Gentek 80 Series Windows Reviews

Gentek 80 series and 70 series window reviews

Are the Gentek 80 Series windows the best choice for your home? Let’s find out.

First, it’s important to note that the 80 series windows are designed as a new construction window but they can be used in replacement applications as well. The downside to using a new construction window is that they are generally designed to be lower cost options. That can be bad if you’re looking for a better than average solution.

Now, the Gentek 80 Series windows are generally some of the nicer new construction windows out there. That means they’ll often be a better choice than more commonly used, and lower end, windows.

Here is the frame of the Gentek 80 series windows.

What are the best features of the Gentek 80 Series windows?

I’d say the best features are the efficiency options. These windows come with a 1″ insulated glass package and many of the Barrier XP efficiency packages that are available throughout the rest of the Gentek line. They are available with triple pane glass or double pane glass and they’re also available with the upgraded Super Spacer (although you must specify that when ordering).

Beyond the efficiency packages the Gentek 80 Series windows are also available in a wider range of colors than a typical new construction window.

These are the available interior and exterior colors for the Gentek 80 series windows.  Note they do now offer a black exterior which is very popular.

In the picture above you can see the interior and exterior color options for these windows. You certainly can find other window products with many more color options, but these tend to be some of the most popular options.

What other style options are available?

Below you can see the options for grids which are the main style option. They’ll have all of the popular patterns, including craftsman grids. These are pretty common styles that you’ll see from most manufacturers. There’s nothing too special here, but it does accomplish what most people are looking for.

These are the grid options for the Gentek 80 Series windows.

What is the warranty for the Gentek 80 Series?

These windows come with a lifetime warranty that is transferable to the next owner. This is pretty common among nicer vinyl windows. It’s a great feature to have but it’s not a huge differentiator since it’s offered by many companies.

One aspect of the warranty that is often overlooked is that it also covers labor to fix a warranty issue. That is something that all companies do not offer and it’s a great feature.

What are the downsides to these windows?

There are a few downsides to this model. For example, we mentioned earlier that the style options are a little limited. For example, there aren’t many colors available, there are no options for upgraded hardware and no option for exterior grids or blinds in the glass.

Those limitations aren’t too unusual for a new construction window, but they might be important to you.

Beyond the style, the air infiltration rate is also a little higher with this model than we would like. That measures how much air can get through the window when it’s closed and locked.

The air infiltration rates for the single hung 80 Series varies between 0.17 and 0.20 in the standard configuration. To be fair that’s good enough to get the AAMA Gold Seal so it’s not horrible. That said it’s also not nearly as good as the nicer Gentek Signature Elite window that we’ll be reviewing shortly. As a point of comparison, the Signature Elite has a significantly better air infiltration rate of 0.04. If air infiltration is a concern for you we might suggest looking at the upgraded model instead.

What is the bottom line?

Overall the Gentek 80 Series is a decent new construction window. It’s available with a stucco fin or a nail fin or as a box frame for a replacement application. Some of the style options are a little limited but that won’t matter if the styles they do offer work for your project.

This isn’t the nicest window Gentek makes, but it’s a perfectly decent choice for many projects. And, the warranty is pretty solid as well.

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