The Best Window Company in New Jersey – Taylor Rae Construction

If you’re in northern or central New Jersey and you’re looking for new windows you’re in luck.  My friends at Taylor Rae Construction will surely be able to help.  That’s one reason they’re the best window company in New Jersey.

My buddy Jeff Dowling is the owner of Taylor Rae Construction and he’s been in the business for over 10 years.  He has a different background than many home improvement types.  Jeff has a degree in engineering and worked as an engineer before starting the company.

Best window company in New Jersey
Taylor Rae Construction is the best window company in New Jersey!

Initially they started working on all types of remodeling projects, but soon focused on exterior work including windows, doors, siding and decks.  They’ve become window and door experts and they lead the industry in their professionalism with modern techniques and the best materials.

Jeff has recently become a contributor to the site and he is committed to making window shopping easier.  They are certainly one of the easiest companies to work with in all of New Jersey.

What areas do they serve?

Taylor Rae Construction is based in Boonton Township and they serve all of northern and central New Jersey.  If you’re thinking new windows and doors it’ll be worth your time to touch base.

best window company in New Jersey - and doors too!
Here’s Jeff looking all fancy with a new entry door that was just installed.

Where did the company name come from?

Jeff’s such a family man that he named the company after his first two daughters.

How can I contact them?

Great question!  There are thee easy ways to get more info on how they might be able to help with your project.

  1. Give them a ring at 973-394-0949
  2. Send Jeff an email at [email protected] – Not too many business owners offer up their personal email!
  3. Fill out the form below and your info will be sent straight to them (and only to them).

Be sure to let them know you found them on!

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    The Best Window Company in Milwaukee – HomeSealed Exteriors

    We know our readers in the Milwaukee are are looking for a fantastic window company.  Luckily for you the best window company in Milwaukee is right here, HomeSealed Exteriors.

    I’ve known Brandon the owner of HomeSealed Exteriors for a number of years through his work writing about windows online. We have very similar business philosophies and I know Brandon and his team routinely go the extra mile for their customers.

    Here's Brandon and his beautiful family.
    Here’s Brandon and his beautiful family enjoying a summer afternoon in Milwaukee.

    I’m particularly excited to have Brandon on the team because in addition to being a fantastic business owner he’s also a great writer.  In addition to being a supporter of the site he’ll be contributing guest posts on a variety of topics as past of our ongoing effort to help folks understand the replacement window business.

    One of the best and most unexpected benefits of this site is the way we’ve been able to connect with great window companies all over the country.  It’s reassuring to know that in just about every city there are other folks operating the same way my company does.  We know window shopping can be difficult which is why we love recommending companies who make the process easy.

    What’s the story with this company?

    HomeSealed Exteriors has a founding story that is very similar to my own.  Both Brandon and his wife have several generations of family history in the remodeling industry.  After installing windows for several other Milwaukee area window companies Brandon was tired of seeing the dishonesty and shady sales tactics that were so prevalent in the replacement window business.  That’s why he decided to take the leap and start his own business back in 2004.

    Since then the company has grown to become one of the leading window installation companies in all of Milwaukee.  They were named one of the fastest growing companies of the year by Window and Door Magazine and they’re in the Quality Remodeling Top 500 Remodeling Companies in the Country.  They’ve also won the Angie’s List Super Service Award four years in a row.


    You know Milwaukee can have harsh seasons and HomeSealed Exteriors carries windows that will keep you comfortable all year long.

    If you’re interested in talking to Brandon and his team about your project there are three easy ways to get started:

    1. Give them a ring at 414-545-0405
    2. Send them an email at [email protected]
    3. Fill out the form below and they’ll be in touch

    Feel free to contact them however you’d like and be sure to tell them that Dan from sent you!

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      The Best Window Company in Atlanta – Window Universe!

      Announcing the Best Window Company in Atlanta – Window Universe!  My good friend Don owns the  Window Universe store in Atlanta and he’s standing by waiting to help you with your window project.

      Don over at Window Universe has been in the business for years and he knows windows inside and out.  He’s currently offering some fantastic windows with professional installation from factory authorized installers.  His lifetime warranty is backed up by the manufacturer who is a billion dollar company with 60+ year history in the manufacturing business.

      Window Universe reviews

      What can Window Universe do for me?

