Gentek Windows Reviews

gentek windows reviews

Gentek offers a complete line of vinyl windows and sliding doors for sale in the US and Canada.  They make a range of new construction windows and a complete range of replacement windows along with several models of sliding patio doors.

The newer Gentek Signature Elite windows are a significant upgrade over the older Signature windows which have been discontinued.  This new model has been gaining popularity due to its increased energy efficiency and tight air infiltration ratings.  It also uses upgraded hardware and components and offers far more options than you’ll see from smaller window manufacturers.

The Gentek Signature Elite model is one of the nicest replacement windows available today in my humble opinion and we’ll have more information on this model coming soon.

Here is the full line of  windows and sliding doors from Gentek broken down into three categories.

Gentek new construction window options:

  • 0100 Builder Series Single Hung Windows
  • 0301 Builder Series Double Hung Windows
  • Builder Series Gold
  • Builder Series Silver
  • 1700 Series
  • 1900 Series
  • 80 SeriesWest coast only
  • 70 SeriesWest coast only

Gentek replacement window options:

Gentek sliding patio door options:

As you can see the windows and doors from Gentek come in many flavors.  There is an option for every application and some models are certainly better than others.  As we mentioned above the Signature Elite windows are a newer design that has been very popular.

The Concord windows are an older design.  They are slightly less expensive.  We would certainly suggest that the much nicer Signature Elite windows are worth the small increase in cost.

What if I have more questions about Gentek windows?

We can help!  Find our Gentek FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

As you’re considering windows from Gentek you may want to check out our other replacement window reviews and take a look at some common window sales tactics to help you avoid getting taken for a ride.

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14 thoughts on “Gentek Windows Reviews”

  1. Homehardware mgr. in St.Catharines On. told me abt the windows he sells, so I`m interested send me some info

  2. Are Gentek widows constructed from wood with a vinyl covering over?
    I want to know because I want to install venitian mini-blinds inside of the window casings which will be attached by hardware which will be screwed into the top of the window construction.

    1. No, Gentek makes vinyl windows, no wood. You can attach blinds to a vinyl window if you’re careful, but probably better to attach the blinds to the trim or around the outside of the vinyl window.

  3. Hi Leo, what model did you get and are you a professional window installer or where did you order the windows?

  4. Hi Janet, thanks for writing. That sounds like something the dealer you bought the windows should have been able to easily fix. Gentek only sells their products wholesale so the company you actually bought from would be the one to address an issue like that. What have they said when you ask them? In my experience that sort of thing is very easy to resolve. Might take a couple weeks to get one screen remanufactured and a couple minutes to re-screen any with holes in them.

  5. I think there might more going on than you’re aware of. I’ve dealt with Gentek for quite a while and never have any trouble with a simple reorder like that. If it’s taken that long I would guess there’s something else happening. Of course things would always be better if everything was 100% perfect in the beginning, but reorders happen. A window can break or come in wrong or damaged. Things happen. Getting a new screen is a pretty simple thing.

    Sometimes smaller installers will order windows through third party distributors which might complicate things for them. If he’s not a large enough operation to receive semi trucks at his warehouse then it’s possible a distributor is causing him problems. If you get the FO number for the reorder the customer service people will be able to tell you the estimated ship date and then it would arrive locally a few days after that. They can probably also tell you when it was actually ordered.

    Has he rescreened the other screens for you? A ripped or torn screen is a pretty common thing for a window installer to deal with and can be fixed in less than 5 minutes. If something like that has been lingering for a long time that would concern me as the installer should have fixed that on installation day or very shortly thereafter. There’s no waiting required for something like that.

  6. Hello, I have two quotes for replacement windows that I’d like your perspective on deciding:
    1. Gentek Signature Elite -$10K
    2. Simonton 6100 ~$12K

    Which window do you think is better by itself?

    1. I think the Gentek option is a substantially better choice. In general Simonton windows will have thicker frames that block more light, higher air infiltration ratings meaning they can let in more air when closed and locked and lower end hardware too. If the Simonton was substantially cheaper that would be one thing, but I can’t think of a reason to pay more for an option like that. You can tell I think the Gentek Signature Elite is a good option because my company has dealt with them for quite a while now.

      Let us know how the project goes!

        1. Hi there, I’d definitely pick the Signature Elite model vs the Provia. I have a lot of personal experience with Gentek and have found them to be very solid products. Good luck with the project.

  7. Hi Im considering the Okna 500 series replacement windows (12) had a quote for 135 if I signed that day obviously I didnt now im wondering how the Okna vs Signature would be Your thoughts please, I decided Okna after reading your reviews on the company and quality of them at that time I was comparing them to the Atrium windows I was thinking about, Atrium is no longer a thought Thanks for your help I value your information!!

    1. Hi Kyle, I think both are good choices. My company offers windows from both Okna and Gentek so I clearly think they are quality products. We do a lot more business with Gentek nationally and I am very happy with the results. Where are you located? Sometimes the suggested efficiency packages will be different in different areas.

  8. Hi,
    I live in MN and I’m replacing windows in my seasonal cabin that sits lakeside and faces the west – so the windows get a lot of hot sun directly on them in the summer months and extreme cold in the winter months (I don’t heat the cabin in the winter). Do you think Gentek Signature windows would hold up over time considering the temperatures here?
    Thank you for your time,

    1. Hi Jillian, yes I think they’d be a good choice. I’ve personally dealt with Gentek windows for quite a while now with great results.

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