FiberFrame Comfort Line Windows Reviews

FiberFrame Comfort Line Windows Reviews

If you’re thinking about buying FiberFrame Comfort Line windows you probably have some questions. First, why the super long name? Answer: nobody knows.

It’s weird, FiberFame is 2 words combined with no space and then Comfort Line is two separate windows with a space. It’s just strange naming, but I’ll assume you can get past that so let’s look at the window review.

FiberFrame Comfort Line windows reviews warranty and price

Are fiberglass windows any good?

Readers of the site will know that I’m generally not a huge fan of fiberglass windows. Not because there is any huge issue with the products. They are often oversold by in-home salesmen with some questionable claims. I always caution that you shouldn’t buy anything based on these silly claims.

You may hear that fiberglass windows expand at the same rate as glass so they don’t have seal failures or that fiberglass window frames are stronger than vinyl or other options. These claims can be silly for a variety of reasons and I’ve written about them before here.

The fiberglass window salesmen also love to say the word pultrude. If you hear that 5 or 6 times during an in-home sales pitch have a chuckle and think of me.

For now I won’t rehash all of the ways fiberglass window salesmen misrepresent the product, but you should start out with a dose of skepticism. Feel free to post a comment below if you have any specific questions about that.

Are FiberFrame Comfort Line windows any good?

I’d say they’re perfectly decent and not too remarkable. In reading through their website they talk about efficiency but then the efficiency ratings of the windows aren’t remarkable at all. They also talk about having a great seal, but the air filtration rates are higher than you’ll see from a nice vinyl window that costs less.

fiber frame comfort line window efficiency ratings

Here you can see the efficiency ratings for the Fiber Frame Comfort Line double hung windows. The best advertised U-Factor is 0.287 which is not great. You’ll find many other options, including many less expensive options, that will have much better efficiency ratings.

fiber frame comfort line air infiltration ratings

Here you can see the air infiltration rating for the FiberFrame Comfort Line double hung window. A rating of 0.08 isn’t very remarkable at all. That’s common among most fiberglass windows. For all of the talk about efficiency and air seals, the ratings just don’t back up those claims.

What about the FiberFrame Comfort Line warranty?

The warranty for these windows is perfectly decent. They come with a lifetime warranty on the windows and it also covers seal failures for as long as you own the house. That’s pretty typical among most larger window manufacturers and that’s what you get here too.

You should note that there is no labor coverage in the warranty so if something were to go wrong you’d be on your own when it comes to having the new parts installed. The dealer you buy the windows may offer a labor warranty. If so you’ll want to get that in writing and then you’re a little vulnerable to them going out of business. That’s not the end of the world, just a risk to be aware of.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Well, the windows are decent. The efficiency ratings are ok, but definitely not the best. The warranty is ok. The prices for fiberglass windows like these tend to be higher than you get from vinyl windows. A nicer vinyl window will be more efficient and will cost less.

Why would you pick a window like this?

Really the only reason I can think of is the look. Fiberglass windows will look more like wood windows and less like vinyl windows. If that cosmetic difference is worth the increase in cost and the decrease in efficiency then this might be a good option for you. If it’s not then you might find better results elsewhere.

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If you have any questions about these windows or if you think I’m wrong about anything post a comment below. I read every comment and I do my best to respond to each one. Remember, find great window companies here!

Have fun!

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