Interstate Windows Reviews

interstate windows reviews

Interstate is a composite and vinyl window manufacturer located in Pennsylvania. Here we’ll be looking at Interstate Windows Reviews for the full range of models that they offer.

Interstate offers windows on the east coast and into the mid-west, about as far west as Illinois.

My company has dealt with Interstate windows in the past but we haven’t dealt with them for many years. Perhaps here you’ll see why.

Interstate windows reviews, warranty, prices and additional information.

In Interstate Windows Reviews that we’ll be covering include the following:

  • CompositWood Model 9800 Reviews
  • CompositWood Model 9400 Reviews
  • Model 6800 InVision Vinyl Windows Reviews
  • Model 5000 Windows Reviews
  • Model 5100 Windows Reviews
  • Model 5200 Windows Reviews

Is the Interstate window warranty any good?

I’d say the Interstate window warranty is pretty decent. It’s a lifetime warranty, which is something almost every manufacturer says. It does cover more than some other companies will cover so that’s good news.

The vinyl or composite frames are covered for as long as you own the house, but wood components are not. They also prorate the insulated glass coverage after a period of time which is not ideal.

You’ll see labor is only covered for 1 year and the window warranty is transferable one time as long as you pay the fee on time.

At the end of the day it’s a better warranty that you’ll get from many vinyl or composite window manufacturers.

Do Interstate windows come in custom colors?

They sure do and for certain customers that can be a nice feature. If you really need to match an unusual color a custom color might be the only way to go.

It’s important to keep in mind that there might be better alternatives. For example, if you’re trying to match the new windows to your existing door or trim you might find it’s less costly to just repaint the door.

If you absolutely have to have orange windows, Interstate windows might be a good option for you.

Adding a custom color to new windows can be expensive and it can also produce difficulties down the road. If you have custom painted windows and you need to reorder a sash in 5 years it might be a little more of a hassle that you’re expecting.

Before ordering windows in a custom color I’d make sure that’s really the only way to achieve your style goal. If it is then Interstate might be a good option.

Are Interstate composite windows better than vinyl?

I wouldn’t say better, but they are different. The main upside to a composite window is that it can look more like a wood window. They also cost more than vinyl windows so you’ll need to decide if the increase in cost is worth the difference in look.

Composite windows will generally be less energy efficient than vinyl windows as well. For example, the Interstate 6800 vinyl window has an air infiltration rate of 0.05 which is on the better end of the spectrum. The model 9800 composite window has an air infiltrate rate of 0.12. That means the composite window lets in more than twice as much air when closed and locked.

What should you do if you have more questions about Interstate windows reviews?

Post a comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you. If anything isn’t clear or if you think we’re wrong about anything just let us know and we’ll be happy to help out.

How can you find a great window company?

When shopping for windows I do always suggest finding a great installation company before you fall in love with any particular window model. There are plenty of great window options out there but not as many local companies that are great to work with.

To know which companies to avoid you can find common window sales tactics here. That’s become one of the most popular sections on the site.

Remember, for more great window company info you can find our suggestions for the best local companies in 2023 right here. There’s no need to work with a company that gives you the run-around or makes the process difficult. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say. The best way to get started is to check out our list of great window companies here.

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One response to “Interstate Windows Reviews”

  1. Elysa Avatar

    I’ve received a couple quotes to replace 16 standard double hung windows and a 6′ patio door, and I’m looking for some insight into the quality/price.

    1. EZ window solutions (Interstate Model 6800 windows) $10,900
    2. Window Town (Vinyl Kraft 5500 series) $8,069
    3. Advanced Windows and Siding (Vinyl Max Franklin model) $7,360- $8,160 depending on double or triple pane. This is just for the windows because he hasn’t gotten back on the price for the door yet.
    4. Window world 4000 model (AMI)- $10,883

    A lot of locals also recommend Seaway Windows, but I’m not sure how they compare as we haven’t asked for a quote yet.

    Thanks for your input!

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