Gentek 70 Series Windows Reviews

Gentek 80 series and 70 series window reviews

Are the Gentek 70 Series Windows the best choice for your home? Probably not. They go have some good uses so let’s see when it might make sense to use these windows.

It’s important to note that the Gentek 70 Series windows are a basically the bottom of the line window from Gentek. Now, it’s also important to note that Gentek tends to make nicer windows so the bottom of the line from Gentek is still nicer than many other window models out there.

If you’re comparing the 70 Series to another option I’d recommend looking at the Gentek 80 Series windows which are pretty similar, but a little nicer.

Gentek 70 series windows frame and structure.
Here you can see the frame of the 70 Series.

What is good about the Gentek 70 Series windows?

Similar to the 80 series, the 70 series offers decent efficiency options in the Barrier XP packages and they offer decent style options too.

While the color and style options can be a little limited compared to many nicer replacement windows they do tend to offer the most popular styles.

One advantage to the 70 Series is that they use very slim frames for maximum glass area. A while back I was talking with a customer who had an unusually small sliding window. The window was very short, maybe 11″ tall. In a window that small the glass area will be very limited. I suggested the 70 Series window to her to try to maximize the glass area in that tiny window.

Another reason someone might pick the 70 Series is the jamb depth is very small. It’s only 2-5/8″ deep which is thinner than most windows. That means it can work better in a prefabricated house or a mobile home. It can also sometimes make for an easier replacement window if the original window had a similarly shallow jamb depth.

Here you can see the available interior and exterior colors.

How does the price and warranty compare?

The pricing is usually relatively low for this model compared to the upgraded Gentek models. The warranty is the same as the other models which is also a nice feature.

You get a lifetime warranty that is transferable when you sell the house and it covers labor too. You get all of that and it’s backed by a billion dollar company. Overall the warranty is a selling point and the prices are generally very competitive.

What are some downsides to the Gentek 70 Series windows?

In addition to the limited style options I mentioned earlier, the shallower jambs also limit the efficiency. There is no triple pane glass option for these windows and, similar to the 80 series, the air infiltration rates are higher than you’ll see from nicer Gentek options like the upgraded Signature Elite model.

Gentek 70 Series sliding window.
Here is a 70 Series sliding window.

What’s the bottom line?

If you need something very specific like a very shallow jamb depth or a 7/8″ nail fin or absolute max glass area for a very tiny window then this option could make sense. Otherwise, I’d suggest looking at one of the nicer Gentek models like the Signature Elite which is one of my favorite options.

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