as he is in the store today. I went back and found two desks near the windows display, No Home Depot employee was at the desk or nearby. I did locate product literature for Anderson windows and took brochures for the series I planned to purchase.

    Home Depot may or may not employ staff that is trained in answering questions about Anderson windows. I cannot comment on this employee’s proficiency in responding to product inquiries since that employee was not available. I expect a Renewal by Anderson employee would be better trained to answer my questions, but that option was not available due to my purchase of one window.

    I have shopped at Home Depot for many years. I now purchase home repair and improvement items at locally owned and operated stores because of Home Depot’s limited selection, untrained employees and limited availability of employees on the floor. These stores include electrical and plumbing specialty stores.

    I mention my negative experiences with Home Depot as I consider Renewal by Anderson management’s decision to market their windows at Home Depot to be detrimental to potential customers and Renewal by Anderson sales. Management is accountable in this disastrous marketing strategy just as significantly as Home Depot‘s management’s decision to carry a product line that is not supported by Renewal by Anderson or Home Depot management.

    In summary, if a potential customer wants to purchase one or two Renewal by Anderson windows in Louisville, Kentucky the only option is Home Depot. This is not an acceptable purchasing alternative. I will be researching Pella, Champion, Milgard, and Simonton to determine if they want to sell me windows.

  18. I just learnt, a member of their sales team earned upwards of $300K in bonuses for sales incentives. What else is left to say, Go figure!

  19. Renewal by Andersen’s Los Angeles branch manager, Al Alfieri, is a liar and a crook. He owes me in excess of $5000.00 for shimming drywall to make the windows his company sold to my friend actually fit her house. This company is nothing more than a marketing company that preys on the weak, and will lie to get them to sign a contract.

  20. I had a guy from their company give me a quote of 65,000 to 70,000 for 4 small basement windows & 2 small windows for attic & fruit room, and 6 medium sized windows for an 1020 square foot house. They are insane! Wasted my time!!!

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