      They can do a lot of great things for you, but the most important is that they can make this process easy.  Don and his team are experts at this and they know how to cut through all of the usual fluff to get you the info you need at the best prices in town.

      It’s really easy.

      Do they offer other products?

      They sure do.  In addition to great windows and doors you’ll also see that they offer siding and roofing options to completely transform your home.

      Even if you’re just thinking about windows now,  you can be sure they’ll be ready to help when it’s time to replace your roof down the road.  It’s nice to know you have a guy in the business.

      How do you know Don at Window Universe?

      That’s a great question.  As you probably know we’ve been working on this site for a while now and it’s gained quite a bit of attention in the industry.  I thought I knew a lot of people in the window business before and I know a whole lot more people now.

      Don’s been a fan of the site for a while and he reached out a while back to see if we could work together.  After working together for several years he opened a Window Universe location in Atlanta to take his business to the next level.  He’s currently working on a few guest posts to help folks make sense of things and his many years of experience and invaluable.  Now that we have a business relationship I wanted to make sure our readers (you!) knew about this great local company too.

      So how do I get a quote from Don? 

      Good question.  His system is a little different from some other companies out there.  His process starts with an email.  When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page an email will be sent directly to the owner of the company.  Don will then be in touch to schedule your appointment.

      You’ll see the form asks when you’re typically available and how urgent your need is.  This cuts out a few steps and helps them serve you faster and more efficiently.

      If you’re in the Atlanta area and you’re thinking about new windows you owe it to yourself to fill out this form just to see what Window Universe can do for you.

      Be sure to post a comment to let everyone know how it goes!

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        Are you the best window company in your town?  We’d love to meet you and our readers would like to find you.  Meet us here.

        Best Window Company in Chicago – LJ Neal & Sons

        People have been asking us to recommend a window company in the Chicago area for quite a while now so it’s about time we finish this post!

        I’ve known the owners of LJ Neal & Sons for a while and I can tell you they are the best window company in Chicago.  They’re a family owned business and they’ve been operating in the Chicago suburbs for over 60 years.  They use the same no-pressue sales process that we’re always talking about.

        LJ Neal best window company chicago
        LJ Neal & Sons is the best window company in Chicago. They’re the company you’ve been looking for.

        You came to our site looking for information on replacement windows and hoping to find the best company in your area.   Hopefully you’ve found our information to be helpful and if you’re in the Chicago suburbs you’ve now found the best window company in Chicago right here.

        Leo and Bridgette are supporters of the site and they’re available to help you with your project from start to finish.  In fact, they’re working on some new posts for the site that explain the types of triple pane windows and I think our readers are going to love them.

        Does LJ Neal & Sons serve my area?

        If you’re in the suburbs of Chicago they probably do.  From Orland Park to Naperville to Gurnee they cover just about all of the Chicago suburbs.  If you’re in the area and you’re thinking about new windows you should definitely give them a ring.

        What kind of windows does LJ Neal & Sons offer?

        Like most window companies they’ll offer a range of options to fit the needs of most customers.  As you can see in the logo above they specialize in triple pane windows and that makes sense in Chicago.

        I grew up in the Chicago area and while I’ve since moved away to warmer climates I can tell you Chicago is an area where triple pane windows make a ton of sense.  Luckily LJ Neal and Sons will have triple pane and double pane options so you can pick the option that works best for you.

        LJ Neal is the best source for replacement windows in chicago
        This is a true family owned business. You can see the resemblance!

        Will they send some pushy salesperson to my house?

        Nope.  The owners, Leo and Bridgette, will personally come to meet with you to discuss your project.  That’s fantastic service.  In fact, they’ll even meet you on your installation day to introduce you to the installation crew.  You won’t find too many company with owners that involved in your project!

        How can I get more info?

        Great question.  We have established a direct way to contact them.  That way they’ll know that Dan from sent you!

        Just fill out the form below and they’ll reach out to you.  Your info will ONLY go to LJ Neal and Sons and we will always protect your privacy.

        If you have any questions throughout the process I’m sure Leo and Bridgette will be glad to help.  Don’t forget you can always reach out to me as well.  Either post a comment anywhere on the site or drop me a line through the contact link and I’ll be glad to help.

        By completing the form above they’ll know that you found them on and they’ll be ready to help with your project.  You’re going to LOVE what Leo and Bridgette have to offer!

        Are you the best window company in your town?  We’d love to meet you and our readers would like to find you.  Meet us here.

