Vista Window Company Closes Their Doors

Unfortunately another smaller window manufacturer has closed their doors for good.  It looks like Vista Window Company is gone.  Their voicemail says they closed due to unforeseen circumstances and their google listing says they’re closed for good.  We always hate to see a company struggle.  Unfortunately, I think it’s going to continue to get more difficult for smaller window companies to compete.

vista windows bankruptcy
Vista Window Company closed their doors on January 14th 2019.

What happens with the Vista Windows Warranty?

We’ve reached out to Vista Window Company and asked about the status of any pending orders and if there is any process for warranty claims as I’m sure our readers will be asking.

Right now, I would guess that there is no warranty and owners of these windows may be out of luck.  If we hear back with any info I’ll update this page right away.

What about pending orders for Vista Windows?

If you have an order pending for Vista windows I’d reach out to your contractor or dealer right away to make sure they can offer you something else.  Most reputable contractors will have credit terms established with manufacturers so they likely haven’t actually paid for your windows.  That means the contractor still has any deposit you’ve given them and you can (hopefully) order something else.  If they tell you the deposit is spent you might want to check with an attorney as you’ll probably have a hard time getting that money back.

If you hear any info that is different than what we’re written here please let us know asap.  You can post a comment or contact us privately.  I’m sure many folks will have questions about the status of Vista Window Company so any info you have to share will be helpful.

What if I was about to order Vista Windows?

Consider yourself lucky!  It’s time to order something else.  I’d look towards larger manufacturers.  You never know what the future may hold for any company, but there are plenty of large and we’ll established companies out there.  There’s no need to take a gamble on a smaller player.

If/when we receive any new information on Vista Windows we’ll post it on this page so feel free to bookmark this page and check back for updates anytime.

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23 thoughts on “Vista Window Company Closes Their Doors”

  1. They didn’t go out of business because they couldn’t compete. They went out of business because they made an inferior, subpar product. Unfortnately, one that I have on my house that I now don’t have a warranty to replace and they are failing everyday. 27 damn windows and I have no recourse.

  2. Who actually made the Vista windows (sashes) maybe we can contact them. I have been trying to get mine replaced since 6 months after installed

  3. I worked there for over a year and gradually saw every good employee mistreated and run out only to be replaced with uneducated idiots who only came to work to get drunk and screw off. management was just as bad and could care less about windows with missing parts or broken glass getting shipped. i am surprised they were not sued out of business much sooner.

    1. Unfortunately, I think the information is that there is no warranty. If anyone knows anything else please post it. To my knowledge they’re gone and there is no warranty. It’s a real shame when that happens.

  4. This is actually good news for anyone looking for quality windows !!
    We had all of our windows replaced in 2015 with Vista windows–since then, 5 sashes had to be replaced as their ‘Argon filled windows’ become full of mold !!
    Thankfully 4 of the windows showed deterioration before they went out of business.
    Unfortunately, I still have 1 sash that looks terrible and the “Lifetime” guarantee is useless now.

  5. So I’ve been complaining about flaws inside the glass almost immediately after installation.
    Over $6700. Every window in my house. The picture window was replaced after this winter noticed long thin flaws on interior of my patio door! Called company immediately after my husband thought marks we’re on other side. Today I get a call from Atwood Construction that their doing their best to help replace the patio door. Now they’ve told me this is very past few months. I’ve already contacted Magistrate. Waiting isn’t a solution to my problem is it! Some one needs to take responsibility for selecting this subprime window contractor. I am a patient but what I see is a company goes out of business then changed their name and moves on. Letting the consumer holding the glass and out of money to have a reputable company replace.

    1. I agree!!!! Worked 8.5 years there. I thought slavery was gone. He didn’t think about the very good employees that knew about quality not the money coming in it sure didn’t go to the workers just their pockets.

  6. I need four replaced right now and was told by our installer that we will have to pay to replace them! There is no warranty because Vista offered the replacement not the installer! Makes me sick!

  7. My 88 year old Aunt has problems with her windows now! She was given a number to call, that is how I found out the company was closed!
    I do not want to tell her she no longer has a warranty on her windows!
    If you know of anyone who would help her, I would appreciate it!!
    Thank you!

  8. We have for years tried to get someone out to check our bad windows. Had district and regional manager’s call back, but nobody ever showed up to fix our bad Windows! Or sliding glass doors came with the wrong screen door which came weeks after installed. One window has feathers in between window panes.

  9. If the comments above are true then its a bad situation for the folks who have their windows and no warranty and it reads as if the company did this to themselves. Bad situation all around.

    1. Yes, it certainly is a bad situation for everyone who bought these windows. I tell people to only work with larger more well established companies for this very reason, but sometimes people just can’t resist a deal. Vista windows were often pretty inexpensive which probably seemed like a great deal to a lot of folks, right up until they went out of business.

  10. Do you know of anyone who carries the parts for these windows? One of the pivot shoes on mine is broken, and I don’t see a similar one online.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t, but maybe someone will chime in here. That’s the hardest part when one of the small window manufacturers goes out of business. A lot of their parts and pieces tend to disappear as well. Let us know if you find a source, I’m sure you’re not the only one looking.

  11. This would explain why when I contacted my installer about a Vista warranty issue, I was told they would charge me $350 just to look at the problem and then figure out how much the repair would cost. I’m starting to have issues with the protective film in my windows and now there’s no recourse.

    1. Yes, unfortunately there’s probably not going to be a good solution. Those little window companies are riskier than most people realize. Let us know if you find a better solution. I’m sure you’re not the only person looking for a better answer.

  12. So, we just had some windows fail that are not even five years old. The windows were sold to us by Window Depot and installed by one of their subcontractors. Window Depot is offering to honor their end of the warranty which is installation, but not the window.
    Seems to me that Window Depot should take some responsibility for working with this company; which, from the little bit I’ve read, seems to have had quality issues from the beginning.
    Does anyone know if Vista window company has reincarnated into another window company?

    1. Hi Adam, sorry to hear about your trouble. Unfortunately people sell windows from these little manufacturers all the time. When they go out of business the company selling them just starts selling something else. The person left holding the bag is the person who bought those windows. It’s definitely unfortunate.

      I always recommend buying windows made by a large and well established company to avoid this fate. There’s not much I can do to help and I expect Window Depot won’t do much either, but it doesn’t hurt to ask them.

  13. This company went out knowing there product was bad. I have 8 window in my home which including two large picture window. Each year one of these window fails. The window have a grey film making it impossible to see out. I do wonder if we all had problem with these window has anyone contacted a lawyer. Can the owner of this company be held responsible even if they went out of business.

    1. Unfortunately I doubt it. The whole point of a company is to protect the owners from personal liability. It’s just an unfortunate situation when one of those small manufacturers goes out of business.

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