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Announcing the Best Window Company in Atlanta – Window Universe!  My good friend Don owns the  Window Universe store in Atlanta and he’s standing by waiting to help you with your window project.

Don over at Window Universe has been in the business for years and he knows windows inside and out.  He’s currently offering some fantastic windows with professional installation from factory authorized installers.  His lifetime warranty is backed up by the manufacturer who is a billion dollar company with 60+ year history in the manufacturing business.

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What can Window Universe do for me?

They can do a lot of great things for you, but the most important is that they can make this process easy.  Don and his team are experts at this and they know how to cut through all of the usual fluff to get you the info you need at the best prices in town.

It’s really easy.

Do they offer other products?

They sure do.  In addition to great windows and doors you’ll also see that they offer siding and roofing options to completely transform your home.

Even if you’re just thinking about windows now,  you can be sure they’ll be ready to help when it’s time to replace your roof down the road.  It’s nice to know you have a guy in the business.

How do you know Don at Window Universe?

That’s a great question.  As you probably know we’ve been working on this site for a while now and it’s gained quite a bit of attention in the industry.  I thought I knew a lot of people in the window business before and I know a whole lot more people now.

Don’s been a fan of the site for a while and he reached out a while back to see if we could work together.  After working together for several years he opened a Window Universe location in Atlanta to take his business to the next level.  He’s currently working on a few guest posts to help folks make sense of things and his many years of experience and invaluable.  Now that we have a business relationship I wanted to make sure our readers (you!) knew about this great local company too.

So how do I get a quote from Don? 

Good question.  His system is a little different from some other companies out there.  His process starts with an email.  When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page an email will be sent directly to the owner of the company.  Don will then be in touch to schedule your appointment.

You’ll see the form asks when you’re typically available and how urgent your need is.  This cuts out a few steps and helps them serve you faster and more efficiently.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and you’re thinking about new windows you owe it to yourself to fill out this form just to see what Window Universe can do for you.

Be sure to post a comment to let everyone know how it goes!

Get your FREE quote here!

We will NEVER share this info with anyone and you’re going to LOVE what Don has to offer!

Are you the best window company in your town?  We’d love to meet you and our readers would like to find you.  Meet us here.

Update: We now have more recommend LOCAL window companies than ever before.   Click here to see who we recommend in your town.  It's 100% free.  You'll thank me.  There is no better resource; you're going to love it.  See for yourself right here.  

8 thoughts on “The Best Window Company in Atlanta – Window Universe!”

  1. Need NW Metro-Atlanta specifically (many “Atlanta” companies don’t like to come to suburbs). I have read and re-read Window Dog posts. I DID have two companies come out, one highly recommended by Good Housekeeping – but I think that was for main company. This one appeared to be an “independent” company. They appeared to be the best, but they wanted all the money up front to order Windows. I still have so many questions -especially what happens to old wood frame/sills and any gap left inside and out? Neither of these two were listed by Angie’s List. In fact over the winter months, there were none listed. I had hoped to interview and complete by end of March.

  2. You say this is the best window company near Atlanta. I can find no reviews and find it hard to believe that a company that has been in business for 20 years has not had one review. What do you use for criteria in choosing the “Best”. No reviews at all makes me a little leery.

    1. I know Don personally. I know him to be a good honest person who uses top quality installers to make sure his customers are thrilled. That’s the criteria I use in this case. Talk to some of his past customers and ask them about their experience. I’m sure he’ll share their contact info. That’s better than a mysterious online review anyway.

  3. I contacted “the dog” after searching for window info online and finding his site. The site hit points I found out the hard way (high pressure etc) and I learned enough to make good decisions about windows.

    The “dog” replied personally to a few questions I had. Through him, we met Don from Classic. I will vouch for Don/Classic’s vast knowledge, excellent work and fair prices (and his character as our project tested it several times…see last paragraph).

    We had a very complex job. We added a window in powder room, bathroom, moved a window in a Master Bath, doubled the size of two windows in a master bedroom, finally, we removed a fireplace and put in 12’X5′ of windows on the first and second floors where the chimney was.

    Don helped us design the look of the large openings with 25%,50%,25% (double, picture, double). He also suggested etching the 5 picture windows, which look awesome when the sun shines in. When all the construction was completed, Alside came in and installed 32 windows in less than a day. They left the house cleaner than when they arrived. The windows are beautiful, the crew leader was fantastic.

    Finally, here is how you know someone is NOT just a salesman. The job was near Christmas; Alside had questions about which windows were to be etched and Don missed it (read email on phone seeing “we got your order” but with a followup question Don missed). The windows were delayed because Don didn’t reply, but instead of blaming Alside, he took full responsibility and asked Alside to rush the order because of HIS mistake. No sales guy does that, but the owner of a company for ~30 years does. Don earned our complete trust and Alside is a great company backing him up.

    1. Sounds great. I’ve known Don for a while now and I consistently hear great feedback from our readers who work with him. Thanks for taking the time to write.

    1. Hi Michael, I don’t know that. I’ve haven’t dealt with them too much, but I believe I remember them being wholesale only back in the day. It’s been years since I’ve even been in a Lansing Building Products so I couldn’t say for sure.

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