        Indianapolis Home Show – Special Offer Come Visit Us!

        Hey all, we’ll be headed to the Indianapolis home show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the next few days.  The show starts on Friday January 23rd and runs through Sunday February 1st. Right now it looks like I’ll be getting there on Monday the 26th.

        I’ll be at the booth along with several of our other fantastic team members and we have a special offer for readers of TheWindowDog.

        Every day after being on our feet for a long time we typically treat the other vendors in our row to a nice cold beer during the last hour of the home show.  We call it home show happy hour and as you might expect  we typically have a lot of friends in our row!

        If you’re going to be coming by the Indianapolis Home Show between January 26 and January 31 come on by and say hi.  If you come by for happy hour we’ll get you a FREE coozie.  How’s that for a fantastic deal!

        Of course we’ll be available all day long to answer any questions you may have about your replacement window or door project.  Our team in Indy is a good as they come and I’ll be there too.

        We don’t talk about our company much on this site as we’re typically just focued on helping people navigate this business.  Home shows are such a fun thing to do so it’s hard for us to resist the chance to meet our fantastic readers.

        The team is out at the fairgrounds setting up for the show today.  We’re excited for the opportunity to show folks why we offer the absolute best value in Indy when it comes to new replacement windows.

        We love meeting our readers in person.  If you’re coming by the Indianapolis Home Show be sure to swing by our booth.

        Have fun and we hope to see you at the show!

        10,000 Visits in July & Growing Every Day!

        Every day we are blown away by the growth of this site.  We wanted to take just a minute to say thanks to our fantastic readers.


        This site was started as part of a news years resolution to help make this business easier for folks to navigate.  We first went online (with a little help from a friend) on Jan 4, 2014.  Since then we’ve been working hard to post all sorts of behind the scenes window info and the feedback from readers has just been great.

        Along the way we’ve partnered with Angie’s List to offer discounts to our readers, we’ve expanded our scope a little bit and we’ve started on a similar site about residential siding (still really under construction).  It’s really been a fun experience.

        We certainly were surprised to see we had over 10,000 readers in July and we’ve continued to break daily traffic records into August.  At this growth rate we could potentially have over 250,000 readers in 2015. That’s just crazy!

        We’re certainly not done producing great content.  In addition to hundreds of new window reviews that will be coming online soon we also have setup a top secret Window Dog test lab.  Our inventory of window samples is growing by the day and we have some fancy new video equipment to bring you all of the latest info.

        Soon we’ll be posting detailed videos on common window features along with real world tests to help you decide what is worth the money and what is a bunch of hot air.  For example, we’ll be testing glass options and spacer systems very soon.  In addition, we’ll be adding detailed video reviews and side by side product comparisons to illustrate the differences between various products.

        So, if you have any window related questions that aren’t yet answered be sure to post a comment and we’ll do out best to address it.  We read each and every comment and try to respond to as many as possible.

        If you’re interested in continuing to learn more about windows be sure to bookmark the site and things are only going to keep growing around here!

        Thanks for coming by and we really do appreciate you!

        Best Replacement Windows

        So what are the best replacement windows?  There’s a question that’s been asked a million times before.  As you’re sorting through the options remember that there is no one “best” product.  If there was, everyone would know it and your decision would be easy.

        Why isn’t there one type of best replacement windows?

        There are several reasons, but the biggest factor is that different people want  different things.  For instance, some of our customers buy windows because they’re moving soon and they want to dress up the house.  Some buy new windows because they’re about to have a baby and they want to make the house less drafty.  Some folks buy new windows as part of a larger remodeling project and some folk just want to make their home more comfortable in the hot summer.  The best replacement windows for each of these folks are completely different.

        So, before you can decide what the best replacement windows are for you, you’ll need to be really clear about these factors:

        • How long are you planing on living in the home?
        • If you don’t live in the home at all, are you flipping the house, renting or is a family member living there?
        • Rank these characteristics: efficiency, looks, durability/warranty, price

        Once you have a more clear idea of what you’re looking for the question of what are the best replacement windows will become easier to answer.

        For example, if you’re going to be renting the house you’ll want windows that look nice, and won’t cause problems.  Perhaps you’re less concerned with efficiency and price is probably an important concern.  You probably don’t want junk, but you also don’t need the greatest windows ever produced by mankind.

