Simonton Madeira Windows Reviews

Simonton Madeira windows reviews warranty prices and costs

Our Simonton Madeira windows reviews are here to help you determine if these are the best windows for your home. The short answer, maybe not.

The Madeira windows are decent enough. Sometimes people think I’m too harsh when talking about Simonton windows, but I continue to think they are at best solidly mid-range.

As we get started, I’ll point out something a little silly. The pictures in the brochures for the west coast Simonton window models like the Verona are just a little silly. If you had a very fancy marketing budget to pick pictures that will be used for a very long time is this the picture you’d pick?

Simonton Madeira strange brochure picture.
Here you can see the strange pictures they use in the brochure.

I mean, that’s a fine looking house, but it can’t possibly be the best possible option.

What are the features of the Simonton Madeira windows reviews?

The features of this model are pretty basic which is a common thread among all of the Simonton windows. There’s nothing too fancy but the important things are there.

Simonton Madeira window frame and structure.
Here you can see the basic features of the Simonton Madeira windows.

The features listed above are pretty typical among all vinyl windows. The equal site lines are nice. I was just pointing out the uneven glass sizes in the Simonton Verona window and they’ve fixed that in the nicer Madeira windows.

The “Air Look” feature is a funny one to point out because almost every vinyl double hung window has the same night latches that allow the window to open a little bit while remaining locked.

Are Simonton Madeira windows energy efficient?

Sort of. They talk a lot about the efficiency but the actual efficiency ratings are rather unremarkable.

Simonton Madeira energy efficiency packages.
Here you can see a silly graphic from the Madeira brochure.

You can see they compare the 0.30 U-Factor to Brand “X” with a 0.35 U-Factor. Somehow they forgot to mention that basically every vinyl double hung window will have a U-Factor of 0.30 or lower. Lower is better when it comes to U-Factors so this graphic is basically saying that the efficiency here is very average.

To be fair, when you pick some of the ProSolar packages the efficiency ratings can get better. They have options as low as 0.23 which is actually pretty good. If they would have used 0.23 in the graphic above it would look a lot better. Another failure of the brochure design team if you ask me.

Simonton does offer an upgrade to Super Spacer which is a nice efficiency feature. The change in spacers doesn’t make a huge difference in overall efficiency but it does improve the condensation resistance rating and has some other advantages as well.

What about the Simonton Madeira window warranty?

The warranty is pretty decent on this window. Here’s a chart that illustrates the highlights.

Simonton Madeira west coast windows warranty.
Here you can see the basics of the west coast warranty from Simonton.

As you can see the Simonton DaylightMax and Madeira windows have the same warranty. The residential warranty, meaning it’s a house you’re living in, is good for as long as you own the house and it’s transferable when you sell the house.

You get glass breakage coverage standard and basically all components of the windows are covered. In addition the warranty is backed by one of the larger window manufacturers in the country. In my opinion the warranty is a great selling point for this window.

What’s the bottom line?

The Simonton Madeira window is pretty basic but overall a decent window option. There aren’t any particularly interesting features but the windows look nice and the warranty is pretty strong.

It’s certainly not a top of the line window, but it could be a perfectly good choice if you’re looking for basic options.

If you’re looking for a better option you can find our list of recommended window companies right here.

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about something?

Post a comment below and let us know. It’s always our goal to post accurate info along with our opinions and I’m interested in your opinion as well.

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  1. Just received and installed three Simonton double-hung windows. Without a doubt, the worst quality products I have ever purchased. Items as-received were stratched, The painted vinyl side looked like it had been done by a ten-year-old. Tried to get assistance before I installed them and received no response. After being forced to install because of construction schedule constraints, all three windows were defective. Main issue was complete lack of support of the top pane when it was unlatched. One of the panes free-fell so fast that the top pane wedged hopelessly below the bottom pane and now the window cannot be closed. Second window does the same but I’m able to catch it in time as it plunges down. I cannot express strongly enough how you should avoid this window supplier at all costs.

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