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Champion Windows FAQ

Find our Champion windows FAQ below. Here we’ll look at all of the common questions we get about Champion windows. If you have a question that isn’t answered we invite you to post a comment at the bottom to ask your question. We read all of the comments and will be happy to answer your question for everyone to see.

Are Champion windows any good?

They’re perfectly fine, but not remarkable. Champion isn’t the largest manufacturer around so they don’t tend to offer anything unique. The features offered by Champion are perfectly nice, but in my opinion they’re often oversold by their commission salespeople. Find replacement window reviews and information here to see other options.

Should you buy Champion windows?

No. I would not recommend buying Champion windows. In my experience these windows are often overpriced and the feedback we’ve heard from Champion windows customers isn’t always the best. You can see what Champion windows customers have to say about their experiences in the comments on this page.

Are Champion windows overpriced?

Yes. The prices for replacement windows can vary a lot based on the scope of the project and the retail markup of the dealer. Based on what we’ve heard from customers of Champion windows their prices can be very high relative to the products they offer. You can likely find better options at a better price elsewhere.

Are Champion windows energy efficient?

Yes. Champion windows tend to use energy efficient options for an efficient result. I’ve heard their salespeople make claims about having the most efficient windows or the best windows and that’s just not true. They use the same types of low-e glass that many other companies will also use. There is nothing unique about the efficiency of Champion windows.

Why are Champion windows salesmen so pushy?

Using pushy salespeople seems to be the standard business model of many companies. This is an old fashioned tactic, but it must work for these companies because they continue to use it. They’ll often times show you a very high price then offer some discount if you buy right away. Nothing in this business changes on a daily basis. Any company telling you that you need to buy today to get the special deal is trying to manipulate you. You should avoid companies that do that.

How much should Champion windows cost?

The prices of Champion windows will vary a lot. Typically in-home window salespeople make a commission that is based on the sale price of the project. The higher the price the higher the sales commission. They usually want to get you to sign a contract on the spot because they are concerned that if you don’t sign up immediately you never will. This pricing strategy with artificial urgency is usually a sign that you’re getting a bad deal. In my humble opinion you should avoid companies that use these tactics. Find more info on 2022 window prices here.

How long does it take to get Champion windows?

The manufacturing time for all replacement windows, including Champion windows, was extended in 2021 and continues to be extended. The exact timing will depend on the demand at the time and the options you pick. In general some options like exterior colors or tempered glass, can add time to a custom window order. The best way to estimate the time a window project will take will be to ask the salesperson. Next ask them what happens if your order is delayed or takes longer than expected. That’ll tell you how confident they are in their estimate. Find more info on how long it takes to get new windows here.

Are Champion windows better than other options?

Yes. There are certainly worse choices out there, but Champion wouldn’t be on the top of my list. The windows they make are perfectly fine. The sales process often leaves something to be desired. The prices tend to be higher than comparable alternatives and readers of our site haven’t had great things to say about their warranty service. For these reasons I would look elsewhere.

Do Champion windows have better glass?

No. There are only a few glass manufacturers that make the glass for every replacement window company in the country. There is nothing unique about the glass Champion uses. It is true that Champion will use a heavier or stronger low-e coating in their windows than other companies might recommend, but if you want glass like that you can get something similar from most replacement window companies.

Is the Champion window warranty any good?

Yes, the Champion window warranty looks pretty good on paper. We have heard from readers who have had trouble getting Champion windows covered under warranty. That could be caused by a variety of factors and isn’t necessarily an indication that Champion isn’t taking care of their customers but it’s not a great look. You can read comments from readers of our site about their experience with the Champion windows warranty here.

Do you have a question about Champion windows that was not answered? 

Post a comment below to let us know. We’ll add your question to the list so everyone has more info. If you think we’re wrong about anything post that too and we’ll be happy to address your concern.

You can also find detailed window reviews hererecommended window companies here and common window sales tactics here.

Happy window shopping!

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4 responses to “Champion Windows FAQ”

  1. John Avatar

    Champion windows is saying they are not required to provide an itemized bill for their services. They used different vendors for different parts of the installation process but charged one overall price. I’m wanting to verify the overall with the individual charges. Am I within my rights?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      I don’t think they have any obligation to provide you with anything other than what is listed in your contract. They don’t owe you any sort of itemization. The time to make sure you were comfortable with the Champion window prices was back when you were placing the order.

      If you haven’t placed an order yet and you’re not comfortable with the info they’re providing you’ll be better off looking for another option. If that’s where you are just let me know your zip code and I might be able to make a recommendation.

      1. Pam Avatar

        I would like to know whom to contact with a problem. I’d like to speak with someone higher up in the company.

        1. thewindowdog Avatar

          Hi Pam, I don’t know anyone at Champion Windows who might be able to help with your problem, but I do hope you’re able to get a satisfactory result. Let us know how it goes.

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