        On the other hand, if you’ve just bought your new home and you’re undergoing a substantial remodel to turn it into your dream house that you plan on living in for the rest of your days you probably have a different set of priorities.  You want a product that looks great, keeps the house as comfortable as possible and will last a very long time.

        Of course, even if you’re in the exact same situation as someone else you still may end up choosing a different product.  You might be more concerned about a product that looks and feels great like a wood window or maybe a fiberglass option while someone else might want the most efficient option available which would probably be a triple pane vinyl window.

         So you’re starting to see why there are so many options.  Why isn’t it easy to find answers regarding the best replacement windows?

        Well, it’s a competitive business.  There are just about no patents in the industry so every company is building windows from the same parts and they’re fighting to earn your business.

        Companies that are trying to produce the “best replacement windows” are all fighting to say they’re better than the rest.  Companies trying to produce the least expensive products for the price sensitive customer are all trying to be less expensive than the rest.

        Keep this intense competition in mind when you’re learning about new windows.

        A wise man once said, “before you can find the answer, you must find the question”.  Don’t bother trying to find the best replacement windows until you really understand what you want.

        If you’re thinking vinyl windows and you’re interested in being on the low end of the price spectrum you’ll see companies all over the place advertising “new windows installed for $189” or sometimes even less.  Of course they’ll try to up sell you on all sorts of options so most end up being easily double that price.

        You’ll also find companies that claim to offer the “best replacement windows” with a 3 hour sales pitch that leads to one discount after another in an effort to get you to sign up right away.  I always ask why they need to work so hard to sell these windows if they really are so good.  You’d think if they genuinely were the best replacement windows folks would just buy them and the dramatic sales pitch wouldn’t be necessary.

        So, be sure you don’t waste your time meeting with companies and sorting through options until you have a clear idea of what you want.    Start to get an idea of what the best replacement windows for you will look like.

        Once you have an idea of what you want and how you’ll rank the variables of efficiency, looks, durability/warranty, price you’ll be ready to start finding a local window company.  A quick google search will show you more window companies in your area than you can shake a stick at.  For example, when I google “replacement window company” I get 102,000,000 results.  That’s a lot.

        Here’s another post on how to identify the best replacement window installation company.  stay tuned.   For now, take a look through some replacement window reviews get an idea of what’s out there.

        If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to join Angie’s List.  For just a couple bucks you can get a 1-month membership and it’ll be worth much more than a caramel macchiato in the long run.  You can find the best pricing for Angie’s List on the internet right here

        If you’re already a member of Angie’s List or if you’re just not going to join (despite my ringing endorsement), you can find our suggestions for the best companies in your area right here.

        What’s a Window Dog?

        My trusty hound dog and I have decided to start this blog to provide a little real world info to folks considering a replacement window project for their home.  I’ve spent years working in the window business everywhere from a 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Carolina, to a corporate headquarters in Ohio, to running a $10,000,000+ wholesale distribution center in Virginia and I’m the founder of a multimillion dollar window company offering windows and installation services across the country.  Hopefully I can use all of that experience to help people make sense of this business.

        Why bother spending time writing about windows online?  For starters, I just got back from the home show in Indianapolis (if you live nearby I highly recommend this show) where I repeatedly heard folks say that they just can’t make sense of the different products out there.  They don’t know who to believe and they struggle to find worthwhile, unbiased information online.  Every company says their products are “the best”, but that doesn’t seem possible.

        Over the years I’ve seen folks make bad decisions based on inaccurate or misleading info they came across online.  While most salespeople in our business are good people trying to make a living they don’t always have all of their facts straight and there is simply no good place for the consumer to get the real information.

        That’s why we’re here.  As we get started we’ll be posting in five general categories, replacement window reviews, window ratings explained, tricky sales tactics exposed, installing your own windows and selecting an installation company.  The goal is to provide real concrete information to help folks figure all of this out.

        I’m sure folks will have questions on other topics and we might even find other window pros who disagree on some points.  That’ll be fun.  Post a comment on anything or request more info and I’ll do  my best to write back as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

        So why The Window Dog?  Because this is a big purchase and it’s important that you get the real info, but it’s just windows.  We’re not going to war or building the space shuttle.  Remember to have fun in life and avoid taking things too seriously.  Here’s the window dog all dressed up for the Fourth of July last year.


        He’s not much of a water skier, but he sure does love a good boat ride in the summertime!