Soft-Lite Pro vs Soft-Lite Classic

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We’ve received a few requests recently to compare the Soft-Lite Pro vs Soft-Lite Classic windows.  As you’ll see below these two window models are pretty similar.  In fact, they are essentially the same window with a few small differences.

Soft-lite pro vs Soft-Lite classic windows reviews As you can see here, the two windows are essentially the same.  This picture points out the biggest difference between the Soft-Lite Pro vs Soft-Lite Classic windows.  The exterior design of the frame is a little busier on the Pro model.  We tend to like the simple look of the classic, but it’s your house, pick out whichever style you like best.

Another difference between the two models is the foam insulation in the frame.

Soft-lite foam filled frames

As you can see in the picture above, the foam insulation in the frame is standard with the Soft-Lite Pro and it’s optional with the Soft-Lite Classic.  Typically foam insulation in frames is mostly about the sales pitch.  It typically doesn’t have much affect on the ratings, but if you like the idea make sure it’s included.

The last difference is the reinforcement in the sash.  As you can see in this picture the Pro model comes with standard reinforcement in the sash and the Classic does not.

soft lite pro classic reinforced sash The reinforcement helps the window stand up to extreme windows and can also help with intrusion prevention.  This is more important for very wide windows or for windows that will be subjected to very high winds.  Generally speaking we recommend getting windows with reinforced sashes.  The cost isn’t very high and it does make them stronger.

That’s it!

Those are all of the differences in the Soft-Lite Pro vs Soft-Lite Classic windows.  Typically when contractors offer the Classic window for a few dollars less than the Pro they’re not ordering the foam filled frames or the reinforced sashes.  If you want these features be sure they’re included.  Once they are added in the pricing should be about the same between these two windows.

If you have any more specific questions about Soft-Lite windows just let us know.  You can find more detailed information and reviews of Soft-Lite products right here!

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8 thoughts on “Soft-Lite Pro vs Soft-Lite Classic”

  1. I disagree with your comment that foam in the frame and sash is mostly a sales pitch. It does help provide a lower u-value when tested. And a lower u-value means a better performing window.

    1. A lower u-value certainly does mean a better performing window. I’ve never seen it make more than a difference of 0.01 in the u-value, which isn’t much of a difference. In some models there is no difference at all. Are you aware of a window that realizes more of a difference with foam in the frames? We’d be happy to hear about it.

    1. They’re both decent options. I’d probably recommend going with the installation company you felt more comfortable with. Have you decided yet and if so which way did you go?

    1. They both make a range of options. It’s like saying would you pick Ford or Chevy. The answer depends which models you’re comparing, cost, etc. What did you see as an advantage of one over the other based on what you were quoted?

  2. I think this needs to be updated – unless of course I being sold a line of something… My understanding is that, in addition to the look, Pro is fiberglass reinforced and comes standard with their super spacer and the BetterVue screen. My quote also adds about $60 per window to go from Classic to Pro, but that also adds Solar LowE glass, an upgrade, so they tell me, from LowE+. Is what they say true and worth the money?

    1. It’s my understanding that different companies will order them different ways. It’s completely possible that the company you ordered from configured them that way. It’s hard to say what’s worth the money. As far as efficiency options like lowE+ or Super Spacer you can just look at the ratings.

      The NFRC ratings are like the full economy ratings for a car. They are what they are and there’s nothing the salesman can do about it. When you compare the ratings for the two different options you can see what the difference is and then decide if that difference is worth the cost. Usually the Super Spacer makes a 0.01 or 0.02 difference in the U-Factor so it’s something, but not a dramatic difference. Who knows what they’re calling LowE+ so without looking at the ratings it would be hard to say what (if anything) that’s doing for you.

      Let us know if they gave you any of that info. I’m sure you’re not the only person wondering.

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