Coronet Windows Reviews

coronet windows reviews

If you’re looking for Coronet windows reviews you’ve come to the right place. Coronet is a manufacturer of vinyl windows located in North Kansas City, MO. They’ve been in business since 1985 and they produce basically one window line with a range of basic options.

The windows available are:

  • Coronet Duo
  • Coronet Trio
  • Patio Door

The difference between the Coronet Duo and Trio is that the Duo is a double pane window and the Trio is a triple pane window. Both models are available in replacement or new construction configurations. If you’re not sure about the difference between replacement and new construction windows, check this post.

coronet windows

What sets Coronet windows apart?

That’s the trick. They offer perfectly fine features but there’s nothing unique about what they offer. The options appear to be relatively limited and common among many window manufacturers.

What about the Coronet window warranty?

Our review of the Coronet window warranty is coming soon. They do tell a very good story when it comes to their warranty. They call the warranty a “forever warranty” which is obviously a very sales focused name.

When you read the actual warranty document there’s a little more to it. For example, there’s no labor coverage at all. Also, if you were to have a seal failure of the of the insulated glass unit they’ll only provide the glass unit rather than a whole sash. That means it’ll need to be professionally installed and that’ll come with a cost.

They also charge a fee of $10 per window to transfer the warranty. That’s not a whole ton of money, but it’s more than most companies.

More details on the Coronet window warranty will be coming soon.

Can you get Coronet windows quickly?

They say they can ship orders very fast which is not always a great sign. I’m sure the fact that their offering is pretty simple helps to speed up manufacturing. I’ve been criticized in the past by other manufacturers for saying making speed a selling point is a sign of weakness and maybe I’ll write a whole post about that but for now I wouldn’t count that as a strong reason to buy these windows.

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