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Soft-Lite windows reviews, warranty, complaints

Soft-Lite windows is a vinyl window manufacturer based in Streetsboro, OH.  They produce a range of replacement window options that are distributed through local contractors typically East of the rockies.  Their products are generally of fine quality, but they are often sold with aggressive sales tactics.  This really depends on the contractor offering the products and it is not good for the consumer.

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Here you’ll find detailed Soft-Lite windows reviews including the following models:

These are the popular Soft-Lite windows models .  As you’ll see in the reviews they’re typically good quality products, but their sales and marketing tactics leave something to be desired.  They are also a relatively small manufacturer which is not necessarily a bad thing.  One should consider this when comparing options.  Several smaller window manufacturers with fine products have gone out of businesses in recent years leaving their customers with no warranty.

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Soft-Lite purchased the assets of Gorell windows out of bankruptcy a little while back.  Gorell was a great company to illustrate this point.  They made a fine product that was frequently praised online.  Now all of the folks who listened to that advice are out of luck.

As you’ll see in the reviews, Soft-Lite windows come in a rage of models that are often offered at drastically different price points.  The Elements and the Imperial LS models are touted as the “top of the line”.  While it does get excellent energy efficiency ratings, it also uses a relatively thick frame which blocks some light.

The Soft-Lite Pro and Soft-Lite Classic make up the middle of the pack.  These two windows are especially the same.  We’ve reviewed each window separately and then we’ve also compared the differences between the two.

We’ll go through the options explaining the advantages and disadvantages.  We’ll also look at the Soft-Lite windows warranty, ratings, pricing and cost to offer the full picture of the options.

Check back often to keep up with the latest and greatest information on Soft-Lite windows and sliding patio doors.

For now you can find the best replacement windows reviews here and you can also find information on common window sales tactics to avoid right here.

What if I have more questions about Soft-Lite windows?

Find our Soft-Lite windows FAQ page right here.  We answer any question about Soft-Lite windows for everyone to see.  

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How can I find a great window company to work with?

That part is easy.  Check this section to find our recommended window companies all over the country including my company.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difference. Enjoy!

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143 responses to “Soft-Lite Windows Reviews”

  1. Rich Kessler Avatar
    Rich Kessler

    I notice you mention Zen Windows in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area as the best… but on your page where you list all the window companies, you don’t even mention Zen windows. Do you know what brand/company they use? What they call their Lotus line, is it Soft-Lite of Alside? And if Soft-Lite, what line is it? Soft Lite Classic, Pro, Elements or Imperial LS ?

    So many dealers, so few companies… and all the relabeling.


    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Rich, that’s because the reviews we do of window brands are all reviews of manufacturers. Zen isn’t a manufacturer so they’re not on that list. Best bet is to ask them if you have specific questions about their quote. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help out.

  2. Dan Avatar

    I have a Gorell 6000 series sliding patio door. I need to purchase a new handle for the door. the lock is fine but the screws are stripped out.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Dan, I’ll be interested to hear whether or not Soft-Lite still offers parts for Gorell doors. Let us know what you find out!

  3. Miguel Avatar

    Hi There,

    I went with Zen Windows for a replacement job 5-7 years ago or so. (Two double-pane sliding glass doors and two large triple-pane windows.) I believe they’re SoftLite windows. I’m running into a problem, and I’m wondering if it’s common to all Vinyl.

    I live in Colorado, where we see temps less than -10F in the winter and over 90F in the summer. When the outdoor temps are >70F, the doors open almost effortlessly, especially in the sun. They open very easily and smoothly. But when temperatures drop, the windows become really difficult to open. I used a luggage scale to measure: At 30F it takes 30 lbs of force to open the sliding glass door. At 10F it takes 50 lbs of force, and even then the door only opens a foot before it gets even harder to open. Lower temps are even harder to open. The frame on the glass of the door is visibly bowed below 50F.

    Is this common of all Vinyl? Should I have just sucked it up and paid twice the price for fiberglass, which doesn’t have the same thermal expansion problems?

    I contacted Zen Windows Warranty. They sent out a service technician who said he’d never seen anything like it, and it definitely wasn’t right. But after he left, I never heard from Zen. I called them a few weeks later, and they said the service tech said everything was fine and the windows were working normally.

    Any recommendations?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Miguel, I might check with Soft-Lite to see what they say or if they have a spec on what the force required to open should be. There are many areas of the country that experience pretty wide temperature swings and we don’t hear that complaint very often.

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