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Most folks go about buying replacement windows all wrong.  

When you think about it, that shouldn’t be too surprising.  I know a whole lot about windows, but I don’t know anything about your job.  If you dropped me in the middle of your office and told me to handle things, there’s a solid chance I wouldn’t do nearly as well as you do.

On this site we work to solve that problem.  Our goal is to give you the info you need to do a great job with your window project.

The number one thing you can do to start your project off right is to talk to a great replacement window company about your project.

You see we get comments from people all over the US and Canada who have received a TON of misinformation from some high-pressure window sales company.  It’s not their fault.  Some company probably came knocking on the door offering a great deal because they were working in the area (or some other silly sales tactic).  The potential customer let them in and then got bombarded by the BS.

Preservation window reviews

We know how this goes.  That’s why we try to put you in touch with a great replacement window company right off the bat.

If you start off by talking to a reputable company you’re much more likely to get accurate and helpful information from someone who is trying to take great care of his customers.  That’s what you wanted in the first place right?

Common mistake #1: Don’t try to pick out windows first

There are 2 reasons that trying to pick out a brand or model of windows before you identify a few great local installation companies is a HUGE mistake.

Reason 1: The absolute most important part of your window project is the quality of the installation.  You can get great windows, installed by a joker and you’ll have problems.  You can get solidly mediocre windows installed by a craftsman and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Reason 2: Many replacement window manufacturers have limited distribution.  There may only be one company in your town that offers a certain brand.  They may be great or they may be jerks.  It’s a big waste of time to fall in love with a window model only to discover that you don’t like the company that sells it.  We see that happen all the time.  I mean ALL the time.  Someone probably posted a comment about it today.  Don’t be that scorned window shopper!

Solution: Luckily, there is a very easy solution to this problem.  Start by identifying a few fantastic local replacement window companies and see what they suggest.  I bet you lunch that if you do a good job of identifying which companies to meet with you’ll be happy with their suggestions, you’ll avoid all of the common window scams and you won’t understand why some folks have such a bad experience buying new windows.

Vinyl vs fiberglass replacement windows

How do you know all of this?

I’ve been in the window business since 2004.  That’s a pretty long time to be working with replacement windows.   I started out working in a distribution center in Baltimore unloading semi trucks.  From there I worked in manufacturing, distribution, sales, installation all over the country.  Now I own one of the largest window companies in the country.  That means I know a lot of people in the industry, both the good and the bad.

If you’re in an area my company serves I’d be happy to help you out and if you’re in an area where I know of a great company I’ll be happy to send you their way.  You can find our list of the best window companies right here.

It might feel like every window salesperson is a complete jerk, but I promise there are plenty of good folks out there and I’m happy to let you know who the good guys are.

Once you’ve identified a great company or two the next step is to compare their suggestions to find the best replacement windows for you.  You can compare their options with our in-depth collection of replacement window reviews right here.  We’ll show you how to understand the ratings, compare the warranties and much more.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts on the next 3 most common mistakes folks make, and our fantastic new video comparisons that will be out soon.

For now, take a look through the most common window sales scams to save yourself a lot of trouble down the road!

Thanks for stopping by; we really are glad you’re here.  We sincerely hope you find the info here to be helpful.  If you have any questions or suggestions just post a comment on any page.  We check them all and respond as quickly as we can.

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Remember the number one piece of advice I have is to start with the a great company and you can find the best companies I know of right here.

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344 responses to “Start Here”

  1. StuYo Avatar

    Laminate glass or triple pane for low frequency engine noise?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      You can look at the STC rating to see how well different window options and glass packages will impact sound transmission. Generally speaking laminated glass will be better than triple pane for blocking sound transmission, but it’s more expensive and less efficient than triple pane glass. So, there’s a bit of a trade off when considering laminated glass vs triple pane.

  2. Joe Durst Avatar
    Joe Durst

    I am trying to “match” wood trim. I am looking for a vinyl double hung window manufacturer that has a option of an interior brown sash and tan/beige exterior.-Thanks

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Joe, what’s your zip code? I might be able to help with a replacement window option with beige exterior and woodgrain interior and matching interior trim available too. It would just depend on your location.

  3. Tim Avatar

    Hi there – I’m looking for your recommendations for reputable window installation companies in the Oro Valley/Tucson, AZ area. My daughter & her husband recently purchased a home there & she said the house needs new windows. Thanks for any help!

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